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> Chapter 197 Old Lee doing it? Is Li. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM five tons? Dynamite? On their own feet? No time to ponder, Jean Jeff crap out of the back to the front, not enough time to Tom Hannis report on bluff loud anxious lit up, and he's just put this performance again placed a good position Army soldiers who gave spooked, but for Tom Hannis timely stand out loudly ordered Zhibu Ding is a chaos. And wait until Jean Jeff got his own message telling Tom Hannis, when the Army could not resist a little slap slap directly in the face of this name confidant: "Do you mind are filled with stool? five tons of explosives? you when that is what? hay? little on? so far away, how can they detonated? explosives expert you think they are? "" But generals ...... "" If they really have five tons of explosives buried under our feet, why tell you? you idiot "" ...... "Yes ah, there are explosives in his feet, the Chinese people and why tell yourself? Just to force us to surrender? It might as well be directly detonate it, in that case, five tons of lethal explosives blasting under their remnants into force immediately, what fighting is gone, even so when the time is not only to surrender a way to go? Want to understand the flaws, Jean Jeff almost to the chagrin of his head to the shot ...... this man lost big he believes, before long, his party will become the laughing stock of the entire United States **, the future will certainly be from the "no bright." "I will kill them, kill them, kill them all -" Major Jinu hearts and minds, and sent vomiting, capitulate not bad enough, the enemy was also a talk scared half to death, on Earth than he could have more bad luck, better laugh military? "Major sir, as you carry out military action, I hope you will take into account the wishes of our" do not know when, a large upright official clothing Geng Yi Ch'en Lan-pin and two have stood aside, and looked solemn. "I control you die, I will kill that guy killed him -" Jean Jeff shouted. "Hannis General, you are such men like to put their own stupidity incrimination to the enemy's head man?" Ch'en Lan-pin turned his head and glared at the Tom Hannis. "Minister Sir, this is just a very ordinary emotional venting," Tom Hannis also miffed. Jean Jeff too ashamed of this guy, say what actually believed the enemy, but also face thrown into the eyes of the Chinese people, ah, yes, position in front of those Chinese who can destroy, can be their own side of the two Chinese people are not so easy to say, these two guys, but diplomats. "Emotional vent? I do not like, it reads like true feelings." Ch'en Lan-pin snorted, "General, now we are going in the past, I do not care what you have planned, before we come back, I hope you have Do not take action. "" I can not guarantee this. minister Lord, you know, the things on the battlefield is hard to say. "Tom Hannis Road. "If you can not guarantee that the general, then, I refuse to perform any task." Ch'en Lan-pin turn behind a stout stature, from the Denver City Council, Mr. Angelo play again. However, although the time and did not last long, Mr Angelo and ranchers still so fat, but if you see familiar people and now he will certainly be surprised, because the man is too compared to the previous "slim ", and at least a few dozen pounds of lean down. But think about it, walking from the snow-covered Sierra Nevada mountains to come out, does not want to lean nor ah. "I was thinking." Jeremiah from the State Department. Blackburn while also nodding, Angelo there are a lot of fat for consumption, he may not be so lucky, to come out from the mountains , thin hardly recognize the prototype of the original thought but also stay longer in Reno recuperate recuperation can not think Chinese people do not give a chance, which he was extremely angry, and very depressed, natural , originally not how he got the idea will be more willing to capitulate activities performed: "Chen Minister, I think your best bet is to wait a minute, wait Hannis generals they launched an offensive to destroy the arrogance of those Chinese people then go talk to them about it, I think, at that time they will be more persuaded. "" If the opposite is American, Mr. Black, you will say you? "Ch'en Lan-pin asked. "Of course, of course I would not say that." Blake nodded. "Mr. Black, you are not a