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> House woke up, did not have the Yufeng around the shadow, she recalled last night, this is not real, suddenly like a dream, and all experienced yesterday ...... it is thought not wish recall nightmare. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM she was worried about half is half melancholy, moving slightly under the body, suddenly feeling really under the body It does not hurt anymore, feel outstretched hand, and to the abdomen, but stopped halfway to the thought of last night's actions Yufeng, Although it is for their own good, but ...... eyebrows wrinkled, sigh, worried. Slowly got up, listened outside Bong Zhuming light movement, lifted the curtain came to serve, yesterday she came back, despair, even bright light beads Bong they do not want to close, is wearing are Norikaze help change the clothes, the hair is also littered with no finishing. Sleep and body any better, the spirit was also gradually reversed. Bright lights finally see her looking almost recovered, the wind blows, softly asked: "Your Highness, should I take a bath?" Xiaolou thought, the heart has some irritability, yesterday icy water soaked body feeling so clear, are not ground shivering, quickly shook his head. Bright light to see her denial, asked: "What, sir or want to change of raiment?" Small building down, looking at his body that a plain robe, it seems very old style, think of is for the hand Yufeng put on their own, the moment is his whole body taste. Quickly nodded. Bright lights already prepared everything, seeing that she agreed hastily ordered the tray side up, she told Bong bead two, for small building slowly to the solution of the body of the clothes go Xieyi off the ground only when, suddenly startled by startled, as found in her lotus-like arm, then neck are a little pink spots. Earthquake bright light heart, bit his lip to prevent himself hurried voice, next to the Bong beads was called up and said: "This is how you Highness, how red one felled, it seems rash of ......" xiaolou unknown so, he turned to see Bong beads, bright lights desperate, outstretched feet to mercilessly beads Bong stepped foot. Chu Bong pain frown, said: "Ming lamp sister you stepped on me." Sweep her two a small building, right again to see his body, suddenly saw bare shoulders above the chest before it ambiguous half red , chilling moment, Proton also face was red again, and hurried to dress pulled up. Taking advantage of Feng Ming Chu bow inspection lamp foot in time. Mainland tray took up a coat. Quickly draped over the small building body. Xiaolou hand grabbed the collar. Bright light turned. Quickly saw a small building. Just another bow. Kneeling to give her the clothes ready. There Bong beads recovered. Also speaking; "Your Highness. Your body ......" xiaolou turned away. Blush uncontrollable. Bright lights, said: "This is what is surprising. You say? Highness how delicate body yesterday drank so much drugs I'm afraid there are so allergic to one or two suited. Eventually. How to wander rash of? You to mouth getting no obscuration. "She seemingly casual. Voice is somewhat harsh. Bong stick your beads. Said: "It is clear lamp sister governor. Highness, I're wrong." Said cover cover their mouths. Xiaolou see her guilingjing to look like. Smiled. Shook his head. Bright light said: "What idle Not Highness came to help quickly changing it?" Bong beads That promise, looked a lot, to help her see the bright lights have also put on the robe, just reach out to provoke plate The jade, to help small building at the waist, fasten buttons, that she could not help but sigh: "Your Highness seems finer ground waist, as if it will break like a fold, probably came days after the Qin acclimatized, the opportunity to make good these days Bubu. "Ming light, said:" This sentence also like human speech. "Bong beads disagree, Puchi smile, said:" Ming lamp sister you will only bully me, sir, you say is not it? "xiaolou nodded, Bong beads clapped her hands, said:" You see, you see, even Highness have thought so. "bright light smile, do not quarrel with her, see xiaolou smile , also slightly relax the heart, said: "This is something to do with the Highness complain, you ah ...... Highness, use carte breakfast it?" xiaolou a nod slightly, Bong beads clever up their hands and said: "I went to His Royal Highness to raise, while on! "Then, swiftly child ran away. Bright lights left slightly waved around palace people slowly withdrew, bright lights slowly opening, asked: "His Royal Highness Highness ...... Yesterday, it may be what happened?" Xiaolou look at her, surprised to find bright lights his face was actually touch some cold look, small building frowned, not like the usual bright lights hanging eyes, a pair of eyes, looked for a long time in the face of the small building, just hanging eye and said: "Your Highness, please listen Slaves word, then, do not so wayward