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> Chapter 149 requests on behalf of the president, "What did you do?" Also people so scared. wWW. QUanbeN. Com Angelo looked at Charlotte poor appearance, could not help but ask. Well, he is not so the heart can be told Charlotte blocking his way out of it? Although he did not like each other as people have forged with China so deep hatred, Chinese people probably will not break when Denver was killed, and may be able to find an opportunity to escape, however, his goods are in Denver, but also hard to the members, so other people in order to give up, he would never be reconciled, he and Charlotte have not deep friendship between that step. However, Charlotte was after they handed the hands of the Chinese people, and that despair ...... ah, although he does not know is called despair, can be kind of a raw look absolutely no sense, it is the hearts of people look scared, you can all this, the Chinese people actually still so scared he really is ...... "fired a shot, killing the individual, how?" Guo Zhang looked at him, asked. "Kill ......" Charlotte is not still here? Angelo looked one way, not even a little blood. "You brought the bandit." Guo Zhang looked at him and said. "Dennis?" Matthew hesitated and asked for one. "Anyway, two people, Charlotte still, naturally it is that guy," Guo Zhang's eyes in three personal deterred: "Do you also brought a third, then how not to pay out?" "No, we did not with a third person, "Angelo quickly waved. I do not know how, he suddenly felt some terrible Guo Zhang's eyes, to see where he felt what part of the body cold. , "That is correct." Guo Zhang and turned away, one arm resting on the shoulder of the Chu four, "Mahone, happy little did?" "Feel better and more." Chu four sigh of relief, but also strange looked at him, "No wonder had escaped from prison, you are in no hurry to escape, revenge one dies, that so happy." "People will live happy, otherwise it simmering all day, what fun children, you is not? "Guo Zhang laughed. "I hope the brothers has a soul in heaven, but also to feel better a little." Chu four put away the gun, hands together even overturned worship worship. "We want to add a condition." Followed Chu four also overturned worship and worship, and come back to Guo Zhang, also the trio Angelo said. "And plus?" Angelo squeezed thick forehead, "You have been very harsh conditions." "This one is not harsh." Guo Zhang looked at him, then glanced at the still kneeling on the ground, his face pale Charlotte, then pointed to the direction of the valley: "I want you to Denver in this valley to build a cemetery and erect monuments, the ins and outs of the whole incident gave me to record clear, in addition, I would like you monument Every one, including the mayor, and you, Mr Angelo, ah, as well as two Wei ...... Anyway, all of this is that all persons concerned with the recognition of crimes sentences, but there must also be autographed engraved. " "It's impossible." Matthew cried. To Chinese people put up in the American cemetery land, but also the monuments, the things themselves admit the crime record ...... Even the Americans do not care about what future generations how fame, he also felt unbearable. "There is no possibility to discuss things that are your own and not mine, I just result." Guo Zhang said: "how, in front of a few to discuss how you like it?" "I, we do not discuss the results." Angelo took a deep breath, said. "No results? Then you go back to the city's citizens to discuss, but remember, I can only give you the time of day." Guo Zhang Tao. "Time is too short." Miller said before: "You do not know the U.S. situation. No one week, impossible to discuss these things come out." "One week?" Guo Zhang looked at him, "too long. ? no wrong. "" This is because you are in the city of Denver edges, are likely to attack at any time, otherwise, your condition, even months, it is impossible to discuss in Parliament to discuss what the results out. "Angelo with a wry smile. "Eventually, you just want to stall for time, want to wait for Washington to rescue you nothing." Guo Zhang laughed again, "but I think you will be disappointed. Dynamics with the U.S. government now, do you think, before they found not , we can have much time? Moreover, even if they have already found out, more than a thousand soldiers in the Army, there are some 400 militia prisoners, and half of these militias have serious injuries, every day of the dead, coupled with such a city, and you tens of thousands of people at any time may be subject to our offense, they have the courage to continue to send troops to do? no wrong. "" ...... "" So, one day is enough. "Guo Zhang again sneered," Go back and tell your people, do not illusions. Otherwise, we do not mind using coercive means to achieve our demands ...... but, you really want to that time, I may not be so good as now speak. "" You ...... "From out of the city to meet since Guo Zhang although cold, still did not say it like so tough now Zhayi Heixia face to Angelo trio some really suited. Matthew opened his mouth, would like to express your own unyielding that they simply do not know what to say. Guo Zhang said it right, at this moment, laborers who have occupied full advantage, even if all the people in Denver who saved a determination to die, it would not be able to keep the city, not to mention that they simply can not let those people become firmly. "Mahone." Guo said then politely ignored chapter three, but once again look to the Chu four. "How?" Chu four asked. "The camp prisoners who kick out of that transmission, so that the three men back to Denver ......" "What do you want?" Miller strangely asked. "Let him take your case reports to his level," Guo Zhang looked at him, his eyes flashed Jisi contempt: "You do not think you will always represent the final negotiations between with us? Governor that if you still, and did not participate in the massacre of Chinese laborers among the ranks, and perhaps have a chance, can not