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> ('Chapter 178 is owed to kill whites "China since there is a written history since its real peacetime but also add up only twelve hundred years or so, how long does our history? Five thousand years ..." Of course, , this is just a ballpark figure, if you really count the ways, then this may also be a longer time. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM "" five thousand, twelve hundred years. Comparing the two, that is, we are Chinese, foot thousand years is enough to have been under a state of war. thousand years, this time is how long? accordance with the Western view, a century a century, that is forty centuries! Let's fertility and probably for many years next generation? twenty years old, which is not small, right? two-year-old generation, four dry years, that is, two hundred generations! two hundred generations ah, these people are all in a time of war. "[. z" So, Such a long war, gave birth to the Chinese military is extremely rich civilization, and this civilization reflects that our art of war. "" Chinese art of war how much we do not say, because I was not very clear, Just more famous, JiangTaiGong of the "Tragic Hero" Qi "Wu Zi", Sun Tzu's "Art of War", Sun Bin's "Sun Bin Art of War", Qi Jiguang, "Ji Xiao, and Li Shimin and generals Lee Wells The "Don Lee asked for," In addition, there Weiliao of the "Wei Liao Zi," Wang Xu's "Guiguzi" Yue Fei's "Wu Mu testament" ............ ah, the "Wu Mu testament" is not written Fei , is a guy called Jin Yong series. "" In addition, there are many I do not know the author, and what the "three little", "Sima Law", I heard Bowen also left over Bingshu, just do not know. "" We have so many tactics, and this one does so, on Sun Tzu's "Art of War" for the various art of war of the crown, known as China's Art of War Master! ** thing everyone with Germany Clausewitz's "On War" can be tied for the world's two war books (in fact, three art of war, the other being the "five books" Japanese Warring States Period Kengo Miyamoto Musashi book, the protagonist does not know), however, is the modern Clausewitz only people who dead yet many years, it was two thousand years ago, Sun Tzu's ancient by this little look, our ancestors much stronger than we. And I do not know the old g not seen him, "Art of War", because As far as I know, some foreigners, ah, that is, some European and American powers read "Art of War",Madison Coach Sale, have been firmly convinced that this book is extremely terrible, you only need a common language poetry into the modern, it can be applied to Now this year, generations and even people believe that the body is God. "" However, The Art of War is terrible, but I never learned. heard this name for so many years, there is only a few know that it begins with: soldiers who, country event, and death, the survival of the Road, must be very cautious! Besides, we only know that it stresses Shingen, that is' their swift as the wind, and their Xu Rulin, aggression and fire, do not move a mountain "In addition to Is There Anything else outside. So today, we do not speak the "Art of War", let's talk about another big known, is said to Zhuge Liang passed down, but the reality is not that old boy passed down Sanshiliuji! "" Thirty-Six great reputation, a lot of people come blurting out, however, very few people know that what are the specific Sanshiliuji Today I do not intend to tell you all, let's go slowly. now we speak of a meter: sneak ... "So what is it trying to cheat? means daylight let God knows pass by sea. describe the great deception and lies, what kind of deception are making out." That night, in the center of the camp's open space, braved the cold, baked bonfire, Guo Zhang told the Chinese laborers who know from their own Sanshiliuji. speaking, since the battle began with dry whites, he wanted to teach these people the art of war, but he was a little worker born science students, to understand what the art of war? also is relying on the network era accumulated huge amount of information out, a little bit from the memories to those who think there may be a "idiom" to pull out, make up laborers so a version of the "Thirty-Six"! beat the art of war is to fight, but Guo Zhang did not think this has anything inappropriate. Sanshiliuji Each count is a phrase that he took it properly These days those who think'm sure is not genuine? even later, if you do not rely on the computer, there are a few people can really put all of a Sanshiliuji recite almost the whole? Therefore, it can scrape and scrape and look at the pictures. Moreover, his "students" were not just laborers, there are many foreigners, such as: add just long Perkins, San Francisco Mayor Hamilton, vice president of the Central Pacific Railroad Company Wendt Turing, and so on, full dozens No. These people will understand how what Sanshiliuji? Still not he say what is what? As for why he called foreigners have to listen, it is naturally has his consideration and he let these guys know , although they are just a group of laborers these people, but they are not perceived as white stupidity and ignorance, they have an extremely rich cultural heritage, is who benefits the entire civilization heritage, he let those whites abandon self-righteous lofty. Originally, if the light With a few whites who want to give up teaching to the original view is impossible because whites would not even listen to listen to you, even if it is listened to, it will not seriously children. because they themselves have superiority that whites than yellow noble, even if no matter how good the performance of the yellow race, there is still only inferior people can be different now, these guys are in his hands, became a prisoner ...... After ...... plus captured by a number of senior figures of these guys mouth and learned their previous record, probably also want