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06.06.2013 10:02
the sound of Y ī n cold congratulated. " antworten

"Good good, I really did not think at your age, it can refine two lines four day beast, beast has refined character test of victory, it is let us sit up and take notice. .. "Harbour evil designs, with smile on the face of every dream master slowly stood up, the sound of Y ī n cold congratulated. "If I win, you can fulfill their commitments, will need healing day Dan and topographic map to us." The sky plume capture every dream master, Murong's eye pupil of cunning, coldly. "The two things are now also can not give you." Murong, the master of the house slowly stood up, deliberately said. "What, you also want to promise and then deny in succession is not?" The master of the house heard Murong say, Fu Junshen between them with thick mien, s è livid face, asked in a low voice. "We don't want to promise and then deny in succession, just my dream home and main feeling second bet too hasty, want to bet, if you can force to let our two be sincerely convinced, that we two must promise, will need healing and Dan topographic maps give you." Every dream main deliberately said. "Armed with gambling, is it right? I Fu family must defeat you two master, will you promise." Understand the meaning of the word "dream house Fu Jun God s è y ī n sink. "Well, you Fu Jia must have let our two completely convincing strength, we will fulfill its commitments." Every dream master and Lord of house Murong also showed Ji ā n crafty smile, cried together. "You two still shame on you, if I beat you two Fu Jia has big family's strength, we must work so hard?" Gas and trembling, face s è ugly Fu Junren become shame roar a way. "Fu Junren,Coach Store, although you are Fu Jiaer the master of the house, but you in our eyes do not, this time even if, if you dare to shout and wrangle in front of us, rest to blame our unkind to you." Murong the master of the house looked at the tall figure's face flushed Fu Junren, aggressive J if its ng. "They agreed to the request, as long as you can win one, the rest of the people gave me." In the Fu Jun was angry every dream, Murong's main force to suppress the Lord in his own family, Qian as the voice of snow Chuan Fu Jun God in the ear. "Fu Junshen, do you dare? If you can't, forget it, we two can go back." Every dream master looked at Fu Junshen hesitation, deliberately to put pressure on him. "Well, we took the bet, we hope you won't promise and then deny in succession." Fu Junshen figured out between yourself and the relative weaker Murong's main strength,Air Jordan New School UK, the final nod road. Ha-ha. But Fu Junshen, if the force and bet you lose, you must fulfill their commitments, the beauty and the topographic map give us." Ji ā n cheat dream home owners see the Fu Junshen agreed, laughed, said the real purpose. "Unless the two games we've lost, or I won't promise." Fu Junshen said in a low voice. "The natural, if you win, we win a game, the game we ends in a draw, but if you two are lost,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, but do not fulfill their promise, then don't blame us.

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