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> WWw.qUANbEn.CoM Pacific Railroad still blocked, but because Tom Hannis line crossing the Sierra Nevada mountains in the course of the telegraph line re-connected, so the eastern United States is still very fast messaging eastern very calm, President Hayes in strong repression, including the Congress, including many large forces have opted for silence, they do not want at this time to excessive stimulation of the Chinese people, and even some of the more radical ** forces are due to various pressures and honest Many ...... Of course, in the United States such a "free and equal" countries, want to completely neutralize a certain sound is unlikely, Guo Zhang these people again and again defeated the Americans, but also kill So many people, white people are mostly angry exception, naturally, it triggered a variety of demonstrations, white people are asking the Government to send troops to attack again, but the people to wipe out China, the government remained silent on this, and many cities and even sent police and troops to maintain order, never allow protesters to attack Chinese people crowd, and even at the arrest of a number of radicals, although soon brought his release, but the government's attitude shows that while the result, white people are naturally angry, they do not understand why their government at this time also to protect the Chinese people, are yellow noble life suddenly had they, the whites? In Washington, angry people gathered in front of the White House, the government's behavior requires Hayes to explain, and issued presidential decree expelling Chinese people could people do not expect is that Hayes went directly to the crowd holding a constitutional before, in turn, asked the angry white man, and I asked them what the Chinese people in the end had violated a law, questioning what they ignore the law to expel an ethnic group, the Constitution of the United States of America should not have been in the end ...... he can promise to keep people's demands However, he must wait until Congress re-amend the constitution is completed, the "free and equal" spirit completely rejected, re-ordered Hayes tough beyond everyone's expectations, however, no matter how kind of angry Americans, Congress does not move, the House does not move, those of ordinary citizens but also how? They just sat by the President of Hayes's seat continue to suppress their emotions, until a telegram from the west appear in major newspapers ...... telegram is forwarded through the White House, the content is very simple: the Chinese one life, equal to whites ten life so short, but coupled with Fa Baoren Guo Zhang's name, although the lack of east but still very strong organizational momentum immediately ** is a decadent ...... that is the current U.S. system of three thousand people, while California enough to have hundreds of thousands of whites, San Francisco also has hundreds of thousands, if they adhere to the anger thrown Chinese people, Chinese thrown, then, even if the Chinese people can not be a change for a ten, and finally there is still a disadvantage because they, the nation's Chinese people only 100,000 or so, then remove the settlements in the western states, in the eastern Chinese but three fifty thousand, they at least have to pay three to four times the cost of one three-hundredth of the population, and even many and followed Guo chapter After threats, San Francisco interim parliament has issued a telegram, telex above San Francisco claiming that all is well now, if anyone does not believe you can send representatives to come and see, in addition, they also hope the American people will not be too excited, so as to avoid over-stimulation Chinese people, giving rise to the Chinese and bitter conflict between whites plus, so not good for anyone Then, Sacramento City, California government, and even Nevada also have energized the government asked the U.S. government, as well as people across the United States to maintain refrain from making further deterioration of the situation but this time, the U.S. personnel realized that things are not as simple as they thought, and not just a group of Chinese people "kill" their soldiers, these people are not just Paul is "occupation" San Francisco, the group that they can always be eliminated in the eyes of people actually have the ability to threaten two states ...... Although these two states just west of the two states, not as populous as the eastern, developed economy, but this So enough already, east on brief "public resentment" after fast to quiet down, more and more Chinese people living hardship, but no one come looking for trouble while in the west side of Guo Zhang et al in San Francisco wantonly engaged in municipal building , and also began to build what low-cost housing and affordable housing, a large number of occupied the San Francisco surplus labor, and put from San Francisco seized a large number of funds with a salary in the form distributed to those white hands one hand, but in San Francisco suburbs began military training Activities In addition, he also sent follow the railroad southward, and soon, under construction, the gateway to Mexico by the California Southern Pacific Railroad, because the Chinese people's raid severely damaged than that, works with a large number of materials, particularly of t count explosives, was looted This is not, in whole California trembled deterrence V in China's "despotic" when, suddenly appeared a few Brits, they are to Operating in some of the big acquisitions cement cement, as well as a wide variety of steel, iron, etc., etc. ...... and put these things shipped to Seattle on April 12, about Chinese people like Tom Hannis federal about a month after the army battle, while several merchant ships under cover of darkness into the Port of San Francisco, the first few days after the Chinese began to shift, San Francisco's public, especially from some of the more recent neighborhoods of Chinatown in San Francisco people found he usually can see Chinese people less and less ...... However, considering the outskirts of the Chinese people for regular military training, these people did not put their findings to heart even as some of them also have