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Bu Qing main idea is antworten

> Floor slept until noon up, being dippy leaning on the bed, like Don thing, blush, shame, being dazed among suddenly through the curtain to see some ladies get together whispering, small building like a thought, secretly got up, walked forward eavesdropping. wWw, quaNBen, COm "is true! counselor said to have entered the city Southampton!" "but the emperor would not know how to do it, God ...... kamikaze finally started the war, so terrible ah ......" xiaolou ears to hear "kamikaze" word, immediately Dengyuan eyes, refused to listen to them, but refused to hide the figure, the curtain yixian went out and asked: "What are you talking about?" Several ladies shocked, but it was too late to run, quickly bend the bow, the small building a few people looked and said: "What are you talking about, what Southampton counselor? What war?" heart mess ground, it seems to predict what has happened wrong. Just then Hou Ming Chu Bong with two back, entered the hall, did not see the small building coat draped, wearing only in plain white clothes, no shoes on your feet, just marching white beads Bong Lo socks ...... togethers, rushed over and said: "Your Highness, what are you to do, how to do in case of a cold?" rushed into taking clothes and shoes for the small building. Reminding us of scenes but did not hear the small building, only a few people watching, see no openings, anxiously stomp your feet, and said: "You'd say ah!" Ming seeing light, micro guess somewhat. She had just come from the outside, but also heard some of the words. Upon seeing this, said: "how, if you do not listen to the empress what?" That several ladies That hastily said: "slaves dare, just, just afraid to say, the empress will ...... unhappy." Building more anxious, immediate burst array of black, said: "You do not say, the palace will be happy!" bright lights, said: "Since the road would be very unhappy empress heard ye say when the gossip to avoid a point not to do so is not to Clean. "that several women blushing. Bright lights added: "Now the empress already know. Hastened Say on. Could not it have to board the empress move?" Ladies listened to this and other powerful in words blurted out: "Yes ...... slaves and other admitted the mistake ... ... back to the empress. slaves, etc. I heard ...... I heard kamikaze already Nam war and now lost to Southampton. Southampton owners have fled the country of refuge Qin days. "" What? God ...... "xiaolou surprised . Step back. Chu Bong just rushed out. Carrying a small building covered with thick coat. Homeopathic hugged her shoulders. Exclaimed: "Goddess you how the?" Xiaolou brain faint. Some can not digest the news a little afraid to acknowledge: So ...... Purple Sparkle brother him. The use of force against Southampton? The main country of Southampton. He yes. He is the landlord to landlord ah ...... Qin days? Small building to heart. Momentary panic. Momentary concern. But it is a moment of joy. She actually surprised at King Phillip war against Southampton and worried Su Huainan. Which is now struggling to Meinan Su and night. However, I heard that he finally came Qin days. But in my heart very happy. All of a sudden. I did not know what to do. Bright lights looked coldly into trouble a few ladies waved them away, the ladies This hastened to shed a bright light hall looked worried xiaolou disconsolate look and said: "Your Highness ......" sigh xiaolou the tone: "I just heard that Southampton counselor to Qin days but really it?" "Yes, sir." bright lights love to know conceal her now does not help, had to answer. Xiaolou suddenly wake up, stood a foot and asked: "It is said ...... Nanan want to go to Qin days refuge? But this thing, this thing is not fixed yet?" "Yes, sir." Ming light sigh , seems to know a small building in mind. Sure enough, the small building next to seize the lamp's arm and said: "Bu Qing Lord?" Bright lights hanging eyelids,Oakley For Cheap, said: "His Royal Highness, the Emperor now Shangchao it." "...... Could it be that he is also what Southampton counselor ? "xiaolou Jingwen. "Yes." Bright lights answered quietly. Small building frowning, pacing up and down in place, and finally said: "I want to see Bu Qing Lord!" Bright lights looked up and said: "Your Majesty ......" small building, said: "I do not