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> GE small operator to figure out why the Lord would be so assured Bu Qing laissez-faire from the Purple ~. wwW, QuanBEN, COm nature is reassuring. That person, step back he was the heart of the small building, to her shot, then do not be afraid every moment is an opportunity every time, but he always never transgressing, even Bu Qing main gates of the Windy City of God,Oakley Lifestyle Outlet, he, knowing they will lose the small building, Ning Temple night, How opportune, he still did not actually told her how. Bu Qing Lord has been very averse to this kamikaze Colonial National Division, not for anything else, even the location of the two, but also determines the two of them eventually mortal, even in the unknown distant future, two people there will certainly be a life and death battle is not necessarily earth-shattering. Further still, because of the small building's sake, destined to rival the two people they would never pleasant or sympathetic. But they do not know why, Bu Qing master felt that he was covered with the waves about this as people Xiangqilaijiu chill breeding Colonial National Division. King Phillip's heart, Bu Qing Lord actually felt that he would understand. Understand why he forbear years, have not been small building, but just watching, guarding, watching, until finally, personally sent away. Sky and scattered clouds gather the wind waves and waves of cold reduction, repeatedly, indecisive, worried that the weather is like an old man, was thinking was furious or blue skies. Bu Qing master looked up at the sky, I thought: "Yes ah, I understand that King Phillip mind might think, for him, if it can not keep her in person, it would be early with her over the perimeter, but also how ? The man is clearly disdain, could not bear to whom, he, he indeed was too proud, or too for the sake of a small building ...... "but I wonder if this is his biggest weakness, but also just gave myself the best chance. Bu Qing Lord gently sigh, thought, "But he is perhaps too assured of it, he knew, the small building is the center of the earth will move toward him anyway, belong to him, but I do? Her heart not with me , even if I appear in what capacity, the results are just the same, she ah, I was doing everything possible to come back to marry Princess ah, she is my childhood dream woman ah, do not, let me make it so Tanshou arch? do not ...... Phillip King, I tell you different, at least you can have her heart, but I had nothing rag Nannvzhiqing she is immune to me, so I've no turning back, if she refused to give me anything , then I can only go to his shot, rob, even ...... "bite the Yaochun, came to an end. Behind Zhuge small operator, said: "the monarch, there is only two people guarding you to breath very unstable, as successor come to help you heal." Bu Qing Lord is with this intention. Convergence of sorrowful thoughts. Nodded. Zhuge small operator turned commanded. Bu Qing from someone leaning into the main room. Seated up in bed. Zhuge small operators move in. Bu Qing Lord asked: "Lately the situation can be okay?" Little Zhuge count nodded his head: "coyotes worse thirty-four days over there to be able to reach an estimated shortage of pregnant As Qin days. Calm. Calmly as people some ...... "he suddenly paused. Look into. With a little anxiety. Bu Qing Lord asked: "What is wrong with it?" Little Zhuge count frowned. Silent for a moment. Said: "No Nothing wrong with that. But I think this calm. Instead, as people feel uneasy. Like. Atmosphere of Side." "Ah." Bu Qing Lord nodded. "Soldiers to be blocked. Water to soil flooding. Bale." Sighed. In the three days before. He also thought he even dismay. Must comply with the king to command. Go into battle. Expedition pregnant drought. Unexpectedly, the next moment, but drastic changes. Himself wants to go could not walk. Can still leave. Cope metamict ominous situation. More did not expect is that the adult daughter who kamikaze, actually will your visit here as fast as thunder camel. Fortunately, the situation has been temporarily stabilized, and he need to do now is to quickly raise the body good. Yuehua Jian, the door was knocking the door, it will be in ten to two, because the wolf disguised as Bu Qing main place of his expedition, in order to ensure successful, it will be among the parties with more than half a dozen of the people away, but fortunately there Ershibasu guard left half of the people here, and left the people, are also on the choice of martial arts, strength pure person. Bu Qing main injuries foreign aggression, the past few days and spend unlimited infuriating to the small building, now just need their timely help foster good will power up the body slowly. Zhuge small operator, said: "In everything that happens before, being nothing to worry about, and the first monarch to concentrate on recovering from it." Bu Qing Lord nodded, knowing cranky and no use, cross-legged on bed, sat still, slowly pranayama. Zhuge count shook his small fan on the two men said: "There are workers friends." Dimei two men said: "Yes and so should be done under." Little Zhuge count promised soon, said: "So, here on the to two. "he finished, turn Shi naturally out of the room. A burst of cold wind came face, unlike previously so cold, but with some faint ...... Zhuge small operator looked up, but also to see the sky changing, clear eyes reflected the sky clouds, thinking: "This opportunity, how a random Zile, I'm afraid I Zhefan whim not fake ground ...... but now he hurt so say more in words, for fear of his body no good, nothing ...... willing simply to wait and see, the situation is not like Well I suppose on a camel poor. "his heart in silence for a moment, that she turned toward the Lord to leave that previously Bu Qing yard away. It is the room where King Phillip with the small building, a small operator glanced at Zhuge that closed door, hesitated for a moment, and finally shook his head, turned and went out. And across the door, crossed the curtain is Zhuge small operators want to see but can not see the scene. Compared to those of the imagination in his mind, in front of the scene but it is very calm, and even some lonely. Phillip King sat on the bed, looking down at the side of the people like to sleep quietly. Old has seen her sleeping capacity, may not seem at the moment, like, mind complex. Heart mixed feelings, Phillip King stretched out his hand and touched her familiar forehead, fingers grazed slowly sinking glass beads, drew a circle, like the petals stay fingertips dragonfly wings on her closed passing on the eyes, in the long eyelashes grazed the ground, below the last slide, press and hold the old plump rosy at the moment is somewhat bleached cherry lips. "Your Highness." Softly Huanliaoyisheng heart faint sour. Sleeves a move that will brook spiritual lethargy sleeve shake out, the river spirit creep a little round body, issued a faint thin sound, not like the old way to arrogant, Phillip King Low: "Have you seen the owner of the What? can not put her wake? "River Spirit move a bit, a flimsy, shoulder slipped down from the small building, Gulu fell on her collar. King Phillip's shocking to see, a finger supporting the Rotary River Spirit River Spirit huddle a group, leaning on a small building to the collar, motionless. "Do you wake up it can not call her?" He whispered, a little bit disappointed, a little disappointed. Hand slowly down, hold her shoulders: "Why, I came all the way just to see you one, if you know you ...... peace and joy, and that is my greatest hope that I enjoy more reason hate you, enjoy like you, and how, but why did you bring herself to look like this piece, you know ...... I have to mind how much pain? "eyes drooping eyelids motionless, looking at her golden eyes milli unconscious to the face and said: "You're always so headstrong, reckless things, I know, I do not blame you, to blame, to blame when I let go." he sighed, silent. "Although I still hate you, hate you first let go of me," he said woodenly, slowly down the face pasted her little face slowly, slightly closed eyes, murmured and said: "But if you sentient, and I will not hate you do not want me, if you have a perception, therefore I do not want to hate you, then wake up, wake up it, take a look at me, look at me, I'm here, You do not ...... do not want to see me, is not. "hands down, caught her hand firmly holding, fingers splayed, closely followed her to clasp fingers together in a vine like tangled hold gesture. King Phillip's face to face with the small building rub the two, that she leaned down, kissed her in the lips carefully, looked at her still unconscious face, bowed his head, gently tighten clenched on the back of her hand and kissed. He looked at it with his fingers clasped hands, pale, delicate, no color, stare at, but the shift is not open eyes, but do not know, that little face, eyelashes and gently shake the flick, immediately quiet. Unconsciously, three days before. Within three days, Bu Qing main occasionally go to a small building in the visit, King Phillip coldly, no longer with him more than words. He did not want to disturb him, the small building though still did not wake up, but it is one day hurt like a day to recover very well. Himself, because there is no longer consumed infuriating waste effort, coupled with ten Admiral Ershibasu assistance force at an alarming rate in the recovery, and trauma, because they no longer fray, beating four or five. News came on the fourth day. Zhuge small operators face when you see the gray came in, I felt a burst main Bu Qing strange aversion to cold, ominous feeling, rising from the whole body. "How?" He looked Zhuge small operator, asked. Zhuge eyes looked small operator, Utah look at him, finally spoke and said: "Monarch on the big bad." "How?" Bu Qing main furrowed eyebrows. Zhuge small count gritted his teeth, Chen Sheng said: "The rate of coyotes army, will go to a shortage of arms, suddenly encountered an ambush." ​​"Ambush?" Bu Qing main surprise. "Ah," Zhuge small operator said, "This is what we expected in the matter, but, a large enemy force, actually exceeded expected, coyotes one