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but also know that guy antworten

> Wei Since there are "nomadic country" in the title, natural grazing areas in this very Postscript Shanhai sneak Qin Tian, ​​Wei Liang are also carried by horse, but Sima person professionally trained several generations of study horse, the speed and endurance, catching legend among Ferghana BMW. wwW, QuanBEN, COm starter coupled with their good track of the surgery, well-trained, although suffered a sudden night attack, but quickly calmed down, Tuoba Shanhai order, thundering hoofs, while catching up toward the side come. Small building just feel the cold night wind, since his face scratched, but their heart is boiling hot, ears to hear Tuoba Shanhai team closer and closer to the neck, anxious, said: "They chase quickly, you in the end Who is Bu Qing Lord sent you here? others do? "If not urgent situations, long silent reproach. The man eyes look to the front, hastily says one word: "Do not." Xiaolou Zhengzhu not Bu Qing Lord? Then who else? Ear Tuoba Shanhai cried: "puss, you can escape to where to go?" Sound Yin Cece, and listen to the people goose bumps quickly emerge. "Bastard Bu Qing Lord ......" murmured the small building, a sudden unexpected addition to him, who will know their victims come to the rescue, frowning, said, "This is not run, and their riding clever, Why do not you let me go, first actively look for reinforcements. "the man said lightly:" No. "xiaolou angry, asked:" Who are you sent? dare you talk to me. "That man is just silence. Xiaolou hated, Shanhai distance behind Tuoba here probably only a few steps away, the small building even saw him a pair of doped anger eye, look here, it seems to choose a man bite a wolf beast, if fall into his hands, I am afraid this person also ...... are Luanxiang, holding her this man suddenly heard shouts, hands waved the sword, swing a touch of pure light, fast forward ground speed blamed somewhat. Xiaolou heart pounding. Thought this person actually be so tolerant. I only hope he hurry. Again quickly. That behind. Shanhai see Tuoba distance indented sides. Each other and can suddenly accelerate stature. Originally fingertips to "prey" suddenly and stay away from. Could not help Lengheng soon. Xiaolou see him farther and farther away from their own. Just feel my heart stability. Directed Tuoba Shanhai make a face. This masked person you want to compliment a few. At that moment. But suddenly saw horseback. Tuoba Shanhai directed at his faint smile. Abruptly a stoop. Took after their own thing to come. Bright moonlight. Small building covered creeps. Shanhai fleet Tuoba brought out ground. Is a longbow. He immediately. Legs ** girth. Zhang Gong. Nock. Action at one go. So skilled. Align the small building here comes ...... straight Leng Leng looked at him. Heart suddenly Yi Chan. React, shouted: "Be careful. Carefully he should archery!" The distance between the two parties is not very far away, Tuoba Shanhai extraordinary momentum that will pull a longbow to roundly, directed at the side open. Masked men just shouted: "Do not be afraid." Said: "hold me." Xiaolou subconsciously cling to him with outstretched hands, this man sword swing out, almost a split with this Meanwhile, Tuoba Shanhai Duanhe cry, changjon cosine, came to the side of the Pentium, issued a piercing sound strange, charmed. Small building that saw a sharp arrow bunch, like deadly swiftly toward the side, full of cold scared, afraid to look in the hair's breadth when the masked man body twist, actually go away, small building Tuoba hearing loss among Aboriginal sneer, masked man waved his sword, while Jin Tiejiao hit sound, like ghosts hiss, has shot to the Tuoba Shanhai then a second arrow to block out. But also so small building masked man felt himself flick forward much faster ground speed abruptly, almost like an arrow, as soon not be made. Xiaolou wonder, she thought it was the masked man extraordinary skill, but I do not know but masked men took this shot of Granville Tuoba Shanhai, vapid force trauma to risk, leveraging the move out of this distance . And in this Jiben after the masked man moment to slow down the speed, small building unexplained, asked: "how do you?" Looked in his face, but he Heijin masked, but not see in the end look how. Masked man himself meal, stopped, hoarse voice, said: "Your Highness, under not ...... sending, His Royal Highness from way forward, do not look back." Xiaolou hesitated and asked: "Are you hurt you ...... ? "see him crumbling, this feels wrong. The man bowed, saluted and said: "Your Highness just go under again ...... can support burst." Xiaolou Bu Qing originally thought he was the Lord's hands, he was denied a moment think of who else know in danger sent to the rescue, but this man has deliberately concealed the identity like, then refused to say a few words with her, let her in this critical moment, not judge. But at the moment, he saw Tuoba Shanhai