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> House want to go up, with that said, he was not the East one as he said, | Lord, "but the man already long gone, but the watchful eyes of a large crowd, and everyone would like to do so explain it? Think not,Air Jordan 13, is also very boring, but fortunately awed Yufeng coldly terrifying atmosphere, everyone around dispersed, spread surface can not do without, but also pretending to look busy, try not to the side Look, the small building hearts muffled, angry, staring Yufeng one, aimed his uninjured leg, straining to kick up. wWw! quaNBEn! coM Yufeng said: "You pay attention to how long free kick you, do not hurt his foot on the line. "Xiaolou stunned, thought it is also naive, very unhappy floor face forbare Yufeng look at her and asked:" how, what upset? I have not never kissed you. "Xiaolou irritability exclaimed:" You shut up, really annoying! "Yufeng see her true heart of a cold, said:" Yes ah, I was very annoying, then you begged me next time do not take you out. "Small building, Yufeng horns toward her arms a delivery, said:" This is you're buying, holding their own. "Turned away. Horns fall into the hands of small building body flashed, the heart is called;" how such a heavy ...... "vision saw a glimpse Yufeng walk away and leave, my heart was shocked, and caught two steps, stopped again, face told her with a little self-esteem can not chase down. had loudly said: "Yufeng, Yufeng! "Yufeng seemed not to hear in general. Proudly go forward. Little anxious up. Hopping shouted:" Hey. You bastard! Asshole. Nothing to say! "It's certainly no relationship with Norikaze over there the wind getting faster and faster at first also saw him in the crowd shadow. Later they completely disappear. Xiaolou flexor. Surrounded of people she did not know is not recognisably place Yufeng was the only way people rely on trusted and now actually it mercilessly away. man. really is not trust land! xiaolou indignantly. muster mouth. sulking. eyes desperately to suppress tears . prevent falling. "girl. Messire awkward with your friends? "Stall next to a gray-haired old lady whispered to. Smiling look. Look of wrinkles.'d Feel amiable. Xiaolou wanted to get angry. Saw she was very old - look. Had said:" He is not my Messire ! "Can not wait to yell these words of people around the world know that the old lady sitting in the stall. Said:" Well. Do not say angry words friends. I have younger in time. Love me so angry that hole. Now ...... but feel those angry ah fight ah. Are also very rare. "Then gently shook his head. Eyes but his mouth delight. Seemed to remember things past. Xiaolou see her hair flowers white, obviously old enough, and his face was emerging out of such a vision, and sometimes asked : "I am not angry, I was really angry, you can see the old lady, and he did, actually ...... in front of everyone ...... Well, but very bad temper, is really a bad guy, I told him angry ah fight, because of shortness of breath, anxious and killed him. "The thought had just kicked Yufeng, they felt played lighter, hated. Grumpy old lady saw her look, but more is looking bright little face, could not help but smile:" Ai Ai ...... Young is so ah, playing up the earth-shattering, it is not death to love the little girl, do not get angry anymore to coax your home Messire, he's also because of the tight you, so just in front of everyone to kiss you ah, did not see it , just that people ask you what to time, your home Messire eyes are red, you want to look like murder, tut ...... young, impulsive matter is, if he does not like you, how would be jealous eat so much? "" Jealous xiaolou sensitive to capture the ears of the word, moved his ears and said, "Granny, you said he jealous? I thought he was angry gratuitous blanket." Ignorant old woman saw her look, said: "Of course, in the jealous friends, for him, is just the man to eat vinegar, so you a kiss, you declare you to be his people, ah, you should not be angry with him to gas, I see he is very concerned about you, martial arts Well, raw sound, with you, it is perfect for each pair, good for marriage, but not because of minor to engage in bad, oh, the right time, you need to look under forbearance, both sides take a step back. "small building frowned, sighed and said:" But I told him ...... "heart melancholy, but those words were not able to say to others, had put up, he said," the old lady, you do not talk to him , and the man diehard temper, I do not like him, you see him, so throw me here, I can not wait ...... Well, all in all, it was not a good man, I'll ah ...... "I want said two hard words,Sunglasses Coach UK, such as "I can not see him" like land, but in any case to say, say what Yufeng is a bad person, but she did not want to see this bad guy, and even that will not tell. Insight into the situation in the world's eyes, the old lady looked at the small building, and slowly said: "If he likes you, you will throw your way, you need not be afraid, I'll come back to you keep him, but oh, man's patience is limited You can not always later made him angry, oh! "xiaolou Du Qizui and said:" He will be back? him so dead stubborn temper, I am not optimistic, there is you, not me made him angry, was He offend me, the key is that I made him angry, nothing, he can not make me angry, old lady, I tell you, ah, I was in charge he has no patience, then he re-offend me