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> Chapter 191 the power of money! In 1881, when the famous Chinese history "Westernization Movement" has begun a long time to Zeng, Li, Zuo Zhang Zhidong the four headed, advocated "learning technology to the barbarians" ...... but Have to say is, the Westernization Movement from the outset doomed to fail fate. WWw! QUANBen! COM because, presided over the Westernization Movement of the main characters are Han Chinese, in order to maintain their dominance in the primary task of the Manchu nobility in the eyes, the Westernization Movement although conducive to the country,Nike Jordan Spizike UK, is not conducive to their big Qing Dynasty, with Zeng, Lee, who, while recognizing the importance of learning from the West emerging technologies, but confined itself historical limitations and subject to suspicion Minister Han identity, always constrained, together with other aspects of the reasons, simply can not pushing. However, although ultimately failed, but still give the Westernization Movement behind the old Qing Shen brought a glimmer of fresh air, although this tiny silk wind, but in history played a certain role in the Westernization has built Anqing Jun armed by, Jiangnan Manufacturing Bureau and other agencies, can be said for China's modern military industry has laid a certain foundation. Unfortunately today, no matter how kind of idea, because the prevalence of bureaucracy, although set up their own military-industrial complex, but still had to be Chinese advanced weapons purchased from abroad. Aslan wants to sell the batch Guo Zhang is one of a number of weapons precisely. The number of these weapons is extremely impressive, do not say more than three thousand rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition,Jordan 5 Shoes, just that fifteen 6 pounds 20 pounds guns and five guns, it is valuable. Of course, Aslan originally did not intend to fight with what dealings Guo Zhang, in his opinion, Guo Zhang Although these people in extremely luck occupied the San Francisco case, as long as the Americans could react, wait laborers who only perish he a British consul-general, naturally not necessary with such a group of people who are doomed to be destroyed any intersection. But he did not think that he was not interested Guo Zhang, Guo Zhang but then he had meant. Two days ago, responsible for the delivery of the consignment "White Star" ship captain found him, told him that Chinese people come up with high-priced acquisition of their ship's weapons ...... Originally, he did not intend to ignore, that the captain can deal very clearly interested, because he felt like to take this time to sell weapons to those Chinese people, they can certainly make a killing. After all, no one could see those Chinese who at this moment are in grave danger, although they occupied the San Francisco, the Yankees may face an angry child, those guys for their lives, will certainly be a big price. Some discussion down, Aslan can not help echocardiography. As Consul General, he knew this time in San Francisco have all the control of the Chinese people, under a variety of effective means, there is little the city's whites act of defiance, and in addition, he also knows that Chinese people control of San Francisco's many banks ...... this time, banks may not have the kind of future computer networking situations, the computer input and output is the sum of several numbers withdrawals, not to mention, even the future of networking era, every bank day also need a small fortune in cash, plus San Francisco is the largest city in the western United States, California, or even a small western half of the United States a variety of industrial and commercial enterprises are summarized in this final, so San Francisco cash savings can be said that a astronomical. Therefore, control of the entire San Francisco Chinese banks, in a short time can definitely draw a huge money ...... Anyway, the weapons are sold to Chinese people, since it can earn more money, why should not waste this opportunity? Aslan consideration, inspired "White Star" master can communicate with Chinese people look. However, his intention is only a portion of weapons to each other, because "White Star" on the Chinese side arms are booked, but also have to pay a deposit in good faith considerations, they really are not good at halfway sold all. Moreover, the occupation of the Chinese people, but those in San Francisco is a group holding a gun Nitui Zi, laundress, what guns can also be used with a cannon shells loaded ...... how do they know? However, Aslan did not think, that the captain was not long to go back, and tell him: Chinese people want to talk to him directly at Aslan's first thought is rejected. He is a consul of the British Empire's Consul General in San Francisco, dignified diplomats, in San Francisco, his attitude is the attitude of the British Empire, he was able to sell arms to China do? Or in such a sensitive time. If let the Yankees know, I am afraid that the London side have to endure considerable pressure. Can the Chinese people out of the price is too high, high enough to make him incredibly high. Captain told him: five hundred rifles, three six pounds guns, Chinese people are willing to pay one hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars one hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars a lifetime diplomat when he did this income. While some of this will divide the captain, but also to take some money stuffed those sailors mouth, but it is certain that he can get at least half of them children. How much is the half? At least seventy thousand U.S. dollars. Not to mention he is such a small consul general, if there is U.S. $ 70,000 is the foreign minister will probably not help but take a trip. So, Who cares what the Americans, he decided to meet with the Chinese