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ask that the two warships to antworten

> WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm Body Cap 214 Cap 214 Confrontation Confrontation "There must be a convenient channel, even if not always pass to Seattle, at least to pass to Portland, so my boys can easily integrate various logistical supplies to the front "That Grant did not give to others, just pulled Horace and Hamilton, in addition to a temporary tent without rank soldier recruit Ronaldo Turner" But the generals, the railway company ...... "" I do not care what the railroad companies, but also whether they have any dispute with the insurance company, I want a railway, a safe and convenient railway "Horace looked very embarrassed, but Grant did not intend to consider his ideas," manpower is not a problem, "Hamilton thought about "San Francisco can provide the manpower 3-4000, if necessary, but can also be more general, as roadbed stones and sleepers are hard to say, tracks it? through Portland at least one of the railway, and its length is almost the U.S. Department of Homeland half the distance from north to south, General, this requires a lot of track, of course, the most important thing there is still time ...... Leland Stanford they use almost ten thousand laborers, with a few years time and only then repair the railway from California to Utah, Although we do not have to like them to conquer the harsh natural environment, however, the distance between the less, we have so much time to finish the job? "" I like you these questions, "Grant face serious, "These issues are very real, but you should know that as long as there is enough manpower and materiel, in the original track out of a ready-made holes and the time required for the railway will never Attempt to start when it was difficult with the Chinese people fighting us will last a long time, maybe a few months ...... four thousand troops, materials transport is considerable, therefore, in any case, regardless of the railway eventually can repair to Seattle, we have to be revised because, even You can have more repair section of the railway, but also on our enormous help to fight "" a few months time? generals, you led the forty thousand troops, destroy a group of Chinese people actually need such a long time? "hollers some do not dare to believe the words of British and French troops Grant lay Beijing would only have used the thousands of people only, with tens of thousands of Americans who have to find a few months when a group of laborers to destroy? "Of course," Grant did not see him, because he did not think Horace Hamilton, "cute" Yes, Hamilton had been captured by the Chinese people, but also somehow been released, and some strange suspicion, but at least this guy's attention on on the positive thing, and talking straight chā theme, unlike other people do always entangled in some seven or eight bad thing "Is this what the Chinese people had captured the aftermath?" Grant Road could not help but think, "But, you is famous, but ...... "" but also led the four thousand troops, eh? "Horace's" assiduous "Let Grant increasingly unhappy," War not like you imagine, just calculate the arms and the number of people The results can be obtained prior to departure, I would have told General Sherman, as well as the War Department, the War Department's generals conducted a discussion, but the result is very helpless people ...... If the Chinese people do not always adhere to Seattle out, and they really put it like intelligence in the construction of a large number of strong defense, then, as long as they play yo and food plentiful, they should be able to stick to it, because they was desperately hard, okay ? "" You, but the famous 'unconditional surrender generals' ...... "" I certainly hope they can back a little unconditional surrender, but, do you think the Chinese might have an unconditional surrender it? with that gold medallion. Guo demonstrated intellectual , did not he know, once surrendered, waiting for him to just their destruction of the Chinese community in this one? Chinese throughout the United States will be affected ...... so, he would stick to it, he can stick to stick to the limit "" Then why do not we use other means? Chinese people are composed of several parts, we can ...... "Ronaldo Turner frowned" This can be a very good idea of ​​the problem is that young people in China will certainly insist on not surrender at the same time, Washington's owner also do not want them to surrender at least, most of the killed before, you do not want them to surrender, "Grant said Chen Sheng," do not want to? "" Yes, do not want to "Grant led the vanguard Dasa carat mn troops to prop up the market shortly after a large number of supplies and troops began an orderly toward California along the Pacific Railway Transport, and then go down to Portland transportation ...... In addition to these, a lot of rails, sleepers, and other things also started from the eastern to the western United States War Department and the War Department Transportation and the Federal Army General Headquarters, as well as the White House, Congress apparently thought of everything important railway xng, in their strong interference, the railway companies and insurance companies reach fast agreement, and hired a lot of manpower to repair mn from Sacramento to Seattle railway prop it gave California a pretty good chance, because of the economic crisis and the destruction of the Chinese people, their economic situation suffered serious interference,Air Jordan UK, and now it really easy Chinese people go to repair the railway gave everyone a chance to work, the whole situation seems to begin toward the good, however, does not represent a good start to have a good process, on the railway restoration project began soon after, has been concerned about the process of this railway depressed ...... people began