it. "xiaolou eyebrows pick pick, I do not know what this girl is crazy and suddenly wrong, actually say so on their own inexplicable words. Unfortunately, she is now unable to speak, naturally, can not ask, and had turned away tightness. Used the breakfast, revealing a hint of sunshine outside space, the Bong beads grinning, said: "The past few days are overcast day, I thought it going to snow, which these days, the sun will soon probably fine, and Your Highness, we went to the yard around it. "bright lights, said:" This can not be, look at the thick clouds have not disappeared, maybe just a moment, a moment or to cloudy land. "Feng Zhu Du Qizui look at her, but did not dare matter what she said, had said: "Do not go do not go out, the wind pretty big, His Royal Highness will not break again?" xiaolou thought, and made a gesture , Bong beads do not understand and asked: "Your Highness say something? such a big circle? say ...... what?" bright light for a moment and asked: "Your Highness wanted to see snow jade bears do?" xiaolou hurried nod, bright lights smiled: "That slaves send someone to bring it." small building consent, bright lights and walked away. "See the Big Brother!" Bu Qing main hands Baoquan, rushed out of the people that walk salute. Modest step towards Yu face smile, waved and said: "Everybody is their own brothers will much ceremony, hurry over and told me to see." Bu Qing Lord looked up, step toward holding his hand to the wrist Yu , looked up and down and said: "Ever since after you get married, we rarely get together well, although no change, but always felt there were so little different." "Big Brother is referring to what is it?" steps towards Yu Mai Buxiang before walking, while pondered, Bu Qing Lord had with him forward, step towards Yu thought, said: "It was probably ...... see you finally have a wife, so I find it different from the past." Bu Qing main smile, said: "Where is brother said so, Qing Zhu also seems the same as before." step towards Yu nodded, sighed and said: "This is, of course, you're still my good third brother, but, probably Big Brother is my heart will always Luanxiang ...... "really very cold day, talking, man mouth spit gas in the air, turned into a faint white smoke. Bu Qing main hurriedly consolation, said: "Is not no time to time to give third brother recently asked the brother, big brother heart so blame me?" Steps towards Yu shook his head and said: "You refrain cranky, you have to stay with Her Royal Highness is , is it still the same as with a child, I have to rely on around you? Ha, ha ha. "Said, laugh, smile bright. Bu Qing also followed Lord smiled, then said: "Brother joking." Another step towards Yu turned to look at him, to uphold the facial features curved, added: "However, I do like some of your recent Qing Zhu thin, and how ... ... You newlyweds, and no matter what worried, Could it be too much to love each other with His Highness due? "Bu Qing main heart jump, said:" Brother ...... no such thing. "Yu carefully step towards He looked back and said: "You do not effect, I see more and more big eyes you place more shiny, not lost what? how?" Bu Qing Lord cough, vague, said: "It was probably because of the onset of winter , recently always feel some loss of appetite. "step towards Yu heard, said:" Do not do whatever they relied still young, be sure to keep a good body is, to me, and has recently been sent some forming a reference to the elderly, is said to be thousands of years, nature is an exaggeration of the story, but I watch the ginseng, there are thousands of years without it, for a while as people packed up and sent to you, go back as people drink soup. "Bu Qing main fear, said:" Brother Big Brother is keep their own use. Moreover, third brother physically okay. "" You are my Daqin to Mars, "steps toward Yu looking awe and said," but also to lead the troops, do not take good care of how to? say it, you get married I have yet to send a gift to you, this time, as is Jiehuaxianbi. "Bu Qing main sigh of relief and said:" That young Lord respectful than from life, thank you brother kindness. "step toward woo ha ha smile, that she asked: "I heard that you catch a cold recently, and now a good agile it?" Bu Qing Lord said: "We have without problems, and there are labor brother hanging heart." step towards Yu stare at him, said: " I, ah, is not linked to heart you, I'm just worried for Imperial Highness, if you are so sick of always careful princess displeasure. "Bu Qing main wry smile, said:" Brother and making fun of me ah. "Hey step towards Yu smiled, looked at him with interest, and asked: "Princess to temper is powerful tight, do not see it a prettily Highness, actually dare to publicly contradict his mother, you know what, when the Queen of gas to non- Light it,. "Bu Qing Lord heard him mention this initiative, heart startled, quickly said:" She is a headstrong man, the end is Youkouwuxin,Oakley Radar Sale, love