qualified official, because you look very natural when speaking." Geng Yi aside teased. "Really? With how you say good ......" Blake turned a supercilious children, no longer speak. He knew not move to persuade Ch'en Lan-pin, really, along the way, he was in front of the Chinese envoy did not get onto any cheap ...... It is hard to imagine. You know, in front of the Chinese, the Americans the advantage is obvious. The problem is that as long as he referred to the status of the two countries, Ch'en Lan-pin or Geng Yi in turn will mention their tasks, which can make him immediately like eating flies like Niwai. "Koyasu, you wait here, the old lady went to would be those people." Ch'en Lan-pin no longer ignore Blackburn, even Tom Hannis no longer ignore, call a cry Geng Yi, leg positions on the front door. Geng Yi Nuzui behind efforts, it seems to say something, but in the end still did not say it. ...... "Gold Medal brother, that, that is what people?" Ch'en Lan-pin came to the very imposing. He did not ride, two no car, purely came to be. That is how to go than just Jean Jeff came to the case when Chinese laborers were also sensational ...... do not know how to do, they actually saw the Qing officials. In the United States,Coach Bags Outlet, in the confrontation with the U.S. Army on the battlefield, they actually saw the Great Qing officials? "This is how children?" "How come a officer?" "M, you watch the official step in the county than had I seen that shit County Deputy walking imposing justice. Definitely a Big guan'er "" shit momentum? an old man, to have any momentum? "" The Americans how to put the Qing guan'er invited? "," how can this do? we are not even this officer also hit right? "" You do not know this old man is doing it, how do you know it must have to fight? "'else to do? certainly persuade our surrender. Otherwise how whites stood there children?'" is the This has always been afraid of the Qing imperial court devils, now so much trouble we Americans headache tight, now we got their accounts is not impossible. "" That's how we do? This is the court guan'er. " "The court's guan'er what, the fight still playing, do the surrender die?" "That, If we drop those whites we will spare too strange." "Do not say anything else, the direct conveyance of return on Enough of our subject. "" But I have a lot of folks home, ah, if the court ...... "" Yes ah ...... "" This is how to do good? "positions on the Chinese people that you made me a language, were all tense. Even the chapter by Guo required to keep calm, to Chinatown brothers erected the example of Colorado laborers were also some instability when the ...... which makes Guo Zhang extremely shocking. It turned out that the so-called Great Qing imperial court, which could hardly be weak weak brain damage brain damage is almost no longer Qing Dynasty, more than two decades in the home, or even longer in the eyes of the Chinese people, there is still so influence? "Awang" can not be so down, Guo Zhang thought, abruptly toward the side of Jane Wang cried. "In" Jane Wang immediately ran over. Them that it is the first trench, according to Guo Zhang Bing command, digging are higher than their big half a meter tall, is the tallest standing whites only exposing half tiptoed inside the skull children, so there is no need worry about when moving will be seen opposite, not to worry about what a sniper. Of course, when standing inside their own stepping stool to. "Go and put the old man took me to." Guo Zhang Tao. "Took it?" Side of Lee A student hesitated, "not shoot to kill?" "They not offend me, I kill him why? I'm not killing spree." Guo Zhang turned a supercilious children, and that step more and more recent Qing officials looked: "I'd like to see the old man in the end is what backing." ...... "The old lady is the Qing Empire in the United minister, surnamed Chen Ming Lan Bin, to see your chieftains" Jane Wang soon the commands by Guo Zhang received a position to put people on, and then sent to the headquarters ...... have to admit that thousands of official standard thought it was shaped superiority of Chinese officials, even knowing that he faces What is a group for people Ch'en Lan-pin still performed very reserved, even say arrogant, he was not even in the eye Guo Zhang did not give it. "I am." Guo Zhang grinned, turned and looked at the side of the table to begin the map, but also as did not see this