now. ...... you but that is a few appetizers, the real negotiations with Washington in between us, we talk about good, you have a chance, otherwise you wait, still not a good future. "" Do not deceive us. cables have long been cut off you, how come telegram may be issued? you simply want to send one of these soldiers to scare us members of the public. "Matthew Leng Heng said. "You do not want to scare such a big deal to bind them in a bunch of those Army prisoners to walk around your city orgy children, it is definitely better than past performance alone sent more strong, I paid rapporteurs in the past, in order to Let Washington believe they have finished sending reinforcements, the only way those great master will honestly sit down and negotiate with us. "Guo Zhang Tao. "That cable ......" "will give you access to. Prisoner camp a dedicated staff ......" Guo Zhang said dismissively. Quickly. Although we are a group of Chinese people have always looked down on prisoners is a shame, however,Air Jordan 11 UK Sale, these Chinese people now have too many between whites hate, you kill me, I kill you, the blood started to flow not know how many. So, I heard Chinese people command yourself to repair the cable in order to be able to contact with the outside world, is scheduled to re-connect cables with a captive life is almost the fastest to complete their work, the whole process even a little rest are not, let responsible for monitoring of several white laborers could not help but begin to have a little bit changed: These guys actually can be so hard? ...... In this way, only half a day, through the telegraph connecting Denver to Washington ...... In fact, there has also long been so anxious. However, although anxious anxious, obviously, in the Oval Office of President Hayes was a bit too optimistic, so when he knew that after the latest case, directly stares for a long, long time, barely looking at the Messages sent over Ivor Stewart, stammered opened his mouth: "...... you, you are saying, Denver, Denver area ......" "Mr. President ......" Secretary of State look of painful. He understood Hayes shock and feelings, because it told him just received the news in Denver when a gentile ...... they are so afraid to believe that their intellect but happens to tell them, Denver, definitely not 'm joking on this kind of thing, where no one has the guts to take more they screw around with play, so the telegram said everything is really, really can not be true, than the head of the Queen's diamond crown that he also The true "how can we do?" Hayes almost paralyzed in a chair, almost inaudible voice. He still can not believe ...... but a few hundred laborers, the top of the day it one thousand, however, so little people, made him the U.S. president can not do anything. Think again, a total of only several cities in Colorado,Satchels Coach Online, how many people? From Pueblo to Colorado Springs, Denver, and then to fall ...... if this is also the state capital, it is not on behalf of a state's fall? Hundreds of Chinese people, the fall of a state of the United States of America? "I ......" Ivor Stewart opened his mouth, he did not know what to say. Fight? How to play? Regular army sent more than a thousand other ninety percent are still hand pinching, Denver at any time there may be other captured, more than one thousand soldiers, tens of thousands of people, these are the Chinese people's chips If even then crushed, then these people how to do? You know, Chinese people are not afraid to kill, they are also just a few days ago massacred more than three thousand white militia, which did not count those who were killed in the city of Denver in states outside reinforcements yet. They angered, who can guarantee that they will not tens of thousands of whites with this buried? At that time, even if they win the fight, the people of America will not miss them. Moreover, the Chinese people will be silly Leng Leng standing there waiting for them to kill? Who can guarantee that they once again sent troops would not dance previous mistakes? "Chinese people have what conditions?" Hayes raised his head, but still cover the face, revealing only two eyes. "They demanded one million U.S. dollars and three hundred thousand acres of land in compensation ......" "What else?" Hayes looked straight in the eyes of his partner. One million U.S. dollars, as well as three hundred thousand acres of land, listening to a lot, but this will not count anything, if only these two, plus ten times he would rather willing, in that case, although perhaps some hard money can land ...... now the United simply do not lack this stuff, let alone three million acres, then give preferential Pacific Railroad Company, but a full over fifty million acres, bigger than the whole of Texas. But, he does not believe that the Chinese people will be so short-sighted, only relying on just less than one thousand Chinese laborers to pull down the manual labor of the collapse of the entire Colorado, the other party must have other requirements. "In the past all this behind." Ivor Stewart breath, then said. "There is not?" "Open to the world circumstances surrounding the matter." "Really." Hayes, rearing back and forth, rubbing his face, "This is a group of intelligent Chinese people and they understand what it takes to own in the end." " how do we do? "Ivor Stewart asked again. "Absolutely not promise." Hayes shook his head so awkward, "Even if I would therefore step down, absolutely can not promise such a condition." "......" Ivor Stewart nodded silently. Why do you say he knew Hayes. Money and land are hard to say, it can be the other? Not to mention other, Pueblo edge of the town, and that floating in the Arkansas River, more than three thousand bodies with white militia so that they simply can not write off the Chinese people with those things ...... That was the past more than three thousand whites dozens years, in addition to the Civil War, the Americans have carried out all the wars rare death of so many people, and