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06.06.2013 08:23
I will go in the first time." antworten

"Big elder, I want to go out to meet a friend tomorrow morning, will be back in three days." Go back to the courtyard, the sky feather came to elders around, please tao. "See old friends! You Ze county and old friends?" The big elder some unexpected asked. "Well! They should now be living in the city, according to the map labeling, Xiahou Cheng Fengcheng is not far away from the cold, after three days I will come back." To Kitazawa County, was unable to hold oneself back to find feather some migrated to Korea Kitazawa county. "Well, I will grant you three days holiday,Cheap Oakley Fast Jacket, but the day, no matter what things,oakley for cheap, refining animal character test of time, you must be ready to come back, if the delay time, you will be disqualified." Because the sky plume too special, elders brooded, approved the sky plume leave request, warned of serious. "Rest assured elders, I will be back on time." Master the teleport ability, is a sword with the Jin Dynasty is one of the big ten, except when the terrible tunnel Celestial Master, or even level seven Tao respect master was going to kill the sky plume. "Boss, I'll let you go." Yuan Xiaoxi said y ù trial jump. "No Creek, is important to you and to me the day Zong Dao home, do not go out, so to avoid accident." The big elder and shook her head against road. "The obedient, I come back soon, you wait for me here." The sky feather touching the mouth pursed, a face not happy, the small head, softly said. "Day, what time are you going to leave?" The big elder see sky feather to live, brook, asked softly. "In order to save time, I start off early tomorrow morning to go to the city." Yun Tianyu said. "Well, start out early and start back early, if encounter danger, remember to give me up before Pearl, I will go in the first time." The big elder nodded exhort. "Thanks for the elders, I go to bed." Then, Yun Tianyu returned to the rest of their rooms. Just the day dawn, the sky Yu got up early on the morning sun, leaving hundreds of Phoenix Temple, in accordance with the Kitazawa County topographic map annotation,Nike Air Jordan 7 Sale, fast to the city. The sky is now at six stage the plume boundary, flight speed, flapping wing flight baby in his haste, only half a day, flew to Xiahou Cheng. "Matchless elder sister, I came to find you." Down to the hoop outside, the sky Qinyu mind could not help but emerge out Han matchless beauty, and kiss the tender, slightly faster, into the heart of the Xiahou Cheng, fast to build in the Xiahou Cheng center Xiahou Fu went out, without a trend in korea. Stop. Here is the palace, exclusion may not enter." See the sky feather walking slowly, four wearing a silver s è armor guards shouted, if its ng J. "I do not know Xiahou the master of the house in? It is important to see the next?" The sky Yu asked softly. "Do you want to see our Lord? We are the master of the house is not at home, but also do not see a stranger, you quickly leave." The Xiahou family bodyguard took one look at the cloud day unfamiliar faces, said dryly. "Do not see a stranger. Do not know a few know shadow kill Tang Han Jia is in the house." The sky >

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