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> Guo Zhang Yuan finally gave up on the calculation. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM After all, no matter how kind Yuan bulk of future generations, what do bad things to the country, but now he is the staunchest defenders of China's interests, or else, he would not do in Korea so many things. Perhaps young Yuan on the means and some are too simple, crude, but effective way to curb Japan and Russia on North Korea's penetration is meritorious. The framed meritorious, comes anywhere justified. Moreover, according to formal means, can kill or two to say to Yuan Shikai, if harm undead, this guy came to power in future, would not adversely Tang state? "Four times in two months to conduct a preliminary study of Tang state, then will leave here to go to Colombia, where he receives from the Qing soldiers, presided over the completion of their integration, training, and pre-war mobilization ......" not get rid of Yuan Shikai, Empress Guo Zhang naturally cronies for what men Ronglu not interested, did not say too much, called people took them to rest. The day after, "reception" to start. Guo Zhang Qing first sent to the four military representatives about the modern history of Europe, so that four people more clearly understand the European countries to catch up beyond China's cause. Also allow four of Europe and America to act with a more intuitive means of understanding. And it turns out that this arrangement Guo Zhang Rong Lu, Yuan Shikai four does have a great impact. Although the four Western countries have their own point of view early on, but after learning, or on the other side is quite different from China's acting style shocked. Ronglu even issued a "wolf club promoter, had to prevent" feeling. Relative to Ronglu supremacy of the interests of the Western countries to conduct, as well as open book fell out with the acting style of emotion and vigilance, Yuan Shikai deeds of great interest but then Napoleon. This was supposed to be "Hongxian Huang Emperor" the bulk of Mr. admired Napoleon military achievements. But then each other's strategic and political means extremely cold. In his opinion. Although very good at the collapse of Napoleon's opponents, let them unite against Austria, for example, in time for Prussia to remain neutral, then hit Prussia when letting Czar remain neutral. Always deal with one or two single opponent, rather than to the whole of Europe a declaration of war. In particular, and Czar allies but also to ensure the Napoleonic empire building. But Napoleon did not manufacture their enemies to death, especially after the defeat of Austria and Prussia, the two countries have not perish, but signing Chengxiazhimeng. This is simply a big flaw, to which both countries retained the future against his forces. Moreover, Yuan also felt Napoleon external expansion over ten years, during which only two years Babing, the other time in the class with the continental army crossfire, "extravagant consumption is too huge," too much financially, soldiers also too much, or to Waterloo period would not even fifteen-year-old baby are recruited soldiers. And this. It is precisely in the final defeat of Napoleon's an important reason. Finally, Yuan Shikai summary: "No wolves, just cut a dog; recuperate, preservation strength; extermination. Leaving troubles ......" and in addition to these, the most unexpected is Guo Zhang, Yuan Shikai proclaimed himself emperor Napoleon actually feel sorry for the behavior of , calling it "too rashly"! ...... "Emperor of France, although a unity of thinking, to eliminate confusion, to establish a new order, while also establishing a totalitarian military empire from top to bottom, with a strong combat and attack power. But then as positive for the revolution in full swing, Napoleon move too eager, though, he let those who fear chaos and freedom has been settled, has brought stability to the country, you can also let those young people who supported him. so-called 'revolution were 'greatly dissatisfied, while the greatest impact so that Napoleon said that he forgot or ignored the source of his military forces Napoleon win the war, in addition to their military prowess, there he has to enter his country's' natural right' because He is a revolutionary, are those who in the eyes of 'human liberators', especially by the people around him a warm welcome from the people of the lower country, looking forward to many countries of insight Napoleon's army as soon as possible to reach their country, the freedom of institutional and ideological bring them before he became the emperor of the time, that excitement is not deaf Beethoven himself for what he wrote, "Eroica" can be emperor, he became the aggressor and occupier of his former liberators who became head down, after which he could not have national local forces, especially those youth support, but also became the assassin assassination of the object. Such losses are enormous. could say that Napoleon was personally laid the very foundation of the First Empire failed!. " "So, you're against Napoleon emperor's?" Guo Zhang Yuan has been four and stay together, but also often carry with them a number of after-school exchanges, of course, is alone, because it is different stance four . For example Rong Lu, absolutely staunch supporter of the Manchu dynasty, so he told Yuan Liu Yongfu or chatting together, talk to any untimely event where the other two will certainly not conceal it. While this may be difficult to influence to what is now, but the state and the Tang dynasty, or that China's long-term exchanges and cooperation will certainly be affected. After all, four people, there are two powers in the future are to master Chinese characters, while