o'clock surprise, casualties heavy." "Ah ......" Bu Qing main heart shocked, asked, "pregnant shortage bandits, together, more than just numbers, however, coyotes thirty thousand troops, it actually lost?" Zhuge small operators also furrowed eyebrows, slowly said: "This is the crux of the problem where the other party by night assault, and not in my arms wasteland sector, according to the news, these bandits fighting very tough, very accurate and fast start, coyotes troops by surprise, lost more than Kenjiro. "" How is it so?! "Bu Qing main pale complexion moment, since the troops he has always been an overwhelming victory in the end of every game of the campaign, the most tragic time, but also the loss of thousands of people only, but this time, he was almost Do not believe their ears, this is simply not a defeat can be described, though not his personal troops, but those Kenjiro are his training out of the ah. "Jun, the" Little Zhuge count some concern to men looked pale, though my heart knew told him, to his great good physical recovery, but do not say that military emergency, he can not afford these consequences. Hard hard-hearted, Zhuge small operator, said: "IP Messenger message but a while back, coyotes have said, has been toward the fertile fields of the garrison for help, as long collaborated with, it should be resolved immediately surrounded dilemma." "Actually ...... siege. "Bu Qing main eyebrows screwed up, hands raised, on the lips, eyes revealing fears light," the matter has been reached Qin days it? "" Even at the moment is less than, but also not one thirty delay engraved. "Zhuge small operator said. Bu Qing master got up and slowly walked in the house. Zhuge small operator looking at his restless appearance, thought, said: "Jun, you may have felt some strange matter." Bu Qing Lord nodded, heart malaise, said: "Qin days to help pregnant shortage This is well known to do, pregnant shortage bandits know I want troops away, early preparations, not surprising, but ...... "He shook his head and said," thirty thousand troops, enough to wipe out most powerful regular, how notice any mere banditry rabble have to beat, not to mention beforehand talked about everything related to coyotes raid situations may occur, soldiers are accustomed any case, absolutely not because the other party to a raid, they unprepared, actually lost thousand! "he getting more and more indignant, affecting internal injuries, could not help breathing heavier hand over his chest, tall stature thus hunchback up. Zhuge small operators quickly stepped forward, he will hold, Bu Qing Lord look at him, saw Zhuge count in the eyes of a small touch of quirky look, slightly hesitated and asked: "Zhuge, your heart can have any idea?" Little Zhuge count pondered, looked Bu Qing main one, turn on the eyes to go, said: "Jun, I do not." Bu Qing Lord stared at him for a while, do not see him with his right, as always, suddenly angrily: "At this time You also refused to tell me the truth? your heart obviously been pregnant, but refused to say to me? worry you in the end what? "Little Zhuge he counted the words that broke your heart, my heart sighs, but loosened Bu Qing Lord, slightly bowed and said: "I'm just worried monarch your body, no meaning." Bu Qing assertive he always refused to explain the true meaning, but the more heart felt horror, Zhuge small count on him, has always been cold does not bogey, say what to say, belonging beyond the kind of "resented" subordinates, but now, he should fear to refuse to tell the truth on their own. Really is because his body fully recover to reason, or is it that he was afraid he listened to his guess? "Zhuge!" Bu Qing main eyebrows lifted, "Matters of thousand people to life, you would not tell me the truth do? This is not like your usual character." "Jun, the" Little Zhuge count back no retreat, and finally sighed, "indeed ...... I'm just guessing, there is no hard evidence, if rashly say, I am afraid but not good." "You're always very confident." Bu Qing considered the primary visual Zhuge small , words with sarcasm, "This time, what exactly makes you so hesitant, indecisive?" Zhuge small operators Zhang Zhang mouth, but finally did not say anything. Bu Qing main stubborn look at him, a little sadly, thought, and finally said: "Well, you do not want to say that I can do to keep pressing you say? Thy good to want nothing, figured out and then the I say too late. coyotes since it has been the fertile fields for help, there is a brother to the jurisdiction of the garrison, they should be flying to save, I do not believe a mere bandits, can beset me Qin cavalry! " Zhuge small count of the people looking at the front visage, quietly bite Yaochun and dropped his eyes and said: "the monarch said yes. simply, coyotes they fighting at the front, you have to the same monarch on his body operations, the monarch if you miss the frontline of the war, were made to get to the devotion and will keep your body well, that time, everything will be solved. "" You're right. "Bu Qing main eyes sank, said," Follow your speed to pregnant shortage