ah, I'll, I'll ... ... "I thought:" I sent him arrested, but also beat him severely reprimand, to see if he Fubu Fu. "thought, could not help but laugh ineffectively. Old lady saw her suddenly burst out laughing, just thought she suddenly figured out that they are no longer words. Xiaolou laugh for a while, and I feel a bit better, and regardless of Yufeng will not come back, look around for a moment, grabbed up a thing, smiling, asked the old lady: "mother, what is this thing?" Yufeng angrily, will horns jilt small building, his leave. The thought that she was unfamiliar, should obediently follow their own to go, the moment manly farm nor forward, ears were cocked, listening to the sound of footsteps behind him may have. Unexpectedly, at first sound of her rampage, and the more outrageous the more known, actually called "bastard", this woman is owed lesson! Had wanted to stop and wait for her to come, this way, do not wait. Read full text version of the novel, newer, faster, all in literature network, a computer station:. ㄧ. Mobile Station: -. ㄧ. Support literature, support ①! Yufeng angrily: walk but run away, this is not a short street, even take over the world who come here to do business, it is quite a mixed bag, with that person recklessly silly to personality, I do not know will be sudden What happened to, Yufeng much deliberation, sigh, sideways into a deserted lane down, toe point, already hip into the sky from the ground, people on the high roof, standing high on the bow read on. Hey, how people do not see that shadow? Is it such a period of time it had been an accident? Yufeng an emergency, a step forward, almost falling roofs, living stature, that she re-read it, vaguely under the shed and saw the familiar shadow looming, Yufeng heart must, converted locations, and imagine what will happen . They laughed surface flower, working with the old lady selling things that what he was saying, talking very happy to look like. Thought she was gone: himself, will be crying, did not think ...... Imperial gas atmosphere, really want to catch this person, brutally beat her meal, ask her to know the "wrong" word how to write, but watching looking, looking at her smiles, waving his head, gradually shifting gaze actually some do not open. Brother said to right, she is born beautiful, but ...... but attracted him, but it is her heart of hearts that kind ...... What is that? Yufeng standing high above the eaves, looked at the slightest movement, actually dismay remove eye. Head above the sun gradually gone, Yufeng sighed, seeing that she has been out of the stall, standing on the street looking around, it seems that in looking for a road. Yufeng are hesitant to jump, suddenly saw twenty-three figure Buddies Lele, ill to appear in front of the small building. Some people came and looked at the small building leering, asked: "Little girl, how, lost it?" Wretched tone naturally unbearable. Yufeng thought: "She really is a great trick bees ability to stir up trouble, the first brother like that, and now these ...... Oh ......" wanted to go to help her, and then I thought, but would like to just Let her suffer a little bit, too. So temporarily on hold. Side of the small building at first surprised, wondering thought: "My skill was losing it? Dare someone to strike up a conversation, I told this Qin days or gas field is wrong, then the kamikaze, Zhou met with Jane that gang I have served with something ...... "did not know the reason why Jane Zhou served her, love her, respect her like her so, Jane Weeks brothers that bunch of men, but also simplified the natural obediently obey weeks. Other local people fear her, but because Su Huainan potential big reason. Grunted, small ~ said: "A few brothers want to do?" The man was surprised to see her not here, laughing probe came and said: "You Americans want to do fun things ...... ......" another person chirp laughed: "It's really beautiful children grow, if put on a women, I am afraid to be the Empress Dowager." beside an interface that said: "Yes ah, just so, to see to the heart itch, and followed her to the original Fiends do not live in, it is God's opportunity to Zanxiong Di what, if able to touch this delicate land ...... "A few people looked at the small building, saliva may also wish to flow out, the current one hand to touch the hands toward the small building ,Nike Jordan New School UK, the small building hand holding two candied fruit eaten, on the other hand holding the horn, where points come to arms to resist, squinting his eyes and said: "your grandfather eat tofu, dreaming!" Abruptly a Twist, a kick, just in front of a man kicked to the chin, the man "hey shout" sound, did not expect so prettily girl actually skill so good, suddenly fell over backward, next to someone to help him up, this man clutching his chin angrily: "Give me catch these little slut back to personal teaching her Lord!" xiaolou furious, always only her curse, "slut", today in unlucky fate has turned back, if In Kamikaze, scheduled to be played this person could not recognize his father and mother, but now but Qin Empire, the site does not belong to her, had put up with that tone, after a move succeeded, then shouted: "You idiot, and so my next life it is impossible! "holding the horns, the crowd Batui forward separately bolted away. Anti acquisition (full novel network <

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