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06.06.2013 08:29
The sky feather took a deep breath antworten

"Good, very good! Yuan Creek, I really did not think you have such strength, seems not to draw on my hand, I can't beat you." The head is a bit dizzy, the body slightly injured quite thousands in the ground up, eyes looked at,Coach Online Outlet, the brook, angry said. "Big guy, you're angry! But you look really ugly, so ugly." Feel a face ferocious pretty out thousands of evil spirits, strong body, the lovely face betrayed no fear, instead of ridicule from his. "Combat form!" Hear Yuan Xiaoxi ridicule, proud and arrogant brute thousand growls, icy cold in his body sends out, stimulate his body began to rise, a white s è hair fast in his body growth. "Combat form. That's pretty thousand display is actually the orc mystic combat form, he really has a relationship with the celestial fairy monster." See the whole body covered with a white s è hair, the face is completely twisted, turned into a half man and half beast form quite a thousand, Kitazawa Guo et al. Although perceived in advance, but still showing shocking s è. "It seems this game ending already doomed, that's pretty thousand body flowed the fairy monster blood, only Yuan Xiaoxi is definitely not his opponent." Kitazawa prince took a deep breath, suppress heart shocked, deliberately said. "Is?" Su Yingying deep eyes cast a sh è J ī ng mount, saw one eye, the stream, did not agree with Kitazawa prince. "Big, just I'm not to laugh at your face, you don't have to give up will become more ugly, you like this really scary." See the pretty Qianban man half beast form, has the inheritance of memory Yuan Xiaoxi has already know that thousands of cast is Orc mystic, but still looks pretty thousand derided, fluctuations in his heart. "Yuan Creek, I will tear you alive." A thousand in the young, no less because of his ugly appearance scoffed at, and then once mocked his appearance, in he has enough strength, is to kill one one. Now hear Yuan Xiaoxi time and again at their looks, fully inspired pretty thousand heart intended to kill Yuan Xiaoxi, crazy to launch an attack. "Devil, can you feel it quite a thousand body flowing is what fairy monster blood?" See the pretty thousand change into combat form, at least to enhance strength of more than ten times, sitting in the stands to watch the cloud day immediately communication king asked. "If I feel good, that's pretty thousand body flow should be the fairy monster cloud livings monster blood. And the cloud livings monster in the celestial is not the fairy monster,Jordan 13 Shoes, very difficult,Coach Bags Outlet, with ice thousands of miles of the supernatural." Big devil simple will cloud livings monster situation sound told sky plume. "Cloud livings monster! Do not know the two elders teach stream cards can restrain pretty thousand avatar combat form." The sky feather took a deep breath, murmured. "Boom!" When the change into a half man and half beast form quite thousand and Yuan Xiaoxi's small fist colliding together, suddenly burst into a powerful force. "Deng Deng deng!" Because the avatar combat form quite a thousand strength too terrible, Yuan Xiaoxi and he hit a boxing, was immediately shook the continuous back, arm appeared >

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