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> Night! Chinatown Restaurant backyard child focused. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm five hundred guns! Exactly five hundred gun on the flat to other people's eyes, it's not, in addition to the gun, as well as a full fifty thousand rounds of ammunition, two boxes of dynamite! This is what's handwriting? Ping to, there are others who are not a group of Chinatown Gangster never seen the world who Chinatown is not without guns, but they never thought he would see five hundred guns once in the face. Five hundred, a full five hundred ah,New Arrivals Coach, not a Shaohuo children, rolling pin, the gun, are really gun rifle! "Federal troops are also standard rifle!'s A Palestinian child, the guys what did you get?" He named brawny readily took a rifle playing the two, then could not help but cried. And his words, who could not help leaving the flat to the hearts of horror. Because they know what name this brawny although somewhat timid, but he does not really gall else he also mixed in Chinatown is less than Gangster position. And this guy is still the Navy's warships had been a cook, federal servicemen who have some knowledge of weapons, since he said that these guns is the United States federal army standard rifle, it would certainly not be wrong "over five hundred troops The standard rifle, Denver gang really is not an ordinary atmosphere! "guys, this is forcing our hands with white gang ah. "Also carefully checked again those firearms and ammunition, he named the bouncers could not help but sigh. Although he did not consider himself with Denver gang is a group, and even their own people do not want to call it, can be but he knew that if the other party in Chinatown spread the news what kind of shadow ... "A few months ago, ten thousand whites unprovoked burst into Chinatown, murder, arson, doing everything, the Chinese lost countless many brothers and my heart simmering air, filled with Fire? After all, can be white too, if we really trouble them, they do not fight back, so again no matter how angry we also have only endured. Because the play, however, if the hard fight, only a dead end, we have failed unafraid of death. But now is not the same, five hundred guns, a full five hundred guns, even further than non-whites, but also to a certain Chinatown counterattack forces, coupled with people's hearts have been filled with anger, and who knows what will stir thing coming? "How to do?" Laodeng men are so looked at each other. He named brawny want, they naturally want. As a big brother, Chinatown distress which back then, which they had not been asked men how to take revenge? But this hatred can offer you? Can report this? Denver These people are supplying weapons to those kid ah. "I would say, first of these guns close up, do not let other people know, including our own people." Brawny surnamed Ho Chen Sheng said. "Why close up? We give people guns, is to let our defense of those white, close up, it did not get what is the difference now?" Huang Sande has come with the flat side, heard immediately retorted. "Brats You know what? Let you really want to break these brothers took them to fight a gun with those whites do? Ah? Did you know that many people have to die?" He named brawny angrily. "Knock it off." Flat to irritability waved, and then they decide what to do if a bite wildly: "find some reliable and calm temper brothers, and their spears hair down." 'To brother!? "What surname Brawny anxious: "This is to court disaster, ah." "out of the thing I Danzhao." Ping to sullenly, "This is the people's sincerity." ...... our brothers, no longer so white dead . "........................................................................ Five hundred guns. Chinatown secret transported into the five hundred guns, but also the distribution of the secret down, Imagine, if whites again conflict with the Chinese, something will happen ... "But this major event but did not know whites. Especially San Francisco Mayor and the Secretary, they do not know ... "Chinatown neighborhood Sergeant Cyrus Benny" disappeared "after, the band's police on weak a lot. Moreover, San Francisco government has recently also been a warning: Do not This time again overly stimulate more Chinese people. ah thousand people into their own series has "disappeared" and especially the last batch of more than 700 people missing when it occurs in a fierce gun battle, as the prime mover directly , Hamilton and Erlanger do not dare provoke more things non anyway as long as the group of Chinese people in Chinatown this time of trouble is not in children, they will not reverse in the past to provoke each other to listen to the Charlotte said ............ , had that moment he did not hold back, the Chinese people had only a single thing to blame all the Chinese people's heads soil, this leads to ripple through the Colorado Chinese rebellion, for which they paid several cities, as well as tens of millions of casualties! "how do you think we should? "Hamilton and Erlanger are being watched himself in front of the people, because, in the current San Francisco has only just this talent with the experience of dealing with people." Requesting support. Gentlemen. , Charlotte look of smile, "you no match for them. They are like a bunch of wolves haunted impermanent, fewer people play, however, many people do not ............ they chase only stick to be aid!" "No, we can not do here is San Francisco, we have a group of Chinese people can not be beat!" Erlanger cried. "Just to win the final victory, not defeat you." Charlotte Road. "No, we are Chinese people forced retracted like a turtle head, it is a failure, which would have seriously undermined public confidence ............ And most importantly, we have here a group of Chinese people Their large number once to let them know that their compatriots deeds, how would they do there is no guarantee, so we must be strong counterattack to break any of their fantasies. "Erlanger loud roar Road. "In my memory, we have a governor who seems so pathetic spoken, and will this idea into action as a result, he died." Charlotte shrugged, said. "Grant governor was murdered!" Hamilton reminds us. "China is also the path of dying to escape." Charlotte added. "This ..." Hamilton was choking a little, "That we in the end how to do? Watched it on so that Chinese people paraded in front of us do?" "This is your thing, you should not come to me. Facts In the face of these Chinese people only once when I did not completely fail, is defense. only defense, never attack. "Charlotte Road. "You're a coward." Erlanger cried. "If you, like me, have a few survived the experience, will also become timid." Charlotte shrugged, not in the hand. "That guy has been completely Chinese people ladder, courage, he has no use." Charlotte's performance so they are extremely dissatisfied with Erlanger. They can not imagine how this should be followed by Chinese people implacable guy actually will rise ambition of others, self-defeating! So Huabutouji under the two soon again Charlotte back to his place to go, even Erlanger also secretly decided, even if in the future there is sufficient evidence to prove this guy really is the mayor of Denver, He also must be more than a few days off to see if he will still dare to talk nonsense. "But we Chinese people who simply do not understand that we do not even know how many people have them in the end." Hamilton spilled some gas. They had not really care about how those Chinese people. Then great, is not it is a group of random jump all over the place being chased criminals do? Do they really dare to come to San Francisco to run wild? You know, not here in Colorado who break those cities where much of the city, as it is a great little town into a child, who does not have much. The population of the city of San Francisco just one almost could have arrived in the entire Colorado ............ This is the mess? I did not expect Chinese people not only here, but also directly under the ruthless hand. Thirty first, followed by $ 150, and then, after three hundred seven hundred ............ last time no one came back. Those Chinese people is like a great white shark can swallow everything can swallow things. "Is that guy really have to Perkins help you?" Erlanger not much hair clinging to the chagrin said. "Do you have any other way?" Hamilton asked. "Why do not we send another person to go out again, this time we sent fifteen hundred, no, two thousand, you see how?" Erlanger asked. "The problem is that if two thousand people have come back too? Who will bear the responsibility?" Hamilton looked at him, "and others will certainly be something to send troops to intervene we've lost a thousand people if we loss of two thousand people, you know what kind of consequences! And get rid of these do you think the city can send many people? First one thousand, then two thousand, how many people we can to protect the rest of the city? Although I hate that Charlotte, but he was right, even if we want to attack someone, first of all have to protect yourself. available now even those we do not know where the Chinese people, even if sent to people what is the use? "" Damn! "Erlanger bitterly and shook his fist, shouted muffled. "To send a telegram. Perkins Be careful not to let those Chinese people around us, can not touch the." Hamilton sighed. ............................................................ "......" Read with me, hello ... "" tired ho ............ "You - good!" "Ni Hao ... ......... "" Hello! "" You ............ "" Well, yes, that is the sound children, then it seems! "" howl! "" ............ howl you nn tall son, howl? " "Hello!" "............, is a dog, do not play not the next one!" more than a thousand inexplicable "disappearance" on Erlanger, who is really is a top priority, they not unaware of the camp to the more easily exposed, the more vulnerable to Chinese laborers were ambushed and, therefore, to send troops in the same time, they also sent more officers to San Francisco to play around ... "Chinese people are certainly not possible, although there are also individual Chinese people in the white man's hands when poor performance with a dog almost, but these Chinese people are also difficult to gain their trust, so only send whites. And this, naturally, makes reconnaissance operations more difficult. from a beginning to the present, they sent over a full thirty officers, basically acting alone, can result is a dozen people did not come back,Air Jordan Play In These 2, while the direction is equally missing northwest of San Francisco, so they believed that those Chinese people are hiding in the northwest of San Francisco. Nevertheless, successive men missing but makes them anxious they forget too dry, in fact, in the northwest of San Francisco, and there is not much land available for people to hide, because the north by the San Francisco far, that is the end of the San Francisco Peninsula, where the sea on three sides! that is, in fact, in the northwest of the Chinese laborers who did not, they are in fact the opposite side of the San Francisco Peninsula, to reach their accommodation needs through Golden Gate Strait, "Yes, that is over half a century later, the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco that need to cross the Strait! Here we should someone ask, since there is the famous Golden Gate Bridge spans the place to be, necessarily vessels from the frequent, how could let a group of Chinese people out there to and fro? Afraid of being found to do? But also transported so many prisoners, how is this possible? The world can have this incredible thing happens. And the key to all these, are kidnapped from the Nevada desert to California all the way to those cowboys body ............ there is Johnny Stan Buddha crowd. Guo Zhang to large sums of money, so that the village master Guan Deng Xing shrimp and other human intermediary to Johnny and Stan Buddha, who pretend to do buyers buy a few medium-sized fishing boats. Then Johnny and Stan Buddha, who has suddenly become the fish boss, hiring a number of people to help their Chinese shrimp fishing shrimp fishing ............ This phenomenon is too common. Everyone knows that the Chinese people are the most expensive workers, a group of guys hired a group of cheap foreign workers which perfectly normal. Although this may affect Johnny and Stan Buddha, who in those white sailor profession's reputation, the business may also be affected to some degree, but, at most, is left unsold fish, they are not really want to do this . Especially those sailors hostility, but also gave Johnny and Stan Buddha, who at 2-3 grounds ............ plus we disembarked are relatively remote areas, one to two to go, days, and Leng Shimo was found. As Johnny and Stan Buddha why those people will listen Guo Zhang fault "First, there are people on their hands when Guo Zhang hostage, two Mody Guo Zhang willing to spend money! Whole entire Da Da bills drop out even half a bag of gold coins punched , immediately let these guys turned into roadblockers origin for international fighter oppressed Chinese people, they are "honorable" to stand out. And now, nearly a thousand white captives being a mountain Marin County "concentration camp" which received a "labor re-education" Guo Zhang is coquettish allow Chinese laborers who in his spare time to teach them Chinese! "One day down, these whites all confused and have a chance to think about what else? "Looking out of the dozens of laborers preferred charge against his white" student "eyes are not the eyes, nose, not the nose vertical cross pick pick, Guo Zhang could not help but feel funny. Chinese, but this world is one the most difficult language to learn, and He does not reach the required standard but is not eat bread, drink only dilute polenta ............ few days off, those whites seeking only the stomach, in order to eat dinner, and actually there are people walking when they are practicing sound , called the students a good example. "I really admire you. No wonder people who did a few good things, the stomach is full Huahuachangzai. "A student is accompanied Guo Li, Zhang visited the whole" concentration camp "to see the appearance of white laborers those lessons also could not help but feel funny. This months? Huoer actually been able to do that to those whites,Oakley Fast Jacket Online, and that if this can continue indefinitely more good. "words can not say that. People do not read are people who never read a step inside to come out? Called, knowledge, more people did not read built up from generation to generation, and finally another one did not read the text created by smart people, this has been read people. So, ah, that is the way people read, no big deal. You say we Huahuachangzai much, why the ages, that is, no scholar students took the world do? "Guo Zhang asked him and said." This is where I have to know? "Lee A raw white at him," to ask, should also ask your son. You people, learning big thing. "" You do not say that we Huahuachangzai do? "Guo Zhang retorted." Huahuachangzai not good? Not bully ah. I want to be a great general childhood dream, a great hero, may in the future if I can find a woman married, regeneration of the child, I must have told him to take good read, do not read, it can be is bullied life ah. "Lee A student exclaimed." What do you mean? I bullied you? "Guo Zhang Yangnu Road." Of course you did not bully me. Those countries may Qing bullied I read it. Those officer, not all what scholar lifts Scholars origin do? Which did not read? "Lee A Health said." How, you still intend to bully back? "Guo Zhang laughed. A student answers to very simply." In fact, is not no hope. "Guo Zhang Tao." That was able to gain a foothold here, so that we Americans are afraid to talk to the act, did not dare talk to our care, right? , Lee A student asked. "Smart, it seems I did some time ago White Sect." Guo Zhang laughed. "I really want to let you forget the white taught me." Lee A student has sighed: "This is what the world actually also engage in diplomatic ............ If this was the Qing state, even if it is made of anti-, I went abroad, they Also show me how? those that devils eventful! "" No they eventful, we may not be able to come to this knowledge "in the country still poor live ah. "Guo Zhang sighed." Anyway, not a good thing, have died out best. "" Then pandemonium. "" Chaos to chaos, anyway I right on the line. "" Nice try. "" Gold Medal, received the news, Sacramento child was out there a child. "" Oh? Were many people? "" Many, an estimated several hundred! "" Well, to tell you that blocked all land transportation in San Francisco! "<

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