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06.06.2013 08:42
even if the false fairy thunder antworten

"Puff puff!" Blood magic tower forcibly suppressed in the tower, the sky feather six also spewed blood, fell to the full of blood spray tower. "I'll give you a day to think, if one day you don't will solve the white seal that out, I control the blood a little bit will you refine Death Magic tower!" At this time, the flirtatious woman fierce voices in blood magic tower, threatened. "Puff!" J ng told sky its feather six, coquettish woman tall bosom gently rolling out, followed by the one mouthful blood sprayed out, face s è very pale, without a trace of blood s è. Coquettish woman with branching blood power drop from the clouds,Oakley Sunglasses Store, was hurt by the human world space prohibition, and just control the blood magic tower attack sky feather six, was hurt by the virtual Xian Lei,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, plus she forced Strygwyr tower control crackdown cloud day, increased body injury, so there is no immediate control of blood magic tower in refinery repression of the cloud day six, but rapid healing, so as not to let his deteriorating condition. "The sky is the best day of Yu, Taa, you too sword to try, have a look can break open blood magic tower?" Repression in the dark tower,Coach Outlet Sale, looking around the rich gas, gold Chen immediately frightened, cried out. "Well, I'll try!" The sky feather took a deep breath, running original space-time Jue, Sanqianerbaiyu a gas source particles suppress body injury control, hand-held too sword attack to the blood demon tower. "Hum!" When Yun Tianyu body reason force everfount perfusion to too sword, the sword cut split force in blood in blood red tower tower wall s è on energy, a halo on the tower wall outgoing, strong anti - the earthquake force through too sword into his arms, shaking his arms flush. "Call!" The attack failed, the sky feather not discouraged, the control yuan forced lifting body force again perfusion to too sword, continue to attack the blood demon tower tower wall red blood s è. But the sky plume at the cost of continuous attack more than ten times the blood wall, not by force Kaita too A Jian broken wall, and his arms were already by the powerful earthquake shook the blood flows from the power of. After more than ten attack, devil burn five hundred long yuan, to enhance the strength of the effect disappeared, the dragon body gel Dan medicine is also rapidly subsided, the aggravating the injury of Yun Tianyu had to give up. "Too sword broken without the blood demon tower, do we really want to be trapped in here?" With the aid of A Jian's power sky plume too attack fails, all of a sudden heart fell to the bottom. "Yun Yu, Yuan stream, your virtual fairy ray also useless, as you use the virtual fairy thunder try, can break the blood magic tower?" S è y ī n heavy gold Chen took a deep breath and said. "No, virtual fairy thunder power although horrible, but the blood magic tower in some narrow space, even if the false fairy thunder can eventually break dark tower wall, with our body, also can not resist, virtual Xian Lei remnants of attack." Gold could be rain gently shook his head, veto road. "What did you do? Will we be here wait for death is not?" The thought of death, said Chen unwilling be puzzled of gold. "I have a way to test! But you can't bother me." Operation of original space-time Jue suppress >

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