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06.06.2013 08:47
The sound of the sky antworten

Due to the Tao Xian du to rob, cause of action too big, so when the billowing clouds the dark cover the whole day hill after Hill Road, all elders,Cheap Oakley Lifestyle, law enforcement,Coach Outlet Sale, disciples have been alerted. .. "Terrible strength, sky feather back, Dean unexpectedly chose du to rob!" Feel the sky with force produced a strong sense of oppression, the people have speculated. "Boom!" In the whole day Zong Dao Institute are concerned about any cloud tracking du to rob, the foot has ten meters thick clouds came a loud y ù deaf blasting sound, a Thunder Dragon in the thick clouds violently body. "The first Daolei hook will be dropped." See Thunder Dragon in the sky suddenly from time to time, the two elders deep eyes with each J ī ng light, sound and said. "Boom!" The two elders voice just fell, Thunder Dragon broke the dark clouds, a planned y ù deaf thunder, attack to empty stands in the cloud. The air. "Rumble! Boom!" Let cloud tracking was his first Daolei hijacking attack, did not do any defense, let the Thunder Dragon into his body, baptism of his own body, to let cloud tracking for space in the center of the large distortions. But at the Thunder Dragon want in any cloud tracking body burst open, a powerful force in his body, will direct the Thunder Dragon banned live, crazy and lightning dragon force. "Well! The big elder, Tenba noticed, people slowly close to." In the cloud tracking force refining into lightning dragon body, to enhance the strength, the two elders perceptive perceive someone and then slowly close to, immediately sound told close witness any cloud tracking du to rob the elders and the sky plume. "Two elders, Tenba, you're here to protect, I went out to have a look!" Level seven Tao respect realm of the elders frowned a little, and left quickly filled with strong restraining valley. The great elders had just left the valley soon, Yamase To immediately came the fierce fight a voice, but because the valley is forbidden to protect powerful, Du Ren cloud tracking in without the slightest effect. "Two elders, I went to help the elders." Wait a moment, the sky plume finding level seven Tao respect realm of the elders had not cleared away the enemy, volunteered to road. "Day,Outlet Oakley Lifestyle, all carefully." Two the elder nodded, agreed. "Shua!" The sound of the sky, a feather body slightly, to speed the shadow disappear in full of strong restraining Valley, came to the valley. "Chu hung! He is the religion of Ji ā n fine, how can this be, his strength would become so terrible." When Yun Tianyu saw and elders fierce battle person unexpectedly is Chu Hong, exposing the unbelievable God s. Because Chu Hong self-discipline speed in it, we will never be in the short several year time to fight seven stage state leader strength. "Day, the body of Chu Hong was an evil force control, have lost self, you will help me to kill him." Hand dance Silver Dragon whip elders see cloud plume, cried out. "Chu Hong body is an evil force control? Big devil, you know exactly what this is evil, can let he short >

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