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immediately heralds nine dragons antworten

> Purple Creek Ling Yao looked surprised shaking into a ball, like a cold wind blowing is not like being suddenly startled nightmares, Phillip King hurried out his hand, copy it up in your hands, the river spirit exude with warm white light, reflected concerns with him a pair of wonderful eye, slowly, slowly resumed his Spirit Creek stretch the body, Phillip King, an unblinking look at it, the river seems to soothe the spirit came, looked King Phillip a "squeak" a cry, jump back in his palm for a moment. wwW, QUanbEN, coM King Phillip see it so quickly resume business as usual, a sudden tightening of the heart was slowly calm down, looking at the river turned the corner seems like a spiritual way, faint of heart, agitation still thinking: "just is how Spirit of the River ...... so for no reason, and we say yes ...... her what happened? "He single-handedly holding Brook Spirit, one hand clutching his chest, back, desperately trying to convince himself not to worry, but worry that this thing is completely beyond our control, if able to convince, it is amazing. After much deliberation he finally got up and went to the door on the one hand and gently pat with a gray shadow, flashed out from the darkness, one knee kneel in front of King Phillip, asked: "What is the master commanded? "King Phillip hand leaning on the door frame, quietly said:" Go Qin days, sneaked into the palace divinity, protect ...... Royal Highness. "the man surprised a moment, hesitated a moment and said:" Master ...... "He is the National Division House dark on top guard, bent on doing just to serve the National Division,Coach Bags Outlet, now, actually going to go so far away, not to mention ...... King Phillip eyebrows one, see his unwilling to allow him the opening he said: "No more say, come quickly go. "angrily had decided not to bother her, so let her walk away, turning a blind eye. Although the reasons he is so assured, on the one hand but also because we know that as long as he was in kamikaze, Qin days, people would never dare to her how, but also to Bu Qing Lord Vaillant, also know where relations powerful, it is absolutely afraid to hurt her. But now he yet be so distraught, suddenly thought to that guy's personality, because if left kamikaze, character increasingly harsh land, then will certainly offend a lot of people, but the same people become enemies. Since she left, the news will keep coming out of the source, has been rumored, "Royal Highness the Princess Royal Highness divinity to impose a penalty of fifty Jungun" King Phillip, who at the time was still a fit of anger, angry that she is not from him, they will then leave. I thought what you love to do just let you do it, nothing to do with me, even if you hit Bu Qing Lord and how, so that he would be happy to do something it? Did not think, step by step, laying the seeds for himself, or, which is what she needs? That person is headstrong too far ah. Wanted to make their hard-hearted to the next is not her, but no matter can be good to go? If Tonight generally gripped, tossing and turning can not sleep? It is enough to send their top players to go around, perhaps some of peace of mind, at least let yourself sleep peacefully Some are good. Anyway ...... she is not going to know that since she went so far as to put it down, but also send its own experts to go around to protect it ...... she does not know. Front man. See already negotiable. Knee converted knees knees. Chen Sheng said: "moon unprovoked farewell State Normal people!" Sound Chenhuan. Just like a silent farewell. Since then leave it in front of people. Go to that strange land. Although reconciled. But ...... after all he wished. Since he was so determined. Then as he ground dark guard. We can only try to obey. Tried their very best. Dying. Or. This was the last time to take leave ...... ears get people said: "You good to go." One bite. Dark Guardian stature flash. Has disappeared in the ground. Phillip King, leaning on the door frame. Uphold foolishly stood for a long time. Until the foot warm. He bowed his head. Do not know when the spirit saw Brook has jumped to his feet. Are moving slowly rub. He bent over. Hold it in your hand. Gold eye gaze. Said: "Is she okay? Hello it. Prove she has been all right, right?" River Spirit white fluff shook faintly "squeak" a cry, Phillip King looked at it like a camel answer look, finally a good mood a little, and smiled, holding it from entering to go. Xiaolou screamed, waving helplessly watch the sword come, good head, does this spilled blood, from food can not eat, can not see the beauty, beauty child can not take liberties? My heart to fear, I suddenly felt a lot of regret in life there are never completed, so it is very unwilling to die really. Then at this time, only to hear "when" to cry, there's something in that bump on the sword, and that the assassin suddenly back, angrily: "What people?!" In the meantime, the small building outside the bedroom,Oakley Fast Jacket Online, it was scream: "come ah, assassin, assassin arrest!" turned out to be ladies find wrong, and finally speaker, things finally start to go downtown! Xiaolou surprised, saw that the assassin was stunned, grabbed a pillow to throw toward him in the past, it now wielded the sword, "brush" to cry, have done the pillow split in half, the small building stunned, and hurried to the back seize the quilt block in front, fortunately people do not move forward, said bitterly: "You wait for me, this thing ......" then do not finish, only to hear a voice whispered came: "It is not brisk walking?! "sound is very low, sounds strange, small building almost thought that his auditory hallucinations, but after hearing that the assassin, but Huo panic and turn around, is about to escape looks like. Small building had a chance to react, heard