large number of workers from San Francisco that the wages are too low, the processing time is too long, and thus made a number of "unfair" requirement, by the way also gave the engineering side a "than the Chinese people do not like the miser" hat and because of this project is including the White House, including the various ministries mn are paying close attention to even the direct chā hand, so unfortunately, these ministries are also shot in mn, is an established , what is the "San Francisco Workers' Welfare Union," the organization crown on the "vampire" label does not say, but also face the threat of a strike so that relevant parties such cases are extremely annoyed, as the construction side of the railway companies had intended to organize an armed personnel its suppression by force, or simply dismiss all the other results to other places of employment news, San Francisco Workers' Welfare Union immediately organized a large-scale demonstrations, and even drew the Sacra mn care of the many trade unions proposed a "can not sweat no more bloodshed", "rejected" sweat systems' "," why Americans than Chinese people treat Americans still brutal "and many other slogans, causing low-income California resonate further expand the scale demonstrations and caused the interruption of railway restoration work Faced with this situation, the railway companies fear jī from outrage, did not dare to casually use force only to the rear for help, eventually, to consider that if this trend continues will only increase the difficulty of Grant crusade Seattle, even a significant number of military spending will increase, so that Congress had set aside a special fund to increase the wages of these workers union victory, however, things did not end on such a congressional pay raise funds for the news reached the eastern cities, has long been suffering "sweat system" oppressed eastern industrial workers has been a huge encouragement, some formal unions also began brewing demonstrations, and eventually the end of July into action on July 24 to Chicago as the center, nearly 350,000 people held a mass strikes and demonstrations, protesters demand better working conditions and an eight hour working day, etc., July 26, the Chicago political fǔ dispatched police repression, shot and killed two people, the situation to expand, 7 On 28 May, again striking workers held demonstrations to protest against police brutality, the results, because there are unidentified persons threw a bomb at police, so police opened fire again, most workers with the police led to demonstrations jī fierce conflict between the final , four workers, seven police officers killed this whole thing has caused strong repercussions in the United States, attracting a lot of attention, people and even the extent of their concern over the fighting in the northwest while the capitalists sent demonstrators workforce, deliberately causing conflict between workers and police behavior is jī anger a large number of Americans, even in the outgoing U.S. President Hayes denounced such acts directly on the speech, referring to such acts mainly as an extremely disgusting and hope his successor James Garfield could carefully investigated and severely punished those behind after Hayes left the White House, ending his four-year presidential term, mathematician born James Garfield became the 20th president of the United States, and the appointment of James Blaine as term secretary of state, the United States Council entered a stage should be March 4 took over, and sometimes did not pay attention, indulgences indulgences but this time, Grant has also led the troops entered the Columbia area, which is later Washington State, but he did not have a rush attack, but played in Seattle peripheral built fortifications ...... "supposed to?" laborers in Seattle enough to have almost three million people, and in addition to a small number of elderly, mostly strong labor, so even if there is no advanced construction machinery, several months of effort has also been put Seattle into a huge fortress ...... especially many of these people have participated in the construction of the Pacific Railroad, on construction projects is not unfamiliar,oakley sunglasses store, various fortifications are extremely sturdy fortifications to test the strength, Guo Zhang even had people take the shelling, the results only blasted a shallow pits and such strong fortifications, but also to the Chinese laborers who had some very timid put down a lot of thought, guns are unbreakable, but also with fear of what? However, Grant around without attacking, letting everyone's heart had some down slightly to mention some up, "he was not really afraid that we, want a Siege? NN, the" Three Kingdoms "Lane said, the siege of the war, That was at least a few months to more than a year or two ah "Seattle perimeter defensive positions, reinforced hn gang hiding behind concrete fortifications, holding binoculars kept looking toward the American positions Americans looked a little no offense meant, just build a position, and that trend even kind enough to own it almost looks like a few months, the gang have some heart drums Chengde Gui is tossed Liangpie mustache, an expert look "comes in a few months say, If we are holding a couple of years straight, it may have to finish off the child, "Liu Tong Fuk Road, bared his teeth," but added one or two years is unlikely that Americans did this anti xng, to see Grant this battle, Zhibu Ding really can have a few months ...... "Guo Zhang Tim Tim tongue blessed this country the United States, especially in the north no shortage of food before them, the San Francisco stock plundered a small fraction of the tens of thousands of people have had enough of them on a small half, which did not count those who made a ham, smoked ru ru food ...... true if the budget is also thanks to a year is enough to get by Seattle Northwest, Northeast China