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but he will hand eye grassland antworten

> World Asahi stroll from the hall came today, he uncharacteristically, actually had a romantic charm of a face more than a hint of Stern. WWw! QUAnBen! Com just slightly reddish eyes, presumably in order to Hao Wang things. "Asahi seen Highness." He went to the small building in front of waltz, although slightly sad demeanor, but did not enjoy showing off very slowly after the salute, look to the small building surface, ignoring his serious appearance together, and that blinking her eyes are still frivolous. Step Shi Xu saw a small building, hanging eyes, avoiding the eyes of his unbridled, whispered: "Asahi Royal Highness grief ah." This sentence, but it is from the heart. Step Shi Xu brow slightly a move, look at the small building, eyes are even more profound, thought for a moment, replied: "Thank you, Your Highness compassionate ...... But, Your Highness when Hou Wang sent to summon, I'm afraid so not just to appease Wang Simple, right? "xiaolou hesitated a child, his face showing a look of embarrassed, and finally said:" Indeed, as princes said to the princes of the palace is now called, is indeed one thing, hard to tell. "" Your Highness is the Amy's heart to know, in order to His Royal Highness, it will fire and water, and then without any hesitation, oh. "Contrary to expectations small building, but suddenly opening step straightforward Shi Xu said. Seeing the world to step xiaolou lift Xu, eyes full of peach this romantic face, so she did not know is not to believe it, but, believe it or not, and is not important, important is that he is willing to do things for themselves then the line . Could not help but bite Yaochun may in the end is not the heart, the eye opening to flash again to hide. Asahi look intently watching the small building, really love these little tricks of her extremely. Hao Wang yesterday he got the bad news, this is mind harms, although he has always been careless struggle for power, but in the end the royal children, used to see inside the dark officialdom, of course, will feel there is something wrong, not to mention since Hao Wang sick after they no one was allowed to go visit, that day he suddenly died out of the news reported. But what can they do in the bosom of his third brother shortage body dead or alive, his mother and his brother is the biggest suspected man, but his heart is dead, but both of them are unwilling to admit there is a suspicion that he would rather admit their usual Fu Huang is dead, after all, the elderly, you never know when it will ...... desperately intoxicate themselves. However, his nature is not bad. In the end felt his heart hurt. After a day and a night. Tragic sense at heart still lingering. What is hiding in their own land Fuchu just do not want to manage. All of a sudden despair Side. Suddenly heard the door man to come to school at Royal Princess Jane comes to the small building to summon week. Only RBI spirit. Came to this divinity palace. Fu Huang left to grief. With those not ashamed to arms. Like a serpent, his invasion of earth. And before looking at beauty. She looks her in action to changing a look. Just like that paralyzed his soul to medicine. Let those suffering. Uneasy. Suspicion. Eleven gradually receded. Just bathed her beautifully radiant. Piansi whole person temporarily allow him to be quiet. "Your Highness has asked if Asahi, but say it anyway." Seen the woman said softly to hesitate. Xiaolou hesitated for a moment. Finally said: "Royal Highness The palace to do is have two presumptuous request. Princes also requested to fulfill." When speaking. Xiaolou eyes also look to step boldly Shi Xu. Xu Shi-step into the hall afterwards. Always felt that she kept in a dodge to escape the gaze to his right again quickly out of the way on the ground. Let him feel pity. Suddenly see her over here. Facing pair of transparent camel eye. Somewhere from the bottom of my heart faint sigh. "Wang ears." Small building on the same step Shi Xu gazing, said. Xiaolou looked at him spoke and said: "The palace is now two things, first please princes palace shelter previously admitted that a few girls." Step Shi Xu raised an eyebrow, but silent. Xiaolou said: "Please princes rescued by a second, inner palace, the Royal empress with eviction in Lynn." Step Shi Xu frowned, looked only small building. Xiaolou thought for a moment, stood up and said: "Xu princes, two things though it seems like it does not matter in princes, but they are related to the life of the event, the palace today rush to bring these two princes do not love The Please, my heart is no certainty Please also princes, to fulfill ...... "xiaolou ask for things not done, since she in this seat, is nothing more than anything they want, unscrupulousness, right step Shi Xu verbally Xiangqiu probably First, while tough spoke, he felt face bursts of heat, which really is not one of her favorite roles, but they had to do. Step Shi Xu finished listening to her, then he also played himself, the pace Midon, toward the small building came here, walked, said: "That a few girls what to Wang shelter, no problem. As Lynn Royal, That is not what the third brother's mother Princess in her palace, hey, why should the eviction it? "xiaolou see him step by step, toward their side close. However, they can not turn back, said: "One of the relationship is really