war, in addition, the reaction ...... Qin days pay attention. "Somehow, an account of the last time, my heart something" Peng "to jump a little, as if the thought of something ...... but they and quickly channeling the past, and did not care. Zhuge small operator promised soon, and turned to go. Bu Qing primary emotions, thought for a moment, and finally move, out of the room. Open the door, the house quietly, without a sound. Bu Qing main heart hesitated Mai Buxiang away inside, that curtain hanging, take up his hand to hand caught on the hooks of silver, look to the bed, the man still, quietly lying unconscious, he actually could not help but sigh of relief. Not just ...... King Phillip. Odd, he gone? Heart of a dynamic. Bu Qing master slowly over to the bed, looking down and identify the small building situation noticed her breathing steady compared to the previous lot, not like the original is so stagnate weakness, my heart could not help a little joy, this is since he heard the pregnant shortage of bad news, the only make him feel my heart happy things. See some of her old pale complexion recovered, he held out his hand, could not help her lips gently nodded. If somewhat timid camel, quickly turning back. Knowing that she would not know, but still somewhat guilty conscience, as strange, and obviously he was to Princess ah. His heart to such humble themselves feel slightly dissatisfied, could not help but reach out again, would like to try the good to the touch, but also to prove that he is not afraid to touch her. Finger cheek small building that will be encountered when suddenly think there is anything wrong with that. Bu Qing Lord looked down, surprised to find, there is a mass of furry things, is nestled in the small building collar, close to her earlobe where he shocked surprise, that intuition is the mouse and the like, the hands of a bomb, an forces ready. "Squeak!" That first thing suddenly shouted, suddenly had huddled together to fluffy hair up like a hedgehog met dangerous. It's just a mass of hairy, no head and face, but Bu Qing Lord felt, if this thing expression, then it will surely be a moment Dengyuan eyes,Nike Air Jordan 7 UK, very horrified expression. That thing firmly affixed xiaolou collar, like a frightened and vigilant like a camel. Bu Qing main startled by startled, finger flexion, no pop. That thing was slowly, very slowly to ease down, still quietly nest in a small building collar does not move. Bu Qing main look interesting, tentatively outstretched fingers, poke it a bit. It suddenly impatient with the same "squeak" re screamed, as if to protest his "indecent." "You're what?" Bu Qing main faint smile, heart shock, retracted his finger, looked something timid, to see him no longer move, but finally calmed down look. That thing just desperately huddle, no sound. "Where are you from?" Mouth asked. Spirit River is naturally not to dialogue with him, that actually looks like sleep in the past, even the hair are too lazy to shake it. "It is the Spirit Creek is bring me things." Faint answer, that sounds nice place, after their own sounds. Bu Qing main back, saw the standing still of the Colonial National Division King Phillip. "So ...... State Normal people are brought." Bu Qing main slowly got up and looked silently appeared to man, heart think: just where he went? "Yes." King Phillip replied deadpan cry, straight through Bu Qing primary side, until the edge of the bed, looking down on the bed of the man with the river spirit, look for a moment before looking away. Bu Qing between assertive he looks on the little things are quite concerned, thought and said: "These days, thank the State Normal people." King Phillip faint sitting on the bed and said: "I am not for you, so do not have to thank. "Bu Qing main slowly smile, asked:" State Normal people had just gone? "Phillip King glanced at him, flashed a sarcastic gold Mouzhong like the color, said:" how, the whereabouts of their division, What needs to be accountable to the prince? "Bu Qing owners do not think disobedient, calm, said:" State Normal people naturally do not need to explain to the king, but the National Division in the palace, the king asked the only one worried about. "the man's face mocking the color the more heavy: "Royal Highness is worried about their division will be bad princes to do?" Bu Qing Lord quietly watching him, but asked: "State Normal people would do what?" King Phillip faint smile: "For example, I just went out a trip that will not respect sham princes Kangzhi news just told someone. "Bu Qing Lord looked at Phillip King, said:" I want to defeat the king, this land is indeed a good way. "King Phillip transfer beginning to go, snorted, not words. Bu Qing looked at him for a moment beside the Lord, he only looked at the bed of the small building, suddenly asked: "I have always had a heart to ask." Bu Qing Lord said: "State Normal people, please speak." Asked King Phillip : "divinity princes to injury, come from Bu Qing main burst just think back wound throbbing, but smiled and said:" Yes a person unintentionally injured. "" Really? "King