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> Forbidden palace guard before the door, saw that the top blue Dajiao came slowly, to be like arresting a moment,Coach Handbags Sale, then immediately release it. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm blue car slowly into the palace, against the background of the high walls of the palace, no one dared saying anything, silence and the line forward. Until the end of the long road, the chair down, someone playing the curtain to King Phillip move from the chair inside out, said: "People do not like, and their teacher a person can go." "Yes." Promised soon people around . Stands waiting. Phillip King to move forward, not in front of the main hall, the pace of a step tread deserted square, along the side hall corridor to go around, she keeps the back of the palace away. Flickering lights, palace person shuttle which was met with him, immediately dodge aside, bowed bowed: "State Normal people ......" "ah." He only occasionally casually promised soon,oakley for cheap, his eyes do not turn about, to continue move away. This performance is extremely arrogant, but not everyone feels he has been slight, if fortunate had heard his promise, but the face is exposed to the ecstatic look, when he gone, there is a lot of love behind uphold the vision, faint follow. But he never looked back. As if it there is nothing in this world can pay him back, or stop for a moment. King Phillip jogtrot until the front chancery house in sight, they heard a racket of sound, heard strange land. He eyelid fretting, heart somewhat understood, the more forward line, listen more clearly, the man shouted: "Damn! Why MND not yet come? '" Fly Aya monarch, or MND something delayed ... ... "" Nonsense! him than the king is there anything more important to see him! "" This ...... "" darn do not know dare utter! "Said. Crackling burst of chaos ring. Then came the voice of ladies Canhu. Aya Jun wrath and fly to voice: "make haste to get out of the king!" King Phillip few steps forward. Chancery of people in this room door sounded nervous. Standing did not dare move. Suddenly saw him. Suddenly my heart glad. But at this time Hou. Door flash shadows. Some people hide their faces washed out. Almost hit Phillip King to the body. The man hurried foothold. Looked up and saw that King Phillip. Suddenly looking CML. Step back. Whispered said: "National Division ...... State Normal people ...... you have come." King Phillip eyes flash, saw this ladies face reddening, faintly swollen, cracked mouth, drop out of bright red blood. Could not help heart sank, mouth and said: "ah, withdraw it, find some vulnerary to apply what ......" That sounds ladies to hear him say, his face a look of joy and gratitude. King Phillip switch to open eyes, to go to the door, but suddenly stopped feet, eyes, and that door, "bang" sound was pulling away,Air Jordan 13, a man appeared to him angrily, angrily: "Well, I tell you to come how emergency, you do not think quickly come to see me, and have actually talked with leisure with these ladies, and on what drugs? The king ordered these Jianbi which to smash the face! "That scared ladies was ghastly pale, quickly turned and fell to his knees, cried: "Flying Aya king for mercy, mercy, slaves afraid of ......" flying Aya Jun heels, he directed that the ladies foot kick past his chest, sneer, said: "You is also equipped to care for him ...... chuchukelian you what to whom, degrading! "That ladies scream again, but did not dare cry out, hand over his mouth, staggering falls to the ground, the body twitched , pains and fear, almost unable to move. People see it next to the Palace of horrors, Tusihubei, struck by, but no one dare to sound, the atmosphere is also not out of the half-cavity. Fei Ling Jun Ayala, only his head, like a provocative look to Phillip King, said: "how, you have distressed it? How silent it?" King Phillip, look at her, slowly turned away. Fei Ling Jun heart jump, stepped forward cried: "What do you do?!" King Phillip foothold, never looking back, but said: "I thought I came to the king added in a hurry, it seems, as if the king is too spare the result, I am afraid I can not fight. "proudly went. Fei Ling-jun did not think that he would say so, suddenly shocked, this instant Phillip King would have gone five or six times, under her atmosphere, snapped: "You have nothing to say! How you dare disobedience it!" Phillip King really was stopped a foot, but do not look back, slowly said: "You forget what the king? I have ordered Colonial's responsibility, but did not accompany the king boredom obligations." he coldly a hum , continue to move forward, the pace is no longer kept, proudly away. "You! You!" Fly behind Aya king angrily, but there is no way, in situ mercilessly stamped her foot, and finally shouted, "You, with the kind of froze dead for even ...... I stopped him!" Sharp eyes to look to the people around, but ...... the first kamikaze in front of the Colonial National Division, who would rash? Fei Ling-jun step back, seeing that people have to go far away, never gave anything, body hop forward go out, tapping rapidly ran for a while, and finally catch up with King Phillip side, a sideways into his bar go in front, arms wide open, said: "I will not let you go, so you dare to leave, you have the ability stepping on my body in the past." pique her remark extremely headstrong, of course, assured King Phillip admission will not do. Phillip King heard her say, but it is a challenge mouth, Jingru a smiling look. Aya fly very angry monarch had to see him suddenly cheeky smile, such as flowers, bright, suddenly spent, full of anger flew Java country to go, and disappeared, I do not know what to do stammered, choking for a long time, barely asked : "You, laughing?" King Phillip's smile slowly converge, golden eyes downcast, looking at the front of the girl, that intoxicating voice sounded slowly, and said: "My liege, please remember: the future Wan and must not say that such a thing. know what? "flying Aya monarch could not resist the magic of his discourse, journeying nodded blankly. She obsessed, arguing in front of the people unclear dash dash true or false. Even turned retrospect, only that, when he made such a shallow smile, touching look, simply shot the lights sheet pamper intended. Otherwise, what can? Otherwise, what can? King Phillip him the true meaning of this sentence, that is how terrible. Just like a rose is a flower in full bloom, it Xiangfu fascinating behind, is wrapped around a spit Nobuko is smiling snake, toxicity without strong solution. Its truth to this end. Free fiction reading network (full novel network <

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