to say relentless, in the palace, too, collision queen, is unintentional move, brother do not mind. "" How can I mind, see you anxious look, hastened to maintain her? "steps towards yu smile, and said," Do not worry, I will not mind if , it will not tell you face to face, and His Royal Highness pampered, spoiled used to say a few words, this is the usual thing and not scaled up, not to mention Highness but sometimes wayward, may in fact be a non-sense people generally do. " "Oh?" Bu Qing Lord do not understand. Step towards Yu said: "how, Your Highness does not tell you what that day, I went to see the palace Fu Huang, wanted to discuss with him the troops are pregnant shortage of things, if it ever had, you are a prime candidate for the troops can be chosen to your wedding soon, if let you soldier, this is not life and life to children separated from one pair of small duck Mody? So I went to ask Fu Huang, Fu Huang also think that this is wrong, the other two of us are thinking find someone else, you can just Highness was there, she was actively volunteered for you, how do you say how to Jigonghaoyi, how to how to not covet your neighbor children affair which harbor the world, tut ...... I told Fu Huang are shocked. "Bu Qing main quietly listened, frowned, my heart I do not know what it's like children, listened step towards Yu said the last, only a wry smile, said:" She ...... is really, it probably is called Every potter praises Why, I think she is not a cardinal, but ...... Mind is a child, so I think soldier, is the very face of things right. "step towards yu look at him, smiled and said:" Third Brother you these words , said very and my mind, I have to my heart, is so think of it, however, you have a third brother, royal princess so good wife, you can really get any cooler. "Bu Qing Lord had smiled and said:" Thank you Brother praise. "" Well, things troops should be no other changes in the? "steps towards Yu finished, asked. "It should be just three days later, will be able to send troops." Bu Qing Lord said firmly. Step towards Yu assured smile, said: "There is your words, my heart may a stone floor, no longer vacant, my good third brother." Hand patted Bu Qing main land shoulder, "There you are go into action, I can sit back and relax in the Qin days, ordered to prepare wine lamb, waiting for you to win Withdraw the time. "Bu Qing assertive him so happy, feel happy, bowed and said:" Green Lord will try and is to live up to the trust brother. "step towards Yu laugh few times, suddenly remembered one thing, curiously, said:" To be honest, brother or to envy you about ...... "Bu Qing Lord asked brother is saying ? "Steps towards Yu said:" The day before yesterday, I met with Xu Shi, speaking, heard, Her Royal Highness, to give you choose concubines yet. "Bu Qing main body startled, reluctantly smiled and said:" is it ...... this seems ...... brother also has to intervene. "Steps towards Yu nodded and said:" to ensure that, in his eyes, presumably to pick all of them are flawless beauty, but, unusually women are jealous of their husband three wives four concubines, but the princess was but why you asked to concubinage, the matter is really ...... I told Asahi speaking world are amazed that, while deeply envy you ah. "Bu Qing Lord just kept shaking his head, but alas, that this is really not a good topic, another man three wives four concubines, that Yan Fu boundless, he is now guarding one, feel that the first large bear, that person but why do not want him to be quiet ...... alas had digression, said: "The recent how missing brother? "Steps towards Yu heard him ask, said:" He, ah, I do not know how he recently, some unusual, often absent-minded, I do not know how, I see him this symptom, eight hooked Which is another woman, only However, this time lasts longer like the past, he did so, are doing everything possible to also get their hands on to, you know ...... but this time it ...... Yes, I seem to hear him say it a few days ago, going to Gradually thee Highness, concubinage is said to be for you to discuss things, ah, how, do not you know? "Bu Qing Lord heard the more startling, to the last sentence, my heart Earthquake, quickly said:" Brother, I suddenly remembered one thing that mattered, first left, two days before the troops come back to visit her brother. "Yu see him describe step towards panic, apparently important thing is to think of anything, nor phase Q, said:" well, you have events, they quickly go, do not delay. "Bu Qing main attend polite, turned hastily out of the yard. Behind step towards Yu has watched his shadow disappear courtyard, far from the mouth before gently a pick, revealing a faint smile to. Xiaolou hold snow jade bear, curled legs sitting on the carpet, the body lying on its back, just feel nice and warm, like relying on a small stove. around palace people have been sent out, and anyway he now can not speak, but Snow Jade Bear with me, and