Ding Yu After leaving the Navy, escaped the Sino-Japanese naval battle in the future may not be a force on the place and removed to avoid four ...... human factors influence each other, separate AC is also more conducive to the establishment with four of the "friendship" or a friendship. This is the future state of Tang in China's interest is beneficial. "In fact, can not be regarded oppose it." Reclined on the couch watching the Guo Zhang, Yuan Shikai smacking his lips, "Ohno Dragon Fang sting, Zhongyuan deer are fat. Wound confusion France, Napoleon did not take, others will take their own After all, France until now have what Napoleon royalist ...... just not deal with all aspects of this relationship, he was too eager and too straightforward, especially those in the Treatment of a threat against his person, means too plain, straight as children! "" Oh, so look down on people, right? "Guo Zhang laughed. "In my Nowadays, most people naturally despise qualifications had gained little emperor, but that Napoleon in a way a means of political struggle, did not I arrived in the Qing a prefect, I am afraid there are also more than some of the magistrate as." Yuan is a smile . He knew at the outset with Guo Zhang were four of them in the "lesson" after chatting plans. He even knew. In fact, with Guo Zhang Qing certain domestic person. Will assume their command of these in the future, "Zheng Xi army" who will become the second or Zeng Li, even if not also a great potential to become minister of state or one of the border province, so I want to lay a good relationship in advance, so that a better future along. Of course, certainly not to curry favor with their own people. Getting along these days do not say he felt Guo Zhang body that Ruoyouruowu arrogance, that even with those of the Tang state relations in Beijing, in turn, can only be your own curry favor with others. But he can take what a foreign government officials to curry favor people? Money? Guo Zhang et al study fees is readily throw hundreds of thousands of two compared. He is a pauper; beauty? Guo Zhang inverted or single, you can get over yourself and where to find a woman that way? So now the best way to curry favor is displayed in front of each other to show their talents. Of course, he does not have any other such purpose, an officer Well, not just to power it? Or he just wanted to be Zeng Li Second, even worse than! Tseng could not say, is the case of the Taiping, Li Why can so powerful smelling? In addition there is a Huai in hand. Not because the old man was the Qing state powers when faced with only one character to show for? "I'd know that we Chinese people, including quite a few aspects of fighting means that Napoleon really so bad?" Guo Zhang then laughed. "Oh, Guoxiong will not believe, I'll give an example." Yuan smiled. And thought, "The Pope, we took the Pope to talk about." "This example of conspicuous enough ...... you say." Guo Zhang schematically road. "Then the next would polite." Yuan paused, "as far as I can see that information, Napoleon had been hoping to use the papal influence to secure their position and fame can be in the face of the Pope when he was adopted a means of intimidation, just want to let the Pope succumbed to his despotic power. want to fiddle with the Pope for his puppet as a result, the Pope did not listen to his claim against the British, he sent troops to swallow the papal territory. As far as I can understand, when the pope's influence in the folk are enormous, almost comparable Mongolia and Tibet's Living Buddha, can be said to be immeasurable. before Napoleon, many European kings. matter how strong, when they are faced with the Pope have to show respect, may have to manipulate the Pope ...... Napoleon such as, huge mistakes,oakley sunglasses, short-sighted, can be said that there is no benefit. "" If you, how do you do? "Guo Zhang asked again. "For me," Yuan looked up at the ceiling, "If I am, I would not send hidden, or simply put up for the Pope, he is not God's spokesmen do? Let him participate in the day of God enlightenment, chatting to his stature with God, but I sent holding the Holy See, will dominate the religious right hands. "" This is not a puppet or prop it? "Guo Zhang laughed. "Nature is a puppet." Yuan smile: "Unfortunately, Napoleon do not know, this puppet, there are many. Pope is kind to be looking bright and he wants to play hit, to scare to scare, Whatever next? '" Having said that, this puppet can be unique to a country the Pope, secretly wanted to be elevated, not one or two days will be able to do it for. "Guo Zhang laughed. "This would be a more subtle means." Yuan "Hey" hollow laugh or two, "but compared to him against the Pope means, which Napoleon biggest flaw is that he is too harsh on their hands." "Oh? how to say?" Guo Zhang asked, laughing. "What's that called Ai Lu what g said: Napoleon's defeat is not the people to rise up against their monarch, nor the four hostile nations unite to fight him, he was no moral servants and betrayal of his friends together to beat , and all this shall be his servants, all in one person and as a friend instigation carried ...... "Yuan sighed," said this guy Shung King Napoleon, but he forgot, Napoleon finally The reason deserted, this is really only themselves to blame. "" ...... "" Napoleon, just as the ruling when people talk about their publicly those helper, actually said: 'The master of the shrewd crime until recently, now for me building a new building. '...... What do you mean? coup these people to help him, pushed him consul of the throne, he actually said that people used to be' criminal master ', which made clear that look down on people. so one to his men who will not talk to him tightly like a natural. but will also