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> ∷ Kazakhstan fiction book Gang: Fiction Gang ∷ Chapter 245 Panama Canal I want to set the Guo Zhang disappeared. WWw! QUANBen! COM this thing scared half Washington, and get this message, the White House, the State Department, and had just returned to the hands of lawmakers on Capitol Hill is more like experiencing a more than seven earthquake ...... VIP pass messages are like members of the same four benzouxianggao communication, while also asking each other messages to each other, trying to mouth nòng from the other side to what intelligence. However, from beginning to end, nobody knows where Guo Zhang ran. "What is this guy playing tricks again?" - White House, are busy cope impeachment Qiese Te Arthur head as big as a bucket. "Immediately investigation within one month all access records in Washington, I want to know where that guy in the end went." - The State Council, is preparing a report Brian heartbeat resign ourselves. "That guy was certainly in preparing another attack, we should immediately deploy troops stationed in Washington" - Capitol Hill into a group within the noisy, but the views of the majority of Members get the nod. "God, they put a gold Zhang Guo to the assassination?" - The American West, the new governor of California get this message from the telegram, the first time to leave the Sacra én Tonin, the telegram sent to the Seattle area and asked, did not get a reply, and then he southward faster, but also to the United States government fǔ requested assistance. ...... However, no matter what opinions, or what kind of action, Guo chapter is like disappeared, like a little shadow or not. Seattle, it has already regrouped owned Bing Wuwan many, and an increasing number of red Corps nor any transaction. Guo Zhang in the end gone? ...... Atlantic. One is not great, the displacement may be only one or two thousand tons of cargo was traveling at full speed on the sea. Guo chapter in the bow. "World do you want to go secretly, above board ship not do?" Jane Wang Kuo many chapters body side stood, feeling some cool sea breeze, could not help but ask. "Above the line of the boat, of course, but I'm afraid they encounter 'pirate' even small life can not hold." Guo Zhang did not look back, only semi-arched body lying on the bow railing said. "They dare to harm you, we are not afraid of beating him upside down?" Jane Wang asked. "That I only talked with Jason again, and you either think about themselves, or so go back and ask him ...... I refuse to answer." Guo Zhang Tao. "You're amazing." Jane Wang turned a supercilious child, from his pocket and pulled out a small notebook children: "I went back to the cabin study you own choice." "With You." Guo Zhang did not leave him , still staring at the blue sea moment not blink. This time he ran to Columbia, the purpose is to complete his right Lee A student said that a big deal. What event? - The Panama Canal. Later, everyone knows the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, the Straits of Gibraltar and the Strait of Malacca, which are scheduled to be on the whole world is the golden waterway. And this one, the Panama Canal is located in Central America, Panama, across the Isthmus of Panama, connecting the Pacific and Atlantic, known as the world's seven wonders of the project and the "World Bridges." The opening of the Panama Canal, making travel between the east and west coasts of the United States vessels, no longer pass Cape Horn in South America, shortening the range of about 15,000 kilometers, from the North American side of the coast of South America to the other side of the harbor can also save range up to 6500 kilometers. Sailing between Europe and East Asia or Australia via the canal boats can also reduce the range 3700 km. Therefore, the Panama Canal is the world's most strategic waterways of two artificial one, and the other one is the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean joins the Suez Canal. In later generations, everyone knows that the Americans controlled the Panama Canal, Guo Zhang this time is to jaws, the first in the U.S. political fǔ get this canal dug and use rights. This seems unlikely. However, since the occupation of San Francisco, the Guo Zhang not only move once had this idea, but then there are too many things to be busy, he has been unable to concentrate jīng God in this matter. But in Washington, spent more than a month, he has been considering the possibility of this thing, this is also access to the Congress at the mountains of large amounts of data. He found that they have a lot of hope. Because this time the Panama Canal has not been the Americans get the hands, that is, the Americans have not yet got the Panama Canal, dug right ...... and if to be more precise, it is the Americans who had been dug the Panama Canal Right, but that right expired. Speaking, Guo Zhang also tǐng fǔ depressed for the U.S. government. In the 19th century, when the Isthmus of Panama is still under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Colombia, in 1831 -1858 years, Colombia has renamed the New Granada, the young small country very much hope that the future of the canal can within its territory, but its limited financial resources and can not support such a huge project, so they think of the draw on outside forces. However, the Latin American peoples innate sensitivity, making the new Granada careful to make provisions for political fǔ: digging a canal concession rights can only jiā to private companies, and does not allow foreign political fǔ intervention. 