complicated, just want the palace seeking princes, to make an exception agreed to the request of the palace." "Really? Wang would like to know how complicated?" Steps Asahi world has come to the small building in front, abruptly turned his head and looked at her up close, talk moist atmosphere, small building can be felt. Small building just about to speak. Step Shi Xu tan cry, and said: "Your Highness did you know that intrauterine mother of kings, my queen mother ...... If I request from the Royal Highness, is rebelling against my letters, you let me,Nike Air Jordan 12 Sale, what to do . "small building quietly said:" Because of His Royal Highness Queen Goddess is the biological mother, perhaps Highness Queen Goddess did not interfere, the palace only to His Highness help. "" Oh. "Step Shi Xu promised himself Quesihaowei move, only said, "So this is ...... that if Amy did, Your Highness is it not a great debt owed to Amy?" xiaolou drooping eyes, quickly frowned, hear the tone among other The faint ambiguous, had as I do not know, slowly authentic: "Royal Highness ...... Even the palace owes princes." "No, no ......" step Shi Xu chuckle and said, "Amy always do not like to be debts, And Wang's favor expensive expensive. "xiaolou heart wall, asked:" How expensive? "steps Sai Yuk glanced at her, look at that cherry lips linger over, whispered:" expensive to His Royal Highness ...... could not afford to pay. "he spoke, the head slightly lower low, his lips almost attached to the small building on the forehead up, small building instinctively want to step back, but unexpectedly had no intention to retire so their station at the edge of the chair, the pace of a withdrawal of effort body flash, Di Hu soon tossed away after the step Shi Xu hand, embrace her waist, her arm around the body in a timely manner, but do not let go, heavily pregnant toward their in with the band, lower your eyes, staring at the glowing Mouguang small building, said: "Your Highness, can not afford the human how could you?" xiaolou not retreat, they can not avoid his rustic look, forbearance forbearance, said: "Who can not afford this house, princes what?" steps Shi Xu smiled and said: "Your Highness touches courage startle up ...... ah, Wang is really envious of my third brother, though there is such a good fortune ... ... Even if people in the distance, His Highness still the same as a good wife's help, he tut ...... "listen to his story house digression, frowned and said:" This is not to Bu Qing Gong master, the palace is just ...... "" ah? "" This house just to conscience. "xiaolou turn on the eyes, whispered said. Step Shi Xu's face looked out of the inquiry, thought, whispered smile and said: "Your Highness is indeed an interesting person, in that case ...... Well ......" added a fresh arm, a small building panic and forced her waist tightly close step Sai Yuk waist, they look really outrageous, the small building had to try to step away from the body back better world Xu, side asked, "Xu Wang, what are you doing ? "steps Shi Xu bowed his head, her lips firmly on the ground. Xiaolou brain frightened to resist this, lift your hands into a fist step the world wants to play in the fall of Asahi's body, they suddenly stopped if this is the case, he can not promise ...... then what is the ? Xu Shi-step technique is very good although the kisses come, but do not hang around people feel disgust contingent is a veteran of the flowers, even the small building always remain sober-minded, but still felt from his mouth came an incredible level of comfort, as if as people melt the same. Asahi Bank to step reluctantly after her release, the small building was awakened looked up to see him, was surprised to find Asahi Royal Highness head down, his face filled with blank expression. "Royal Highness, you can let go of the palace of the" small building vertical eye, whispered. After a child, step Sai Yuk only chuckle and said: "Your Highness, you have not asked Wang agreed never." Xiaolou surprised, glaring, asked: "princes want to go back? '" Is just a kiss it ... ... "the man said something more to say. Xiaolou extremely angry, Xiangyebuxiang, waving a slap in the past: "You bastard!" Steps Shi Xu hand, holding a small building in a timely manner hands, smile and said: "Your Highness, Wang fair to warn you afraid afraid Highness Oh, can not afford. "small building covered with hair war, had to hold back, said:" If you do not want to help Asahi Royal Highness, on the palace bluntly, why so teasing the palace? "steps Shi Xu whispered smile, said:" The hardest to endure Beauty Well, who says the king do not want to help a? "" Then you just ...... "xiaolou heart rises a glimmer of hope, rise, uneasy look to step Shi Xu. Step Shi Xu looked slightly joking small building, whispered said: "Amy is just begging for a little interest in it." Small building so frivolous listening to his words, could not help blushing. Step Shi Xu looked down at her hands and lifted her face gently touched, the small building out of the way, said: "Royal Highness weight!" But understand step Shi Xu asked: "In fact, the king was in my arms, If that helped Highness, Your Highness will not really be able to afford to pay the costs. "That hand hard, in small building lips caress and over. Small building face more red, and finally could not help but shouted: "Royal Highness, Royal Highness to do it quickly, this palace can afford to pay, after