care, you go to encourage people, concessions Green master back, I have something important to talk to him. "lips a bright light moving, is to discourage the two. However, the small building to see the clear resolute eyes, that look familiar and capricious, we know that this man made up his mind, and she had shook his head and deferential, said: "Yes, sir, Your Highness." Turned to leave. Ming watched the light leaving the small building, only to take a step back, worry beads Bong shouted: "Your Highness, how do you?" Bong beads turned around to see the small building, heavy sigh, looking a little straight ahead, said: " Bong beads, which can do, purple Yao brother Southampton force the ...... Oh, why did he want to do ...... But for now, the most important thing is to let the landlord into the Qin days, I can not just sit and watch the two of them fight ...... ah ...... we must find a way to tell Violet Yao brother ...... "she murmured as if to himself, afford to sit on a chair, Chu Feng hurried bow, for her to wear shoes, while She looked up, surprised to find xiaolou eyes stared, it seems like a trance. Bu Qing Lord in meditation. Lower-ranking civil and military also meditation. Southampton counselor faint contingent stood farm, his brow still slightly twisted, this person seems to from beginning to end terminally ill, sick and uncomfortable, but happens to stand so firm. Zhuge small operator heart sneer: Do you play any ideas yet. Bu Qing Lord thought: whether or not to impose on Mei Nansu night blessing? If indeed so to do, but he did nothing for the influence of King Phillip there it? ...... Decorum, is sooner or later, but ...... how to do, to make it the best interests of it? Is now promised, or by ...... then wait for a while? Ah, if Southampton subjugation, then to Qin also no impact, but with King Phillip, after the war, can be used as evidence against the other brutal a Dali but if now Nananshijia helping hand, then, on their own, perhaps in the future war when the multi- A friendly help solve the problem? However ...... small operators such as Zhuge said, lying cloud underestimated the wisdom of this person, Mr. ah ...... if hastily leaving Southampton person will become a serious hazard? Bu Qing Lord looked up, look to the man standing in the farm, my heart thought: "Qu lying cloud, you really are a few two kilograms, was actually unfathomable With hearts trick, or a dead end sad?" With explore quietly observing, Bu Qing Lord is decided. Pondered, Bu Qing eyes glimpse behind the curtain suddenly seen next, there is a personal chamberlain was directed at him salute. Bu Qing main hesitated inner displeasure: How chamberlain could be so presumptuous ...... however slightly turned, but saw that beside the chamberlain, who seems vaguely stood a palace, and the kind of dress ...... his heart: move, he went to see small building and they had seen her close person, bright light that is called the girl, she seems to be such a dress. Bu Qing Lord did not want to think almost immediately since, broke and said: "I little thing, temporarily excused, Qingdeng other temporary moment." Enough in such a serious Chodo complexion with this natural tone to say with Such absurd words, but he Bu Qing main kings right through the ages the first? Nature is not to throw the country's envoy in place, and he is also very responsible, the state's face can not be lost, so count on small Zhuge perfect smile revealing: "Little count ......" The rest of the self-evident. - That person is the same door it, small count tight to entertain it. - I now have events, ah, you do not see Royal Highness's personal maid come in yet? This of course is the big thing what, do not you think? For you it is certainly not I! - How? You do not want, do not want too. Although never openings. Arrogant eyes, clearly is such a thing. Zhuge small operator to see clearly understood that my heart was in tears. What sort of emperor? When his harem man child, what is behind a screen? The big thing to her as he should be? Horrible, horrible, over time, Qin days there after - Palace - Dry - government of the suspects, absolutely! And in Bu Qing master got up, dropped once stunned all the officials after it quietly standing on the steps under the Gaun Mr. extremely coughed slightly, then gently hand rope in the mouth, slightly pale thin lips, hook up the