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06.06.2013 08:38
you have a death wish antworten

Fly to the blood column at the foot of the mountain, Yun Tianyu and others felt immediately East secluded county first Alpine blood pillar mountain to bring their own pressure, coupled with the strong smell of blood in the air, people immediately feel uncomfortable. "Gentlemen, according to my royal survey to the news, the blood pillar mountain and many hidden dangers, a little discomfort may lose x ì ng life, we can not blindly into the." Feel the blood pillar mountain to bring their own sense of oppression, wearing a black s è leather, outline the beautiful figure, X ì ng enchanting gold could be rain said softly. Nice. The blood column mountains everywhere the mystery, we must break into the planned, but never split." The day Zong Dao academy golden flame nodded, agreed. "Well, we choose a captain, commanding the entire team, division of labor, in order to enter the blood pillar mountain." Gold could be rain suggested. "Choose a captain! Although this is a good idea, but we came from four monasteries, who are very difficult to convince people." Said the burly tall pretty thousand stentorian. "My boss is dint match, refining animal character first, I think only my boss when the captain to suit the." Wearing a floral shirt, cute little chubby Yuan Xiaoxi cried and said. "Hum, refining animal character, dint match first and how? The reality of the war, the treasure is more important than the dint, he is top grade day?" Gold Chen cold hum a, resolutely opposed to road. Nice. I think Yun Tianyu is not qualified as captain, I elected gold chen." A thousand thought for a while, said in a loud voice. "Big guy, I see you are ticklish, dare oppose Gu n ǎ in ǎ I proposal, believe it or not, n ǎ in ǎ I again beat you up." Yuan Xiaoxi saw the pretty thousand first against, gas have to fly into a rage, the fist pinch straight ring, J ng if its loud. "Yuan stream, you not arrogant, if you want to fight, I fight!" Although quite a thousand in the dint match against Yuan Xiaoxi, and she was devastated, but quite a thousand is a fearless person, afraid to say. "Well,Air Jordan 13, you don't make a noise, if we now state of mind into blood pillar mountain, is absolutely be. Since just Yuan Xiaoxi and pretty thousand proposal sky feather and gold Chen captain, don't know what are the opinions of other people." Lan Qingyan saw Yuan Xiaoxi and a thousand large have practical meaning, but from the mediation way. "Since no third candidates, then we went from two of them choose a captain." Lan Qingyan see other people without self-preservation courageously when Captain, said softly. "Then we'll vote, who has the most votes, who as captain." Jin Yan said softly. "I am against! Your royal monastery has three people, only two of us, and we suffer too much,Coach OP Art USA, I don't agree to vote!" Yuan brook shook his head emphatically, loudly protested. "Hum! Who let you Tian Zong monastery except a Xia Dynasty usurper?" Gold Chen cold hum a, deliberately said. "Gold Chen, you have a death wish!" Jin Zichen mention road centerless, immediately touched Yuan Xiaoxi Lin, a thick Shaqi in her body out of. "The stream, not impulse!" Although the sky feather also irritated gold Chen outspoken,Crossbodys Coach Cheap, >

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