I discovered is not it done?" Steps Shi Xu laughed, looking at the small building angry expression,Nike Jordan 11 Sale, said: "That's good, that's good, do it quickly, otherwise, I am afraid will be too late." finally let go of the small building, small building quickly dodge jump aside, looked wary step Shi Xu. Xu Shi-step sweep at her, mouth with a playful smile, said: "That Highness had a good wait, but Amy will come back anytime you want to discuss Highness ......" That flower yo eyes, glanced at the small building covered one, look at the small building creepy, but not strong for calm and said: "Royal Highness light, waiting for the palace since the good princes." This step Shi Xu nodded and said: "Wang first to leave, Your Highness should not be too worried about small Gi-Oh. "he step back, looked up again to the small building, said while grin after completing a blink eye gently, was actually directed at the small building to make a nice Feiyan. Xiaolou stunned heart pounding, but whatever the outcome, he will not come back, sit see step Shi Xu twisting, and finally out of the hall away. Small building just step back, get back in the chair, hand in his own chest, thought: "Thanks to everyone in advance will be driven out, otherwise is to give people see ......" shook his head and sighed. Door seems shadows fall, the small building was surprised, stood up, and was surprised to find seems cloudy appearance, she hurried to the door, and looked out to see that the probe had just see sunny skies, great drifting of a cloud, will be that ray of sunshine, retaining the tightly. Xiaolou turned around, surprised to find step Asahi world figure, and floated on top of being lost in the corridors, the moment, perhaps too quickly, actually giving a fleeting feeling. Xu Shi-step work is indeed a neat previously selected for Bu Qing main concubine, I had praise too. She talked with Xu Shi-step, step back to the government after World Asahi, after half an hour there will be a team of people to come, was ordered to be that girl eleven eleven Asahi carefully carried to the palace. Xiaolou watched those girls figure disappeared door, finally removed a mind, this thing is because she naturally have the sky by her ends. The girls in the world Asahi step Fuchu, than in divinity palace so precarious place. Step Shi Xu although playboy reputation, in the end is the Queen Goddess own son, which then spread to a large earthquake in the royal family, I am afraid it will not step into the turbulent world of the body Asahi For those girls are walking Shi Xu personally selected his favorite fruit will leave, if not desirable to his personality, will they come home from severance Qin days these days, the small building also heard, though Asahi Royal Highness romantic and sentimental, but does not seem melodramatic, with whom he had Instead, a woman will be full of praise for him, but Xu Shi-step addition to romantic, the other character is just fine, that he had not heard what sort of tyrannical concubines to move, but added that he heard generously put multi- his concubines freedom of news, which is the reason why small building a few girls willing to let that one of the reasons to go Asahi palace. Since the step Shi Xu left, bid farewell to those eleven girls, small building inside the palace have been waiting for the news. She originally thought as Lynn Goodfriend said, and so for three days and then you can pick up Lynn chaise, and now, on her side assassins are looking for a ...... foreseeable situation is very grim. Although, people do not know, the small building heart understand: That assassin, I am afraid not to assassinate from, but do not have meaning. But saying it is better not to say to others. However, the small building and thus also clear: if it can not find something, after the empress will be cornered with great prince might get it ...... embarrassed her identity at the moment, to the palace, then the surface will not dare Queen Goddess on her case, but For Lynn chaise on maybe a small building if hastily come forward, I am afraid it is angered Queen Goddess, but will be self-defeating, for Lynn chaise bad, and coupled with Zhuge small operator told her to go before the Pro account, she wanted to think and have found that the matter in addition to step Shi Xu, did not have a second person can come forward to help the fit. Xiaolou tossed among the Snappers wandering listlessly beads Bong waited at the edge of the Ming light injury, has been resting, this is the first time I saw the blood beads Bong dashing situation is that with the injured Her love with the sister of the Ming light, frightened, depressed spirit. See story house sometimes standing, sometimes looked out of the window, forbearance forbearance, only asked: "Your Highness, you're waiting for someone?" Xiaolou promised a cry, and said: "Yes ah." Bong beads some concerns, all of a sudden blurting: "Your Highness, I have a bad feeling." xiaolou togethers, back, asked: "What?" Bong beads frowning, said: "The bright light heavy injuries sister, her face so white, has been coughing since yesterday, a good scary. "xiaolou heart jump, asked:" just not going to read it? physician to convince the drug, nothing would happen. "Bong beads still somewhat feebly eyebrows are drooping to: "Your Highness, slaves very worried clear light." House see her panic and look, depressed heart impatience, smiled and said: "Silly boy, well, you do not wait in here, go look out light it. "Bong beads bit late, never see the small building looks like, before agreeing to cry, and said:" I went to see Ming Highness light. "turned and ran out. Snappers sitting alone in a small building, after the honey Yun Ji and assassin things, to her people to follow it as little as possible, who knows his side and which are close friends, what do they have ulterior motives. Moreover, in that day, if not the dark Phillip King David, I am afraid the situation more difficult to clean up, no amount of days the wind guard, how can close over her ah. Xiaolou quiet for a while, suddenly asked: "Yesterday, you should have noticed there are assassins of it, why not move? 