strange one. Bu Qing main go fast, ladies within the prison were behind almost trotted along with the emperor. But even so, a large portion still being dropped, no one's legs legs more slender than that, even if there is, there is no one like him go. The so-called eager to go home, but also that of the bar. Bu Qing main hall all the way to a queen, one saw the man waiting hall, a hot heart, hastily rushed. Small building is disturbed, the man saw a black and red intersecting emperor clothes, bead head shaking side crown majesty, the danger of grace, but came too quickly, saw his shadow flashed in one hand and lift up the robe, they rushed in, quickly go fast, chic remains. Small building under slightly hesitated, got up to greet him. Are hesitant to salute, the man can not wait to hold her hands, a little cold little hand was holding his big hands, Bu Qing main softly asked: "how to sit here? Cold like that." Xiaolou Bu Qing looked up to the Lord, to answer the question, said: "Yes Southampton counselor come in yet?" Bu Qing Lord nodded, did not mind and said: "Yes." and asked softly, "- Are you cold?" wait for anyone to answer, they put people into his arms, pulling her hand open skirts, raw cold of chilled like caress. Story house was completely not care, just said: "how are you going to do?" Finally found his hand on his collar rope, then shook his head and said, "- not cold." Bu Qing Lord smelled her faint fragrance, some blame and said: "no cold, you can not sit here, in case the wind to how to do? - ah that they wanted asylum and you all know?" xiaolou somewhat muffled, said : "You leave me ......" hand gently push push him, he does not answer, natural or not decided, and her heart to know: just, do not come to her perfunctory. Bu Qing main hurried down, and looked at her look and asked: "how, not happy? Why?" Xiaolou look at him and said: "Do not you know? Purposely to ask me?" Bu Qing Lord smiled, said: "I'm just guessing, where like the one you tell me that?" then said opened since ...... small building hanging eye, and slowly said: "Bu Qing Lord ...... I ...... I think ...... "" Do you want me to allow them to Qin days are not? "Bu Qing Lord asked, looking at her dismay embarrassed and hesitant way, although he sometimes liked to tease her, to see her this cute look. Xiaolou quickly look at him, her face a little red and said: "I just ...... I do not know that they would actually purple Yao brother will try to go to war, ah ...... but so, too poor, Bu Qing main You let them ...... "She was a little incoherent express. Bu Qing Lord looks at her watch intently, but asked: "You just feel bad for those displaced people do?" "Otherwise it?" Xiaolou frown, asked. Bu Qing main hand and gently rub her red lips, softly asked: "Do you ...... do not know Mei Nansu night? Want to see him?" Gentle questioning that beneath is not clear jealousy. Small building face more red, his face revealing a panic expression of Bu Qing Lord, said: "You ...... you will not be because they want to deny this right?" She straightened his body, his eyes slowly among rolling to the ground revealing anger. Bu Qing Master frowned and shook his head, people will pull back again and said: "I was to ask it, so why be so tense, I looked distressed." She told him so fierce on the fierce, but he still gentle still ...... his original is the legendary "henpecked" ah. Xiaolou heart sorrow, but do not know whether he gonna do, Fox said: "What are you playing any ideas? Menem ...... Su night, I told him naturally know, when ...... he saved me, if not were him, I would now be dead ...... "Bu Qing main heart a pain, said:" Do not say that, not allowed to say that word. "small building, said:" then do not listen, but it is true, I have always been very loved him, Bu Qing Lord, when I beg you, do not ignore him ...... you ...... you ...... "She has always been lofty, very few people ask what the request, not to mention the other side is his? Sometimes face reddened, his eyes already gushing tears. Bu Qing Lord sighed and said: "do not cry!" Smoked a small building under his nose and said: "What do you say, do you agree to disagree ......" Bu Qing main thinking the next, slowly said: "If you do not agree with the words ...... "House turned to look at him, Numuxiangxiang. Bu Qing Lord looked at her angry look, smile, said: "You see, if I do not agree, the