Phillip mouth of a Young," I thought previously, the Northern Wei Town King's handwriting, but then I thought, on the Tuoba Shanhai, if not win, I am afraid to eat much so, it is incredible. "Bu Qing main look the same:" State Normal people seem to already know the answer. "King Phillip" ah "sound, said:" Your Royal Highness divinity with me, do you ...... Highness her, playing instruments, I am now very curious, you have to use what she really means? "Bu Qing main scar just felt my heart, as if the flick was opened, and the pain tremble, but said:" State Normal people smart, somewhat afraid guessed it. "King Phillip slowly said:" I guess, than the total party himself admitted. "Bu Qing main strong laugh loudly and said:" Normal people against my country, the king, do not want to revisit. "" Why, what is the prince you guilty? "King Phillip eyes lift, golden eyes rolling, look Bu Qing Lord, he seems to dissolve refining spot. Bu Qing master shook his head:" State Normal people understand that clean government too hard chores this reason it? "" Sorry, "King Phillip coldly and said," If what you say is HRH prince, then this is not the chores, but the affairs of state! "Bu Qing main body startled, to see the King Phillip. Phillip King golden eyes fixed set, back at him, two men to each other, seems to have war with his eyes. After a moment, Bu Qing main slow opening:" The king only can say that there are some misunderstandings have occurred, and the king did, that he would not let the same thing to reproduce. As for who hurt who is not important, important is that no one will leave. "Phillip King heard him swear like slowly as if the mouth is a challenge, said:" is not it? Royal Highness will be no one left turns? "Bu Qing Lord asked:" Will the State Normal people, What do you mean? "King Phillip lengthy replied:" Royal Highness thought what it meant, and that is what it means, why ask. "He is suggesting what? Bu Qing main heart angry, could not step forward, the body infuriating Gudang, Phillip King sat still, seems to not care about being Bu Qing main infuriating agitation, Shuangbin hair flying backwards, and he was looking like a fine day to the warm sun, although not move, it's still a confidence appearance. "State Normal people," Bu Qing Lord looked at Phillip King, said, "The king has said that she is The wife of the king, this life apart from the Datong-Qinhuangdao, will not go anywhere. "King Phillip eyes lightly lift:" Royal Highness, Royal Highness Princess she is Kamikaze, you know under what circumstances she was free to return to kamikaze it? "Bu Qing main heart of a terrier. Phillip King mouth hearted smile:" It appears you princes of royal rule kamikaze not know ah. "Bu Qing suffered a heart of the gas main, slowly said:" You had to expect ...... is not it? "Phillip King shook his head:" Part Unexpectedly, I will act according to my heart think. "Bu Qing Lord turned his head and looked at the bed like a child who, like Sleeping Beauty, I do not know why, I just feel jerky very eyes, ears attend the King Phillip slowly said:" Royal Highness now to worry about, probably not this thing. "Bu Qing main stared looked small building for a while, did not seem to hear the words of King Phillip, and after a moment, before slowly leaned down. Phillip King sat in this quiet, seeing this, his hands flick, but the body will not move from He gazes, Bu Qing main bent, bowed his head, in the small building's lips gently kissed it, superficially, to leave immediately, but it seems not satisfied in general, which lips again falling latch onto her land lips, in the mouth slightly sucking, biting, action gentle, extremely sensational, King Phillip closer look, a pair of golden eyes, like, like to spray the fire. long, Bu Qing Lord before slowly got up, Looking at Phillip King, said: "to really, I now want to worry about is not the issue. Thank State Normal reminded. "He licked his lips, the lips that just because the ground action, and emerging thin bright red color, see King Phillip just feel extremely harsh." Before this, people still want to thank the State Normal timely. "Bu Qing Lord smile, and instantly calm has been restored to earlier," etc. After this the king is busy, and then thank the State Normal people. "King Phillip, a deep look before they turn around, look to the small building, then the tall man slowly bowed his head in her ear, whisper said:" small building, I know, a lot of things I did wrong, cited you angry. But one day, you will understand what I geocentric, the fact that you knew all along, but you refuse to admit, is not it? However, it does not matter, I know you were born I to gas, you angry with me, you wake up, how chastised me good, I will willingly endure, until you cool down so far, you have to be good, a good rest, You'll never go wrong, I'll be patiently waiting for you to wake up. "So gentle voice, full of spoiled with sweetness, so gentle watery look at this man to appear on the face, plus so sensational performances, skilled irritating action, look to King Phillip stunned while Bu Qing After he