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06.06.2013 09:05
a puff of strands of red S è antworten

"Fiery poison!" The giant toad saw the dragon fish were killed, the heart has a tusihubei feeling, open one's bloody mouth, a puff of strands of red S è toxins, swept to the sky Yu and Qian as white as snow. The wind. "!" Red S è toxin rolling strikes, Qian as snow gently bite the attractive lips, who called for a hurricane, topple the mountains and overturn the seas like the wind and percussion to the red S è toxins, want to fiery poison scattered. "!" The giant toad saw Qian as snow to mobilize the power of heaven and earth blew himself out fiery poison, immediately gave a loud y ù deaf sound, through the world of hurricane, the red S è toxin churned approximation of the sky feather two. When Qian as snow skin touch repeatedly floated fiery poison, wisps of silk like poison with life in general, continuously to the Qian as snow body to drill into her body, eroding the meridians. "Blood tower, to the town I it to death!" The body of drill into a lot of toxic silk, Qian as snow immediately to the blood demon tower into virtual immortal force, control of blood magic tower greaten ceaselessly, repression to the giant toad. Feel the blood demon tower release destruction pressure volume gave himself a great threat, the giant toad immediately choose evasive, but in a moment it Dodge, Qian as snow regardless of physical injury, again cast a fairy technology solitary light the attack to the giant toad. "Bang!" A sound, the giant toad was Qian as snow to the solitary light waves attack,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, a large body of it was struck by lightning, a direct hit flew out, a huge body was destroyed much, a lot of blood uncontrolled flows out. "Day, we go!" Qian as snow cast light on the solitary success hit the giant toad, but she in the Du rob weak phase continuous cast fairy technology, body suffered serious erosion bite force, coupled with the constant drilling body fiery poison attack, Qian as snow body situation is not much better than the giant toad, so she did not take the giant toad seriously injured, it will kill, but with the injury is not the same light, change of low cloud day baby God cast teleport to move beyond the sea. In the sky the feather and Qian as snow teleport the crystal sea, lose energy giant crystal sea bottom suddenly appeared in a number of large hole, constantly poured into the sea, and soon, a huge crystal ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. "As snow elder sister, you can hold on?" Feel the Qian as snow body breath disorder, which severely damaged, the sky faint sound asked feather. "I can hold on!" Although Qian as snow regardless of physical damage successfully hit the giant toad,Air Jordan 9 UK, but she injured heavier, and fiery poison attack, if this comes under the giant toad, will bring about a fatal threat to her and Yun Tianyu, so Qian as snow to rely on willpower, summoned god bird wing, with god bird wings rapidly flight. After about three hours, J ī ng God weary Yun Tianyu and Qian as snow quickly flew hundreds of miles, can't hold,Outlet Coach Bags, the sky plume rapidly in thunder ring out a huge block of wood, split down the middle, thrown into the calm sea, and Qian as snow down to the giant trees. "As snow elder sister, you poisoning too deep, let me use the blood in the body of your detoxification." Weak cloud day >

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