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> "The Chinese people are really terrible. WwW! QUANbeN! CoM" stay near the tunnel at Donner about day and a half later, the train again journeyed up. Johnny with Stan Buddhism, there are several other accomplices were kept in a place where once lived in Charlotte ............ that is ranked one behind the locomotive black goo winter's "prisoners" car. Finally a large range of activities than the aisle of some, they do not all tied to, at most, is wearing handcuffs ............ In fact, they also do not understand why these guys even such tools are used to prepare with, do they also cut off playing Bureau? However, ask yourself the pro look, hear things, Johnny still feel from time to time some heartbeat. "Hey,Oakley Glasses Online, have not been killed, what do you think?" Stan Buddhism is deeply felt nod, also the nest in the corner of Charlotte asked compartment. "Do you think I will have any ideas?" Charlotte slightly Taiqiyanpi, dim light so that he did not see Stan Buddha's face, but he did not care, just lightly snorted. "Do you already know that the Chinese people will not kill you?" Have a cowboy asked. "Do not know." Charlotte shook her head. He thought that Chinese people will kill themselves, like Guo Zhang as described: leaving only a complete skull, but it will be covered under a clean cut, leaving only a skeleton, and then it was like this placed in the entrance tunnel Downer kneeling ............ he believes these Chinese people will certainly do it. Even more than three thousand militia were killed off his shirt, but also postmortem Arkansas River, as if perpetrated against Americans do not know, like, and then cut him such a great Denver mayor what? You know, he was kind enough to do these Chinese people have a blood feud. But I did not realize, that holding two knives out, if you really want to live cut his guy but just put him back and "pull" back to the car van. Of course, this is not the most hateful, most hateful, that is, the guy holding the knife close to him, and he did, actually ............ "Hey, you certainly do not know if you know it, you will not be scared wet his pants. "a cowboy" Hey, "laughed. "Ha ha ha spider ..." Lord of the cowboy laughed. '"...... Charlotte old head redness, fortunately gold window was closed too tightly Ministry, low light, not see it, listen to the laughter of these jeans, he still felt extremely harsh. Piss , dignified Denver Mayor qualify aspirations Colorado just long VIP, actually by two Chinese people a few words scared the pants of urine ............ this is simply a series of three falls than his deeds but also Chinese hands To make people feel shame. "Haihai Hai, you all laughing? Almost certainly have been cut into the skull of the Chinese people is not for you, if you, you might as well do maybe even wet his pants. "Johnny told Charlotte chatted a little bit of the" affection "think eventually done in front of the mayor of the characters, laughing at the more outrageous the more cowboys, finally could not help but break out of words them. "Of course I will not wet his pants, because I had already scared to death. Ha ha ha "...... a cowboy laughed." It seems you're better than I did, because I will fainting past. "" Hey, do you think this is funny? "Johnny angrily." Chinese people how to dispose of us? "Stan Buddha asked suddenly. '" ...... Cowboys laughter instant meal. "You see I do?" To see these guys eyes are on their own, struggling to cope with a little Johnny, "I did not have dealt with those Chinese people. Trifled so if I know these guys, I'd rather freeze died in the desert there never will provoke them ............ God, now I'm afraid that there are people at home waiting for me to go back to it. "" They will not wait for you and you almost a month to go back once, they did do not worry you. "one cowboy said. "They will ............ Johnny cried." Well, they will. However, we can go back? "Stan Buddha asked again," Those Chinese people will kill us? "" I want to die. "Upon hearing this, a cowboy jumped up," I'm still young, I have a good living for decades, I do not want to die here. "" Then how can you like? "Another cowboy with a wry smile at him," Do you still jump from the train? Dude, here, but the Sierra Nevada mountains, we just had a multi-Na Shan ... "But where cannibalism occurred extraordinary story of the train even if you can jump, you'll starve or freeze to death last in this mountain forests. maybe it will be mistaken for food eaten by the beasts of the mountains, and finally uprooted bones are found ............ "You bastard, you will be eaten by wild animals. "That were previously hopping cowboy cried." I just described a possibility. "" Enough, you guys, "Johnny cried," Do you not enough bother you? Outside the group of Chinese people can very bad temper, annoy them, do you think we will have a good fruit to eat it? But I have heard that Denver Sheriff by their shattered kidney ... "full sore for a week before dying slowly. You know?" "And that sergeant had led all two dozen police officers all mortally wounded, until now no one is also able to perfectly healthy out of their home because they are basically crippled. "Charlotte suddenly Interface said. "............ You look at me, I look at you, cowboy once again closed his own mouth. Moment, Stan Buddhism is open asked:" Those Chinese people will in the end how we deal with? "" If you do not give them trouble, then perhaps, wait for them to feel that the time is almost up, it will put you. "Charlotte Road." Put us? "Stan Buddha, who hesitated," Do you think they'll like this? "" The truth, even if I have a deep hatred with them, and they let me two ... "If not us that damn governor Grant ordered the massacre of their companions, then and now, Colorado will not be caught until now this point, the entire state of the city actually destroyed the one on the left, but just this one city, it was also because the Chinese people to go to California for their compatriots outlet only let go, otherwise, the city's tens of thousands of Denver I am afraid that the people have become their prisoner. "Charlotte replied dismissively. "............ That is, they temper actually not so bad?" Stan Buddha went Xiaoshengdiwen road. "As long as you listen to them, should be able to be understood, of course there may be individual temper tempered guy, they might suddenly rushed to put you and beat, but that lead the Gold Medal, Guo is not a love to kill who, though he had retaliated with these Chinese people massacred more than three thousand white militia, but generally when he was very restrained ............ dim ray of sunshine was shining face in Charlotte, cowboys are see the smile of his face, he can not help but smile ............ first feud with his people, who with his deepest hatred, one that he can not wait to kill people and then quickly and in many cases actually saved his life's people say that this is a satire. "Why do not they kill you? You tell them there is so much hatred between ............ and, before that, they have been saying we should not kill you yet? "Johnny asked suddenly." I do not know, no one knows what these Chinese people think, "said Charlotte, shaking his head." No one? "" No one! "The train continued to walk through in the Sierra Nevada, which is the most difficult section of the Pacific Railroad trip, dangerous road tunnel up most naturally became their next Guo Zhang," black hand "in most places ............ almost every walk a few miles are To pause. laborers were dry full vigor, in Guo Zhang et al arrangements, either boil water or ice blasting mountains, either ............ anyway various means, and so forth. we all kept playing their wisdom, will certainly be possible to chase the guys some "surprises"! However, just when everyone hard to prepare for the later white enough "gifts" when they do not know because they have long been such a "slow" action and furious, and George Clement Perkins, California has long, this actually is Nevada border, a small town near the California ... "President Hayes attached little importance to him of their laborers The White House warned of threats and acts of much dissatisfaction, and this dissatisfaction will eventually spread to the Republican boss Brian Head, no way, who told Perkins were Republicans come forward? For such anger, as Speaker of the House Brian course extreme dissatisfaction can face anxious fire Hayes is no way he can only acquiesce Ivor Walter Perkins through the Embassy in Mexico to give a warning again when Tim his name, and by the way also added a few words of warning. So Perkins finally could not stay in Sacramento ... "do not give the president face, always have to face Republican leader, the president is the one-year term, and it has long promised not to seek re-election, the Republican leader Brian can not know how many years it can become, and he just added a long finish this term, if not re-elected, maybe it will go to Congress Dry mix a senator, that time can still trust the boss to take care of it. Again , the White House again and again three warnings, but also must pay attention to it, or really out of the thing, I'm afraid he will have to bear the responsibility for a large number. So, Perkins governor quickly organized a group of people horse departure ... "He was very smart. Anyway, is to lay upon the Chinese people, where not? California already has so many Chinese, in order to avoid the guy who has been violent to tame Chinese infect those states, not as directly put their gear outside the state, so he put the place on the Reno interception. Of course, he was greeted with the Nevada state government, and this, Nevada is naturally all Yunke ............ they have to rely on many aspects of California, of course, have to sell this face. Speaking, Reno is a good place. In the Sierra Nevada foothill, relying Te Luji River, just twenty years development, but already the Nevada important railway and highway transportation hub, and pastoral mining trade center. However, although it is more famous Nevada city, Reno still far from reaching its golden period ............ its golden period in the second half of the 20th century, when the Reno-called "World divorce capital" and which has become one of America's most famous small town. Half of the 20th century, divorce not now universal and free, and divorce is inglorious. However, in Reno, there is a "no obligation divorce, divorce without cause, as long as enough to live in this city a specified time, and pay a fee, they can divorce, so tens of millions of Americans flocked to smooth divorce At this point, make this city very famous in order to attract more Americans to Reno to divorce, Nevada also twice divorced shorten the time needed to live: in 1927, will live six months of the time down to three February; March 20, 1931, Nevada Governor Balza signed two bills, one of which is to reduce the time required for divorce residence to six weeks, just enough to live this time, the parties can apply in Reno divorce. these measures an immediate introduction of Reno city people such as weaving, divorced people come to the hotel, farm, ranch, cottage guesthouse even live to the brim, someone can not find housing, and even take their own lives in the tent, Anyway, not a long time, by the sins