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06.06.2013 05:28
Xiaolou tentatively called antworten

> Leaned in to listen Yufeng say anything, but could hear him confused and said: Lord, I, I, I'm not ...... hate ...... "voice murmured, on and off, and his face has gradually become red and the white red, looking a little strange, like pain, like struggling, deemed coy uneasiness. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM not hear real, small building curious and anxious hearts, leaned in to listen, my heart thought: "He is call my name I do not know for what, does blame me, or what to say I do not know what to do? "Could not help playing the spirit of listening to the past, and softly asked:" What are you saying, Yufeng? "Yufeng Xuanmei moving a few moving, seemed to struggle, mouth moving, a voice finally escape. Xiaolou ears, but hear Yufeng finally said:" Royal Princess ...... I, I love you! "This is a clear voice suddenly sounded, the small building to hear, at first do not react, the brain Wood blankly whole person, a beginning where stiff with pestle, then react," wind "all of a sudden jump into bed edge to go, stunned and speechless, looking at Yufeng, was surprised to find, after he finished the sentence, his face has become comfortable up, seems to have solved a big heart, the whole people look usually lying in bed, even slightly lug mouth smile. xiaolou holding hands in bed staring at the unexpected Yufeng, my heart pounding like a small rabbit jumping, thought: "how to say these words to him, obviously unconscious ... Could that pain confused ... what ...... no, I actually should have thought he was interesting to me,Nike Air Jordan 2, and Sanfanliangci to me ...... ah, but I ...... "frowning, much deliberation finally sigh breath, murmured: "Yufeng, you silly, you are silly. "Her voice was very light, Yufeng did not seem to hear. Xiaolou worried stood beside the bed, heard footsteps behind him, but it is simply the end of the week with a clean towel hot son came in, shocked eyes a look xiaolou stood daze, notching asked: "small building, how, and your face is so weird? "Suddenly eyes a turn to see the bed, and asked:" Is Yufeng ......? "He told Norikaze not know how long it just a few of the edge surface of the earth is a very superior look like he could not understand, but because the matter is not made tonight Norikaze reluctantly, that this person is Tiao Hanzi, actually with His beautiful face very different places, character perseverance, as people appreciative, unknowingly to him on the heart, see the small building that looks like, but also that there is anything wrong Yufeng. xiaolou see Zhou Jane came in, hurried mess convergence mood, said: "All right all right, he ......" looked back Norikaze a calm look, eyebrows Weicu, said, "He's all right, very good ......" Sound is getting lower and lower, like weak weak Zhou Jane look at her, will Yinpen down, soaked towel, and hurried over to help small building, wring a towel child, gave Yufeng wipe the sweat from his face. Which just through healing, pain Yufeng Khan wet weight of clothing, such as the surface is soaked in water, like hair is wet ground, but even more delicate features, vermilion Meidai, like a famous craftsman hand painted meditation, that color was actually surprisingly nice. weeks Jane looked this face, tongue praise, said: "small building, you know to the net is original, see the Yufeng brother, a 'fragile' look, did not think could be so powerful bones, flesh also be able to, But just that meal heal, given a hundred times more painful than the flesh, if people are afraid not unusual early in Yan Luodian hit a few reincarnation? - Xiaolou you say it? "Zhou said Jane ground but yes right. Norikaze previously come before. Jiaoren help would be amputated legs to carrion. Noxious outflow would be toxic in vivo to temporarily slow slow. Was seen holding up unharmed xiaolou And when the poison painful unusual, so when the pain in life and flesh. Jingsi harm than good in general. Though uncomfortable., but there is no way but to wait until the snow jade bears small building with gray hair for him to heal. vestiges wire to thin gray hair spilled every one to penetrate him in the leg gray flesh. binds tightly to each one to fall at the time. would like a thin red-hot needle slowly piercing the ground leg. And after piercing. kind of feeling pain and infinite expansion of the open. so much gray hair fall. would like millions roots to red needle piercing. brought a sense of overwhelming pain camel Even the brave, such as Imperial Wind also some not help. endure repeated below. finally pain fainted. xiaolou hands upon her towel child. alternate Yufeng face to wipe sweat while listening to weeks while annoying chatters Jane Zhou Kan Having a. they add: "xiaolou you say it? "Xiaolou absently. Watching Norikaze to face. While promised:" ah. "So several times last week Jane said:" small building. How do you know Yufeng ground. He'd like to Manzi Daqin different. His skill is good. Long way ...... not bad. I like the character is uncle to type. Ah ...... I'd also stronger than that of a third of divinity princes. "Small building to hand shocked. Bit her lip. Ying said:" ah. A land. "Zhou Kan see xiaolou not forcing too. Alternate Norikaze wiped away sweat and slid him in the neck. Wipe collar Mainland Khan look very carefully. Minds eventually somewhat sourly. Could not help but added:" small building. I see you on the ground ...... alas he did good. He is also good for you now. Otherwise land, then it will not be so fond of you ...... "small building is just a promise