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> WWW, QUANben, cOM Chapter 136 Presidential command: must hold, we must hold Grant stood Arkansas River, Fallen cold and dead bodies corpses of the river throughout the Arkansas River are corpses, an attached one, one after another, Mr. Governor direct it collapsed in the river long ago are still those rich people in front of Pueblo jokes, he has no shred of strength Ronaldo? heartfelt Turner choked back his deepest fears drag on the carriage, and went straight out of the Pueblo, the Pueblo into a vast panic among Chinese people have not come to this flow of miners as the main inhabitants of the city would fall into the turmoil, fear of people into extremely fragile, slightly a little movement will make them nervous noisy, fighting, arson, murder ...... a piece evil began to be staged when a gang leader was found dead outside his home later, the situation could no longer control the chaos Pueblo Pueblo ...... And in disarray when the south-west of the city tens of miles away, an abandoned coal mine, the nearly one thousand laborers are lined a row of black faint wellhead stood, staring in front of them piled corpses ...... it is another piece of the original water with Lujia Shun and Su Zhong those laborers leave together, but eventually was sent to take the initiative to surrender mine buried alive, and finally with both hands dug himself, but was outside the white militia massacred ...... defeated Kemo Zi and white militia led by Jacob after Guo Zhang, who narrowly escaped death in accordance with the Chinese laborers who were pointing, all the way to follow up, Find here the way, they collected a total of nearly one thousand laborers outside the body of the road and the wellhead, more than 700 people; inside the mine, more than three hundred ...... They even found a Lujia Shun ...... that had a cross on Guo Zhang pick nose vertical hypercritical old guy, his head broke a big hole, lying on the borehole wall has long been dead a long time there Su Zhong Lu Jiashun than water, he died plus unbearable, covered without a good meat, if not survived several laborers a look of disgust to point it out, Guo Zhang, who did not know it would be his mission Lanrou like those surviving laborers said, Lu Jiashun a suicide, but refuses to admit SU Zhong water is being killed by angry laborers who can These have been unimportant people are dead, there is nothing to say? ...... "Soul come back -" Hou Nan standing in front, hands kept wine with a piece of paper ...... no paper money, he sprinkled the Pacific Railway's stock these stocks Guo Zhang was originally used to give Willie? Hickman, who bought the road,Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, can those who were not lucky enough, not enough time to digest, it was Kemo Zi and Jacob together with a "destroy" Chinese laborers who as a result, annihilated, these stocks and heavy back Zhang Guo Guo Zhang's hands had closed up but when Hounan Jian held to give the dead brothers do a ritual,Poppy Collection Coach Online, but because even the little paper money not enough to give the underworld Ma Tau face money from the generation, that may make brothers not reincarnation, it is possible to do in a foreign country from ghosts would shed tears when he again took out these stocks "are to this child, the money is not money, what is the use? give dead brothers, maybe really be able to buy a home the way it "Guo Zhang was said as a result, letting a crowd of people waiting Nanhe many tears came to after the way things ...... Hou is not familiar with the South These things can only pretend that the old man very seriously, sprinkle finished stocks, they kept waving white shirt doing Evocation streamers, it seems that this thing is really useful and then, following the advice Guo Zhang, laborers began to put these bodies re brought into the mine, and then, once again Zhata wellhead ...... "Brothers, you let us rest, waiting for us to come back." ...... "target, Pueblo ...... kill" "kill" December 22, 1880, the United States people have started to prepare for Christmas and greet the arrival of the year, however, from the news coming out of Colorado is like an irresistible cold, so that the original fiery American people no longer have a wonderful mood December 18 , Colorado laborers southern city of Pueblo was captured, the whole city was on fire on December 19, with a passing train, between Pueblo and Colorado Springs town Fonteyn was burned Dec. 20 Day, Colorado central city of Colorado Springs was robbed, thousands of horses covered with burning flame horses suddenly rushed from the four directions of the city, brought up a fire, is leading the public to prepare defense Prince dismayed the governor Grant I, the first to abandon the city cronies fled with their families, and soon, Prince fall on the same day, came news of Kansas, Arkansas River flows through the state's large number of corpses found ...... suspected from Colorado on December 21, Denver appeared to flee tide, a large number of local residents to flee on December 22, the news reached Washington ...... "Why this is so, why is this so? Can anyone tell me why this is so -" President Hayes almost knocked over the roar of the White House that seems to mark dome ...... and in front of him, the Vice President William? A? Wheeler, Secretary of State Ivor Stewart, War Minister Alexander? Ramsay, Minister of Justice Charles? Devens, Minister of the Interior Carl? Schultz these Ju Dou Dizhuonaodai