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> Next, Yang Yu Highness! "Several ladies anxiously cried, not far from the palace, the chamberlain who is also the face anxious, every corner, every room, have been searched, but had not found the child's whereabouts. Xiaolou sitting room, compared with last missing worried Yang Yu, burst into tears, she was very calm at the moment. uncomfortable Yang Yu excuse to leave, she has felt a little wrong, but her heart trust Yang Yu, after the last thing , Yang Yu will not let his sad, however, he was still gone, until midway feast, but he did not come back Yang Yu, small building gripped himself to, but only heard little toward the Golden Water Bridge border Highness away, In addition, no clue. xiaolou which looked cold, almost fainted. "You let me go back, you let me go back! "Meanwhile, in the palace somewhere outside, children are loud racket. Bu Qing master looked at the child and said:" how, do not you like it here? "Yang Yu looked at the man took off the mask, his face, pale and haggard, but one pair of eyebrows British Gas is very raw, it is sharp and bright eyes, full of domineering, anger from the prestige look, he remembers that time In Yu Heung, he removed the mask in time. himself to face looking at this pretty surprised at heart. again surprised. they feel familiar, then this man, he pulled himself. surprised that she actually did not resist, he said: "Young birds. You see. "Yang Yu as he motioned. Turned to look at the river. River quietly. Reflected two men to shadow a little bigger point to see Yang Yu froze. Come out is people are watching their ground between facial features. could be so similar. around to big. really like. grow up to yourself! "Who are you! "Whole body cold voice asked, and he smiled gently:" Young birds. You're a smart boy. What do you think. I will be who? "Young birds covered in a layer of goose bumps from his search to find to find insightful. Was the man in front. Did not think tramp fruitless searching. Come not a waste of effort, he, he ...... he was daddy do? Child bite his lips, looking straight in front of men. Bu Qing main sigh and said: "how do you not recognize it? "His face, revealing a trace of sadness lightly," Actually, I have never acknowledged it because I do not know ...... ...... because about the past, I have ...... already have forgotten. "Yang Yu hearing him say my heart with sorrow and grief have been excited, suddenly was inhibited to go a step back, pointing to the man in front of voice:" What did you say? You forgot? You forgot me it does not matter, you forgot the empress? I told your mother abandoned you, actually said he forgot? I do not care about you, I do not care about you, you're not my dad! "He shouted, and turned to run away." What? "Bu Qing main hesitated, quickly stepped forward, one will hold a child," you say, and what I abandoned you and your Niangqin? "Yang Yu shouted, tears rolling down, think of the man in front Niangqin often mentioned when the sad look, a little heart tightened yelling:" Niangqin always afraid I asked you, every time she will be very sad unhappy, I hate to Niangqin sad people, no matter who he is, I do not recognize you, you are not my daddy, you quickly let me go! I want to go back! "Bu Qing main afford to stand, hands tightly holding the villain children but do not let go. Heart a voice calling: She ...... for me sad? For my sad Why? Thought just to see that smile The seamless Lai Yung unparalleled stunning beauty, I do not know my heart is bitter, sweet, is sorrow and grief. "Your Highness, Your Highness! "Distance came the sound of call. Yang Yu himself startled and shouted:" I'm here, I'm here, Goddess, Goddess! Come over here ...... ah, no, do not come! "He eyeball rotation and shouted for a moment, frowning and looking down," you hurry up, I do not want to see you this great empress bad guys! "Bu Qing main bitter smile, looking at those who are quick close, then at arms grumpy little guy, however, do not want to let go, so low laugh loudly and said:" You are not your Niangqin,Purses Coach Online, how knew she did not want to see me do? "Yang Yu frowned and said:" I was a good little Niangqin certainly understand Niangqin heart. "Bu Qing Lord looked at the seriousness of the child, smiled and said:" Yes ...... I am very envious of, I also want to ...... understand her heart yet. "Yang Yu aware that he is holding his turn, could not help but anxious shouting:" Where are you taking me, but hold me down? "" Do not call. "A man directed his smile,oakley sunglasses cheap, Yang Yu just feel like clouds, like the body, could not help but think of first met him, when he took his Sailing with wind, when he himself did not know his" daddy "What a joy, but now ...... but ...... after that little heart Yu Yang, some melancholy, sometimes forgot yell." like you to take me out of it is not. "Yang Yu frowned and said." Why? "Stare at the little guy to see, this little guy looks like, as is indeed exactly the same with their own buckle up, no wonder the original first saw him, I felt like ...... Well, that guy Tuoba Aboriginal, dare said to be his son? He pulled askew bear clamor turns fierce look, where to give birth to such a pretty baby? Yuekan