finished primary and gently kissed her on the cheek, got up, without looking at a King Phillip, turned around and went abroad. States that arrogant Normal people watched the shadows go, suddenly had a leisurely look clean sweep gone, replaced by a very hated applied in disgust, he thought for a moment before suddenly jumped up out of the curtain off-balance, Yinpen on earth is fresh and clean water, he had just come out to personally take , hastily brought to veil themselves carry taken out, soaked in water, wring the semi, carrying back. "That man is really hateful, deliberately performing in front of me! "Teeth, whispered," The real dirty rotten, disgusting, really want to crush him. "Stretch out your hand, and took the veil in the small building grazed his face thin, inch by inch, gentle movements slowly grazed her cheek, and rubbed her mouth, it would have been some slightly bleached polished double Vermilion a date, before it stopped. shrink aside land Creek Spirit suddenly "woo" a cry, Phillip King a blink of an eye, said to himself: "He is not very annoying? "Xi Ling shook body hair, it seems agreed. Phillip King suddenly understand:" Does he have touched you? "River Spirit and shaking a flick. Phillip King hated face expression, which put a vail rub past, wrestled Creek Spirit also rub up and down the meal, stopped his hand:" next time I met him, run away more. "" Woo. "River Smart moved, it seems agreed, that she silence down. Phillip King sighed, turned to look at the small building surfaces, said:" I always have a very good ground hunch, "paused, thought for a for a while, and finally said, "but I will wait for you to wake up, the small building ......" jade a finger on her lips pressed on, eager for the kind of soft feel, could not help leaning down, suddenly think green main demonstrations like movements, eye color sank, biting her lip myself, I heard, fingers repeatedly groping in the above moment, whispered: "I do not like it then its bad guy ... Oh, so you ... and so you wake up ...... "" monarch King Phillip in which you are pregnant dirty tricks? "Zhuge small operator asked. Bu Qing main pondered in silence. Zhuge small operator, said:" He can admit it? "" The man is very cunning, "Bu Qing main thought," does not exclude that he was to weaken the Qin troops, took the opportunity from rebellion, but ...... he is now not easy, I am afraid will not be distracted look around, I'm afraid stymied, and someone else. "Little Zhuge count sigh of relief, said:" Indeed, although the National Division came Qin days when clever point, but ...... I think he Shangqie itself overwhelmed temporarily is not hands-Qin days. "" Oh, what say? "Bu Qing Lord hear Zhuge small count Huazhongyouhua. Zhuge small operator, said:" Normal people so embattled country, so rich and powerful kamikaze guess his whereabouts, but after the six seven-day trial, those people have to understand he is not God of the wind, naturally will not miss this good opportunity to turn around, they had a large fiscal trend was King Phillip suppressed miserable, if the rebellion together will certainly extraordinary. "Bu Qing Lord nodded, said:" In King Phillip's character, he would never sit still, there is no arrangement. "" That is, so Normal people are currently the focus of the country, I'm afraid the wind of God, not another fuss. "Zhuge small operator agrees, he said," but I'm afraid the country Normal human imperfection, although he calculated kamikaze good internal strength, corresponding staffing arrangements to deal with, I'm afraid ...... otherwise people from around afterburner words ...... "Bu Qing main slightly surprised and asked:" You mean ...... Wei? Right ...... I'm afraid it beyond the reach of the Northern Wei Dynasty. "" Indeed, "Little Zhuge count sneer, said:" Have you ever heard of the monarch, Seiko has returned to Southampton, now being fanfare recruiting power surge, has not the old Wu Amon, and even have some pressed Wei They live and recently, Mei Nansu night run for both scared to fly with Lu, invited a skilled back. "Bu Qing main surprise, asked:" an expert? Listen to your voice. "Zhuge small operators face an even surfaced resentment seems like an angry expression, and said:" That man, I thought that he will never coming out, behold, he actually would make an exception for Mei Nansu night. "Bu Qing Lord heard his words very afraid, and asked:" Is the man very much? "Little Zhuge count, said:" Looking back, I'm afraid I have to call him a Shishu. "And whispered," Fortunately, I have not met with him, but in the future, I am afraid that too is to be right on, alas. "" You Shishu? "Bu Qing Lord more and more surprises. Zhuge small operator, said:" Yes, he would rather original songs, the word lying cloud, known Gaun sir. "Bu Qing main frown thought for a while, said:" The name, not heard. "Little Zhuge count sneer, but heaved a sigh and said:" to say probably Tianduyingcai, who song Shishu, this is not the world to the wise, persevering natural body is weak, my teacher once said, if life is not lying cloud Red riding, does not involve