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> "The Chinese people what they want to get?" Willie? Hickman four individuals have some fear. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm they would rather hillside Chinese people suddenly rushing down along with intensive bullet hit his own mess panic and flee, these guys do not want to come back on so few puzzles ...... might be called intellectual game now, although this game also did not cause any real damage to them can be such a battered almost entirely in the intellectual level is too make people feel uncomfortable. But they are whites, whites! Actually in such important areas by a group of yellow people finished abuse? This allows the front of the yellow race has always been very ethnocentric they feel then? And, just like they are on the hillside Guo Zhang discussed earlier, they now, although still waited at the hillside, but that just relying completely behind those horses ...... confident'll run away, so they dare to continue to stay here. Even so, they still heart plush ...... in case the Chinese people to stage any trick it? However, afraid of what will come what side of the hillside suddenly put up a small white flag is a white flag to see this when they first thought flashed the brain is not actually represent the meaning of the white flag, but ...... afraid. " how to do? Chinese people must have conspiracy. "" a conspiracy so what? Should we will lose them? "David? Harris said teeth, Having looked surprised but this is currently one of his comrades, Because he suddenly realized that, Tom? SPINNER Germany's voice seems to have a little bit of shaking. "Trembling? How likely is it an illusion?" Shook his head, put this idea may never be thrown aside, David? Harris and look to other people: "how to do, my friends? They raised white flag, stay a while someone will be down, we want not to accept? "" acceptable, why not accept? I'd like to see these guys in the end there would be no trick. "Lick? Davies said bitterly. Tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition Yeah,Air Jordan Outlet, Chinese people is to run a few steps back, climb a small hill a few times, they did not get all of this loss of business, it is people cramped. "To agree to their surrender, and seized their weapons, and then ......" Willie? Hickman told several people exchanged glances, have expressed their clear understanding of the self-evident. ...... "We need to negotiate" Sure enough, and soon, to stand up a hillside laborers, because the Chinese people with the Americans either from the physical or psychological are not the same, and the laborers who generally work hard, and malnutrition, So, Willie? Hickman other people's eyes, this twenty-five-year-old Chinese laborers should look like, tall is not too high, that is, between five feet to six feet. This name laborers so holding a white flag came down the hill among laborers who probably is just "running" when the arrival of that range, they stood still to go. "You want to talk about? Surrender it?" Lick? Davies first to stand out, "it first to surrender their weapons, and then in a row, holding hands, walking down from the hills." "Who are you? "That name laborers asked. "Lick? Davies, militia captain." Lick? Davies replied. "Rank?" "Rank?" This is what happened off the rank? Lick? Davies choke a bit, could not help but look around a few colleagues, but Willie? Hickman few people equally inexplicable expression. "This is what happened off the rank?" David? Harris came out to ask your questions. "What to do with rank, that is casually ask." Laborers shrugged and replied. "You guys ......" Lick? Davies almost runaway. Not related to what you ask? "You in the end want to do? Do not want to surrender?" Willie? Hickman came forward again asked. He suddenly found the laborers seem somewhat different ...... but then again, those on the hillside land laborers are so different. Dare to resist the Americans in the United States, this is enough to make people just admiration. "Oh, I do not ask who you are, anyway, I know that you are the leader of one of them," laborers smiled, "But, who do not know what the President, or the captain sir, do you think, We need to surrender to it?, in your present state, as well as ammunition reserves,Oakley Squared clearance, we only need one charge is enough to put you to break the encirclement, but, but also give you enough to kill. "" Boy, do you think you are very much do? Then you try "Lick? Davies angrily. "You say?" Laborers face slightly changed, turned to go. "Hold on." David? Harris looked blame Lick? Davies one, knowing that these Chinese people are not the kind of bullied Zhu Er, actually also so stimulate each other, really think Chinese people bullets kill people do? Even if not kill you, Wan accidentally hit me, how do? Not encounter anything else flora Okay. "You are a total of four leading child, no, it should be five, but there is one that has been temporarily detain, seems to be due to behavioral excesses, I did wrong, right?" That name laborers ignored David? Harris, they asked, smiling to four people. These words could not help letting four hearts startled. "......" "I think I did wrong." Four slightly changed the complexion and silent performance so that laborers smile again, "Your military quality is really quite pass na. As a commander, the command is not followed, but