'Silence, a voice faint replied:" That man is not come to His Highness, for the safety of His Highness no fear. "xiaolou frown, asked:" What if I do not help solve the problem will let you open eyes and watch him kill the next light and then escape? "the voice no longer sounded, a silence. Xiaolou bit his lip, which is obviously acquiesced. "You ......" She paused, like angry, know that they were just looking for an opportunity to vent anger only. Other person's taste, really hard. After a very long time, that invisible shadow among the familiar calm voice that she slowly said: "Your Highness, the country I come from Normal people just naturally want to protect it with His Highness His Highness safety as the first, as for others not my scope of protection. "the answer, but it is to be expected, the small building ridiculous, they can not rebuke, had a wry smile and shook his head. Rishangsangan wait until after the sun gradually gone, or even the slightest sound outside are none. Extremely small building like anxiety, almost crazy, heart, think: "I should not go to step Shi Xu, I personally went to the palace should worry about what you do, not even the Queen that temptress not really kill me Why, I do not believe that evil unfortunately, damn! "want:" This hesitant step Shi Xu beautiful woman he chose, he'd done smoothly, a high efficiency, let him save, so procrastination, now news no one, that person, it really is not a device lecher it! darn, darn, they are brothers, without a good man! "really almost collapsed, several times already covered with a cloak, and went out, but life and life twisted back, heart desperately consoled himself: "I must step Sai Yuk come back, and I do not know how much this palace in the eyes staring at me move, if I act rashly, then I'm afraid the bad Queen alarmed." So refrained. All sorts of torment, but also want to go snooping about that dark Wei news, my heart was knowing each other will not agree, and finally opening the request, and she got "I can not leave Highness side", so cold answer. Listening to sound small building, only to see the man, could not help but think of King Phillip, far away in the wind of God, if at the moment, in his words ...... Barbara nonsense ah. Heart burst of sorrow and grief. Rapid footsteps from the door, someone shouted: "You idiot,Oakley Squared Outlet, get out fast!" Said the voice, but it is Asahi Royal Highness, the small building and ears to hear real, ran out to the moment, exclaimed: "Asahi princes do? "doorway a person, body with cold air coming out of the small building caught off guard and almost hit him, but he will hand eye grassland pockets hold small building. Flickering candlelight, the two will have to see each other very well, looking at the small building step Shi Xu eyes, but also attend to avoid arousing suspicion, asked: "Royal Highness, to get things done that?" Step Shi Xu eyebrows wrinkled, wavefront Blinking, staring at the small building looked for a moment, that look, to see the small building plush heart, could not help but grabbed his shoulders, Jingwen: "Asahi Royal Highness?" This step Shi Xu Chen Sheng said: "Your Highness go with Wang Xu palace. "small building started and quickly release him, wary asked:" What do you want? "steps Shi Xu looked at her eyes, pressing the heart of the temper and said:" Your Highness, without further ado You hurry back with Amy. "small building shook his head, trying to get rid of the control step Sai Yuk, Yuk a step Shi took her arm, a small building near the ear, Chen Sheng quickly said:" Your Highness, I am the way specific and detailed and then to say to you - you just go to my house, and they will see you want to see, too late, then ...... not easy to say. "xiaolou surprised, turned around to see the World Asahi step, trying to see his face the words of authenticity. Xu Shi-step with her in the eye for a while, and finally released her and said: "Your Highness own choice! Wang never forced." Xiaolou gritted his teeth, to date, can then carefully consider what head out knife her head is a knife, to stay in this palace with divinity to his palace Asahi also makes no difference, if that Longtanhuxue, where the world is not? Angtou slightly, looking at the world step Xu, said: "That this House to go with the princes, princes do not let this house be disappointed." Step Shi Xu looked deeply small building, nodded his head and said: "Your Highness, please faster . "offer a second more, pink votes short of a plus more, I put this chapter Mockingbird ~ That can be a pink rose to an estimated effort it will also add a third more ha. Reprinted from (full novel network <

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