no one dared to come in. hand stroking its body soft hair, fingers groping, touched snow jade bears collar that is clearly superior to a circle around the short hair, at first hesitated , and then I think of it, this is the original Norikaze bitten by it, and he was cut off when the panic caused by the thought of Yufeng, heart inexplicable taste. sigh, thought: "This is also not entirely to blame him, but I was too careless, I thought nothing would happen, so there is no little wary, who thought things would suddenly become so? "Suddenly thought of before Yufeng get along with situations how to impunity, what a happy and at ease, but since then, the two meet, standing face to face, rather endless embarrassment." Sleeping Bear,Coach New Arrivals, you say, how can I do Good? Do you have any good way to say it to me. "Bored, with a joking tone of her palace in the foothills of the night, coaxing Yufeng, the heart made up his mind back to the palace, we must never in contact with the Yufeng, as long as escape this robbery, rather from Negative him. Unexpectedly, unharmed but ultimately did not get around that. should not have happened, happened. she definitely did not expect, Yufeng with Bu Qing Lord will be one person, but also that they have violated the house rules, spotless shot at any time to take his own life, while he suddenly speechless, afraid that God comes to punish him no moral aura it. nor is she actually wants to come to escort troop movements deliberately or escape Yufeng, just want to own The remaining days are no more places, things have happened since then ...... no matter how painful, is useless, although in my heart was feeling some understanding Yufeng, although the pain is just so hard to tell myself to no avail, but still can not help, Some heart aching. body injury, has a good part of it, in addition to those he left behind him a faint shallow traces of the heart, but it? xiaolou think: "Fortunately, I do not have to deal with these people again reluctantly, and they do not have fear of the day, if I die, since it is only a once and for all. "Sprawled to make a cynical way to her marrying Daqin though, know what will happen simultaneously Qing Zhu couple of these things, but with her personality, but in any case will not quietly without a fight with the man Huan good ground, is always kept come up with some things to hinder Bu Qing Lord, she does not want to meet its obligations, but self-deception as you want later time, and then later time, such as an urchin in the sea surging beach, build sand castles, watch helplessly attack in waves over the sea, the sand will sooner or later fort wrecking, and she was still struggling with some of the ground like dying and she can not afford to kamikaze war, world peace and preserve this to Qin days. sacrificed with King Phillip's feelings, let Phillip King in my heart hate her, how can she take it lightly? She made such a sacrifice, we must willful mischief while, let things instigator - Bu Qing princes divinity Lord, Follow upset some of her in this seat, its own powers of nonsense, as long as not too much, who is to say what but she absolutely did not think to themselves ...... actually will give a ** " guards. "**, in fact, is not the most embarrassing told her she had been prepared prior to the Qin Empire, since it is not King Phillip, who is, nor what are called, not to mention, he then hated Bu Qing Lord Bu Qing tried with her master Good joy that matter, left her a huge shadow, after being treated like Yufeng, on the occasion of despair, and even some malicious heart pain, until the Lord come peek met Bu Qing own time, only a little feel Some ...... so she can not stand is that she thinks of the "friendship" so easily broken, and, without question, has been to the imminent death of her previously come so close to one when he was himself in the Qin days lean on. Secondly, she rope Jade: play men, have become accustomed to their intimacy with Zhou Kan Founder manners. three years, relied Yufeng is a Bu Qing Lord's "subordinate", only the kind of thought to Norikaze personality, it would not make any betrayal Bu Qing something to the main land, so he will not be made up for their disadvantage, even knowing Norikaze heart like yourself, how can it? Does he braved punish aboriginal dangerous on their own how to how it? love is one thing, how to express, but also is one thing, she is very clear in the kamikaze to time, to get along with Phillip King, he taught her the truth. simply, this truth, but such a cruel manner, was "Yufeng" broke and she did not think she thought of confidence, and is a continuous heating to explosives while Yufeng, Founder does not like to get along so well with Jane Weeks and harbor forbear just want to protect the people, Zhou Kan Founder can be because of the identity, but also to clear her mind, wholeheartedly, to a friend's feelings over her loved her. Yufeng but no, she told that