some sympathy for those Chinese Do not look at your people ...... surface of scenery, there is not anywhere to be eliminated dangerous? Had I known, Why should resist it? Do not resist, knocks, burned several houses, big deal and then a few people on death, there would be no such danger yet? How painful is? However, this "sympathy" did not last very long with the large number of Chinese to the suburbs to accept the "military training", Chinatown is blocked, allowed outsiders away, especially whites, the city is also only about four thousand Chinese to maintain order Thereafter, on April 25, the San Francisco public open house, which should be found on the streets of the Chinese without a trace,oakley eyeglasses sale, and then after the city into chaos ...... because, had gathered a group of the nation's largest Chinese community in San Francisco overnight between a Chinese person would never run the Chinese people? White people are excited and those evil Chinese people finally scared, they fear retaliation plus size U.S. government, did not dare to stay in San Francisco, so they ran the whole city boiling up, and immediately disappeared for a long time, has been Chinese people detained the mayor and police chief Erlanger Hamilton showed up in some of the "remnants" of parliamentarians and government officials, with the assistance of their fast to take over the city's power, and re-mastered the police force ...... This is a very important one city must have authority to maintain order in violence, especially in China who had just left the San Francisco police case people are still in China, when it has not been idle, but most of them become without weapons "Auxiliary", so, go back to the positions it does not require too much effort so, San Francisco "recovering" the message the first time through telegraph spread to the east, aroused the concern of the nation and even worldwide attention of the American people are very happy, the Chinese people and then cruel, then powerful, but also afraid of the powerful United States eventually, they ran, but this world is not so much cheaper things done wrong wanted to run, which There are so easy? The American people began to petition the Government to require the government to send troops to chase Chinese people, the complete elimination of those guys, do not let them live out of America's homeland, however, with respect to the potential of the American people mad, the U.S. government has a lot of cool ...... in received a telegram from San Francisco, they call back promptly asked the whereabouts of the Chinese people, but the result is very disappointing, as they have been detained, Hamilton simply do not know what happened outside, while Erlanger miserable, he has had injuries in the body, although it was released, and can hurt the body still does not light, just barely worth nothing, so how the mood to inquire about the whereabouts of the Chinese people? Hold holds many lessons to make the order of San Francisco has been pretty good so they passed after some investigation, tell Washington, Chinese people seem to be sitting in the train to go north they suspect each other's goals is likely to be Canada ...... "Canada ? "" Do you think it possible? '"manifested by their intelligence, do not you know that we go after provoke provoke Canada will only make them throughout North America, the land could no longer a shelter?" inexplicable from San Francisco to be "recovering" and then north into the Chinese people received the news, a total of only less than a day's effort, and in this day and time to be brought clearly an association which, even at such a presidential Hayes Intelligence is also quite some effort ...... San Francisco is not very good for you? And large, hostage addition, Chinese people how to give up? Ah, so to say perhaps a bit too cold, so I'm sorry that hundreds of thousands of people in San Francisco, but to Chinese people's standpoint, this is indeed the best choice ah "If it was me, I would be targeting in Canada "In order to deal with the Chinese people, the Congress and the White House has set up a special emergency committee is not much, in addition to President Hayes This puts the total, just war minister Ramsay and federal military commander Sherman, plus a House Speaker Brian, who would have had intended to also add to the Secretary of the Navy, and conceivably the east coast of the United States in the Pacific fleet size, there are two sides have been fighting since the form of the idea also has just proposed to Parliament will be strangle in the proponent's mouth near As has always been very understanding in this matter Secretary of State Ivor Stewart, this time can finally relax ...... in the strong request of President Hayes, he was rejected in committee out "Canada sparsely populated, with our two countries, but also completely ...... imagine if I were the Gold Medal. Guo, led tens of thousands of Chinese people, suddenly appeared in Western Canada, Canada would react? They have the ability to expulsion of those guys do? "" In the strength they demonstrated, Canada fully is not possible to deport them, but do not forget, but members of the Commonwealth of Canada "to hear Sherman analysis, Brian some dissatisfaction with him this member Hayes forced the duties actually forcing Congress to cover to the head ...... perhaps in others it seems this will give him a temporary job to add a credit, after all, in order to force a country to deal with a group of people, but tens of thousands of Chinese man child, how do you see will be a victory Hayes Ivor Stewart refused to join, in turn, have to pull him inside, you should just want to use this credit to comfort lawmakers in Congress, after all, this time Hayes repression of Congress is too hard, which has never been an American president dared to treat Congress, to treat members of Congress who have never session of Parliament which will be a presidential constraints, and so although we all know that stress because Hayes did not think re-election, but also have the opportunity to once again become difficult to know that the two parties nominate candidates can no longer participate in the presidential election, so it unashamedly However, such a precedent is too harsh, not