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I want to redeem his own antworten

> Official Road on the long, six horses galloped struggling to move forward, horseshoe landing, splashes diffuse cloud of dust behind. wWW. quANBen. coM head before the man led the way, with long hair in the wind, like a surging wave-like ups and downs,Cheap Oakley Radar, how unrestrained pleasure. And he Zhang Mei micro convergence, heart problems, and forbearance some time,Air Jordan 4 UK Sale, and finally slowed down slightly and turned to. Five men are twenty-eight riding in on the choice, all of them are smart generation, early in his slow speed when the horse has to be prepared heart to see him so, and hurried to play immediately before, and finally dare to usurp Vietnam, remained with him to keep half the distance horse, asked: "What is the monarch commanded?" Yufeng This asked: "Pro trance before the wind, everything can be completed up?" That people slightly surprised a moment. Rapid react immediately, instantly Chen Sheng replied: "Intrinsic monarch, things are sent to that rope Cuixiu into the. Specified on the monarch's house but can not go wrong." That Yufeng nodded: "doing good. "casually praise, that person is my heart rejoice, nutation, said:" Thanks monarch, but under the other should do. "Crimping joy, slowly and go back later. Long Road solitude, meandering forward, this moment galloping horse without cease, one day take kamikaze territory. And behind that Imperial is also lopsided. Yufeng around no one dared to spot and the line with him, and he has always been accustomed to that, the sky was clear, the endless lonely, loner, rivers and mountains, is not it always the case? But at this moment, but suddenly remembered Yufeng: if that's what people see myself, what would look like? It should be a very happy man's personality ...... ...... his imagination can imagine is very clear: escape, clumsy, smart, rude, smart, confused, cute ...... there is a little small as people hate. He really can imagine very clearly, even when it will do what she pleased smile, sparkling eyes, how, what a beautiful appearance, he can imagine out how he snow smart, always Liaoshirushen of ah ...... but ...... not satisfied yet. Heart a voice very clearly in the same call: satisfied. Satisfied. Just imagine. Absolutely satisfied. Yufeng There is a strong impulse. Boma want to go back. Look back. Ecstatic wind. Into the rope Cuixiu. That little shabby ground into her house. Pleasure of seeing the man personally. At the moment face to spirits or cried or loss ...... all stunned many. He wants witnessed. However ...... ears are hoofs intense. Open bow has no turning back. Small building small building. You and I will eventually goodbye. Just be patient and wait for some time ...... a. He looked up a heavy sigh, who also did not see it Hewei name of dignity in face, what a weird look, such as a sense of loss, and as cunning as sweet, and as bitter ...... What a wonderful complex expression. m; m; m; m; small building wrapped in blankets, he turned to see the side of the bed, his eyes suddenly straight. She had just wiggle room, will give all the quilt pulled over, revealing hidden beneath towering, it is - money, money! Ah No, no, is the gold! Shining gold, renowned human eye will be Xiadiao, small building tightly pinching a corner, looking at the original cover these things under the quilt, some doubt their own eyes. Wake up after a long time, Hallelujah! Her "ah" scream rushed to flush out his hands clutched in each grabbed a palm, heavy texture to prove that she can see is true. "How is there so much gold, God God, I must be dreaming." Xiaolou scared to himself, in the hands of gold bullions stuffed them in his bosom, and reach out and grab a bed of other, more grasping the more is crazy, "dreaming, dreaming is definitely you, ha ha ha!" Yet, after all, very happy, can not help but laugh from the heart to the issue. This thing has always been strongly pursued her, seems to have suddenly fell from the sky, so many small building excited laugh, little face was shining gold color photographs, suddenly holding one, to his mouth, as if eating bread as Queen mouth bite. "Ga bang ......" hard texture of her teeth as if to fly to collapse, "the heavens, how is this going ...... really is gold." She some can not believe it, muttering vague, faint on the teeth She ached to recall reality. Just toss her a while, which makes the bed is full of gold ingots, one of a scattering of cute chubby, which is how many? How much is it? For gold and silver has always been very sensitive to small building suddenly too confused, one hundred two? One thousand two? Or Wan two? Ah going crazy. Who is this good without seeking recognition, is calling rope Cuixiu uncle? Or ...... she suddenly quieted down. Passing a person's brain looks like. Do ...... hand a loose, tightly pinching the gold ingots from the palm of the hand drop small building hand over his chest, where there is a small hidden things quietly, at the moment Ge into her hand. - I want to redeem his own. At that time he said. Then something strange happened, pursuers came abruptly, she completely forgot his old said. I did not expect him to go Pro, gave himself the odd one little thing, she did not find it too rare, still Ouyang Niang front cover ...... but did not think that this should be the man he ...... he left it, that Qin's spies. His eyes are long facial features, when cold, arrogant, when ** hearts and minds of the time, Liu Hui look lying in bed, yeah,Coach New Arrivals Online, that a farm scenes, Why does he remember so clearly, why actually feeling will smiled slightly, and a smile on his face when the heart but with pain. Or because you know, that person has to go, but he would not come back to. This life, probably will not see him again. - We will meet again. He looked so relaxed and she says. - To take good care of yourself. She remembers, she remembers. Bad, why this strange memory of the Datong-Qinhuangdao spies would be so profound ...... xiaolou bow, casually picked up a gold ingot, in her hand and throw away, and pick up another, she was originally a happier, however blood excitement has already subsided, looked dazzling one gold ingot, do not know to cry or to laugh, laughing mouth obviously look inviting to do, ah, eye blink, but two drops of tears rolled out . - Yufeng, you know, I said we would not goodbye, they did not really goodbye yet. ★ ★ ★ ★ This chapter seems a little sad. There are many students guessed the royal beauty of gold and silver to the small building will stay Oh, really smart ha. Guess wrong table discouraged Oh, next time make persistent efforts, together with a group of touch. ^ _ ^ Today in my bed all day, rushing cold sweat, Mianwurense, hum squeak at night better, finally updated, guilty Sahua months, hoping not to be gang fights ...... * ^ _ ^ * Reprinted from www . (whole novel network <

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