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hand wiped the blood antworten

> ★ ★ usual two more today. wwW! qUANbeN! coM This is the first more, and so will add a second more, pink seems to have 39 plus more, grab head, I quickly became a mathematician ...... m pink to vote recommended Oh, touch ★ ★ Zhou Kan surface intoxicated red, seems to have been drunk at the man who is born of incense, can not face her crystal-clear eyes, even among those eyes nestled in the roots, some blur of color, but more So, the more attracted him. "Xiaolou ......" He suddenly grateful heart, God could be so mercy, sent him back to when they first saw, and if so, if he could have a chance, he will be holding her, telling her heart feels. He opened his mouth, silent. It was a spring day, eyes flashing light, seems because of the presence of someone, have played a strange light changes. How can the sun was not strong,Cheap Oakley Sport, he was covered in warm photographs comfortable, "small building ah, actually I do ......" He looked at her, she leaned so close to him, his eyes flashed a curious, do ear to listen like, This lovely action tease his heartbeat accelerated up, covered in blood boiling, he suddenly thought ...... he can vacated, you can wind can be heaven into the earth, Daoshanhuohai the highest power ...... "Zhou Jane!" soon great call, with a trace of sad meaning, so much the call, it is more roar, that spring will diffuse to the shattered dreams upside down. Week Jane shuddered, as if somewhere there is a tunnel space, the body calling the lost soul, the soul extremely quickly backwards Later, the space and time of the initial encounter, he ultimately can not go back,Coach Handbags Sale, but only persistence. As a rush the passer, only forward, can keep around, but that eternal followed hoofs was obtained. Week Jane took a deep breath. The night air, and some Qinliang. Qinliang feeling into the heart, in the heart of flexible walk. He did not look up, Khan has been wet with blood-stained head posts in the face, forehead and some still unruly hair curled, blood still from his forehead, from his brow, chin from his fortitude on aggregation, flowing down. But he could feel it. That simply is a beast to feel. He grew up specific places. He fought in the marketplace to help up to now without being inverted. But onward and upward. If you do not feel this way. Prior to this. He would have died many times. Zhou Kan people do not move. Head does not lift. And yet firmly clenched fist. m; m; m; Seongnam man saw Jane Founder left the protection of weeks to the range. Want to pick up cheap. Jane took the opportunity to catch some knives dying to week. Also considered a great merit. Jane walked around until weeks, burly man's body is still as hard rock, like a motionless with. The man was overjoyed, thinking: God helps me also, kill Zhou Jane, I will ...... Daoguang accompanied Apprentice joy, toward Jane's shoulder cut in the past week, castration ferocious, if cut down, the week Jane tower-like body will become half. That is, at the moment, Founder screamed, sound great, large enough to be scared to the Founder himself. Surrounded by people around him laughed: "Fang Butou you anxious what, obviously clay Buddha across the river, unable to help themselves ah." Founder filled with bitterness, his eyes moist almost as anxious. For weeks he really ...... he simply can not imagine what their feelings ...... actually so complicated, perhaps because, perhaps because ...... that day, the man said to himself, then, right? - I told Jane are Yiluhuose weeks, no, maybe I'm better than him dirty, adult party why not let go it, so dirty adult's hand ...... Founder suddenly distressed, Zhou Jane can not die, at least, can not let him, die in his own eyes. Otherwise ...... small building ...... there, on the blade will fall last week when Jane shoulders, castration, but suddenly stopped. The man hesitated in front of a black regiment, just felt a sharp pain in his face, what seems to have hit straight over, great strength, mercilessly hit his face, the moment, eyes split , eyes crack, nasal bone fracture, nosebleed crossflow, teeth fly ...... ears can hear the sound of the last is fraying Speranskia own creepy when issued "click" sound, then, is the immense "buzzing" sound, the man time to think, no time to even fear, blood, tears, sweat, mixed with other unknown liquids, he is unrecognizable from streaming down his face. The man upright, inverted back out, knife in hand, in the middle ground, issued a ringing "clatter" sound, like a tragic drama, nearly penniless when that sound shocking turnaround tone. m; m; m; Founder go back when the place, did not have the week Jane's shadow. He was surprised, reluctantly with a sword to fend off two Seongnam help people, but the kind of horror on their faces suddenly find ecstatic expression. What is ...... actually let them ...... but he thought it was too late, they already understand. Some leaned over men familiar smell, mixed with strong Xuexing Qi. Founder heart of a dynamic, looking back. Some of the generous tall back, suddenly attached to his back. That person's face, they can already be described as appalling it, scars attached wounds, stab wounds, there are boxing injuries, eyes are kind, the mouth is also broken, but ...... he had just been punched for yourself recover the All because of the dead that he is now more than hundred thousand times on participation. "Zhou Jane!" Founder excited shouting, heart and warm and hot, as if to drink the wine, indescribably happy pleasure and pleasure to the eyes moist even more serious, but the difference is, at the moment is happy due. "Guijiao what ......" compared to his excitement, that person is apparently indifferent many weeks Jane shook his fists in the chest, hand wiped the blood of his face, so they covered the eyes and said, "Be careful for enemy, watch out front! "Founder quickly convergence of mind, looking back, sword struck the man will take the opportunity to fend off a long knife. He has always been a quiet mood, a gentleman like a hundred years does not change, some introverted personality has also a small, lightly will not make or crying or excited behavior, but at the moment is somewhat out of control, long to breath, Founder, said: "I thought you were dead. "In addition to slightly trembling voice, the tone of calm has returned to normal. Tightly against the back, is that "almost dead" people. He joked: "Is not it make you very disappointed ah." Founder actually hear his joke, hostility do not, with a smile: "Yes ah, you do not belong to a cat has nine lives it, so do not die, It was truly disappointed some people ah. "rare, always stern Fang Butou, will actually joking. Week Jane laughed gently, then more gently: "Yes ah, you said it right ...... but I came back to life not because some people because I am afraid of death and despair, it is because ......" Founder gently glance behind his comrades. His heart is a moving, how did not come out. They are at the moment, not just back to back, the same empathy, Zhou Jane did not finish it, he know very well, while the brain remembered someone smile silly face, could not help but gently smile: "Yes ah ...... now is not dead, because ......" Really die here, then someone is not just going to be disappointed ...... more sad despair of it. Moment, his chest again filled with infinite lofty aspiration, Founder holding a sword, cold Chen Sheng said: "You are on the right!" Jane sweep behind him a week, a faint smile, laugh assured,Oakley Sunglasses Scalpel Cheap, calm smile, seems to have bathed in fire rebirth. More new chapters go (full novel network <

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