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the Chinese people themselves antworten

> "Mr. Mayor, you came too soon Well!" In Guo Zhang et al watched, a group of people soon appeared in the Chinese neighborhood of the edge, about fifty or sixty people, all on horseback, hand not holding the guns, that revolver head wearing a wide-brimmed hats, scarves tied around his neck, at the foot of a horse nail boots, cowboy ...... these people living in Denver Mayor Myers? Charlotte Special headed toward Guo Zhang et al was approaching the place where. WWw! QUANBen! COM "I'm worried, worried that if slow, you have to run away!" Charlotte, who rode around a piece with a mess of debris, such as rotten tables, broken chairs, broken bed board The old bowl child something, the last in front of the pile of assorted roadblocks stopped, distance to the opposite window yard Guo Zhang exposed face, could not help grinning teeth, ...... just now, just now, his wife, escorted by a few whites, disheveled returned home, crying to him a few days of bad experiences. And although he already expected all this, you can not help but after hearing really filled with anger ...... particularly hateful, he just can not say those opponent laborers hands, these laborers actually participate in the prison on their own wife among the ranks, but there are people intent on their wives intentions ...... this is simply living on her face! His wife, First Lady of Denver, even in the future is also expected to become Colorado's first lady, actually almost be those dirty yellow monkey tarnished? This is simply Charlotte family shame, we must use those yellow monkey blood to wash away! "Mr. Mayor, I disagree with you, and I ran Where? Was not here waiting for you do?" Although far apart, you can still feel the Charlotte Guo Zhang eyes of flame, which makes him feel some scratching their heads, as well as a little bit ...... cool! "When I? Oh, yes, you are indeed waiting for me and I must admit, young man, you are indeed very guts. Dare hiding in Denver, you're not afraid to find you?" Charlotte and far teeth asked. "Of course not be afraid., But fear there is no way, Mr. Mayor your energy is too great, Denver directions everywhere your people, and all of them are trying to kill me and took away my 'hard money' ! So, in order to ensure Lady Charlotte, as well as the lives of Charlotte, little master, as well as my hard-earned money, I'm also forced to ah. "Guo Zhang laughed. "This guy ......" Charlotte Mayor almost did not anger biting his tongue. What is his wife and son to safety? 're Like many great, as is obviously the kidnappers good? "But I said Charlotte Mayor, I really doubt your intelligence ...... you did in the end is how when the mayor? Did they rely on a group of uneducated person beside you?" Guo Zhang seems very Tanxing, and pull opened the topic. "I was how when the mayor is not none of your business, but now I want to tell you one thing,Coach Madison, young man: You're under arrest! And you also for your guilt committed to bear all the consequences, I will very pleased to send you the gallows! "Charlotte Leng Heng said. "Or hanging? I say, Mr. Mayor, you will not be able to do something fresh penalty? Such a lack of creativity too." Guo Zhang Tao. "If you think so, then I try as you wish ......" so happy right now, stay a while you do not know what would look like. Charlotte angry heart, a wave, it is necessary gestures to his men crossed grab people, but the hand just raised his hands but had to quickly stabilize the schematic, not frivolous. Because, in this moment, he saw Guo Zhang inside out from the window a bag stuffed inside, look outside, it seems that a small box filled with the kind of things ...... "Charlotte Mayor, know what it is do? "Guo Zhang's voice came over. "What do you want?" Charlotte trying to suppress his own temper. He certainly recognize that bag, when he had watched Guo Zhang from their own coffers out those stocks installed inside ...... these days may have been thinking about this stuff, even more than the thought his wife would like. "Rest assured Charlotte sir, you are our dear mayor, how could I do something against you then?" Windows inside, Guo Zhang shrink the shrink back his head, revealing only a small half-head: "But Can you remind your hands, do not we have no formal declaration of war before the random hands, especially when we are still talking, do not mess with guns aimed at the more it is likely to cause significant damage! after all, If I missed a moment, suddenly put this bag thrown into the sky ...... ah, and now the wind is not too small, if these 'slip' into the sky, scattered estimates should not be less than three hundred square meters range, you want to They are intact possibility of looking back probably will be less than zero percent! "" You ...... "missed a moment? Also what the wind is not too small? This is a threat to him? Actually dare to threaten him at this time! Charlotte mayor was angry again straight teeth, straight wait directly to Guo Zhang rushed to bite into a piece of meat. But have to admit that the other side really caught his weakness, he really can not bet that the ...... Guo Zhang snatched stocks are one hundred U.S. dollars a denomination, a two, he could care less, but absolutely can not bear much more. Moreover, Guo Zhang said earlier also, if these stocks scattered off, then ...... group of people with their hands temperament, but also to pick up all the possibilities he returned more than zero percent is absolutely impossible, even He also suspected that these guys will not be back to say he was two. He can not even when one by one child to the search bar? "Carter!" Thought, Charlotte greeted at the side of a person, is a big fat man, on horseback like a meat ball. This is one of the leaders of his men! "Boss, listen to your orders!" Carter came nearer towards him, said. "Bracketing here!" Charlotte whispered. "Yes, boss!" Carter should be a cry, and then abruptly suck a whistle, and shouted: "Brothers, surrounded me here, do not let a man slipping through the net! '" Left - "an excited crowd Cowboys roared up, some mentioning the reins, relaxed horse jumps over Guo Zhang et al roadblocks, incidentally kicked a lot of debris, while others turned the horse, from the other side of the street and a detour to lodge back ............ "golden chapter, you get these things not ah!" Jane Wang from the window Miaodao those cowboys rode easily jumped over barricades action, could not help but swallowed and whispered to Guo Zhang said. "Do not worry, do not expect these things to block them is to give them to get some trouble!" Guo Zhang looked very relaxed. In fact, things to this point, have been tight or tense does not matter, there is no escape route, not as relaxed a little ...... Originally, he did not think he could do it, but now he was easily done, and very calm, as if this life is not your own ...... just a few days ago when it was escape. "I do not know this time can not be left alive!" Zhao Dachang wiped his palms sweat, teeth says. "The thought that we can restore the old Liu's family business, alas ......" Liu Tong Fuk holding the gun straight sigh. "Are doing? Now wants these? Really want to live?" Qian Shi Germany could not cursed. But the tone was not harsh ...... Liu Tong Fuk thinking that had already seen the hope of revitalizing the lintel, and he was wondering just how compensation is not children and grandchildren happy thing? Unfortunately, these things are now Flower in the Mirror, in the water up! God really is not something that would harm the earlier you said, why do you want to give a little better? It's not spoil people do? "Blame me!" Liangzu squatting should be back against the wall, his head down, not Man. "What's strange is not strange? Really want on the up, it is also blame me if I had not come back, how can there be so many thing?" Guo Zhang Pieliaopiezui,Coach Bags Outlet, "But Then again, the reason I will be sudden, so many things children, not because whites want me dead? ...... may be why they want me to die? not because they harm my uncle, and let thousands of people looting of these laborers, fear face embarrassing, looking a scapegoat, scapegoat? "" You mean, these are those white victims? "Lee A raw white at him, asked. "Not them, or do you do the big headed Lee?" Guo Zhang asked, laughing. "I'd say you should not come back!" Lee A Health said. 'Now, to and fro on this one, you are never too bothersome? "Money SUMEEKO heard angry road. "Those whites that he is looking for, tell me we trained together? Put him on the line you do not pay out?" Lee A student shouted. "What did you say?" Jane Wang was furious and tried to grab his neck a collar, "son of a bitch, you try to say it again?" "I am telling the truth! Whites find his Guo Zhang, Woe is his surname Guo Chuang, why should we Huoer involvement? "Lee A student did not resist, so just let Jane Wang clutching himself, just looked Guo Zhang a signle sneer. "Ngawang, let go!" Hou Nan account being on the other side watching out the window, I heard movement turned his head to see such a scene, suddenly furious, rushing to slap on a whirl opened Jane Wang, "You a bastard thing, want to do? infighting trouble this time? "" Hou Shu, not what I want infighting, surnamed Li Jin Zhang he wants to pay out ...... "Jane Wang and speaks loudly. "Well, Ngawang." Guo Zhang stopped Jane Wang, and instant look to Lee A student, "life brother, I know you do not want to leave me hurt everyone, but now the situation is not that we can choose. Really the right to decide, not us, that group of people on the outside hands ...... you think you can talk to them about it? "" ...... not try how do you know? "Lee A student hesitated. The exclusion of white people on the laborers really distasteful, those guys are doing weekdays indeed hard for them to trust these laborers, however, do not try, how do you know not? But there are dozens of other frequently touched the gun hand, how could they overpower? "Trial ass?" Money SUMEEKO snorted, "In the past, many people drop the Taiping Zeng, who shaved children say it before the surrender, not only innocent, but also an officer still an officer, a soldier also give money to the ground, you can end it? a kill thing! that we still do ...... not to mention the Chinese people themselves these whites? Anyway, anyway, I head my head a letter, however! "" white, after all, not with our Great Qing the same! "Liu Tong Fuk whispered. "That you intend forever so bullied?" Guo Zhang asked. "Bullied stronger than death. Besides, you can not let everyone live a good life?" Zhao Dachang quips. "I can not guarantee, however, I know that these days is the law of the jungle. Someone hit home children come, the more you give in, the more people will get you hard ...... bully like we Chinese, there are those southeast Asia countries, which is not this? those that whites own country, do not they all the same? these years, just south of Mexico, was the site of the United States to grab children also less? "Guo Zhang snorted, and raised his fist:" Ultimately, Only fist hard enough to afford to say so, and let people know we bad bully! "" You're hard fist? your fist hard, why do not they put a man rushed over to dislodge all those guys? "Lee A student cried. "Dislodge them? OK, it is easy!" Guo Zhang did not know what to say, although Lee A student, as well as Zhao Dachang these people, then let him uncomfortable, but if he himself was unaware of the case of a sudden this was pulled into such a dead end among the good mood may not be able to accept ...... now the most important is that house these people to unite. How united? Very simple, to let everyone know that they have the ability to save lives. "Fire!" There is no match, the match is not cheap now, laborers who use or flint, or fire Yi son, this thing does not work well, so long torch a good point, I heard the thiophene Ye Guo Zhang, squatting on the ground The Liangzu should immediately jumped up and inserted in the side of the torch handed over. "Today, I'll let you know know, those devils not so terrible!" Guo Yi Zhang took the fire son, smiled toward the crowd, and from who took out a small bundle, a girl of a large flashlight battery later so thick,Coach Handbags Sale, a How long palm dynamite, lit the fuse ...... "Zi ......" <

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