1838, a French company had sent a survey conducted on the Isthmus of Panama, because of lack of political fǔ can support and give up. In 1843, the government of New Granada fǔ note Britain, France, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries, it is proposed that they jointly built by the Panama Canal, by all countries in the future to ensure the neutrality of the canal, but apart from the United States have not been ignore. As early as in 1835, namely the United States and New Granada to have been consulted regarding the canals was fruitless, the New Granada debated, the United States naturally receptive. December 12, 1846, after a year-long negotiations, the United States and New Granada concluded "USA, New Granada, peace, friendship, navigation and commercial treaty," also known as "Petrarch - Mary Reno Treaty" the Treaty of 36, valid for 20 years, including Article 35 of the United States to obtain the following rights: a U.S. citizen, vessels, goods can enjoy in the territory of New Granada can enjoy all the rights of citizens (all exemptions, privileges and immunities ), through the Isthmus of Panama American passengers, mail and goods should also be given the same benefits in the future built in Panama through the facilities of any jiā when its right of passage or transit rights deal with the U.S. government and civil liberties fǔ open New Granada government fǔ not U.S. citizens than to impose new tolls Granada citizens, on American goods nor impose import duties. On this basis, the U.S. government fǔ New Granada also made three commitments: 1, to ensure the Isthmus of Panama Strip completely neutral; 2, to ensure the free movement of the future of the canal at any time will not be interrupted or impeded; 3 ensure political fǔ New Granada has the Isthmus of Panama's sovereignty and property rights. While taking into account the political turmoil of New Granada, to prevent accidents, the Americans also left a few hands. 1848 Mexican-American War, the United States and Mexico signed the "Guadalupe - Hidalgo Treaty," mastered the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the power of canals, 1849, and signed with Nicaragua "Squire Treaty "to obtain the privilege of digging the canal in Nicaragua. To the 1849 discovery of gold in California, rapid economic development, the canal dug by the parties is becoming increasingly concerned about the fledgling United States foresee the strength of the British canals may be involved in the fight, so plan ahead, first proposed to the United Kingdom future of the Panama Canal neutrality proposal by the British responded enthusiastically. After April 19, 1850, U.S. Secretary of State John Clayton with the British Plenipotentiary Henry Bulwer in Washington signed the "United States and Britain on connecting the Atlantic and Pacific navigable canal treaty," states: the United States and the United Kingdom navigable canal foregoing shall not obtain or maintain for itself any exclusive control, to agree to any party shall hub in the region or in the vicinity of the canal to establish or maintain any fortress, nor shall any part of the implementation of the Central American occupation and domination. Treaty commitments, when the contracting parties of war, either party can not block the canal to the other, the United States and Britain jointly responsible for the protection of any party to build a canal project property is inviolable, canals completed, the two sides will protect it, so that it is not obstacles, rob or unfair confiscation, mutual guarantee the neutrality of the canal so that the canal permanently free and open, stable and reliable capital invested. By this treaty, the United States ruled out the use of force exclusive UK Canal danger. However, the "Clayton - Bulwer Treaty" is a full of compromises and trade-offs outside jiā file, there are many missing dòng, although it makes the future of the Panama Canal neutrality, but the text is vague, ambiguous, do exist great controversy. In 1850, the U.S. spent $ 7.5 million on the Isthmus of Panama to build a railway linking the two oceans, which lasted five years, completed