prepare for him and he became the emperor, often with what is true or otherwise Thunderfury beat others, but this is Europe, after all, different from my China , in my China, thunder and rain are Junen attention, and his courtiers who have generously but by when; monarch called Chen Si, Chen had died, father, and my son die. son had died ...... Even so, often have inverse Panchen, perverse chaos Tsunatsune human relations. contrast, in Europe, there is nothing in this patriotic loyalty to the idea, not to mention the emperor he is robbed of the so shallow beat, it will only let those talented people born rebellious, monarch become again no trust at all,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, while not a trust, normally will not be able Jun Chenxiang and Napoleon will only look through the language to determine whether a person is loyal. could result. right on those wily guy, how can he know each other already betrayed him? ...... And besides, Napoleon's brother who own clan is extremely rude, they are also thinking of manipulating the results, even when he let those brothers of the king, those people eventually a prefecture revolt against him ...... "" Napoleon had said: 'My only friend is up arms, he ruthless, is in line with me.'' push people motivation is self-interest and fear ......'' rulers face on the population should be filled with majesty, ...... you ask me, why measures to crack? reason I intimidate them, is to avoid the intimidation of their things really happen!'' imperial benevolence, and must have the imperial majesty ...... if people called him a nice guy, that his reign would have failed '...... these words, extremely biased. was ruler who, although to be dignified, cold, but not always need to show it, because that will only make kings and farther away from the subjects. And He also forgot to righteousness and morality. ignored this aspect, although made him even more pure, but also quite strength, but lost the flexibility and foresight, lost control of the affairs of state real power ...... "" So, he eventually Bing defeated death. "" ...... you look deep. "After listening to some paper clips Yuan's white, white with some Western-style speech in another statement, Guo Zhang nodded slightly," but said so much, you in the end what's the catch ? '"official Italian public opinion ...... two indispensable." Stern said Yuan. "I understand public opinion, but this government will ......?" "Hey ......" ...... Yuan have been in carefully watching Guo Zhang. In his current capacity to evaluate and can not be regarded Napoleon Although the transgression beyond the duty, but also quite a number of taboo. So, in front of Rong Lu, who he has never revealed himself to Napoleon's interested,Coach Poppy Collection Online, let him not think that Guo Zhang actually have been for him to protect a secret ... and in addition to himself, he did not know the other three individuals are related to what Guo Zhang talked, he had been tempted with words, but unfortunately the wind nor the other but it is a little exposed, the results which have actually more to stimulate his courage, many of the original can not tell, then gradually let go the. Today, he said these words to be a month most "excessive" in, and he even stood in the position of Napoleon discusses some of the problems that Guo Zhang did not have any accidents and surprising performance, but also with great interest so he went on ...... This performance made him more convinced of one thing: Don states, has been very actively contributed to this time the military cooperation between the U.S., in addition to other reasons, I am afraid there is a very important cause is figured this time military cooperation, in the interests of the Qing Dynasty to find a spokesperson. "Yes, that spokesmen for the interests!" Learn new terminology is so direct, Yuan Shikai's heart could not help but be excited. Don states, just one month's time, he has learned the United States has a place in the end how much political power ...... Perhaps, just this younger than their own young people not as far as Britain and France and other countries to send troops to the Grand clear, but may be extremely abundant financial resources, which can spend money even to some extent, even more than the U.S. President and the British Prime Minister. And as long as the money, what else is to do in the Qing fails? Think of the Qing state **, think of the greed of officials, think of themselves as a nation and the people in the DPRK, the erection of national prestige, he was the messengers who bullshit Hanlin accused of arrogant and despotic, Yuan Shikai gas is not one to play. "Opportunity makes the thief to. If this war was dead, I certainly want to Ao Yu Yuan over nine days! Longitudinal can not become a second Li also either much better!" Yuan secretly resolved, vowed to become a generation of powerful minister. However, as a shrewd Qing officials, determined at the time under the dark, his eyes still firmly fixed on the opposite Guo Zhang, after just a month of exposure, he has found himself in front of the younger, more than Li a guy should be with seniority, are "chapter" Generation children, or never be so old rape all slippery, the mere ten to twenty million people, in English and French Canada maneuvers between Asian countries, more than tough tour , had a lot a lot cheaper. But he had no idea how, even though he is only slightly exposed in speech Tintin so a little ambition, it was Guo Zhang a "see through", and even more did not think Guo Zhang is so direct, straight to appalling: "comfort Pavilion brother, I'm glad you have such a vision and depth. ...... have no interest in doing our partners? "www. <

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