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06.06.2013 09:40
Jane Wang and shocked antworten

> WWw. quANBEn. Com Cap 259 big deal to fight a battle with the French people, "Gold, who brought" a little chat for a moment with Aslan days, Guo Zhang told the Seattle office of the British Consul General Aslan has been separated ...... did not say this to the real purpose of their own, did not say why he has been so privileged to give the Colombian conditions for cooperation, but the two sides can roughly guess, however, guessed owned guessed, like Aslan represents Britain practice for Guo Zhang feel very value, and even disdain, like Guo Zhang for the purpose of Aslan also do not care ...... he still has many things to deal with fact, since coming back to Seattle, he had almost no rest , daily sleep time, but six hours, "ask him to come in," "bring in" or municipal office, Guo Zhang seated, looking at a sheriff badge hanging from his chest Jane Wang took two people to the guy promoting house, deadpan, "Gold Medal, how to deal with?" Jane Wang asked, "we do not judge, nor prosecutors, according to the U.S. rules, you can serve this police officer ...... you say how to deal with? "Guo Zhang asked," Well, let's brothers cheated money and ran their lives, I say, Luanqiang killed "Jane Mong Leng Heng said" No - "Jane Wang, then obviously terrified man, would also escorted standing in front of his desk, "splash" to kneel on the ground, "No, no no no ...... Guo, and you can not stand too so I give you power, I helped many of you, and you can not do this right I "" I admit that you really helped us a lot, "Guo Zhang waved, motioning Jane Wang rage again in no hurry to get involved," But you seem to have forgotten why did you fall into our hands? talk , how did you get together with us? "" I, I ...... "The man's face was covered with sweat, blonde hair also because the humidity is too large and attached to the head, whispered softly softly said no words to "I'll tell you that you are with people who want to rob us because, this being caught up in our" Jane Wang Leng Heng said on one side, "yes, yes, yes such" "Johnny" Guo Zhang sigh tone, "You are a bandit had to seize the moment you I can put you to death, but I did not do it ...... I paid you the task and, once you complete each task, I have generous rewards until now, You should have been here at least we have thousands of dollars in reward? "" What just one hundred thousand? I see two hundred thousand are wealthy "Jane Mong Leng Heng said" I, I ...... "blond youth, former Nevada horse bandit Joe Nigeria kneeling on the ground, just know that prevarication "I really admire your bold" Guo Zhang and heaved a sigh of relief, "lied to us, actually dare to come back ...... you know that 'old' Charlotte especially how the dead do? "" He, he was ye Dan, Denver, killed outside of the "Johnny replied timidly," I am very tolerant "Guo Zhang then said," He told us grudges, great hatred Colorado has at least two-thirds of laborers because of his reasons unjustly Later still, after all, but he helped us a little bit busy ...... so I gave him a happy Originally, I was going to run after him directly cut him in the little valley just outside Denver, in front of our faces that over seventy brothers children live knife knife cut him, but I did not ...... Not only that, I also let him before dying with his wife and children met one last time, I even gave his wife $ 20,000 because he lives in the last period of time had we had a wee bit of help, even if it does not help the so-called fact does not matter, "" I, I know that you have always been very kind, very kind, "Johnny raised his head, looked at him sheepishly," I do not benevolent eyes of the U.S. government, and I'm a demon, murder mad "Guo Zhang laughed again," You want how to die? "" I, I want to die, I want to die - "Johnny Haide shouting, the people could not help himself up, either because someone pressing , he probably would immediately jump to escape the "undead? Then you lied to us one hundred thousand U.S. dollars count how?" Jane Wang Bengzhuo a face, "Gold allows you to buy alternator and motor patent, you booing ,Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook, something that obviously do not, you actually have to say that we won Ganpian ...... "" I, I just ...... "" I do not care what you are, you cheated our money, "Guo Zhang shook his head," This is not my money, so I have to give an account of the brothers' "I can put the money back to you." Johnny cried, "Mr. Guo, you always been very generous, one hundred thousand dollars, this is just for you a little money, if you are not satisfied, I can return all of you, and you have previously paid to me all the money back to you ...... "" I'm not because I own generosity generous, but because my brothers I need generous "Guo Zhang sighed," But I do not understand, you've got enough money you over a lifetime, and how even went to Alaska? wielding ...... from Seattle to go for what you mind? " "I, I ......" "Well, there was nothing to ask of it," Guo Zhang has since lost ground smiled: "pull out of the death of the" "No -" "Do you have any last words?" see Johnny horror stricken look, Guo