old man. "The old lady is to capitulate." Ch'en Lan-pin headed towards the topic. "Condition" "condition?" "Of course. Conditions who did not surrender?" Guo Zhang rare look thrown over a child, it is the kind of contempt. "Really funny. Erdeng to the imminent death, actually dare to mention what conditions? Really ridiculous." Ch'en Lan-pin endless sneer. "Yes ah, O to the imminent death, actually also thinks a winner, really funny." Guo Zhang tit for tat. "Guo Zhang", "old man you know my name?" Hear his name called Ch'en Lan-pin, Guo Zhang has turned this old man a look at the results only got a hum Ch'en Lan-pin coldly: "the old man? Well, if In the Qing state, you see the first official salute kneel "" But now here I salute if you kneel down, you think you have the power to refuse? "Guo Zhang turn quipped. "...... Let the officer kneel? You'd say Do not you afraid I will let you all across the army to wipe out?" Ch'en Lan-pin female voice asked. "According to our Chinese grammar, 'wipe out' the word has been included among the overall meaning, so in front of you but also added a 'whole', which is totally superfluous ...... Your old man is on the imperial examination out? spend much money to buy fame? "" What did you say? ...... you actually say that I am "is the buy fame? Guo Zhang simple sentence, suddenly let the old head flushed with anger in the United States minister. "Naturally, I am 22 years old with excellent line tribute capital, Xianfeng reign in Sunchon lifts, Xianfeng three years to dimethyl seven in the examination, pulling the Imperial Academy Shuji Shi, charge Academia Historica Compiling ...... Who can say my fame is bought? "" I just do not say it? "Guo Zhang was innocent shrink the shrink neck. "You ......" Ch'en Lan-pin rage: "Shuzi dare to Seoul?" "How do I dare? Ye Qing court did not dare touch the Yankees have children, I hit the beat, got to kill, and now even told their Army are right on, and the battle waged, their president also spoke ...... you gotta take me a little imperial envoy, put in front of me what the shelf? "Guo Zhang Bai past one. "You ......" "angry now?" "The old lady, old lady ......" "Ngawang, a glass of water, to give the old man Wet your whistle, Shun Shun Qi child" look Ch'en Lan-pin one breath a breath of appearance, but also towards Jane Guo Zhang Wang told Road. "Oh," Jane Wang should be a cry, lift one side of the teapot, pour a cup of tea on the front end of the Ch'en Lan-pin: "tea", "the official drink" Ch'en Lan-pin Qi Xiuxiu, and sat down on the edges. "Gee, no wonder that big Qing Dynasty so bad effort, but also large guan'er it, a little bit of effort did not raise gas." Disappointed Guo Zhang shook his head: "Yes, old man, you are a few items that minister ah?" "Mishina" Ch'en Lan-pin without consciously straighten the chest. "What?" "Mishina" "Are you sure?" "Nonsense." Ch'en Lan-pin and then anger, "the old lady to Zheng Qing Chang Temple members receive the title of the post of Chinese students, who Fucheng title Youyi were brought in the United States minister post, Both grades are positive Mishina's title, why not sure? "" Then you are in the position of the Qing how about? I mean you this Mishina official position ...... "Guo Zhang asked again. "Mishina? Well, guess I Qing, vast land, outstanding people, like my other characters, straight as river carp ......" "As far as I know, carp are grow up, on a pound are considered rare. This and other figures like you like a river carp, that is not to say ...... you that the Qing imperial court characters are nothing special, and even senior officials such Mishina officials have shallow knowledge, learning low humble, more talk What is not on weight? "" You ...... "over the river carp how can you be so interpreted? Zhang Guo Ch'en Lan-pin pointing fingers trembled, his chest is even more sad straight like vomiting blood: "You, you ...... 