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> Chapter 272 vs anti-threat threat compared to the Hereafter China, the United States is almost the same territory and abundant resources full less the possessor of several times the population, it is enviable. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM (genius just three seconds to remember) but if just the proportion of population and territory in this respect compared to the case, Russia, Canada, and Australia should be far better than the United States. And this one, because the population is extremely rare in Canada, but dominated the world's second largest territory, so the partition when the domestic territory and did not like the United States as the territory is divided into dozens of envy, but only divided into ten envy . Yukon territory in the last ten envy area and only be counted if the countdown, but it is such a territory, there is still equivalent to the United States in California, even more than its size but also broad. In fact, based on Yukon Yukon River flows through here and named in Ge Wei Xun language, the Yukon meaning "river." This is North America's third longest river, is one of America's major rivers, flows through the middle of the Yukon and Alaska and Central. First stream to the northwest, southwest and then take the total flow through a downward trend through Alaska's low-lying plateau, into the Bering Sea. Heyuan numerous tributaries from a semicircle around the mountain base flow, constitute an area of ​​about 850,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket,000 km2 watershed. Turkey bigger than this vast land previously only Indians living in North America until the mid-19th century Europeans have moved into the area, beginning to do the fur business. Under the direction of the Guo Zhang, Chinese laborers were in the Yukon River, a tributary of the Klondike River, after the discovery of gold attracted a large number of gold diggers, but also makes more people began to focus on mineral exploration here. However, because it is located far north, but it is not the discovery of gold in Alaska, Yukon, and therefore did not attract many people. According to incomplete statistics, the ratio is even larger areas throughout California are now only less than ten thousand people, of which eighty percent are both living in the capital of Whitehorse. No wonder the team is just a thousand people here will be able to complete the "occupation." Just so many people did not expect is that troops turned out to be Chinese state National Guard, State Governor Chu Han Bong four commands, starting from Alaska, ride while several ships, from the sea to reach the Yukon, to achieve surprise its purpose. However, the occupation is not enough just shocking, really shocking is that Yukon residents actually chose "join" Alaska. This is true for many people can not accept the fact. ...... "This is a threat from China is certainly a threat to people and they too far, too far!" Buckingham Palace, a face full of wrinkles, dressed, head of the crown of the old woman facing the Grameen Princeton roar, and no slightest lady demeanor. However, Prime Minister of the empire the sun never set on the front of this woman can only bend bowed, leaving the other side of spittle sprayed into his face, because it was Queen Victoria, "Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and India Queen "! "Your Majesty, I'm sorry, but ...... we did not think Chinese people would actually even did not spare the Yukon. They really are greedy." Gladstone's face was full of remorse. The indulgence of the Chinese people finally let him taste the consequences ...... in other projects with alternating means of the threat of the Chinese people after the failure of Foreign Minister Geda Nashville once suggested that he send troops, that only so in order to let the Chinese people feel from the British Empire determination. But he eventually refused. He urged the military rather quickly send troops to Sudan to rescue Gordon, they were reluctant to send troops to Canada. But this can not all be his problem. Because, with his like-minded people out there, but most of them are members of the military. These people like him, feel that the long-haul Miles to talk to a non-combat troops weak Commander is folly, especially when they also are likely to face any sinister Yankees children, it is even more need to be careful of. But he did not expect, British Columbia, things not yet finished, the Chinese people on the first annexation of Yukon. "Our diplomats are not told that the Chinese people how dangerous their actions do?" In the vent of a pass after Queen Victoria's anger calm down a little, but the face was still very cold. How many years? Since eighteen throne, she has been a long time did not dare to challenge the British Empire encountered majesty of the people. Whether France or Russia, but also flourished in Germany or just about, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire ...... those guys will not work. "Our Consul General in Seattle have been in warning them, but useless. Those Chinese people apparently because Canadians in the process of construction of the Pacific Railroad encounters his compatriots extremely angry ...... In fact, Seattle's rulers have a lot now that is, the United States Pacific Railway Engineering survivors. (!. win q coins), "Gladstone replied. "Just because of this, they all want the whole west coast of North America appropriation you?" Victoria angrily. "Your Majesty, please rest assured that we will never be allowed to become the Chinese people of British Columbia's territory." Gladstone Chen Sheng replied. "But they have occupied Victoria, that in a city named after me!" Victoria's face has cast a bland color, "Yukon government will be forced under the threat of their land incorporated into Alaska, Then you can determine how the government of British Columbia will refuse to incorporate their own `Washington?" "I ...... not sure." Gladstone sadly. "You are my prime minister, Gladstone!" Victoria stared at him, "Since I became the Queen of England since the British Empire has never been subjected to such an insult! You must respond ...... do not let me be like to Sudan the same situation again disappointed tasting fruit. "" Yes, Your Majesty, I must try! "" is not best, but must let the Chinese people pay the price. "" Yes, Your Majesty! "" War? "Lee A student busy these days , busy feet are difficult to stick to. Since Brian Dodd chatted with him a few times on behalf of, the annexation of British Columbia, it has been hovering in his mind constantly. Zhang Guo he will want to discuss, but also contact with Brian, or even the White House on a number of mutual interests with the telegram ...... In the meantime, the British Consul General in Seattle Aslan has been all his regulars. Who has to be in the hands of Guo Zhang earn a huge sum of several British diplomats were given to him over every threat, threatening his best to let Guo Zhang rushed back from the Canadian territory, otherwise unpredictable consequences. And that is such a threat, the Chu troops annexed four unexpected Yukon, Guo Zhang is already occupied by British Columbia's capital ...... But in those days, Lee A student or the first time received a threat of war. "Yes, the war!" These days much better Aslan's head of white hair, which are totally anxious. However, this does not affect the Consul General's personal style, does not affect the momentum when he threatened others. After you say "war" when the word, Consul General also began giving him even a hint of Ruoyouruowu murderous. "The British plan to send troops?" Lee A student asked, looking at him. "If you still do not want to listen to advice, then we will certainly send troops." Aslan Leng Heng said. "Across Canada?" Lee A student asked again. "Do not." Aslan shook his head, his face with a trace of contempt smile, "Of course we will not stupid enough across thousands of kilometers of land, and then talk to you over the Rocky Mount operations and our military has chosen a The place can be shot. "" can talk about it? "Lee A student asked. "Panama!" Aslan said coldly. "......" Lee A student silence. "How? For our chosen target have any thoughts you, Mr. Governor?" Aslan proudly laughed. These days, he was born here in Lee A suffered a cold, also anything in the fire. A small group of Chinese people, or do they intend to prop up the British Empire against the Americans in the North American continent, a small force, actually daring,Totes Coach, first set fire to the "sovereign state," the head? Really think across a continent, the British Empire took you there is no way yet? "Do not you know that once you send troops to Panama, is equal to that of the U.S. government has also pulled into this war in the past ......" Lee A student looking at Aslan, seemingly hesitant, but eyes more was sarcasm, "In American continent, with the U.S. government clash ...... you sure this is your government decision? "" Of course. "Aslan proud face was gone. In fact, he also knows that this approach is Mo Puer ...... although everyone knows that the U.S. government must be followed by China and the Government of Colombia, Panama Canal, sharing things together extremely dissatisfied, they must also know the name of the idea of ​​sovereignty and all the canals benefits are garnered into their own hands. Can invade directly like this, or a violation of the Americans' interests. I am afraid that the U.S. government would rather put all his interests in the canal are given to Colombians, it is impossible to allow the British entrenched there. Because that is too great a threat to the United States. However, since the words to say, you have to adhere to. "The United States now has three Pacific Railway, north, south, and central ...... and now three railway infrastructure are interlinked and they have railway between China Unicom and we have decided that as long as the Government of British Columbia agreed to merge the United States of America, We will then build a straight from Seattle to Alaska Railroad ...... Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Don, Oregon, and California is completely together, and the west coast of North America to complete a transcontinental railway artery, while the railway network through the Pacific that the railway will be connected nation ...... you say, British Columbia could refuse such a temptation to do? "Aslan face recognition, Lee A student pondered a moment, and asked. "You really are really intended annexation there." Aslan owned panchromatic increasingly gloomy. He did not think that he made a threat of war, the Li A waiter actually still so emboldened. Can think again, there is clearly still the U.S. government's shadow. Because even with the strength of the Chinese people can not afford such a comparable Pacific Railway project. The Government of Canada can not afford. Only the Americans, only Americans have this strength. And it is clear that Americans want to use this railroad through Alaska to bribe Chinese people, so that these Chinese people in the annexation of events among British Columbia's role as vanguard. "You do not know the consequences of doing it?" Aslan fire road. "Of course we know the consequences of doing." Lee A raw light breathed, "But I can not help. Able to use rail Unicom Alaska and Don states, which for us is a very good deal. Even without the Panama Canal So what? our core interests here. "" You'll be sorry. "Aslan angrily. "You're very emboldened words can be you know? Was also said to me, but he said that: if the British really use force, then they will regret it." Lee A student smiled. "Do you think this can be a threat to us?" Aslan's anger much more vigorous. Actually threaten anyone dared to turn the UK? "You do that, would thoroughly angered the British Empire, we will let you know what the Royal Navy