in 1849, an American company to prepare for the end of the cut to greytown canal across Nicaragua, the Englishman citing "Clayton - Bulwer Treaty, "accused the U.S. of violating the Indian British protected the legitimate interests of the Kingdom of Mosquitia, resulting in works dismount, allowing Americans to recognize that this setback in the Isthmus of Panama canals is a most cost-effective choice. However, the United States and New Granada are getting worse. According to the U.S. and New Granada signed the treaty,Coach Hotsale, from 1846 onwards, a U.S. citizen to get through the power of the Isthmus of Panama. Thus, á water like a flood of American tourists bring dollars, but powerful neighbor in the north harbor fears Panamanians view, this economic transfusion was almost aggression, 1856 more bloodshed took place Event: April 15 that year, an American station in Panama and stall when purchasing watermelon dispute, refuse to pay, since then the two sides dispute, because the crowd of Panamanians and Americans mood jī move, conflict soon evolved into a gun battle continued for several hours. Americans naturally difficult to look for a bargain guests, killing 31 people, 15 people of Panama aspects of casualties. After the incident, the U.S. envoy warned sole mission of New Granada government fǔ: If you refuse to rapidly damages, the United States will immediately occupy the Isthmus of Panama. In this regard, the president of New Granada answer is very simple, but the image of small nations reflects the subtle mind: Isthmus insist that any one passing shot right to our citizens, and our citizens must be submissive, which is extremely unfair, and it is tyranny, and tolerate such humiliation nation is not worthy of survival, however, jī patriotic impulses and feelings of the confession can not conceal the weakness of state. July, two U.S. cruiser "independence" and "St. Mary" "number arrived at Panama, September 19, 160 U.S. Marines landed and occupied the Panama Railway Station, and that makes New Grenada jī move Administrative fǔ calm down. February 1857, the two countries began negotiations with the United States representative Panama City should become autonomous Cologne Freeport, two condominium in Panama railroad centered 40 kilometers wide isthmus, some of the Bay of Panama To the island was ceded to the United States, U.S. citizens in the event of compensation for all losses. U.S. representative also said that if the government of New Granada fǔ accept these conditions, the United States is willing to pay $ 2 million as compensation. However, the new Grenada appears to have no political fǔ sincerity, in addition to compensation, it refused to accept the other conditions, negotiations have been delayed until 1865 after the end of the American Civil War, was formally a treaty, but this time, the two countries signed a treaty in 1848 has been about to expire. Jan. 1867 23, the treaty is about to expire in 1848, has been renamed Columbia States of New Granada note the United States, require re-negotiations in December, Colombia will draft jiā the New Testament to the United States considered that the Treaty provides: Colombia agrees U.S. contractor Panama canal,Coach Bags Outlet, canal construction area to provide for the future of the canal neutrality by the two countries to implement the common defense, but this time the United States engaged in the reconstruction of the Civil War and 1868 presidential elections, so as late as January 14, 1869, the treaty was signed according to this New Testament, Colombia will cut right to the Panama Canal and the Canal Zone concession to the United States for a term of 100 years, returned to Colombia after the expiration of the U.S. government fǔ concession rights shall not be transferred to other nations, can only be transferred to sī venture. impetuous Colombian public opinion treaty to accommodate U.S. interests, feeling jī Fen, March, Colombian Congress rejected the treaty in January 1870, the two countries signed a supplementary provisions for America ** ship can at any time through the canal to the United States jiā Sengoku then closed-door policy, Colombian public opinion and the fact that this provision has become America's military ally of Colombia, requiring modification, the result was the United States rejected the U.S. hard-line attitude of the Colombian government fǔ disappointed , Columbia Public opinion believes that Uncle Sam did not rush to build a canal, but just interested in dominating the Canal Zone in order to "punish" the United States, Columbia government fǔ fresh start, instead looking to the European continent, began to actively negotiate with European countries cut the feasibility of the canal, to coincide with 1869, the Suez Canal by the French-led European financial capital logical to shift attention to Central America in 