political heavyweights have nothing to say, "six days, almost a week, three thousand militiamen were brutal massacre that Washington's citizens know this news, I did not know this ...... why the President ? Does the United States of America has no yet? let those Chinese people in our territory with impunity killing? "" Our officials are doing? Colorado governor doing? they are disabled, or have become blind? not even a news briefing to us do not know? "" Why? "" Who can tell me why - "" Chinese people burned Pueblo, and burned Springs, now also forward to Denver ...... they soon overcome Colorado's state capital, countless people displaced, may as president of the American people, I was the last one to know the message, you let me how to do? they going to let me how to do? "" Do not you want the British, the French, the Germans, so Austrians, and even the Spaniards, the Portuguese, and even far away in the Pacific Ocean wants those Chinese who have come to see us joke? "" You let the whole world know that the United States of America is so vulnerable you? "" ah -? "...... President Hayes anger like volcanic eruptions, floodgates lasted almost a roar when gradually subsided, but even after such a vent, the president's face still livid one, could not help livid, the situation has been out of control with his anger, like two days ago ...... Chinese people have crossed the Colorado Springs, with their forward degree, Denver probably already near its close proximity, might have been compromised again, not necessarily that of the state capital of the United States of America, but one of a compromised state capital of the state capital what it means? Colorado's disappearance? Chinese people may not think of any political issues, however, three thousand whites militia defeated and all of them have been killed, what force can stop Denver those crazy Chinese people? Expect that what the governor? Hayes is now sent directly to wait for the guy arrested and thrown on the gallows ...... "Now there is any news?" Hayes powerless Zuodao, burst into lying on the desk desktop, Chen Sheng asked "No any news only yesterday Denver Mayor Myers? Charlotte a telegram, "Ivor Stewart sigh of relief, and said aloud" Content "Hayes's voice does not have any feelings, only a deep exhaustion and frustration." help "" ...... "Oval Office once again caught up in a terrible silence lifesaving Denver Mayor Washington in the request for help that kind of desperate need to issue such a telegram? "They do that governor?" Hayes slowly raised his head again, Chen Sheng asked, "reportedly missing since the guy started to escape Colorado Springs no longer had any news now Myers? Charlotte presided over all the affairs of Denver ...... "Ivor Stewart then said," Chinese people had come to Denver yet? "Hayes ask" do not know "Ivor Stewart's eyes flashed a haze," Since yesterday afternoon, we just lost contact with the Denver area, I think, is very likely that the Chinese people to the outside world cut off from Denver Cable "" ...... "There was another silence ...... cable? Chinese people actually know how to cut the cable? Heard the news of people could not help but have a feeling of confusion ...... it is the Chinese people, Chinese people, not the people of any country in Europe and America, they actually know how to cut the cable, allowing them the target of the city was caught in a Information on the isolated situation? You know, even as far away as the Pacific West Coast of China is the Qing government also began a few years ago just interested in what the telegram, before the British and French national who begged them to pull a few telegraph lines are not available, have secretly get, finally also officials instigated the people to be used to connect a telephone pole telegraph line to pull a clean most outrageous child, there are legends,Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, Chinese people believe that a one of the telephone pole stamp on the ground, is specifically What to gas suction and the dead soul, and then spread along the line to the English, the French like the place to go for them to these foreigners taking ...... this joke from the Shanghai consulate to Europe, but also spread to North America, those who hear over all laughing, while on the once legendary for thousands of years of civilization kingdom Kadesh looked a bit now, Chinese people actually knew before the war cut off the cable ...... I am afraid that many whites could not think of this? That was the group of ignorant Chinese people do? "Is there any way you?" Hayes in the Civil War also had been in the war Sri Lanka, and because exploits and rose to major general, however, the face of the current situation he did not know how to do Chinese people must have reached Denver , maybe just talking with them, the other party has already begun on the Denver offensive ...... That was a Chinese man had recently been burned a third of the city, the people who are in fear to that day is also the scene of , Chinese people suddenly re-kill back, they can stand up to it? "We have notified the Wyoming area, as well as Nebraska, Kansas, and Mexico, and asked them to send reinforcements to rescue Denver, but you know, not many residents of these areas, even upon request After the immediate mobilization of manpower, it is impossible to reach in a short time ...... unless Denver can hold on, otherwise, these regions troops did not have any effect, "Ivor Stewart exclaimed" Collins would have had one of our barracks