Huan, in this supple little face, look, which like myself, what personal ...... Memories in the palace to see her look in his eyes, could not help hazy. Yang Yu said loudly: "Niangqin will be sad, the last time I want to find the eviction ......" He suddenly bit his lip angrily looked Bu Qing the main one, said, "Niangqin afraid I was gone, very sad, thanks to State Normal human rescue. "Bu Qing main hesitantly watching a child, my heart I thought, it figured out, and asked:" Last time you eviction is to find me? "Sound soft. Yang Yu angrily turned away without a word. Bu Qing Lord Oh one has understood, a warm heart, reached out to the little guy and into his arms, suddenly thought he had just one sentence, my heart actually a little uncomfortable: "You say, National Division? "Young, ~ ~ ~ But the embrace of a man and very comfortable, and he did not want to move, listen to him asked, squinting his eyes and said:" Yes ah, is the national division of the Goddess these days,Oakley Oil Rig, and there are SO night! "Bu Qing Yu main body stiffened, then, like a few knife inserted heart:" You said they told you ...... Goddess ...... well? "" Of course. "Yang Yu rolled his eyes," more than you want to! "Bu Qing main silent silent, after a while children, the eyes actually become more promise chill and said:" So ...... so ah ...... "Yang Yu see he did not say anything, he will have to go back. Bu Qing Lord just ignore , but will carefully to appease his feather trouble for a while children, trouble not the result that he was tired, probably a man very comfortable bar broad mind whirring in Bu Qing main arms asleep. Bu Qing Lord looked pregnant the sleeping baby, and my heart soft, just think of the words of Yang Yu, was very unhappy. so I do not know how long, someone comes into the room, suddenly saw a man holding a child in front of a large warm scene step back, immediately angrily said: "I guess what is happening, the original is lost prince ...... If I knew it immediately took the day kamikaze wind guard come to arrest you that kidnaps guy. "Bu Qing Lord looked discolored count Zhuge small pale face smile, said:" He said to the abduction of one? I own my own children out to play, who would take me? "Zhuge small operator looking at his calm appearance, hesitated a moment, tentatively asked:" Do you want to be up ......? "Bu Qing master shook his head slowly. Zhuge small operators frowned and said:" Since you did not think of it, what to do ...... to act rashly? "Bu Qing Lord looked down at the child's arms and said:" Little count, you look at him ...... "Zhuge small operator looking down, looked Meiqingmuxiu baby, exclaim, said:" indeed a long The very much like you. "" That is of course. "Bu Qing main mouth smile, and said," My son, like me naturally. "Little Zhuge count Staveley, said:" So, you are the parent of the big hair? Want to come to the scene Fucizixiao? "Bu Qing Lord sighed and said:" I ...... I just could not help but think this child in my side, the other ...... "Zhuge small operator heart jump, said:" This is the Kamikaze, but also Who have Ercongmuming State Normal people can not be underestimated, more infinite Crouching players, your memories have not yet fully recovered, do we need to stir up the fire come? "Bu Qing main thought for a moment, then said:" I just feel that I have not passed on it. "Little Zhuge count uneasy:" You need to be careful, Royal Princess there ...... might be able to hide, but you also know the strength of King Phillip, I am afraid, he has conceived to our side, the troops sooner or later to find a door on. "Bu Qing Lord said:" Who concealed? "Little Zhuge count surprised:" What are you going with her ...... "Bu Qing Lord smiled and said:" As for the State Normal people who, although I have not fully remember ...... with his feast, however, mention His name, I'd kinda uncomfortable, small count, I would have had a wonderful past, right? "Little Zhuge count looked past finally recovered somewhat macho man, watching his face returning to the sincere smile, my heart is glad, and felt afraid, and said:" Yes, very exciting. "Wonderful ups and downs, people worrying about, tough battle, alas, the world also finds it difficult to identify the second person of life, so the Lord as he Bu Qing. Only hope that God opening the eyes, this a dream, wake up earlier , the storm rainbow bar! "Little count, you do me a favor. "Bu Qing Lord said. Zhuge small operator looking at this man:" I do have a choice to stay out of power? "Bu Qing master laughed and said:" I know who is also a small operator, you can guess what I do? "Little Zhuge count baby look at his arms, and look at this man gradually firm complexion, depressed, said:" I guess this time you are to moths. "" No, "the man faint smile, but the eyes flashed a hint of coldness," I just want to recover something I'm missing! "Oscar: a conspiracy small step: the obvious Oscar: You be careful, this is my site small step: Anyway, I have not the first time came and ye drops ...... boats: ah, you two have something to say Well ...... do hands-on, everybody is good looking text, ah, I remember one vote came not to waste more new chapters go (full novel network <

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