an" ah. "Suddenly felt wrong. Quickly stopped. Scolded:" Nonsense. Where I like him? "Zhou Jane suddenly stopped to see her actions. Said:" You give him a wipe to look like ...... hmm. You treat me not so. Also ...... did not so treated too Founder! "Xiaolou see him looking a little coy look, hand paused, and finally threw the towel back pot, said:" I just see him hurt, so help it, you do not talk nonsense! "Then they want to close hand, lest week Jane saying something strange words came out, only to hand a move, suddenly a tight wrist, has been firmly hold, the small building was taken aback, looking down, but See Yufeng still closed eyes, just frowned up a big hand, firmly holding her wrist to hold up, slightly thick fingers pinching her wrists ache. "ah ......" scare story house a hop, skip struggling a bit, persevering, always holding not move Yufeng Zhou Kan came Minato looked, big eyes stare, but also to speak, but understand Yufeng murmured: "His Royal Highness Highness ...... ...... "whisper, his eyes still closed. weeks Jane Qi said:" He was talking in your sleep you? Evidently not yet awake. "Parades around the small building was scared eyes, lest Yufeng say some words to be heard Jane week to go, then she may shame, and hurried cough, said:" Yes ah yes ah, he is hated me harm His pain, you do not control, yes, you come out so long, and also the back, not walking? "Zhou Kan hear small building so to speak, but no idle thoughts go tube Yufeng, the blame and said:" You're so fickle, run out and they took me to push walked? I do not stay a little longer? "In fact, the small building does not matter, but ...... there is a nonsense to say Yufeng coma and he may in another matter, and had a straight face, said:" so late, if people see you here how to do ah, well, quickly gone, not on the morrow come? "Zhou Jane is not going to go against the small building, so she say this, his heart would have agreed, however, although the promised verbally but still the hard ground, and said:" That he does? But he is here, as I leave it behind his back. "He was referring to the small building see Yufeng, quickly shook his head and said:" No, no, his body has not completely removed toxicity, can not tamper with. "She is still worried about the one Yufeng, and secondly if it is afraid of carrying Yufeng Zhou Kan left Yufeng would say something to embarrass her words, in weeks Jane's personality, but also do not know what reaction it. Week Jane snorted, and regardless of the small building genuine remark, said: "Whatever you, but you have to be careful, do not let people ran into, you know, after all, you are divinity Royal Highness Princess, alas, that princes not mess Zhu Er. "Speaking of the last sentence, my heart frustrated, shook his head and said," I'm gone. "Xiaolou secretly earned his arm about, but still pinching Yufeng dead tight, had to pretend like nothing had happened for weeks Jane said:" well, you can go. "I'm afraid Week Jane unhappy, and beaming smile. Weeks Jane looked at her smile, sweet heart, the haze had inverted half, only to find if it can always see her smile, even if it is sent by her is always good, smiled,Nike Jordan Play In These 2, turned around and turned away. xiaolou Jane watched weeks to go, quietly out of breath, slowly turned his head and looked at the Yufeng, said: "You ah you, I get you in the end how to do this? "Yufeng eyelashes move a little, two moist eyes opened slowly, quietly watching the small building, look to the small building creepy wits, he woke up? If woke up, what time to wake up and see him calm expression, or ...... still a nightmare? "Norikaze? "Xiaolou tentatively called loudly, feeling his wrist Teng Teng, but since he was not here to let go." Is for you. "Yufeng looked small building for a while and said," is for you. "Slowly out of breath, it seems that the appearance of loose heart and he firmly no reason to repeat the same words. Xiaolou filled with anxiety and confusion, had coughed and said:" Yufeng, you worry, Your wound was healed, after today, you can start to recover morrow, fifty-six days almost. "Her heart guilt, full of pleasing Yufeng. Norikaze looked just a small building without blinking, then look in the small building to the face, seen every inch of every inch thin, look to the small building again uneasy, But then cough does not help, had frowned and said: "Yufeng, you can first let go of my hand, right? "Yufeng finally blinked, and said:" Oh. "Sure enough, also on hand to loosened. Xiaolou heart slightly relaxed, trying to take the opportunity arose, Yufeng holding her ground and tighten the wrist suddenly, more grip than the previous weight, and slightly hard on the arm, trying to shift the small building The body traction toward his body rushed past. "ah! "Screamed the small building, is to ask how it is, but it felt Yufeng quickly stretched out his arms to hold her firmly in the chest, as if a walk in the dark wander how long lonely child , finally found his own treasures, it is in the infinite pathos suffering world, with the only hope of salvation. xiaolou spent spent, listening to the ear Yufeng, said: "You are my, you are mine. "After listening to this approximation xiaolou sound crazy, I thought:" bad. "Yufeng, he seems Rumo very well. Updates ...... Alas, depressed little pink ah, but students will Sleeping Bear today to cast a vote in Jesus, do not just settle her Mody, resentment, and everyone I leave to the ticket ah, wistfully ground,Nike Jordan Superfly UK, as well as 24 plus more ha. starters posted since (full novel network <

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