to placate Congress, who know what these guys will come up with demon moths? Therefore, the name of Tim Bryan into emergency committees, should be that for this purpose, but, after all, not that Brian is not clear on the specific circumstances of the Members, he knew his face exactly what a group of enemies, and this is causing the sea Sri Lanka does not have a headache, do not want to hesitate and then fell out with the Congress overstimulation opponent ...... it is a good deal? This so-called Emergency Committee, the Chinese people out of things to deal with, it is more of a burden-sharing arrangement Hayes ...... if it is a hearty victory, better said, everyone, everyone is happy; but if victory The price is too high, or that they altogether defeated, that we Shui Yebie run, with the face of Congress, the face of the people of the United States blamed "Of course I know that Canada is a member of the Commonwealth, however, we must take into account the Chinese people The special circumstances "Sherman knew Brian distress, the man has decided how the next secretary of state, even if nothing is promising as the majority, unfortunately happens at this time was Hai Sila into such a contingency committee, mood naturally not good but what of? You goin backing big, Republican leaders, he Sherman is not bad, the Republican presidential nominee, when he was also a strong contender, decisive, naturally no need to be too concerned about this guy's feelings, "We want Unexpectedly, these Chinese people do not represent any political forces, not really a country, so, even if they invaded Canada, various members of the Commonwealth may not necessarily send troops and the Canadian government is not likely to lay down face "," face? us group of Chinese people have been hit several hand, there is the example of the former, Canada will care about what face? Did they also shame than we do? "Brian sneered," I agree with General Sherman mean Chinese people enter Canada would be a very good choice not forget, Canada Pacific Railway did not, they traffic between east and west than we are now more trouble while they are in the power of the east coast of the Pacific is extremely weak ...... face composed of tens of thousands of Chinese forces, even if it is intended to help members of the Commonwealth because they are also very troublesome, and their supply lines will be very long ...... and in this case the number continues to face up to tens of thousands of Chinese people, they are going to face the situation will be very bad, "Ramsey Road" Is that right? That's good, Chinese people left the United States, went to Canada, and that is not our emergency committees can disbanded? just need to send a force stand in our western border with Canada, like "Brian shouted" If Chinese people into Canada, this is indeed a good thing, but we certainly can not stand idly After all, we have tens of thousands of people have been Chinese people killed, this account we must keep them count, "Hayes Road" Canada would be willing to do? relationship between us and them is no better time to stand by troops in the past, I am afraid that Canadians will be the first time that we as the enemy on the first ...... Do not forget, those guys on our preparedness they have been very concerned that we will certainly take the opportunity to invade and occupy their territory "Brian Tao" This can be resolved through diplomacy, but you have already said, Canada is a member of the Commonwealth, We obviously no reason to provoke Great Britain, "Hayes retorted," After all, it is tens of thousands of Chinese people, according to the Sacramento area report, Chinese people used only 2-3000 people win the Tom Hannis now they have a few people, you think this is so easy to deal with a team of it? "Brian asked again," of course, bad deal or we do not need such a solemnly,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, "Hayes Road" since a bad deal, then we sure to send enough troops to ...... be this way, what reason,Oakley Sunglasses Store, Canada agreed to let us in a strong army to fight on their territory? "Brian asked back" Wait, "" Wait? Wait, let the Chinese people in Canada to do everything to prepare it? "interjected let Brian Sherman's very unhappy, had the chance to" clean up "about Hays, this guy actually also to cause trouble," I'm not saying Chinese people "Brian Sherman looked at it, directly to the sights of the war minister," Alexander, you just said what? say it again "" I? "Ramsay hesitated, but to see Sherman a thoughtful look, he knew that the other party should be thought of something, and quickly recall a moment, then said: "I just said that the Chinese people to enter Canada would be a good idea, because eastern Canada plus traffic than we are now is not convenient ...... "" And, "Sherman," I added, "Ramsey twisted brow:" Canada is a member of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth may even want to go after the Chinese invasion of Canada to assist them, the final will also be because of the excessive supply lines long and encounter enormous difficulties "" Yes, this is a "Sherman Tude a Paiba Zhang," supply line, which is the Chinese people want to stretch our supply lines, "" supply line? "Hayes and Brian both hesitated "General, you say ......" Ramsey military origin, but also seemed to be aware of what "Chinese people ride the train to north, then they certainly walked while in the destruction of the railway line, for sure, they will certainly doing so, Ma reported to San Francisco, to Sacramento, ask them to do the Chinese people in the end there is no "Sherman said with sudden urgency," Wait a minute, "Hayes seemed to realize, and quickly grabbed the phone on the desk gave the order and quickly, about an hour later, the Sacramento Municipal Government's call back on to the ...... "Sherman, your guess is correct Chinese people riding the train passed through Sacramento, you destroyed along Line "Put down the phone, Hayes Youxiang Sherman said, the sound is very heavy," It seems that our troubles are still not small, "Sherman slowly sigh," the Chinese people, they did not intend to go to Canada, they is to continue with our 'play' children go "<

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