Zhang asked again, "I, I do not ......" "You're not satisfied?" Jane Mong Leng Heng said, "Yes, I, I refused to accept" Johnny suddenly broke free around the two jumped up, "I was the first children, I'm the guy who's boss, and you can why give Denver much money you give me so little? I was only half of his ...... I am not satisfied, you do so unfair "" Denver? " Guo Zhang microfold brow, "Denver Who?" "That Stan Buddha" Johnny hurriedly exclaimed "Oh," Guo Zhang nodded his head, "you are not satisfied?" "He's just my hands, I do no more than he less, why he got more than me? "Johnny cried," because he paid more than you do, "Guo Zhang lightly," compared to the tasks you perform, his task is far more than just wrong to be dangerous point, we would not have that field altogether in 奥尔塔马霍 Riverside dripping victory, and he will be the Americans arrested, then treason Bidiao ...... So, I think his pay and harvest is proportional, there is no question of unfairness "," told him that doing? want me to say, directly shoot the thing, but also save A student came back looked uncomfortable "Jane Wang then said" shoot it. " Guo Zhang nodded his head "No -" Johnny yelled again, "I do not die, you can not kill me," "nonsense, put his mouth stuffed" Jane Wang told Road toward men, "I know where the AC -" Johnny again shouting "Wait," Guo Zhang waved his hand, "What did you say? do you know where the AC?" "Yes, I know, I know someone invented the alternator ...... I lied to you, you can I have been looking for something like this, really, I did not lie to you, "Johnny shouting" Where is the inventor? "Guo Zhang Chen Sheng asked" I, I ...... "Johnny has faltered up," You're kidding me ? "Guo Zhang Tude stood up from behind the desk," No, No, no, I did not lie to you, "Johnny hastily exclaimed:" I need your orders, I want to die, as long as you let me live, I 'll tell you where that guy "" You dare to bargain with us? "Jane Wang Chen Sheng said" I, I want to die, "Johnny whispered," I can promise you, if you provide the news is true, I guarantee your life safe "Guo Zhang sat back," But I also want you to know that if you lie to me, it would only add horrible than it is now because I will give Americans disclose your real name and origin ...... I think , Zhengchou find people to help themselves bear the anger of the people of the White House and Congress will surely be very interested in you, "" That guy called Nikola Tesla, he is a Croat, and now the French "Johnny acute Road" French? "Guo Zhang tempting to frown," how do you know? "" I know I lied to you will make you very angry, so I left the United States to Europe, "Johnny swallowed," I had to go English, but the French inter-ocean canal company to issue bonds in Paris ...... people say that very money, so I went to Paris, "" Then you found Nikola Tesla? "Guo Zhang laughed "Yes," Johnny also revealed an ugly smile than cry: "I know you will certainly find me afterwards, so has not given up looking for alternating various patents, the result is the guy he found in Paris Edison's company, I was planning to contact with him, then they can hear the message of the Alaska gold ...... "" You're his M also really greedy "Jane Mong Leng Heng said," I just want to earn enough money, and then cheat your money and then also go back and ...... "Johnny's face has cast a grimace," I do not know when you're competing with the French Panama Canal, if you know it, I definitely What did not support inter-ocean canal company invested in bonds ...... those guys, they do not care about our life and death of these small shareholders, they will get money, so awkward to get money my investment lost a half ...... "" That is you deserve it "Jane Wang Leng Heng said" Do you know his place? "Guo Zhang asked again," Who? "Johnny moment did not react," Nikola Tesla invented the AC motor man "Guo Zhang Tao" I, I do not know, but you can go to Edison, yes, that Edison is the guy that invented the light bulb company opened ...... "Johnny hurriedly replied," This need not remind you, I know who is Edison "Guo Zhang lightly glanced at him, waved," Take him down, first look ...... find Tesla Say "and" off to the police station jail, remember, gave me a little tight, do not let This guy ran "Jane Wang also told said" yes "......" Gold Medal, this AC is very important? "Let the men put Johnny away, Jane Wang Youxiang Guo Zhang asked," I say in relation to direct shoot This son of a bitch, but also to those with evil intentions little guy learned "" If he really found Nikola Tesla,Oakley Polarized, and that he lied to let the things that money really is not a big deal, "Guo Zhang looked at him an "AC ...... you know? this stuff are worth more than ten Panama Canal," "What did you say?" Jane Wang shocked, "You do not scare me just the Panama Canal is expected to be there is a good investment ten millions of dollars, it would mean that ...... "" ten are less "Guo Zhang smiled at him," Remember I've taught you that 'industrial **' do? "" I remember, ah, Because Watt improved the steam engine, steam engine can make a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, industrial level as Western countries increased geometrically, and then