future of my life, will not that so? Numuxiangxiang you are to me, then I do not live in a hell do? "" So you mean ...... "small building slightly hesitated, staring at him, it seems that some do not believe his words outside sounds. Bu Qing main hand and gently wiped her eyes the tears and said: "good, how do I willing to let you sad? And Mei Nansu night you do have saving grace, look at this point, I have To save him, is not it? But people who follow him are very complicated, what Qin days, even,Coach Online Outlet, but Shu Qin days next county, I can allocate him to live, how you say? "" Shu-gun? "xiaolou puzzled look Bu Qing Lord. Bu Qing Lord nodded and said: "Yes, Shu Qin days from the county, only a mere ten miles only, if kamikaze really miss him and chase it, we immediately know ...... so we can live the equivalent In the same security Qin days, you said that you like my husband arranged okay? "xiaolou listening blankly, he was attracted to his last sentence almost laughed out Renzhao Xiao and said:" Well ... ... "Bu Qing Lord watched her turn anger to joy, his eyes still covered with a layer of water vapor, could not help but bowed his head and kissed her cheek, the small building, said:" You're not still Shangchao it? "" Yes ah "Bu Qing Lord said," but I have heard your call to fly back. "xiaolou Renxiao, said:" Nonsense, you fly to me to see ...... "Bu Qing Lord said:" Of course it is to fly is easy, but when Hou not, then I have to beg for reward. "xiaolou puzzled, asked:" What reward? "Bu Qing main smiling at her and said:" I listen to your words, proper placement of the Mei Nansu night, you did not give me a little reward it? "small building blushing, said:" You ...... What do you want? "voice trembling. Bu Qing Lord looked at her shy look, smile, said: "I, ah, I want ......" reach out to her chin slightly raised, looking down to kiss her on the mouth. Guided by his small building, slowly rise, know that this is not the time to resist, so let him request. Bu Qing main deep sucking, feeling small building gentle obedience, suddenly, such as in heaven, next to the flowers, the flowers bloom, but also so. Arms hugging people, the moment she wanted to crumple in his body. He kissed the small building was quickly suffocated, think there are so many people waiting outside, which was previously still in court, could not help but gently tap him on the shoulder. Bu Qing main idea is obedient, although some sanity and in the end control the living, small building one hit him, he would wake up, reluctantly left the small building, he looked exceptionally bright colors pro lips, sometimes dry mouth, bow smile, said: "You make good waiting for me in the evening,Air Jordan 1, I want bigger reward." xiaolou togethers, immediately understood what he meant, his eyes with a pair of eye scorching one pair, angrily: "You ...... you are not walking? others waiting How about you!" Bu Qing Lord said: "ah, I know you're waiting for me, but do not worry it ...... I also Shangchao." said as he looked at the small building, grin on his face again and again. Small building stomp your feet and said: "necrosis!" She clearly said that those courtiers and Southampton counselor, but was misinterpreted as this man says that she is the last pair of wanton eyes, ducked their heads, afraid to look He had said, "You do not go, I'll ...... angry now." blush to spurting, hateful person. Bu Qing Lord sighed and said: "Well, when the emperor was not easy ... The trick is to fingertips ..." he mouthed, turned away, ha ha long smile, big sleeves waving, that unruly figure finally left. Read on read on ^ _ ^ The second and more ~ ​​~ ~ ~ Pink ticket one hundred, and I added more of! ! I admit that small step has been a very lovable, so many students said Xiaojin no hope, is that right? I do not think, read on to know :) We must broaden our thinking, oh, quack, I said I'm pro-thing :)) Oscar: I'll tell you P small step: Accept your P everyone: injury to which all feel distressed ah ~ ~ ~ or ~ ~ ~ ~ Do not hit a fly: I'm afraid not enough vigor to fight hum everyone: by, stepmother, take a bench waving her ...... fly: hum ...... my heart hurt ...... fast to compensate me with a vote in the next plus more worse ...... just ten tickets, come on, come ......... excerpts in (full novel network <

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