1876, controlled by the French inter-ocean canal project International Civic Association was established in Paris, embarked on Panama Canal dug for related argument, this has been recognized by Colombian government fǔ soon, the association sent to France ** officer Lucien. Lieutenant Wise investigation led mission to Panama, site visits, Wise activities are strong , March 20, 1878, he was actually the name of the Association successfully concluded with the Colombian government fǔ to the construction of the Panama Canal by the French agreement provides: Association must be composed of canal engineering company within five years and completed canal project investigation, from beginning the fifth year shall be completed within 12 years Panama; navigable canals, the Colombian government fǔ company's annual revenue from the canal proportionate commission, the first 25 years for the annual five, after 25 years, three were 6,7,8 , but not less than the minimum number $ 250,000 per year, the concession period is 99 years after the expiration of the canal that is owned by Colombian government fǔ all, expires before the concession rights can be transferred to other companies, but can not be transferred to other big national policy fǔ. 1879 In May, Association invited due to planning organizations fame digging the Suez Canal and the famous French foreign jiā officer Ferdinand. de Lesseps as chairman, convened an international conference considered the Panama Canal, Britain, the United States , Germany and other countries were also representatives of the participants, the meeting despite strong opposition from the United States representative, dug through the Panama Canal's decision. 5 July, the French inter-ocean canal Engineering Corporation was formally established canals of concessions to get the right start actively preparing for the canal project, but until now, the French canals have not yet commenced. Guo Zhang This line is from a Frenchman would put his hand over the canal to grab the course of his visit is likely to offend France, However, from future generations from the new China with four virtues are afraid mere France? mention he is now nominally still relying on the United States, even without the support of the Americans, he would not care one of the French Republic, which of course is not his Kwak how arrogant people, it is too blame the French Napoleon after the Gallic male jī whom playing time win over? failure was how sharp the Second World War and jīng color to speak, is the first World War, the French, although victorious, but if done everything without the help of the British, the Russians did not contain a large number of jīng German forces, German probably only need a simple march will be able to beat him, of course, said the march on some exaggerated, but who can deny that France ** teams fighting too slag ...... In fact, the French Third Republic in foreign wars, or external aggression, it is basically used by the French army Foreign Legion, the real soldiers from the French simply do not have a few, so that a country who is going to make you value him? even this is a clear win political fǔ not hit the "powers" do not bully bully who is it? comparison , Guo Zhang actually more worried about the Colombian America political fǔ. Nevertheless, he was aboard the vessel and Jane Wang is not just two people, as well as from the advance team in tune out three hundred red Corps soldiers, in addition, they also carry a one hundred million in cash ...... hand ** āng, carrots hand, he can not believe still can not pick up a small Colombian You know, the U.S. Navy only sent 160 Marines to play the then government of New Granada fǔ instill obedience, his three hundred soldiers have no reason worse than the other, right? Navy behind the entire country? behind him there are fifty thousand U.S. political fǔ red Corps had to bow down to it, not to mention you are a Colombian? unreasonable? International on harder? Come on, he is a tiny state boss Don, tell what international truths? Besides, he did not care about the French, the other,Oakley Sport Outlet, in addition to the United Kingdom, other countries did not estimate the strength can be even England so what? Englishman dared not believe he sent troops to you if you dare to send, I dare rounded out the Canadian time to see which side you care children. Besides, to get the Panama Canal, the Americans certainly will be on red Corps legislator and hate and love, but to the American temperament, certainly will not give up this opportunity to grab the canal ...... So, in the event of conflict, the United States government is very likely fǔ red corps standing here, to time, even if the British thought at first thorn, they have to weigh, so this man, he bullied Kwak set, he must set up the Panama Canal. <

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