went to the front ...... ah, the militia is indeed the case, it does require the leader, it would be difficult to form what the fighting, but since it is surrounded, there should be surrounded by the way, do not you think you are doing that ... it is very ... childish, no, it should be no level do? "" We did not level? "Tom? SPINNER Germany grinned. This is too weird, they actually are a Chinese laborers to despise? "Since it is surrounded, and that is not lost because of too much fighting their own people, then you should start from a school like us, following up on the hillside position, at least there should be some sandbags or rubble or something, and then bad too We should learn the same cutting some trees, so that men hide behind, so as to better ensure their safety ...... can you did not even do that, you will only be allocated a little manpower, and then let the men so innocently stay there, but do not know if it makes the arrangements we have for you at a glance "laborers road. "So what? Deal with a group of guys like you, do also need the arrangement of how serious you?" Lick? Davies angrily. "Yes, your idea is very market as far as I know, Denver Mayor Myers? Charlotte, Colorado Governor James? The Stern? Grant, there is a Ritter? Jacob majors, they In the beginning of time are thought of as a result, they have two that we had been captured, one was trapped in our Gunnison, and there was almost torn white people ...... Finally, besides you who Governors are their escape, and the other two are the only mercy because we regained freedom and ...... life "laborers laughed. "......" Lick? Davies speechless. "But so what, after all, just a group of fugitive you." David? Harris cried. "Yes you Buyiburao, we have done everything possible every time you let so many people, however, but you repeatedly provoked anger ...... our patience is limited and gentlemen, this time, if not because we inside is a problem, was besieged, even in the face of danger is eliminated, the fact is you. "laborers sneered. "Ha, really funny and you are fooling I've ever seen Chinese people." Lick? Davies sneer again and again. "How do you suspect?" Laborers glanced at him coldly, asked. "......" Four each other as a militia captain, and sometimes silent. "Now the situation is very simple." Laborers cold smile, and then said: "You have the advantage of size and speed, and we, the possession of ammunition on the edge, of course, our ability to organize and coordinate stronger than you, This is unsurprisingly "......" What is the organization and coordination skills? "The two sides are negotiating with more than one hundred meters apart, the sound is naturally bigger to make both sides hear clearly, so that on the slopes laborers We also still can be heard, but it also caused a hillside above a lot of people confused. "It should be said that we hold together ...... children, but also to listen to the command, right?" Lee A student pondering a moment, said. "I believe this kid is getting read the book, went to school, and his mouth is estimated that the teacher is not mortal." Money was short Castar sitting on a stone wall edges muttered. "No mortal, do the gods still?" Zhao Dachang disdain. "What kind of people do you say?" Liangzu one should ask this guy, "you knew Shajiao organization Shajiao coordination?" "You ...... you heard Gold nonsense, I think he is talking nonsense." Zhao Dachang fooling road. "Fooling?" Liangzu should be pointed to the following: "If you look at those whites, if the nonsense that they can not distinguish them?" "Anyway, I just do not believe." "I see you is fooling." 'Now Come, Gold how to listen with those devils say "......" organization, coordination ...... "two English words really hard to understand, but Willie? Hickman four can barely understand this meaning, though determined to deny the four , but the thought, or choose the default. Organization, coordination ...... just look at fighting, the Chinese people from the beginning of Cookin misplacing, to somewhat level echelon shooting, indeed stronger than their militias, if they are not because of the crowd, and all of them riding horses , really not play too each other. "But on the individual's ability to play, we definitely stronger than you." Willie? Hickman was the other not so pressed down, Suiyou said. "This is something I admit, but for your personal qualities stronger than us, we will not stay here waiting for you to come around the" laborers, that is, Guo Zhang replied. "You are waiting for us to come around, not because we do not beat? Then you do not surrender?" Lick? Davies said. "You're talking about just the beginning of the case, but now is not the same, I just said that once the quality you can not, as a commander, just let us on the hillside you can clearly see your every move, especially a soldier by another bullet circumstances ...... you running out of bullets and if we are not so few people do not want to bear the loss, do you think you will have the opportunity to chat with you negotiate with me here? "Guo Zhang sneered. "Yes, we do have individual soldiers because just shooting too fast, lighting the bullet can Overall, our ammunition is still adequate." David? Harris Road. "Really?" Guo Zhang looked at him coldly, "most people liars, that they will not blink an eyelid when conscious, do you know how much you just blink under the