chase very anxious mind made up his mind to die juxtaposition to stop those who have escaped to the small building time, coupled with internal injuries, he did not attend deliberately concealed. Xiaolou heard him say these words, but also hear his tone among different, actually ...... so familiar flick of her body, can not believe their own judge, warble asked: "You ...... you ...... You are God's people wind? "The man does not want to hide, kneel on one knee and said:" Your Highness, the country came under the protection of Piper Normal Highness, Northern defenseless person was very tight, under way to track to come here, only to find opportunity ...... "" You ...... original ...... "eyes among the tears gushed moment, xiaolou hand, his shoulders help them, I do not know what to say, although he not see the masked look,Jordan 14 Sale, story house was dimly saw the man lightly golden eye appearance, in front, even breathing a few breaths, forcing himself to calm down, but Zi happily thought I was in a dream, blinked his eyes, tears falling, choking it, "said You ...... you get up. "masked person got up, urging said:" Northern person fast catching up, speed Highness leave here. "" That's How about you? "xiaolou asked. "Normal people under the State promised to protect His Highness." "Go go together." "Your Highness, can not be willed." "I have always been one or two days a willful." Cried the small building, one pulled his wrists. Qin previously thought he was the person, if dropped, it dropped, and now know that he is God, the wind of the people, sent by King Phillip, just like King Phillip ground incarnation is in general, how easily dropped, that is, to kill her too I can not. "Your Highness!" Masked man Duanhe cry, exposed in the towel outside eyes anxiously watched the small building, in a wrinkled brows. "It is not, you leave me Xianpao." Xiaolou wrist tightly pulled him in and said, "Do not worry, dude Tuoba not hurt me to." She frankly say that, but did my heart no Dier, though she get along with Tuoba Shanhai not a long time, but also know that the man is a violent temper, a man with no previous experience of her, they told her, sometimes cold, but most of all is a pity, would not hurt her. And while it has a Tuoba Shanhai destroy flower heartless, speaking, he did not kill her, but also considered a miracle, or because her that "kamikaze Royal Princess" extraordinary identity, so it legislator right, but do not kill her, does not mean not torture her. Therefore, if let xiaolou choice, Barbara is dead and do not even Postscript Aboriginal land in the hands, face dominated the thought of his beard, and he was: the whole body trembled. Speaking of the devil would have been tracked, ten meters away, Tuoba Shanhai horse forward, looking at the side of the two. Masked men sigh: "Your Highness ......" sword cross on the chest, to come forward to protect the back of the small building. There, a dozen horse knight catch the Northern Wei, Tuoba Shanhai mouth smile, like a smile is the hunter game prey, arm a comfortable, again take the bow, aimed at the small building block in front of the moon unprovoked. Small building behind him saw, drill out quickly, stopped in front of the moon unprovoked, shouted: "Tuoba Shanhai, you gave me to stop!" He actually so bloodthirsty, not incensed people a way out. Tuoba Shanhai jokingly looked at her, mouth a pick, finger a bomb, changjon cosine, direct toward the side over. Small building did not think he really is not a shred of mercy, said bow to bow, it really is ...... can not expect a man, she boldly this is not a woman sometimes even timid as a mouse, for the past, has long Batui ran, where there is the courage to come forward under the arrow, and thought that he may be a man is sent by King Phillip, then for no reason than a hint of courage, feet like roots, like standing on the ground. Dark Guardian behind to see her so, a moment under the dodge forward, sword slid out, ready for a fight with Tuoba Shanhai. Wrist a move, is the pain, just swept away Tuoba Shanhai second arrow, so long ago hit the tiger's mouth, blood cross-flow, small building just do not want to know it. Today, desperate to see her for himself-like, my heart actually anguish and difficult to understand, thought: "Originally, I also blame the State Normal people sent me to come ...... and now, courtesy of her so care, even if I die here today, it is no injustice. "xiaolou see him suddenly sideways to their front, angrily:" What are you doing! "long shot to the moon unprovoked breathing enemy. Xiaolou frightened, but still stood intact, there Tuoba Shanhai Cui Ma approached, the two apart, has been less than a few steps away, instant, saw his face seemed small building that touch bloodthirsty smile, like Shura. "Town King!" One long drink, as if coming from the sky. People yet, sound first, palm gas more than the first arrival of sound. Tuoba Shanhai that a deadly arrows only to the moon unprovoked