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06.06.2013 05:23
Do you think this means can hurt antworten

"Do you think this means can hurt me?" There is no fear face ghost spider Wang release devour strength attack cloud day light said. "Small means!" People face ghost spiders devour ability is their most aggressive, the most lethal means, but the sky plume in the mouth, it has become a small means, which makes people face ghost spider Wang angry. "I'd like to have a look your soul how tough. Devour!" Then, the human face ghost spider king once again to release the strong devour strength, to have all kinds of connections with phagocytic light silk, attack to the sky the plume head. In the face of human face ghost spider Wang release stronger phagocytic light silk attack, sky feather thin face still did not show any fear s è, quickly will be in the hands of the dragon body gel Dan swallowed belly. Sorry. Your brain can hide a light regiment." To perceive and cloud plume in the brain, the human face ghost spider king was shocked, the horror of the s è his hideous face. In the face of ghost spider king surprised space-time dream cloud day the brain into light appearance, take the dragon body gel Dan cloud day boom continuous state, from level seven to level four road were soaring,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, the circle. "Four stage of st.." People face ghost spider king's terror, is marching devour ability, while facing the hidden space dream soul in cloud day, its most aggressive devour ability is not to play any role, coupled with the cloud day suddenly jumped to four, the field strength, makes people face ghost spider king heart a bit nervous. "People face ghost spider Wang, too many of you want to know is." With the four stage the field strength, the sky feather standing body lean forward suddenly, turned out several speed blur, so fast to face ghost spider king launched a fierce attack. "Hiss!" The sky feather into ghost attack speed, within a restless man face ghost spider Wang immediately open one's bloody mouth, spit out the dense, contains toxic silk attack poisonous to cloud plume. "The pupil eye, black s è filament." Contains highly toxic by silk attack, sky feather immediately control the pupil eye forehead attack, will close silk broken. "Poisonous liquid." He spit out silk is cloudy plume forehead on the pupil eye restraint, people face ghost spider king long eight legs suddenly punches, impact to the sky plume, and towards the sky feather, spit out the number of clusters s è colorful poison attack to Yun Tianyu body. "Kyoho hill, fall." People face ghost spider Wang spit poison liquid attack, have a bite poison body cloud day does not flash does not avoid, control of Kyoho mountain heavy falling down, hit the face ghost spider king's head. "Boom!" A loud,Jordan 6 Shoes, calculate again mistakes people ghost spider king by Kyoho mountain attack, like a general head by Kyoho mountain hit crack open crack, a lot of blood of instantaneous flow out, hurt people face ghost spider Wang pain. "You,Coach Handbags, you exactly is what person, why do you even toxins are not afraid." Head dizzy face ghost spider Wang eyeful looked frightened by their own spit venom hit, but without any signs of intoxication, will own the restraint and cloud day, a bit too loud growl. "I am your death." After the sky feather saw his face continuous restrained ghost spider Wang two kill recruit, ghostly >

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