occasionally death of a few hundred people are big events. Now this thing is still blockaded, circulated only in some layers, but this does not mean that this thing could ever blocked. Because, even Hayes ordered this thing as top secret, with his degree in American political unpopularity, who dislike the guy to see if he certainly will immediately take it to poke out ...... that time, the American public Anger will take everything overturned. Moreover, the Chinese people but also they put these things first proclaimed to the world ...... do not ask how much it makes the United States a shame, this thing preached the whole world knows, is not tantamount to the Ming and told those who do not deal with the United States countries and forces, the United States of America is not as powerful as it manifested, is actually very good bully you? You see, but one thousand weak Chinese people playing them a state of almost all finished, we have nothing to fear? Send ah "Now how about the situation in Denver city?" Hayes asked again. "Very bad." Ivor Stewart Chen Sheng replied: "The public are very fear, fear of Chinese people once again to attack ...... because of their participation in the murder of the mayor of the governor, has lost its leadership in the negotiations captured by the Chinese people. "" A group of dirty guy. "Hayes bitterly fist hit the desk. "......" Ivor Stewart once again shut up. As secretary of state, he is almost Hayes temper if his hand. Public and for the public and private is private, in the national interest to do everything you can, but no matter what, especially at home, everything had to outlaw, and, Hayes also particularly hate those playing petty, do tricks, black-box trading or something like that ...... like Congress a bill, if those who want to engage in what Mr entrainment, he would rather rejected as a whole, and never give each other a little bit of chance. However, Denver has been happening over there children more than once violated Hayes principle, is even more peculiar, the mayor actually murdered governor ...... This is a political figure can do it? "Chinese people have no time limit?" Took a few breaths, Hayes Youxiang Ivor Stewart asked. "Tomorrow." Ivor Stewart Chen Sheng said: "no later than tomorrow, the Chinese people will reply," "Tomorrow ......" Hayes wanted to smile about, but face **, and simply laugh. Tomorrow, and tomorrow he can give any answer? If only the money and land, how many how much land is not that much money, he does not grant the president down, big deal went to Congress, in order that more than a thousand hostages and Denver city's tens of thousands of American citizens, that is, printing money can scrape now get out. However, Chinese people do not just ask for money to land, people also that "wiped out" and "open to the world" it. Wiped ...... Chinese people have killed thousands of whites, destroying several cities, which one would dare they wiped out? Circumstances surrounding the matter open to the world? Do not even think that it is. "Do you want to go to inform about Congress, held an emergency meeting?" Ivor Stewart asked softly. U.S. presidential power is not small, but in many ways but also by a considerable limitation, the Chinese people that the conditions proposed by Hayes, a person is simply not able to make decisions. "...... Let us not do that," Hayes strenuously insisted arm of the chair and stood up, "I also need to talk to some people to communicate about, to be ready, otherwise, will certainly be a great things." "What are you going first summoned Who? "Ivor Stewart asked. "This little later say," Hayes sighed, "go to Denver to help me send a telegram, to use my name ...... to those Chinese people" "You ......" Ivor Stewart hesitated. "Tell those Chinese people, and said, I, Rutherford. B. Hayes to the United States of America on behalf of the President, asking them to give us a little more time, he said, the White House is for consultations with the Congress in an emergency they proposed condition ...... "Hayes said softly. "True ...... do you really want to say? No wrong." Ivor Stewart's lips shuddered asked. "Failure to do so how can I do?" Hayes stiff dough also shaking a bit, "communicate with those people need time, it is not easy to convince a number of people who can." "But this is a life-saving" Ivor Stewart almost shouted out. "What do you think they will care about a remote state of people's lives do? No wrong." Hayes looked at him, "They are the eyes of those who only interests in order to benefit,Nike Air Jordan 6 Sale, they can even willing to bury the United States of America," "I know what you said was good, but this time they will not ...... this kind of thing, what benefits they can get? your horse will retire, and can give them what? mention this is simply not your fault, they can What this article? "Ivor Stewart after another asked. "I think, however, I prefer to put things to the worst possible light." Hayes sighed, "Go, my friend ...... I told Ramsay, so the War Department to mobilize more troops to Colorado build-up, but remember: Do not go near Denver "" ...... "...... Ivor Stewart knew he could not persuade Hayes, So, even unwilling, they can only go to send that letter almost begging like telegraph ...... And the next two days, the White House staff discovered that Mr. President seems to be more busy, constantly shuttling in the White House and Capitol Hill between the various offices, and even the rare went to some private place ...... although only private nature visits, however, President Hayes can always not so sociable people ah. However, although surprisingly, had nothing to do, these people did this thing too much in my heart, until one day ...... someone saw Hayes went back to the office and not enough time to catch my breath child, minister of war and Ramsay Bottled, suddenly rushed into emergency and then, not for a while, they saw the president like a mad rush out his office ... www. <

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