chest, suddenly the magic does not stop before the arrow "Cha Cha" sound, then, even out of thin air burst open, iron with bamboo have landed. "Ah? This is ......" Tuoba Shanhai eyebrows Yang, pierced the night, to see the small building behind. Xiaolou heard this voice, body shocked, then there are an inexplicable joy, turned around, looked behind him, quietly night in deathly silence, with an ink figure, such as meteors and swept to. "Yufeng!" Xiaolou overjoyed, hopping cried. Under the moonlight, the man bringing to a face, to see clearly in the moonlight, but not Yufeng, but who? "Yufeng?" Tuoba Shanhai confused himself. An unblinking look to come to him. In order to refined palm skill of human hair as fast as meteors and superior agility, there is no question but one of the most wonderful thing to master,Coach Bags Outlet, but also his life Tuoba Shanhai rare opponent, thought this was the Lord's divinity princes Bu Qing ...... But, "Yufeng"? Why does not the Bu Qing Lord? In addition to Bu Qing Qin Lord Is there such a distinguished person? "Your Highness Mo afraid." Yufeng people yet to come, a faint sound came, the small building happy clapping, and turned the moon took unprovoked and said, "all right all right!" Somehow, in her heart, to see Royal Wind actually looked like savior, as if Yufeng a, her heart will calm, knowing that hard to hard, will be safe to spend in general. Moon unprovoked exposed in towel with bright eyes swept the small building outside the glorious eign face, eyes somewhat strange, thought, after all, is Antan breath, not words. Tuoba Aboriginal people immediately, looked at each other beyond the conventional speed of thought coldly: "You want to tell the king fight speed is what? Good!" Abruptly Menheng, people immediately jump up from the legs swept away, people have to move, like a falcon vacated, aimed at the prey, but it is the floor of the small building. Yufeng looked awe-inspiring posture Tuoba Shanhai, naturally know each other's intention, at the moment he two golf, that is who is faster, whoever step faster, able to grab the first opportunity, although they had just meet, but has been in my heart clearly know their own: at this moment, if anyone quickly at first step, grab a royal princess, so whoever wins! Because everyone knows each other's martial arts unfathomable, just grab the small building in the hands of the other party can not discuss absolutely never good to go! Small building look here, and look over there, seems to understand what, but I do not know how to do. Moon unprovoked eyebrows furrowed, the distance between them, obviously with more recent Tuoba Shanhai, if this is so ...... last or "sit still," he hesitated a little one, and finally said: "Your Highness, after the ...... run. "hint toward the small building near the cover Yufeng, himself Tingjian flying toward striking Tuoba Shanhai there. Small building did not think he should take the initiative, exclaimed: "Do not go, come back!" Although she does not know how terrible powers of Tuoba Shanhai,Oakley Monster Dog, but also know that guy is definitely a super-powerful role, and more have been injured on the dark Wei the ...... Yufeng people in the air, anxious heart-stricken, a face, but still calm water, see the moon initiative Tingjian unprovoked stabbing Tuoba Shanhai the same time, Dan Zhang serve, small building site in place does not move, suddenly After that comes from the powerful suction, she could not help surprised, body Huo sky, screaming. There Tuoba Shanhai seeing this, hum: "How can you like?" Over the moon with the unprovoked attack on a slight blows, then sideways passing, while behind him the two warriors into the sky, right on the moon unprovoked. Dan Zhang Tuoba Shanhai same blow, his mouth Heleyisheng, the small building in the air, suddenly they feel self Tuoba Shanhai there, also has a powerful hit, trying to shift her body like a stick can no longer rely on past toward Norikaze side, two stocks vigorously twisted together, the small building went so far as to be invisible ribbon tied in the air, can not, you can not, you can not left nor the right, the situation is really strange. And all of this lightly, the most frightening thing is, the small building feel strongly intertwined in these two stocks under their breath about, and if a few more, I am afraid that these two men to grab, Only her body up. Chest tightness, choking on the occasion, the small building vapid breath, Nu Sheng shouted: "Tuoba Dude, I can not let you go mischief!" Second more ^ _ ^ Tuoba: Do not call dude! Xiaolou: pig pig pig! Small step: a good called called called quack wonderful boats: pink ticket ...... everyone: Do not call pink ticket Dumbo: Pink Pink Pink ...... everyone: see you then twas! Haha, pink votes short of 12 plus more, if you can to one, then add a third more, oh today starting free novel network (full novel network <

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