officialdom, not strategy, it probably longevity in, but as long as he into the Red, I am afraid that is the number one Evidently the life. So, when I know when this man, the legend he had retired the mountains, do not care to go, just did not think, recently went so far followed Meinan Su nights. "Bu Qing Lord's mind, there has been the man in elegant rope Cuixiu indifferent figure, momentary absence, react only sighed:" Probably everyone has his own life count, how Meinan Su got the night lying song clouds, presumably able to accomplish much? "" Natural. "Little Zhuge wily operator's face expression, said," I remember, Mei Nansu night as a proton was imprisoned in the kamikaze, suffered terribly because ...... someone Highness's sake, to be miserable playing King Phillip I counsel the Shishu deep, early Rumeinansu night under the seat, natural to do something out of that King Phillip murderer, leaving kamikaze, he definitely will not miss this great opportunity to help Mei Nansu a snowy night revenge. "Bu Qing Lord hear some startling, asked:" Is King Phillip will fire in the backyard? "Little Zhuge count hear" backfire "word, feel a little ridiculous, I thought:" backyard fire, King Phillip will be confined to just one person? Now I would expect to worst side has emerged, then, I am afraid the storm elsewhere, will come to the party. "Bu Qing assertive he did not answer, but thinking deep, opening shouted:" Zhuge, what are you thinking? "Little Zhuge count, said:" ah ...... I just thought, had King Phillip arranged perfectly, drawing the snake out of its hole plan is very good, but, if there is music Gaun stymied in words, with his inventions Busch, probably will break the King Phillip balance the forces of the arrangement, if King Phillip in kamikaze naturally give them met, but others are not, so the outcome is hard to predict, you know who I am Shishu, really is ...... enigmatic ah. "Bu Qing Lord hear" enigmatic "words, could not help but be moved. Zhuge small count finished, cough, said:" In short, the princes it as soon as you keep a good body, there is life, there is hope, if chaos in words, but also something that is not a good thing. "When he finished, his eyes flit among a coldness, Luanzhongqusheng, muddy water to catch fish, but that several parties of the people, who should not help, who should eat a loss, who rise to the end who wins and who anything, still hangs in the balance ah, but whatever the outcome, it is now the case are similar, Phillip King fire in the backyard, kamikaze as a delicious cake, many of the people you want to divide the maximum, and he Bu Qing main burden is not easy, but can be described as around eyeing ulterior motive conspirators already started planning. Wei premeditated, I am afraid, and ultimately things will get involved in the Central Plains, Southampton rising star, plus song Gaun this man, and finally proud one day, how quiet? probably Menem Sue night temper again indifferent, under the command of military strategy, after all, can not help but ...... no matter how crowded the time, but it also happens to be a go, while Bu Qing master mind thoughts rolling in, think of it is: "Listen to the tone of Zhuge, the flames will burn brighter and brighter," suddenly my heart jump, suddenly in front, thought, "Could it be ...... pregnant shortage of things, not just little bandits rebellion, but ...... a guide fire search it? Days, if this is so ...... "He thought who's hurt, unconscious thought to the small building, could not help frown lifeless thought," She is now still unconscious, how can I abandon her to go? After all, she opened her eyes to see can be assured that nothing can fight but can not delay the ...... Oh, when shall I come so indecisive? Even if the former had a mother Princess do care, but also Yuezhanyueyong only. "He thought beacon war, wait at the front rush, on the other hand think of Iraqis in the side looked anxious and hugged her only moment she woke up, looked around, difficult choices, stared a moment actually almost Rumo. Interior silence silent, monarch in meditation. window is huge palace, ignorance somewhere, I do not know who told a cry: "Hey, what is this! "Followed by a noisy sound. Someone shouted:" ah, snowflakes, snow friends, snow friends! "Countless sound surprised." What? "Bu Qing main shock, Zhuge small operators also woke up and said:" Strange, ten years without drifting snow, will not it, this is how? "Bu Qing master got up, two people together toward the door would open doors, chilly air blowing, Bu Qing Zheng Zhu main moment, eyes, feathers general snow fluttering triumphantly spilled down from the sky, as That year he was seen that a kamikaze. Zhuge small operators also startled by startled, soon he blurted: "This is a really bad snow came. "Bu Qing main shock, immediately react, I thought:" coyotes troops surrounded them, and if the snow heavier land, then help them to find a fear is unwavering, and cold, fighting would certainly be influence, if not longer be surrounded break, then brought the food runs out ...... days. "Moment did the snow