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06.06.2013 08:51
The great elders gently sigh antworten

"Big elder, do not know how I day Zong Dao school casualties?" Came to the hall outside, two elders see elders are command didn't just fighting disciple of cleaning up the battlefield, asked softly. "Hey.! I day Zong Dao hospital thirteen Tao respect master, now only six, Dharma holy realm,Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, the elders also suffered heavy casualties, but not much I day Zong Dao Institute student casualties, it is unfortunate lucky." The great elders gently sigh, the day Zong Dao Institute said out. "The realm of Tao respect elders only six! Damn thousands of Shamanism, the city will offer me fire." That day Zong Dao Institute of casualties, two long face s è instantaneous y ī n sank, gnash the teeth in anger and said. "To the elders, we do not know the slew of many big week royal family, thousands of witch master." The sky feather softly asked. "We have to clean up the body, according to the present situation, Zhou royal family, thousands of witch casualties master more than us, they at least one hundred and fifty master died, including just by day they killed seven stage state Wu after god." "But the big week royal family, thousands of witch master the number of casualties is so much, thanks to various friends and help, the stars house without them, we can't resist them." The big elder heartfelt gratitude road. "The big week Dynasty dare come I Xi Su Juntian Zong Dao Institute, my constellation palace will not sit idly, elders should not be too polite." Night Star politely says. "The old temple, palace of my days you stars Zong Dao College of kindness we to remember as long as one lives, R ì after the chance, we will repay the." The two elders publicly promised. "You, since the day Zong Dao, the crisis is over, we will not bother, leave." Feather heart sound from the sky, they immediately took six crane people, regardless of the elders to retain, quickly leave. Crane Tianya left, persistent stars did not stay, constellation Temple master holding ten be fatigued with the journey to leave the day Zong Dao home, back to the constellation temple. In the night sky stars leave quietly, feather a fairy dancer to host stars hands, when he learned that the powerful effect of the elixir of immortality, the stars can not help revealing deep excitement s è. "That day, everyone is your friend? Constellation Temple master is your call." To support the reinforcements receded, two elder gentle eyes looking at the sky feather, asked softly. "Well! So to speak! But they also ask me six identity secret temporarily." The sky feather saw no questioning the meaning of two elders in the eyes, gently nodded and said. "Day, my day Zong Dao hospital to survive this catastrophe, you not. I can break through to the two fairy realm in such a short period of time, it is because of you, don't know what you want,Oakley Sport, as long as I fire city can do, you will meet the requirements." Mature beautiful two elders with a charming smile, asked softly. "I'm not ready, I think." Looking at showing the charm of the states of the two elders,Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, sky feather took a deep breath and said. That would be fine. These days, you think about it, such as cloud tracking fully consolidated state, I >

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