people. I did not expect, that Guo Zhang, a meeting on the request for another increase in the trading volume of weapons and are willing to pay high prices. Although he was very happy for this situation, however, no matter how much a few of the weapons, at least one half transported to China, he is a bit difficult. But the same, looking at the plain green dollar can not get our hands on, and he is also the sadness of parting. So he told Guo Zhang myself to think about it. Time did not take long, considering it less than a day, and then he called to Guo Zhang, can be appropriate to add some quantity, but the price needs to turn on the double, which is seven hundred rifles, five artillery, thirty ten thousand U.S. dollars at this time he ate Chinese quasi insecure, badly in need of weapons embolden the case of this offer is extremely steadfast. Then, Guo Zhang invited him to come sawmill ...... Although this place somewhat strange, he does not understand how Guo Zhang also empty at this time to see the wood, you can for the money, he still came. But he did not expect the first chapter of the Winter Palace with the problem of Guo pulled a pass no nutritional nonsense, then, the other side directly tell him to accept all of his weapons. "All the guns, all the guns, and all the ammunition, I'll give you a bid you absolutely can not think: eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars," sawmill office, looking at Aslan Guo Zhang eyed after hearing his words slightly Some discoloration of the face, said with certainty. "Eighty ...... can we have already signed an agreement with the Chinese side, but also received a deposit ......" Aslan obviously shook a little, but the performance can be followed seemed embarrassed. But unfortunately, anyone can see that his heart is unable to roll ...... eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars, this is eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars far beyond their original amount of the deal several times. Group of Chinese people in order to save your life is really what price Dugan out what price Dugan reported that this is simply a group of crazy. "Protocol is used to tear up, and,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK Sale, eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars, do not you also pay a penalty?" Guo Zhang sarcastically looked Aslan, "Moreover, as far as I know, you never seem among Britons with China not really follow what the spirit of contract, breach of an occasionally about what they count? maybe you do not pay even breach Waldo, are you? "" how would we do that? Since it is a commercial activity, natural to strict compliance with each of the agreements and conventions between Otherwise, who later returned to do business with you? "Aslan road. "But this time the arms business just like you, Mr. Consul of the British in the Far East with a certain occasional actions, you should not think about doing long-term trade, is not it?" Guo Zhang asked, laughing. "Raul is the guy told you?" Aslan a pass frown, no matter how he may be contrived, his face covered with a layer always lighted. As he says Raul, is the "White Star" captain. "Yes." Guo Zhang nodded, "captain Raul is a good speaker, he charged me ten thousand U.S. dollars, not only to tell the exact number of weapons on board, but also willing to help me the whereabouts of the British arms dealer to order More weapons. "" More? "Aslan hesitated," Do you still want to buy more? "" Of course. "Guo Zhang a Tanshou," We are now a serious shortage of force, but, of course, need more. "" can ...... "But you can wait until the second batch of weapons shipped that day? Aslan would like to ask the one so can words in the mouth around a circle, and he in turn are swallowed back. If these words asked, in front of these two guys will not fight directly to him to go out? Especially that lame old man, from the beginning to now has been staring him, that look, as if he owed a lot of money like ...... really do not know much, you can not find those guys real culprit do? He does not go to the Summer Palace grabbed the treasure, but did not let the fire get there, then what is the value of billions of taels of silver ...... God, those things really so valuable? Those soldiers in the end how much fat a windfall? People really hate envy envy ah brain damage that China's emperor in the end is how to think, how he so useless? Does not he know, then a great asset, enough that he brought to the prosperity of the whole country, or even to become as powerful empire with the British do? Perhaps this is just this guy called him "brain damage," the reasons for it. Only brain damage, only to give up a large fortune and then ran away. If he had, he only needs to come up with very, very small part of them, you can hire a sufficient number of soldiers in the British and French troops to hell ...... British and French forces had hit the door, not enough time? As long as the money, there will be enough time for? It is not, just tell the British and French governments, themselves willing to pay two hundred million taels of silver request armistice, I am afraid that the two heads of government coalition will immediately go back to the sea, far roll far. Unfortunately, ah, but why the Qing emperor was brain-dead ...... "But I'm afraid we can not wait for that day, did not you?" Guo Zhang naturally do not know Aslan in front of eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars by the thought of hundreds of billions two farther Silver, in fact, this number is just casually just referring to him, did not Yuanmingyuan then worth several children into this, moreover, to the Chinese invaders caused all kinds of damage, a blessing for one hundred billion taels of silver to make up? Just this spiritual aspects of trauma, how they have one hundred eighty trillion two