thousands of silk Wan Yufeng hunchback between difficult to describe the relationship, destined to make the same week that he would not simply Founder General for her third, but it is overwhelmed her, "assured" the greatest truth: Yufeng's identity is not what she thought, - divinity princes Block lower order warrior. after the incident, the small building was desperately want, you want the pleasure of seeing God in the wind to die before that person, but now, imagine the heart but faded. see how, now, she such as ghost-like, I met him, do not scare him, while if a death, such as lights going out, are there any sense? met, but also the white see. if he knows, I am afraid will be sad. called, meet competition as gone, affectionate also like merciless. "Ha ha ...... had the most stupid person, I ah ...... opinionated, thought so smart, but do not expect, ...... but everything that I blame it. "Whispered laugh or two, put his face in the snow jade bears rub on the hair, tears slowly, silently slipped out and fell on snow jade bear's body, all land planning, but nothing at all arrogant, it is so ridiculous. while he soon will have to face the bitter fruit of his own and grow: a dead end. "Woo? "Snow Jade Bear seemed to sense her mood swings, turned, and looked at her." Everyone will leave me, and I think you can rely on who will betray me ...... "xiaolou hand, stroking its head, snow jade bears good enough to withstand the general looked up, whispered the small building, said: "If I die, where would you go then, presumably Hao Wang will take you back to the palace, he's a good man, will take good care of you, you rest assured. "Snow Jade Bear muddle:" Woo! "A cry, body twist. Xiaolou leaned, half lying on the carpet, half of the body to rely on the snow jade bear's body, eyes looking beams, light, said:" Oh, you do not hurt anymore. do not cry for me, you know, after all, is there one person dead, but, I am a little different now, I only hope that they will allow me to death looking a little bit, not too scary, just in case something fishy about this world then I have to be a pretty Ghosts, ah, ha ha ...... "she smiled mournfully, helpless smile. Snow Jade Bear shook hair, turned round, look somewhere else. ears erected, sparkling eyes, I do not know what to see. xiaolou it a glance, somewhat dissatisfied, sighed, and said: "You ah you, do not so absent-minded, and I could die any minute now alas, said each one words are likely to last words of it, how much you honor ah, my last words to hear it, you know, a lot of people did not want to have this opportunity, you raging ...... this bad, "she said as she spoke, amused, to laugh loudly hee hee, hand scratching snow jade bears short hair collar, and said, "I said, do not listen to me carefully, put all your hair cut bare ground. "Snow Jade Bear warily spray a nose ring, a move the body, as if to get up, push it too small building was moved, clinging to its neck dissatisfaction, said:" What are you doing, really ignoring me? Not allowed to go,Oakley Juliet Sale, not allowed to go! "Threat to call, but actually can not listen to the snow jade bears, move to move forward, the small building could not pull it, but it is slowly being dragged down on the ground, snow jade bears have always been listening to her words , this was unusual. xiaolou heart angry, angrily calls out, "Bad Bear, come back, what are you doing! You do not talk to me? You have to leave me? "She held out her hand to grab the snow jade bears a leg, clung tightly and said," I forbid you to go, you should not leave me in this house, I have only one person, and always will be dead, you stay down and chat with me so what? You ...... who can not leave me, can not betray me, do not, I do not, woo ...... "voice gradually lower down, instead, is muffled sobs. Snow Jade Bear looked back at her, seemed uneasy as , and finally stopped in her tracks, yet to come forward together to face that wall behind the front paws open, seems to be the appearance of demonstrations. xiaolou uphold did not notice, the body fell to the ground, only two hands still desperately pulling snow Jade Bear's hind legs, face buried in my arms, whispered crying. behind the screen to figure, move slowly, quietly walked over. tour continued ~ ~ This is the first more Oh, night plus pink 135 ^ _ ^ drop two more small step: a fly, I heard recently you go with a gold very close, ah, in full swing ...... Feifei: Back princes, the recent cold weather, they had to engage in engage in part-time work and earn Point money pocket money a good winter, tears ah small step: less poor-mouth, quick to roll back the king! Feifei: I drop pink ticket, that tears it tears us: er er, a fly go in peace, the amount they give is to stay the ...... next time add more 150 pairs not, there is still a vote in right threw ~ ~ ~ ~ I read the novel first go (full novel network <

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