arrogant pride is not up this time, they will sit down and listen honestly and carefully listen to him all 讲了些什么 course, Guo Ben Zhang and never thought alone, several lectures let these whites obediently change their hearts the idea, but also not sure what this approach can really play a role, you can He decided to do that, because he needed to know their capabilities and whites ability Only in this way in the negotiations once again, these whites will put down those unrealistic ideas to a more equitable system to follow They negotiate, rather than Grant, as can be arbitrarily tease them as idiots. It's like a liar, in the face of a college student, and when faced with life, the mentality is certainly not the same as this is our culture force. "We are laborers, we literate!" This is going to tell these whites Guo Zhang captured information. course, because there are some whites "student" Although these whites after being captured already learned some Chinese, but even the most intelligent, The most talented language, only learned to "hello", "thank you" "I'm sorry, it says very little, no amount that is more a of the sentence" I am a pig "sort of" modesty "language. to them it is obviously impossible to speak Chinese, so Guo Zhang had to lecture when using English and this is obviously very difficult. should know Chinese, especially classical translated into English, a thin one small child often you need translated into a tome, and "Thirty-Six" in the subject, although only a hundred words that can be even at this amateur level Guo Zhang, thereby arise out of the Ran much capacity is quite . but also in the course of lectures for these whites can understand this, it is more difficult to understand, and can say that is not a small challenge, but Guo Zhang finally decided to "launched" this "project" does not speak good to talk bad, as long as those who know they laborers educated whites on the line as the other, who would joke from Pat this when the teacher? laborers who would dare to punish him in Transcription, which dares to direct pumping whites whip, teacher to see which dare pick thorns! "sneak Weiweijiuzhao ............ Guo Zhang a night at only a two count, date handouts get really bad these days he has only so-so tidy count out four or five, if we talked about too fast, and soon no speak .. However, even if only two dollars is enough to make many students sentimental, and this one, and especially white students deepest emotion. "Why do not you say he was on his The history of China, I have to say this is the military lesson? "" Because he is a winner and the winner of the head, or so he would like to say what is on our last lesson is what lessons can be absolutely no doubt that the right to . "tent inside a room, California a few bigwigs, Perkins, Hamilton, vice governor 罗伯特盖奇, vice president of the Central Pacific Railroad Company Wendt, Turing, 艾格阿西莫, there are a few prosecutors ,Air Jordan Big Ups UK, judges, bankers, Big Spender what, a full twenty people being together, "they are" live "here, this is because of their status, laborers were given special preferential treatment, others that Three to four people are all crowded in together, it's not, no matter what other people at all times to be tied, even in the work, to dig trenches through the camp or build a wall, it is so Even when sleeping, too, but now look, they may not respect those who do not receive preferential treatment over other whites good, because the Chinese people in the natural layout of the job for them! "Is this what you really intend to complete shit 'after-school job? "one book was thrown into the middle of the tent, a white man about thirty years old Qi Xiuxiu looked at the crowd," This is simply a joke, I ran what people? actually want to listen to a group of Chinese people lectures, but also to do their homework? them when what we are? "" When we are captives. "Another chubby, bald old man has been basically looked at him blandly." blame you. "That whites angry angrily glared sub Perkins and Hamilton, "If your telegram, we simply would not have come." "My father's telegram is for you, Mr. Tang Ni, but I did not think he will get you sent: If I had known this, I would have strongly urged the telegram which old Mr. Tang Ni personally come, so that you can easily inherit your father all the property, as well as California's largest mining company up. " Hamilton replied deadpan. "you dare to say that?" Little Donny said wanted to rush to the results by others block down. "Well, gentlemen, I'm just like you are very discontent Perkin Adams and Hamilton them, but, think about their environment, and then think of those Chinese who are using palm "Even if they do not send a telegram, those Chinese people also use them in the name of the telegram sent to our hands of, so there is no Perkins and Hamilton is not the most important, the most important is that at the outset of the Chinese people take the initiative, they actually think of using telegraph to deceive us, which is an invasive and "just as they talked about today in this lesson: telling the sky, across the sea! "Winter Turing was a seemingly gentle and elegant middle-aged man, looking at the situation after opening said." You do not say I really did not expect You can put these things linked. "State Attorney Ross Durant as if the thought of what" Chinese people do is that they are talking about today 'deception, a means is they want to do? protesters do? "" I think it should not, if you just want to demonstrate it, they are plenty of ways why this effort on the ground what lessons? "just the semi-bald old man then said he was in San Francisco local tax officer Andrew Sommer Willy, a name first does not seem to high, but on the latent forces are even far more than the mayor of Hamilton guy. "That is they want to do? Huan Wei, trick ............ I really do not understand how there will be a national call this name. The Chinese people give up their country's name how's that simple? "Little Donny asked." This is normal, just like now China, in fact, also known as' clear, country. Chinese people is this habit. they never understand what is called the republic, but also do not know what to do federal. "Turing Wendt said." China insects, Mr. Long Island, as well as Mr. Mayor, what is your view on this?, or do not want to put a small Downey seems Over Perkins and Hamilton, also the two men asked. "I do not know what these Chinese people in the end want to do, and, I do not want to say anything. Anyway, the how to how to it." Hamilton deadpan looked at him and answered. "It seems Mr. Governor is the same meaning?" Andrew Sommer Willy Youxiang Perkins asked. "Chinese people captured us, he mastered enough to make Washington the government also had eyebrows chips, according to the Washington previously gave me some news that Chinese people are not bloodthirsty Indians, of course, and certainly not our impression that silly yellow, they had told Colorado state government conducted negotiations, but unfortunately , Grant, who has just concluded the negotiations after the governor did not take long to tear up the agreement and sent militia brutally murdered more than a thousand of their compatriots, so this led to another terrible tragedy: These Chinese people for revenge, killing three thousand whites militia ... "Perkins said dismissively." God! "Shuadeyixia on Downey's face pale:" They are not to be rushed over Colorado man do? "" catch up? I was thinking earlier But we did not carefully think about, if we can get rid of, Colorado also need four requests reinforcements do? If we can get rid of, we are sending to the militia and how much they will easily get rid of your own? "Perot Hopkins sneered and said. "This is something I have heard." Winter Light Turing breathed, releasing a little tension in my heart, and a wry smile, "Actually, I also know that These prisoners of our Chinese people seems to be what the original construction of the Central Pacific Railroad group of people. "" That's the contradiction between them with you on the great, are not you? "罗伯特盖奇 say a rare opening." They Almost all of the Sierra Nevada advantageous location of the railway gave ruined. facts soil, they appear in San Francisco around, I received a telegram by the CAO, the company asked us to send a lot of manpower to repair the set of railway, but unfortunately, we not enough time to start, they came. "Wendt, Turing smile." Then they used it less than 1,000 troops, our playing round and round, and then after he used a small lie, as we all deceive their trap inside? "San Francisco District Attorney Lars Peirce could not help but cried." They're smart. "Wendt, Turing shrugged." do not know that there is no government in Washington the warning to us? "Lars Peirce and look to the Perkins." In fact, Washington mentioned that they even put forward on behalf of President Hayes warning but we do not believe. "Perot Hopkins sighed. "In fact, I think these are not mentioning what role we should be most think, is how they can get out of here." 艾格阿西莫 these people suddenly interrupted the conversation, interrupted says. "That Do you think China will let me Ran do? "Little Donny asked, staring at him." At least we know they will not casually kill us. "艾格阿西莫 took a deep breath, where every On the status of a person than he was in fact the deputy mayor of a large high, even in peacetime to meet, he must be careful to respond, but now there is a considerable part of these people was he "framing" has become a captive of the Chinese people, the fact that Think of all let him scalp tingling, this is not a simple problem of the future bleak, every one of these people are eligible to be his life, so he had to do something. "That is how you thinking? "Wendt looked 艾格阿西莫 a Turing, asked." I think we may be able to put their 'redemption, back to the nose. "艾格阿西莫 Road." foreclosure? "Lars Peirce approached Nueliao Nue,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, "Do you think it possible?" "Even if feasible, it is impossible for all our people. Chinese people will certainly be leaving several people hostage in order to continue to ensure their own safety." Perkin Stora. "But at least be able to go part of the rescue." Little Donny suddenly stood up, ranging from the crowd react, had rushed out of the tent, and then they went to hear him on the outside laborers guards who exclaimed: "I want to see your leader, I can redeem myself with the ransom!" "pop!" soon Qingcui to slap sound, it is just to go out and look at the situation through the crowd to see pak stumbled and cases returned, a hand covered his face, apparently at a disadvantage. "gave I honestly stay!" two laborers came in holding a gun, looking Yinhen people staring tent: " No command, who are not allowed out of the tent around a range of three feet, was just a warning that, if there are violations, no survivors! "" I just wanted to redeem myself out! "Little Donny cried." This thing and so we head back to say. "That name laborers said coldly." So, can I ask, your head heart "Where he went?" Wendt, Turing hold a small Downey, was careful to asked. "San Francisco!" laborers replied. "San Francisco?" everyone hesitated, Hamilton is quickly brushed aside the crowd went to the front: "He went to San Francisco doing? '" but also how? ye whites, that is owed enough to kill ............ again, actually want to be burned in Chinatown, then again, we head to bring people to support the brothers in Chinatown, but it's not you need to be concerned. you'd better pray that God bless you, do not Let those goddam thing in San Francisco things to make it out of hand, otherwise hum ............ novels .. .. More to the address <

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