gold, right? These figures can only be placed on my heart turn laps child, say it only arouses laughter ...... only to find powers beg damages? Did not see the new China stood up, still have to pay to a variety of high powers "tuition"? China also still powers teller machines? Trillions of dollars, ah, people still did not intend to be. "Although I do not want to say that, can sometimes actual situation still requires us to consider carefully. Guo, you really intend to be marked with a war with the Americans?" Eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars is enough, but listen to this guy meaning, it seems there will be another to spend more ordered another batch ...... this is a good thing, at least not pay him to re-order the money paid to the arms dealers, the problem is, business is not only just be able to pay the money to set the end to pay a generous degree Guo Zhang, Aslan suddenly bear to see this guy is a bit crushed broken bread of Americans. How a rich man? Unfortunately, so many dead. Really die, it would have to wait for him to grab the money ran out and then die thing. "War? I do not think we would break out between the Americans what war is just conflict, small-scale armed conflict." Guo Zhang said solemnly. "Small-scale armed conflict?" If this is also called the Little scale, then what can be called mass? Zhang Guo Aslan looked a bit dizzy. This guy spend generous, are in the scale of the war also instinctively very "generous"? "Is really small-scale armed conflict, as long as we can get the U.S. government to fight pain, they are no longer willing to play pay more for the trouble came to us, and we are willing to sit down with the peace talks, then, this is just a armed conflict, commonplace in the western United States armed conflict. "Guo Zhang still gravely. "So you mean." Unfortunately, you really are a pain to fight the Americans, but they want the pain to no longer willing to pay more for your troubles come, I'm afraid you really do not have this capability. Aslan secretly thought. "Mr. Consul, in addition to weapons, I also need your help." "Ah?" "I need to borrow your ship." "It's impossible in your conflict with the Americans, we English are neutral. "" one hundred thousand U.S. dollars, "" This, this is the position of the problem, Mr. Guo, you know, this relates to many aspects ...... "" two hundred thousand U.S. dollars, quit or leave it "" Well, you need me to do? "Nevada state near the border town of Reno. Geng Yi Ch'en Lan-pin and two men dressed in thick woolen coat stand side by side, their eyes looked complex not far from a bunch of people, there is the army led by Major General Tom Hannis and come to meet Nevada Gov. Brian Gibbons, in addition to a number of related persons, these people warm conversation, especially Brian, who, it is kept with the language they can think of to compliment Tom Hannis feat : more than 3,000 troops to lead a trek through the snow-covered Sierra Nevada Mountains in Blaine, who's mouth, so that the results could simply lead the army with Napoleon crossed the Pyrenees as people imagine . While taking into account the degree of Nevada Mountains dangerous, there are at this time Yamauchi climate and natural environment, Brian Gibbons, who believe that Tom Hannis feat should actually be called "crossed the Rocky Mountains." "Just say this is what feat? Rebellion in my opinion not as good as those laborers do." Geng Yi kept shivering, along the way, although he is the Chinese Minister Counsellor, may have not been the slightest care. Think he was just a decade out of the scholar studying hard, barely more than the domestic ones colleagues a hint of insight, and there is nothing on the physical progress, began to walk crosses, he contracted a cold did not take long to Ch'en Lan-pin pull down the face not look for a medic, he might already be dead. Be like this, could barely maintain. "Words to say, how can the army than let the Qing government troops a lot stronger, I'm afraid those laborers to trouble ah." Ch'en Lan-pin situation equally lousy. Geng Yi was still young, he was already old, though they are not infected any disease, but the pass snow to go down, body bone would barely support. "Your honor, we find someone else to San Francisco reported that a letter child?" Geng Yi whispered. "Messenger children?" Ch'en Lan-pin smile a cry, "No need. Those people will ever know." "I'm afraid, etc. They know too late." Geng Yi exclaimed, "Let but came all the way they previously destroyed railways, probably still think we at least get over before spring over it ...... Tom Hannis this road that momentum is not never seen your children? top of the day in Reno rest for a couple of days, then you have aggressive toward San Francisco I'm afraid that people will be playing a surprise ah. "" He did not have the guts. "Ch'en Lan-pin snorted," according to news, San Francisco now we have all been accounted for those compatriots to his crazy unless otherwise, he San Francisco will not dare to attack easily. "" But in case if the fellow who surrendered it? "Geng Yi asked again. "If smart, they certainly would not surrender." Ch'en Lan-pin Having said that, but his tone was some hesitation. These days, a lot of smart people can be at the last minute can calmly analyze the situation still have a few? This way, Tom Hannis although those who are excluded, he also has not discussed anything with him, just tell him to go to capitulate when those laborers, claiming that the United States Government will definitely give them a fair trial ...... but he Ch'en Lan-pin and not a fool, which is obviously a scam, how can I believe? But again, who knows those laborers going to think? What if they believe it? "But I think ...... they still surrendered good." Geng Yi said suddenly. . . More to the address www. <

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