mood, dark eyes, full of anxiety. Suddenly ring loudly across the room, the windows have been opened to. Bu Qing Lord filled with grief, absent-minded, heard but intuitively, unconsciously look up for this is a secret to another hospital, in addition to the people around, no one can see, this house opposite, that is, the small building to recuperate place now in her room, in addition to her unconscious, is King Phillip. Yet At this point, Bu Qing Lord suddenly appeared in front of feel to hallucinations in pieces fluttering snowflakes, and that he suddenly saw the piece of white, sparkling like a little fairy to face her slightly upward, pale, wavefront but flashing clear, the amount of heart one o'clock familiar and bright glass light, head slightly upturned, watching the sky to snow and she nestled in the window on the side of him, suddenly reached out slowly, the sky snow falling down, some fell on her transparent like a small white delicate hands, mouth full of cherry that sipping, suddenly the mouth of a challenge, revealing a captivating smile. Bu Qing Lord was shocked to hear his voice murmured: "Zhuge, I ...... I'm hallucinating it? "Zhuge beside several small operators suck cold breath, before slowly answered and said:" Royal Highness, I'm afraid you the illusion that I have seen. "Kamikaze city voices. Orchid far twilight hand over his chest, the blood began to flow from the mouth, looking at the front armor equipped crowd." Win this and bring disaster Gong Wei magician! "Currently a general, to go out, majestic, precisely when the Korean military generals. Orchid far twilight cold smile, said:" Wu generals, you no imperial palace, is to rebel rebellion it? "Wu generals eye if bells, Lengqiao looked far twilight an orchid:" This is called the generals Qing Jun side! So bring disaster on you like about affairs of state house + magician, everyone is the vocal! "Soldiers on both sides to move the blue twilight of his arms tied behind their backs far, far blue twilight without a fight, said:" If His Highness Daijun know this will not forgive you! "Wu generals laughed and said:" Daijun Highness? Like people like you who serve in Israel, the entire world, many as you want, you will Highness contemporary Jun disregard for the world one person you plan it? Kill you, I would give ten to one hundred beautiful teenager Highness, you guess how much time she would forget How about you? "Lan Yuan twilight teeth in silence. Military generals shouted:" tied him to go out, and other remnants of the Lord caught all together at the chop! "Lan Yuan twilight staggering stature, was pushing and shoving, charge out. Rustling wind, snow and ice, behind the soldiers obviously very despise this looks beautiful young man, the action is very rude, far twilight blue moment untenable, actually fall straight from the steps down, mercilessly down on the ground, only to hear the leg while vaguely "click" sound, probably broke his leg was, at once the pain Menheng, oozing cold sweat to his forehead . behind soldiers Quesihaowei had moved, but gloat haha ​​laughed: "Well overbearing old, born in the eye on his forehead, but now how? Gentlemen die you will be immediately dead. "Smiled pulling him up far twilight blue hair may also wish to speak, as to be ripped off, biting his teeth, glanced coldly a soldier That soldier seeing this, my heart was furious,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, a slap in the face thrown over, said: "they relied on their own somewhat pretty uncle Impacts of Pre vertical eye on, if it is to chop the big generals commanded you, then left to man Xie boredom, do not kill you! "Lan Yuan twilight leg injuries and was beat played incredibly hard, and finally could not resist, body flash, and then spat out a blood Blood spend little, spilled, blue twilight dying away, but my heart to think of that person, trance thought: "Where are you at the moment, you can know what the situation now? They ...... like coming faster than expected, ah, no matter what, I am dead but it is does not matter, light as a feather it, in your plan, but also no effect, only hope everything is still as you capture, and I ...... I wish you ...... all wishes come true. "Groggy thought, eyes, saw the man seems indifferent look, he was always kind of indifference, even smiling look is so cold now, but even that seems to be indifferent laugh and can no longer see, and Think of a pity it. Diaosang Zi ah ah ah I do not know because I see who voted for urging more votes, so he wrote this chapter is rather more, we slowly see ah, twisted ribbon drifting sea ~ ~ ~ Oscar: Everyone on fire, to see who exterminate small step: If the theory from the contest, is my favorite Oscar: your favorite is foul, right? everyone: Haha, that's right, I tell you! Dumbo: hum ha Come, Pink votes short of four plus more, er er, is the 30th of the morrow, at noon to vote ah, so we pay close attention to validity, so awkward voting Ha, I will feel much better drops ~ ^ _ ^ starting group wonderful unlimited (full novel network <

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