that at the same time, there is a voice from outside the door violently, and roared: passenger, not without a fight? "Huhou heard, there is a figure leaped into the room, it was weeks Jane Jane xiaolou met week that familiar shadow, very happy, cried:" Zhou Jane, quickly quickly,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, he ran toward the window ! "It was about an assassin jumped the window, I heard the small building so called, angrily turning to very willing to stare at a small building, but it is on the ground last week, overflowing with anger simply one pair of big eyes, Zhou uncle Humu a stare, angrily: "Damn Gouzei, actually so audacious! "Flash stature would come toward the side That assassin listen to his foul mouth, my heart also furious, according to him to mean, we must come back with Zhou Kan battle three hundred rounds, but the mind of a dynamic moment, only previously heard his voice that reminded again, and said: "leave quickly! "Sound awe-inspiring majesty, but has been unable to bring a number of places to hide wroth thrive. Assassin shivered involuntarily jump out the window, Zhou Jian Zheng also jump over, punch toward the back of the assassin shot go with that Assassin skill, this is not in weeks under Jane, if positive give full enemy, lest week Jane is not the opponent, but his voice was just scared to, absentminded, and did not look back weeks simply to Quanfeng had come. weeks Jane punch out , assassin just feel suffocated chest, throat a sweet, knowing that people Mang Quanfeng being hurt, almost a blood erupted and quickly pressed down hard, and never looked back, flash stature, has disappeared into the courtyard.'re Assassin dodge disappeared without a blink, and that day the wind guard among courtyard with palace guards before all awakened countless voice sounded: "catch assassin! "Follow the direction of the disappearance assassin, someone has followed in the past. Zhou Kan see brightly lit courtyard moment, they are no longer chase, and hurried back reflexive, asked:" small building up on you? "Feng Zhu Ming lights two had waited at the small building body, doing guard-like, small building to see him to ask, hand scratched his clothes, hurriedly looked, then said:" No, I'm fine ...... that the assassin? "Zhou Jane said:" That dog's head count to run fast, but do not be afraid, outside ground brother had been chasing the past, he was my punch, it will definitely hurt not light, do not go how far. "This small building nod, but their hearts are to uphold the panic, where she had intended to speak with those assassins, to divert the attention of those assassins, assassins moment that left only in shock, I feel scared up, trembling, said:" Zhou Kan You must not go. "Zhou Jane saw her pale, his eyes flashing, and hurried to comfort, said:" Nothing, nothing, I'll be there. "The house lights, get out of the chase ear noises go away, Zhou Kan same small building such a moment, and outside someone to report, but it is a long day with the wind guard guards the government's National Division commanding, small building across the screen, asked : "But what caught the assassin? "Shen muddy male voice replied:" Your Highness ...... a moment to give it away. "Xiaolou shocked, transfixed, Zhou Jane wanted to reproach, suddenly thought of his human identity is also the day the wind guard, so obediently shut up. Xiaolou react before Nu Sheng said:" how do you give him away, he was not injured What? "Two guards head and some anger in her voice, knowing that His Royal Highness is very frightened, they looked at each other, feel ashamed:" Back to the lord, is under such dereliction of duty. "Xiaolou blame him know they did not help, waved his hand and said:" You withdraw it, and so ...... "thought, and said," Give me scoured the whole house! Fuchu found not immediately heralds nine dragons guard, so that they pay attention to the people inventory is also OK! "Guards chieftains who kicked away, the house temporarily quieted down, the small building sat blankly for a moment, mixed feelings, unspeakable. Previously she cope assassin, how easy things too, but feel fear and grievance up nose pumping the pumping, crying with dripping. Feng Zhu Ming quickly consoled light, bright light turn around, pick her Yajing decoction, small building uphold body trembling, said: "Here too cold, Bong beads, you get more quilts come. "Bong beads kicked away, the house is only a week Jane Zhou Kan see small building without a word, walked up and comforted, said:" small building, do not be afraid, do not worry I have is that before they secretly waited at the door In addition, things really went wrong. I have so later, the insurance will not make people come to hurt you. "Xiaolou forbearance forbearance, did not hold back," wow "to cry cry out, week Jane stood beside the bed, overwhelmed, small building with open arms firmly embraced him, crying:" Zhou Kan, Zhou Jane. "Jane was she threw herself into the arms of weeks, feeling her body trembling Jiaoruan ground, after he froze for a moment, his arm gently stroked her back and said:" small building, not afraid, not afraid ah, the assassin has was dislodge it. "Small building just crying, tears dripping week Jane crashed back neckline. At that moment, heard a voice sounded quietly at the door and said:" Your Highness ...... be okay? "Must See Must See Must See more of today's third offer. Pink ticket plus ~ line. Adding this more tomorrow and then more, so count them, two more of tomorrow, for the time being and then continue to establish a new target - next pink ticket plus more, set at 520, it is now up, ah, so, if it can rise thirty, even before dawn of tomorrow, we have no other ability, and only add more desperately Cuipiao tickets, we Come along and look forward to it ...... first collection (full novel network <

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