孺子不可教也" "Thank you for saying" Guo Zhang smiled, then closing again a smile: "Well, do not You make fun of ...... say with truth, old man, you in the end come to doing? "" Naturally, I have already said, to capitulate "on Guo Zhang's sudden change, Ch'en Lan-pin appears to have expected, and there is nothing surprising performance Although still some breath, but it also looks angrily have disappeared without trace. "Nothing else?" Guo Zhang asked again. "Haier person with that between the United States did not have any place can be compared only excellent point in that lives in San Francisco, hundreds of thousands Caucasian hand Bale. Accordingly, the United States President Hayes was the old lady came to capitulate, the objective of the trip But San Francisco is the preservation of the public safe, otherwise, Haier thought but also in the United States army hunt under escape? "Ch'en Lan-pin Leng Heng said. "Talking on a good talk, knowing that we are never read the book, you own it, they just bought fame ......" "Naturally, I did not buy fame," Ch'en Lan-pin of a sudden jumped. "Ok, did not buy no buy, ah, your fame and also some suspicious ......" "You just suspicious -" "You're a good man ...... well, neither bought nor suspicious,Cheap Oakley M FRAME, your fame where's? "" I ...... "Yes ah,Jordan 7 Shoes, neither spend money, again not suspicious, his fame ...... along Guo Zhang," prompt ", Ch'en Lan-pin very natural to start thinking about their own fame in the end is come from, and followed, reflecting over the old man again furious: "bastard, the old lady's fame comes naturally test." "Hey hey hey ......" always stay next to no chipped a few people are secretly straight music. Mishina officials, most intuitive than those before us what inspection, the magistrate must not know how much bigger level officials, and was surprised to be playing so get drops Guo Zhang turn? So it seems that the Qing government also no great thing. Consider also, these guys really if great, great Qing Dynasty also have always been bullied even foreigners are afraid to fight back? Why they came to the United States suffer from their homes suffer? "I know you are taken to the fame, more than great like, need it so loud?" Guo Zhang also turned a supercilious children, it seems that Ch'en Lan-pin attitude was very unhappy, "I said Ch'en you too ...... Well not that a Mishina officials also were people Fucheng? ...... you were one Fucheng? "Guo Zhang suddenly hesitated," who were the government, it is not a bad lot pipe AIXINJUELUO that her family do? how you ... ... "" You're bold - "How dare call AIXINJUELUO that her family was" bad lot "? Ch'en Lan-pin one pair of dim old eyes staring Guo Zhang, that look, like a guy who wants to just this heinous heart to penetrate. "I certainly bold. That goes without saying? And we here everyone is audacious Zhu Er, you do not surprised." Wrath against Ch'en Lan-pin, Guo Zhang is still a clear sky, "I just do not understand you ... ... is Han Chinese, right? "" Well, "Ch'en Lan-pin Leng Heng, not too far to go. "It seems that Han Chinese, Manchu people do not surnamed Chen, the top of the day is a Chinese flag ...... but I just do not understand, you are a Han Chinese, how people became what were Fucheng? You Guan Dele Aixinjueluo ? "Guo Zhang asked again. "...... Of these people were the government's own order, are being examined principal, I waited Fucheng and the like, but the rank and file two officials Bale." Come, come, the days high and the emperor far away, his dignified court officials, why the child with the Rebels gang general knowledge? Ch'en Lan-pin in foreign countries for many years, but also be informed, know that in places like the United States, the so-called royal family is not how the subject of attention, in front of these people and even the U.S. government is not afraid of the powerful, but how far will care in the Pacific the other side of the Qing royal family? So, figured after a deep breath, then depressed because of strong self-Guo Zhang that disrespectful words and dramatic mood. "Zuo two officials? ...... Is not that odd jobs?" "......" Ch'en Lan-pin Leng Heng, not too far to go. "Do not like to listen to? See you this old man, relax ...... odd jobs so what? Odd jobs in the cases of human government, that's on the outside than when a magistrate strong ah, is not it? Least you go after those counties What's sure to make prefect polite to you a little, the prime minister in front of the seven official products, you still emperor in front of the Explorer level, Mishina it ...... "Guo Zhang laughed. "You have been so wanted to make fun of the old lady?" Ch'en Lan-pin and turned his head, cold voice asked. "How is laughing? Was a joke, you people also ...... By the way, how about talk of the town lately? Him do it? '" Li? "" Ah, Li. " . More to the address www. <

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