of a few weeks in exchange for the freedom of marriage life, in fact, very value at that time, along the Truckee River are rows of "divorce tent" has become a major scenic town. to Reno went mostly young women, accounting for 60% of the visitors. while they live, while waiting for the divorce judgment, while also entertainment, many people immediately after a divorce, where they found a new love Reno and "divorce ranch" out there, lonely woman with handsome cowboy would deduce classic romance while Reno's "Virginia Street Bridge" in the "Reno divorce" of history also has extraordinary significance, Because recently divorced woman shall stand on the bridge, the wedding ring thrown into the raging Truckee river, and a marriage on this end. Later, the bridge has become a Nevada "endangered historic places" protected. been to early 20th century, because no legalizing gambling, and intrastate harsh natural environment, but also a desert, but also the mountains, so Nevada is still a poor state,Jordan 7 Shoes, but the divorce industry brought huge revenues allows tasted Nevada sweetness because of the divorce industry revenue is very impressive, the monthly income of attorneys' fees only have $ 100,000, plus hotels, casinos, restaurants and shopping revenues a year to bring Nevada divorce industry revenue is $ 5,000,000 , representing the state at that time a large part of the revenue, "it can be said, relying on the income of the divorce industry, poverty Nevada really off for a while. Unfortunately, to the 1960s after the divorce has become increasingly common, people have become more tolerant attitude, Nevada, Reno, in particular, the advantage in this regard soon disappeared, divorce industry will slowly decayed. However, that is a thing of the future. At this point is still just a small town in Reno as endangered Pacific Railroad, accessibility, and proximity to California, so Perkins chose here and intend to put those violent and arrogant Chinese people a play to do. However, one day, two days, three ... "row a star Adams passed, that supposedly should arrive early to pick Chinese rebels but has yet to appear, sent to follow the railway went into the mountains and there is no information, so , Perkins governor beat it. "Nevada side asking me, in the end those Chinese people when it will appear, you let me how to answer? "" You better go ask Washington? "Edmund Young grimaced put forward their own proposals, and my heart yet the White House, especially President Hayes and Secretary of State Ivor Stewart criticizes discredited by a few ..." You say the Chinese people to be careful, be careful Chinese people, Those Chinese people extremely dangerous, believe it may cause the entire California are unbearable terrible disaster, but now people do? Buddy child believed you, hard to persuade their own boss brought a large group of people came to Reno, waiting for slaughter, to protect the safety of California and Nevada, it could be, you booing, it touches the people pay out ah! With the boss man child how to explain? "Washington? Ask them what's the use? They will say that this is the Chinese people's trickery, deliberately let ourselves running out of patience while juggling trick ............ they just make us wait patiently, patiently waiting." Perkin Sri Lanka has long hair, this is not because of anger long blooming while the vertical straight, "but now people do? those Chinese people are being eaten by wolves in the Sierra Nevada mountains, or encountered a bear?" "George, bears are now in hibernation. "Edmund Young reminds us. "So what?" Perkins is angry and almost laughed out Edmund Young, this guy actually there are empty remind him this season will bear in hibernation? "I had known, I should let Stayman over, rather than on my own." "Stayman must now very hate you, he thought you were snatched him before voters in California a good opportunity to show his face in it. "Edmund Young laughed. They say of Taiwan Man actually also called George Georges Stayman, Perkins's deputy, California militia commander in the general period, and the other part of California Assembly Speaker, of course, he was lieutenant governor. "He does not hate me, it will only make fun of me behind a pass to everyone, and then organize a welcoming ceremony to welcome me back to Sacramento." Perkins smile. "I think we can wait for some time, you know, Nevada mountain environment is very bad, especially in the winter time, so even if already opened railway, train travel time should be very careful, those Chinese who have passed since the Great Salt Lake Desert, then they would certainly have entered where, perhaps, they are just not at full speed on their way, so it has not to. "see Perkins good mood a little, Ed Meng Yang and hastened opportunity urged. Although he also failed to even wait seven days until a figure which greatly dissatisfied, conceivable aspect sent from Mexico increasingly stern warnings, he still do not want to give up so easily in case is really ............ heart, if not true, Washington would not be so again and again three warning them? "You're right, then we wait another two days." Perkins thought, "but up to two days, if you have not seen two days after the arrival of the Chinese people, and I will immediately lead our Militia back ............ "Good. "Made up his mind, Perkins and had the men who continue to wait in Reno, first class is two ..." laborers who still did not appear. So he dismissed! To be continued. If you like this work,air jordan store, you are welcome to start investment recommendation, month, your support is my greatest motivation. www. <

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