at latitude count are poor with no too much, and high mountains, dense forests, the summer temperature is not too high, otherwise, even if it is done embalmed, it will certainly be a lot of food because of prolonged storage and moldy "This program can not tell you the same ah "What Paul source is also a group of people standing in the middle since the BU level to left, their morale was low, though these m, and even suspected of a Bu Ping Guo Zhang unseated come, but think of it, if they really want to grab a seat , do not rush in such desperate times? There surnamed Guo silly it? And now Guo Zhang has also been dignified "red stick", decent opened Xiang Tong, declared too great oath,Kristin Coach, the outlaw is the brother, or the status of these elderly people is even higher than their big brother, plus a few months of release , finally can barely blend of "ever-changing battlefield, dead according to plan is to court death" Guo Zhang did not care for him, and continue to take binoculars looking across: "Anyway, let's always been defensive, I'd like to see this Grant in the end want to how to do "" Ding Ling whisper "Ringtone side suddenly rang out," Hey, "Liu Tong Fuk first picked up the phone because you want to leave San Francisco, so Guo Zhang did not intend to please again to appease those whites, need it, can take away basically all away, especially Telephone and Telegraph these things, for transmission of information on the battlefield is extremely important, so that he can put the phone company moved to Seattle, of course, this "move" will inevitably mean a bit forced, and can be told Strong Chinese laborers do? Muzzle of a finger, telegraph and telephone companies related members obediently follow them, but they also came to Seattle, not a disadvantage, because the laborers are pointing a gun at their side, the other side has put down a thick layer of a few pile of money, plus the workplace on the list, unless bad luck, otherwise it is not really much of a risk on some of these adventurous spirit of the whites are not particularly resist "the direction of the sea discovery vessel, like a warship." " warships? "Liu Tong Fuk moment, followed turned Guo Zhang," Gold Medal, the Yankees also sent warships children come true "" Oh? bastard from Los Angeles gang jump out? "Guo Zhang asked," estimate is ...... "Lee A Health in the side of road in San Francisco now the largest city in the western United States, is also the largest port, Los Angeles although the development of good, not even close, but on the same scale as the whole of South America there is no one country can pose a threat to their own , even have the ability to threaten, but also far across the vast Pacific Ocean, and the U.S. West Coast are separated by ten thousand thousands of kilometers, and such a distance, even then have the ability to threaten, will become no threat, coupled with the Americans are now turning their attention mostly on the domestic, and not too much development of maritime forces, so the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet arranged in only two poor "boat", the Navy is not even the number of people stick to your teeth are not enough Chinese laborers who occupied the San Francisco ...... when Guo Zhang original intention is to first aim this two warships, naval sail training results but why go that day, desperation, had set the target at the other vessel and that Chinese people occupied the San Francisco , the Navy did not dare think what regain lost ground, directly went to open the Los Angeles hide and seek, so has been on two ships coveted y drops Guo Zhang distraught does not have "Do you want to give them two erupted?" Zhao Dachang rub the palm of your hand, try Yueyue y look "Fu, ask that the two warships to doing, is not troop to the" Guo Zhang did not care for the militants, but also on Liu Tong Fuk Road, "Go ahead," Liu Tong Fu Ying of the cry, he took the microphone: "hear? then look to see that two warships hell do, there is no personnel carriers come" "soldiers? did not see any soldiers," opposite replied, "is one of several foreigners stand on the deck to keep the telescope we see here children, muzzle vigor we did here means "" to find a few hit more accurately, and gave him two shots, "Liu Tong Fuk Road" That ...... "opposite seems to consider possible xng, after a while children, "should almost be able to scare them hop then we try" "Well, there is news quickly Bulletin" Liu Tong Fuk nodded with satisfaction, and then put down the microphone "No troop to ......" Liu Tong Fuk conversation with the opposite others could hear clearly, the Navy did a troop, two did not move gun, which looks like soy sauce performance so we have some m paste "it first regardless of his, called scouts take close watch on that," Guo Zhang gritted his teeth, the first time the face of this situation, he could not help but somewhat nervous, after all, even if the other performance once again, that is the land and sea military cooperative combat ...... a little bit of knowledge, who do not know the powerful gun? Even if only a small warship, that's not a good deal, "I say, or the first two ships sunk myself to give these children a blow Yankees" Zhao Dachang shouted "sunk warship, it is tantamount to vent l of our cards, Yankees child is sure to have preparedness, ...... "Guo Zhang paused," So, without my command, who are not allowed casually ordered otherwise, do not blame me surnamed Guo kill their own people. "" ...... "Guo Zhang words a bit heavy, and everyone dared interfaces, Zhao Dachang although dissatisfaction, but only disdain Pielepiezui" Gold Medal, you see ...... "Liangzu should suddenly pointed American positions cried," how? "Everyone rushed down his fingers so he took the telescope, and soon, we saw the opposite change in American positions, an artillery being pushed out ...... <

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