Unfortunately, abandoned "War Minister Alexander? Ramsay sighed U.S. expansion in the past few decades too fast, though thus expanding the territory, so that they may also have to face an environment ...... because each state not more than the average population, especially in Midwestern states, this is Barry microscopic signs of human habitation, it is no wonder that a group of Chinese people will be killing off their feet, "No matter what, must rescue Denver, we can no longer watch as those Chinese Denver also burn people put it is a state capital, if compromised, for the United States of America, it will be an unspeakable shame, we must not allow this to happen, "Hayes said Chen Sheng," The biggest problem is now Denver not enough troops were massacred three thousand militia ...... among a considerable part is from there and in addition to these militia were killed, before the Chinese people in Denver's conspiracy to withstand a large number of casualties and the Chinese people series breaking the Pueblo, Colorado Springs, as well as before that three thousand militia, they certainly have a lot of weapons, which is, I am afraid it is difficult to Denver Compared with them ...... "Alexander? Ramsay and said" These I know now to question is, how do you make Denver will not be compromised, do not let the people there have again been hurt the Chinese people, "Hayes said," I propose reward "" reward? "Hayes, who could not help look to the source of the sound, it was Minister of the Interior Carl? Schultz "Yes, reward with a high reward, attracting around Denver whites" Carl? Schultz eyes flashing with a trace of naked, "There is Midwest, Denver is known for animal husbandry development, it is the Midwest Chicago ...... gentlemen, think about it, how many of that city around the ranch, ranch and how many cowboy? these forces if we can gather to Denver , what will be the number of combat? "" I am opposed to "Ivor Stewart said suddenly:" cowboy So what? Yeah, those guys Metropolitan shot, and belligerent, however, do not forget, Chinese people had just massacred three thousand whites militia, is three thousand although I do not know how they do it, but, according to the news from Kansas, they fished from the river, those bodies have a large number brain after all guns, they simply killed after being captured ...... three thousand militia can not stop the Chinese people, but also less than their opponents eliminated, but also what is the use of several cowboy? summoned them to Denver , maybe but is doing them a disservice "" But if not, where it was able to support faster Denver? Denver Mayor motions on others to us now, "Carl? Schultz shouted" I'm afraid it will only increase casualties. " Ivor Stewart also shouted "Chinese people are just lucky ......" Alexander? Ramsay said, "luck? God, they go out from Denver, Denver beat thousands of people, and burned Denver, but also all captured Those pursuing their militia, and surrounded by thousands of militia easily escape, finally, they put him pursued three thousand militia kill all ...... fluke? If lucky, then, that luck is not too far? Could they be the illegitimate son of God do? "Ivor Stewart almost roared, and his words are added to the people around stunned," What did you say? Chinese people have done so many things? they not that you burned Denver? Gunnison is how children? what surrounds, what all prisoners? Ivor Stewart, you then said clearly, "William? A? Wheeler could not help asking Tao" These things are all blame me , I blame should not believe that Grant, especially in repeated failures, I believe Canada should not destroy his ability to separate those Chinese people ...... "Ivor Stewart's face was full of remorse, and slowly revealed the From what he knows everything ...... and with his narrative, the office once again fell into a terrible silence among Chinese people, actually has more than once with the Colorado state government clash? A state government, actually so shamelessly used to threaten innocent Chinese laborers who were forced to flee? Chinese people actually have had the full release those prisoners, although in order to protect their own people ...... it all, actually because of the government's stalker Colorado caused come? "These things one can not spread out, one can not" long, William? A? Wheeler was Chen Sheng said, "because do not want to spread this thing out, so the President and I acquiesced in this thing Grant Colorado disposed of, we even ignoring those of his shameless means, but ...... "Ivor Stewart could not shut his eyes three thousand, three thousand whites militia life, just because of his credulity and lost Today, the Chinese people have been thoroughly enraged after another break the two cities, is planning to attack the third ...... This is really a nightmare, "I want to treat this group of cunning and cruel enemy, and we need to mobilize the army job "Alexander? Ramsay sights on Hayes," In addition to the army, no one can in the shortest amount of time to destroy them "" Then send reward, while mobilizing the army ...... "Hayes stood up," We can no longer tolerate the third cities destroyed by those Chinese people, and that will cause the entire confidence of the people of the United unparalleled blow "" But if reinforcements arrived in Denver before the fall of how to do it? "Ramsey asked again "exhausted all means tell Denver, told the Myers? Charlotte, so he must hold Denver, at all costs, we must hold" <

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