eyes?" "I, I did not wink. "observe how the Chinese people so carefully? Do they have a blink? How can remember? David? Harris is not the nerve to deny it, while not consciously blink of an eye, but this time he found out, suddenly, he blushed. "Obviously, this gentleman is lying." Guo Zhang did not care for him again, and turned to a few other guys, "how? Consider, open a road, so we left, we can guarantee you will not be attacked ...... Of course, the premise is that you can not continue to follow us. "" We simply can not fail. Even if you have sufficient ammo, our bullets is not enough, we have horses, we can easily avoid your attacks, and hanging on behind you, until you tired, can not stand up, then, you'll do battle with us? "Tom? SPINNER Germany cried. "I said, we have taken into account the speed advantage of you but this is not your winning advantage,Oakley Sunglasses Radar Cheap, we can break your pocket, you can also set up an ambush ...... And again, a horse does not mean you can always so for a long time now behind us, because the horse is needed feed. "Guo Zhang laughed. "Here forage everywhere, we also need what feed?" Lick? Davies sneered. "We have traveled road with horses, feeding on the Colorado Plateau is also grass everywhere. Yet, yet we end up losing most of those horses." Guo Zhang Tao. "That's because you can not escape even riding our hunt." Tom? SPINNER Germany interjected. "Indeed there is for this reason, but the bigger reason is that the horse out of the question ...... they are getting thinner." Guo Zhang laughed dismissively. "So what?" Lick? Davies Road. "For us, not what will happen, that our horses are not, however, of you do, gentlemen?" Guo Zhang asked, smiling. "For us to have any?" Willie? Hickman sneered. "That is your own horse, right? Whether or not, anyway, I do not believe you, Mr. Governor who will send out so many militia back to them while he accompanied Ma ...... not so generous!" Guo Zhang Tao. "So what?" David? Harris increasingly understand, the horse who is what is the relationship? Moreover, the militia has always been self-made weapons and horses, which everyone knows. "Gentlemen, in order to kill us, you hesitate tired and lost his horse, but also make them in the cold season kept running ...... Gee, this will not affect their future work to do?" Guo Zhang asked, shaking his head. "...... Do you think so that we can let us let you up?" Willie? Hickman's face some slightly discolored. Guo Zhang said, not a big deal, not just in food supply can not be guaranteed, and the cold weather for a long time to run it? This is really bad for horses. Moreover, this is the horse off fat in winter time, if fix, let the horse is thin indeed more powerful ...... this place throughout the state level, the governor who put level, is really not a big deal . However, this put their hands if those little door small family militia head, it is not a trivial matter. Like just this Chinese people say, that is their own horse, what order the governor's word, so wasted? Lost need to add better feed, if ill have to go to a vet. That may be all private property, what the governor to go to waste? Yes, feed and veterinary probably do not need too much money, the militia should be able to afford to bear, however, his hands what these guys are virtues? They would rather save a little money to drink a few glasses of wine, and there is absolutely not willing to put the money dedicated to that pull them out from home, thrown into the cold wasteland full of governor. The Chinese people once again caught their weaknesses, I knew that he should not go on with this guy, but now, that guy has put these words came out behind him are those militias, these guys had not thought so far, and now they obviously already knew. Look at some of these homes the government has gradually stir appearance, he knew, Chinese people are successful. "I never thought they say move with you, but do not forget, I've just said, we did not fight back ...... not catch it when their property may Wan accidentally, catch yourself life, whom you pay go? Of course, dead, once and for all, would no longer care about things during his lifetime, in case we can put you seriously wounded or crippled, you also turn to go? governor will control your life do? "Guo Zhang laughed asked. "......" "You damned yellow monkey killed so many whites, you still burned Denver, you are a group of villains, kill you, people of every Colorado obligations." Willie ? Hickman Four were the words of the mind Guo Zhang Pan move, some shaken up. And at this time, a man suddenly pushed out of the way behind the militia rushed in, still holding the gun, pointing ferocious Guo Zhang: "I'll kill you," "Who can make him shut up? Otherwise, I assure you that you will regret it forever. "Guo Zhang motionless, just cried. "Do you think you are, no one here will listen to you," John? Fei Li Jie, a harsh stare at four weeks, immediately in the wild laughter proudly holding a gun towards Guo Zhang force in the past, "Boy, leaving the fate come on down "," forty thousand U.S. dollars face value of the railway company's stock, "Guo Zhang, impassive Youran stack of colorful drew from his waist, notes the same thing. "......" "Catch him" "Do not let him fiddle" "hateful guy, come, he gave me tied up -." . More to the address <

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