is called the Japanese empire anger!" "Our institute new invention of several technologies, which allows several techniques vessels The construction speed is greatly improved, greatly shorten the construction period ...... "Lee A student said dismissively. "Ah?" Aslan's anger tempting to a snapped: "...... What did you say? '" I said, our new invented several technologies, which allows several techniques greatly increase the speed of construction of the vessel. "Lee A Health laughed. "This can not ......" Aslan shook his head, "the speed of construction of the vessel is not a mere twelve technology can improve, and you do this is a joke." "We're not kidding." Lee A student solemnly said, "We know paddled across the globe with the British colony, the sea has taken the incomparable advantage, even if some countries in shipbuilding technology has a prominent points, and even to surpass the United Kingdom, it is difficult to challenge the position of the British Empire ...... "" You know like, then, what you also like to take this technology to the threat we do? "Aslan her chin up high. "I have not finished." Lee A student staring at him and shook his head, "Mr. Consul, by virtue of the advantages of colonies, Great Britain does have qualified in the coming years or continue to occupy the throne of the world, however, between countries hegemony can never is common for a two-year cycle and this cycle may be ten or twenty years, or even a hundred years, just like you English, do not also have been a century-long with Spain and the Netherlands the battle, only to then laid his empire the sun never set on the basis you? "" Well, do you think a technology that allows you in the next decade, continued to maintain the decades ahead? "Aslan should laugh road. "Of course not. However, if we put several technical selling to other countries, but never to the British do?" Lee A student smiled. "No country can, in just a few years to catch up with the British Empire." Aslan proudly. "This is the truth. However, if it is France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and even Russia joined together in these countries do? Ah, of course, the United States of America ...... suddenly so many countries have greatly improved their shipbuilding the next few years, Great Britain can maintain the current advantage of the situation do? "Lee A student asked,Nike Air Jordan Womens Sale, laughing. "You ......" Aslan stunned. He did not think Lee A student will actually come up with such a way ...... a country can not deal with you, that I will find a few countries, we progress together, along with accelerated shipbuilding, then you can Yade Zhu British do? This is simply a kind of "Wolves" tactics. Although the United Kingdom is the world's first, can Lee A Shenggang these countries just mentioned, regardless of which one is not much more than they are weak, even if only with one of the war, but also enough to make English mustering their efforts, let alone come all at once? Of course, these countries have between each other mutual contradictions, can not really completely together, the problem is that no country would stand to miss an opportunity to grow their own naval technology ...... If the Chinese really useful words. "What is your technology?" Must figure out the truth. Aslan quickly make a decision. If you really have so few technical words, while Chinese people are really going to put these powerful techniques available to those in Europe and America, then, the question of British Columbia is not nothing really. After all, the interests of the United Kingdom in the North American west coast and not too many, a place where only rich fur and has, in fact, is not worthy of flies into a rage, they did more to save face and the Commonwealth's overall deterrence. "A more reasonable, suitable for mass production of the production process vessels, as well as ...... welding and cutting technology!" Lee A student said lightly. "Welding and Cutting?" ...... "Welding and Cutting?" Less than half an hour, London will get Aslan report. And it is for such a simple word, Gladstone would have got a navy ship expert. But he did not expect, this is said to be the world first-class experts in welding and cutting hear these two terms, the diamond like him is Joji puzzled. "What is that? Prime adult, I do not understand." This expert obviously very qualities, and did not learn later that the so-called "Brick House", as only know quackish, do not know just do not know and never face problems because of strong self openings. "You do not understand? You are already a world-class shipbuilding experts, you do not understand, that it is simply to say ...... Chinese people deliberately confuse us?" Gladstone pretending wisely asked. "This is I'm not sure, but the Chinese people's electricity use has been walking in the forefront of the world, if they made any other achievements, I would not be surprised a little ...... this is a precedent. "expert said. "That in the end these two technologies in the end there is no use? What I mean is that if the Chinese people put these techniques to sell to those countries, France and Germany, will promote their development of shipbuilding industry?" Asked Gladstone Road. "I do not know, I need to see the real thing." Expert replied. "Telegram immediately, let the Chinese people-kind! Tell them, if not available, we will choose not to believe them, that means the advent of war." Gladstone immediately gave the order. And soon after, Aslan telegram sent back again: "Welding is useless to two iron rivets completely tied together, without the slightest gap; cutting: It is one kind of machine tools and other aids without a case cutting metal under the new technology, fast ...... "and see the contents of the telegram, the experts hurried voice spread throughout the 10 Downing Street:" We have to get these two technologies must be ...... "cente <

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