place the industry ** "Jane Wang replied," say yes "Guo Zhang point nodded,Coach Bags Outlet, "Now, the steam era had almost coming to an end, the industry ** coming, this era is the 'electric age' and the age of electricity is the key to AC" "That Nikola Tesla is these days w? "Jane Wang startled Tao" I'm afraid Bi Wate also severe "Guo Zhang breathed his vaguely remember, before the crossing, when the frequency of the Internet more like a name is this what Tesla ...... It is said that people with Edison is a rival, was not light and the Tesla Edison depriving not only invented the AC motor, there are many aspects of modern science are played by his head, and some even gave him a title, what is the Church of Scientology Although he did not think the leader of the people might like this web boast so much, but, just invented the AC motor, this man will definitely be a big get the history of science, so he must take to find this man , pulled Seattle to "Bi Wate also powerful ...... Gold Medal, this AC in the end what is the use? It allows bright lights?" Guo Zhang has begun to think of ways to find people, and even arrest people directly, Jane Wang still considering AC ...... although he told Guo Zhang learned some things, but limited knowledge or limited his imagination he does not understand that the "power" in addition to boiling for light use, but also what it'll be like the same as the steam pressure conduction driven by the machine? Or start the train? "Let the bright lights? Do you really think" Guo Zhang helpless beginning to everyone as a teacher, he is also paid to Jane Wang hopes, private end no less special treatment for this good brother, but let him depressed yes, Jane Wang although fairly hard, compared to Jason Lee and Liu Tong Fuk two are still too far away ...... those two poor guys although not as sleepless nights, you can learn when absolutely hard, and extremely serious when the body of Liu Tong Fuk moment has carved a notebook children, which recorded his taught almost the entire contents, and he occasionally mentioned something that was not in the learning process when things or problems encountered Liu Tong Fuk will always write to book, for future reference; while Lee A student although not carry the notes than the others stay up late every night, but had a long and old, are absolutely hard to force faction, later than the third year students are suffering ...... which is why he has been force They very last also Lee A raw top to the Tang state the reasons for the governor's seat on the willingness to learn, and learn fairly effective, why not give a chance? He even imagine, just long enough, it will be far stronger than they probably him, because he did not much like the two learning attitude, "Then tell me, what are the benefits that the AC in the end" Jane Zhang Guo Wang does not care depressed, and asked Road "electric can also be converted to kinetic energy, like steam heat energy into kinetic energy as ...... now this world there are two electric, one for DC, one for AC DC franchise now Edison hand where the guy is now selling all over the world, but this stuff is not conducive to long-distance DC transmission, so in order to allow current stability, he added almost every one kilometer a power station ...... we should "Guo Zhang Tao" Every one kilometer? " Jane Wang and shocked, just just heard Guo Zhang evaluation value of the alternating current, when the Panama Canal, etc. If ten different "formidable know this works?" Guo Zhang laughed Jane Wang's reaction is actually just found him This information is the same as when ...... how he did not think that the great inventor Thomas Edison would actually have so much, "perseverance", to a direct current, every one kilometer to build a power station which is simply nothing more than the old man still Foolish Old Man Foolish Old Man is move mountains, Edison was made nothing but the same plant, though come across, but he had no idea how, DC could be so detrimental to the AC transmission ...... No wonder the Hereafter too popular "It was built a few kilometers to the AC a power plant? "Jane Wang asked again" Theoretically, the use of high-voltage transmission, where long wires can shop, where the AC will be able to send to say, from our Seattle, Miami, Florida, has been passed no problem, "replied Zhang Guo "You ...... you serious?" Jane Wang's eyeball stare out how he almost did not think the two would actually so much worse ...... he thought AC also requires every one thirty-five km was built a generation stop it, "When did I fool you?" Guo Zhang smiled and asked, "That, that ...... this is a Jinshan na" Jane Wang's mouth unconsciously shed a bunch of saliva, "Gold Medal, that Nicholas is a The whole big Jinshan ah "," far more than Jinshan? "Guo Zhang sighed," These scientists are the Empress Dowager figure ...... Sometimes one of them will move the world. "" Right, right, that you say too much on the "Jane Wang excited straight and hands," we must make the Gold Medal Nikolai did you get you to say a word, big deal, we marked the battle with Frenchman ...... "big deal with Cap 259 Frenchman fight a battle <

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