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than when he was a viper antworten

> House and honey for Bu Qing Yun Ji Main satisfied Shiqie micro reached on this issue, this topic will also temporarily come to an end, honey grabbing his sleeves, softly and asked: "Your Highness is come here, it is better undefined status habitation to take a break? "Look at her, see her reddish cheeks, is the sun, but not ugly, more beauty shy deportment, pleasing, could not help staring at looked a moment, then said: "Thank you, Mrs. intentioned, but the house had just gone this long, but also feel tired, Comin still on this bar. Mrs. do not have to follow, look at this face up against all the red sun, and looked distressed, Mrs. freedom to act can. "Honey Yun Ji had to bend the bow, and said:" Thank you, Your Highness love, fear job status, job status Zunzhi. "nodded his small building, behind a house the height to drink:" Your Highness start off! "xiaolou slowly turn around, honey Yun Ji courtyard behind the arrested people have to salute, I said: "escort Highness." They have watched the small building a pedestrian gone missing, only to go back to the yard honey. Small building in the palace courtyard where a visit is half a day, listening to the butler introduced here yond, royal palace although it can not compare with the Kamikaze, but also stretches nearly ten miles, stop and go, plus a heart plan, naturally tired , used the lunch break for a moment, then ordered to prepare people prepare water bath. Heating hot water heating leapt up, flopping a two story house in the water, then no effort, arms resting on the tub edge, head somewhat groggy, ladies movement and light, almost fell asleep. Finally crawled out from the water, the new clothes, he groaned and crawled toward the bed, bright lights quickly advised: "Your Highness, wait a bit, hair still wet, so be careful sleeping headache." Xiaolou frowning hand provoked a hunchback hair, really wet, could not help a sigh, said: "This can be dry when?" fear headaches, but also had to sit on the bed, bright light with a clean towel, with several ladies rub together for her hair. So just over a moment, the door suddenly someone came and said: "Your Highness, princes drive to divinity." Xiaolou stunned blinked, not believing, scared voice asked: "Who?" Bong on one side and said: "Your Highness, are princes. "xiaolou face dumbfounding to love. Himself said: "It's funny. Before last night fever. Moment the merits. Still alive and kicking to come here. Really too upset enough people to it?" Ming little hesitation. Only persuasion: "Your Highness. Princes perhaps well-intentioned. Highness After all newcomers to. All the way ......" "I go is not the same?" Xiaolou Lengheng soon. Waved and said coldly: "that is the house asleep, let him not to come again. Recuperate recuperation can take place." Bright lights looked at her calmly look. Frowned and asked: "Your Highness, this okay?" Xiaolou eye cocked. Said: "There is nothing bad to? Could I order even dressed. Just to see him? Tired to death. Just want to sleep. Who likes to get up again." Body backwards a fall. Lazily rely on the quilt. She had just after bath. They only wore silk ground Usugi. They did not go out the same as neatly decorated. Delicate figure looming. Painting intimate look. How to see people? Not to mention the hair dry. Loose in the shoulders. Lazy and easy to look like. Just do not see that guy. Pour on the quilt, but not by heart to think of the small building last night to see him on a whim when that scene, separated by screens, had seen the man lying on the bed, white hair, the back is actually very little that people like , but that is the glimpse, let her guard their unusual relationship, if that moment go, even more intimate, this effect is not small building wants to, is rather climb down. Do not expect full circle, but also turn so fast, at the moment actually changed Bu Qing main Laiqiao her, she look like, than the Bu Qing main ill in bed last night looks like it is not much better, how willing to see him? A write-mouth, humming, said: "come quickly sent him to leave. Did he would dare ......" bowed his head, laughing slightly open their skirts robes, some badly exposed on the spring, and did not mind fingers fiddled about collar, just want to say a "Did not he will dare to break into"? The door was a gasp, and small building lift eye, not enough time to react, I heard there is a slightly muffled voice said: "Your Highness, please indulgences, the minister heard the voice of His Royal Highness, Shanzizuozhu Zhang came." Xiaolou startled eyes wide with rounded, looked behind that screen door just saw the tall figure flashed by, the upcoming move out of a sudden, as if bringing a chill chill, stunned xiaolou wits. She startled for a moment, think of it in one hand and grasp skirts, shouted: "You come to do what?! Out!" The man heard this stop, half of the body to cover the carved wall behind, and she no longer forward, small Building the body back a shrink, Ming lamp eye grassland, and hurried to bed nets down, blocking her, hiding inside the small building, only to feel the heart of many, the ear to listen Bu Qing Lord said: "Your Highness ...... why, as the Bu Qing main such as snakes and scorpions similar? "seems somewhat sad voice. "Because you are the generation Vipers Henla." Small building in the heart said angrily. Lips a bite, just said: "This is to say where the princes words, so condescended to, then do not mention the future. Spread out, I thought my husband and it is not." To "couple" two heads burst of evil, Since muttered curse secretly curl one eyebrow, but said, "come, but why? princes of the house sick in bed I heard, do not have a good rest, if seriously ill and then kick in. What should I do? princes do not you think for themselves also asked to the palace with his wife ...... honey sake ah, princes or haste go back to the room in this house here without incident. "She comes down, foreshadowing a large number of good for him, the result is that he just wanted to leave as soon as possible only. Youth Who is the Lord, how she did not understand in words? However, not forward, not backward, and said: "Your Highness is so concerned about young Lord, Lord Green heart grateful. Highness has your visit to the palace, however, mainly due to injuries green, never daring to see the majesty, fear of deportment indecent, soiled Highness Binocular is based, have not been coming out ...... "small building to hear, my heart is very favor, could not help muttering, said:" I tell you a bit self-knowledge, know you do not Get out of here? "Bu Qing main voice suddenly meal, hand Yanzui small building, while standing next to quickly steal a look at Feng Zhu Ming lights, two surface fleet without color, if her words were heard two girl, bright lights will definitely frown, Bong beads will definitely laughing, but the two men do not move, then obviously it is not heard, the small building their own thoughts, low remark that he thought it was an illusion come forward, the man across the screen so far that is not heard. Sure enough, Bu Qing after the main meal, but poised to say: "But a few days gone green Highness, my heart miss tight, so he always say hello greeting to His Royal Highness, look forward to seeing Highness side." Xiaolou listen to his speech is quite sincere, heart thought: "You say it, Well, originally under siege, when fear is like I want to go die, cares too." She was careful in the end, did not dare to say out loud. Bu Qing Lord asked: "Your Highness?" Xiaolou coughed, then said: "This, princes mind, this house has been very clear, but a future, longer than? Divinity of the royal palace now, it will not fly away Chachi , why princes anxious at the moment? Moreover, Keke, the chill of the palace a few days ago did not retire, princes very ill and weak, if infected, and again fell ill, and that the palace and if He Xinan? Royal Highness Or go back and rest. "Bu Qing Lord heard her this firmly, actually did refuse to give yourself a chance to loose, across the screen, to see the other side, compared with the previous man out to see clearly, at the moment across the yarn curtains, vague, and saw that the bed leaned graceful, graceful looks, but not see the person that she hated how his face in the end, my heart secretly sigh, had hanging eyebrows and said: "Since Highness so caring young master, the Lord knows how to do it green, do not bother Highness rest, other green main body fully recovered, no matter how good habitat compensation wait Highness. "the last of that" compensation wait temple "words, say exceptionally clear calm plus sincere. Little heard these words,Crossbodys Coach Outlet, just bathed him no reason to fine hair upside down, plump throat loudly, spit swallow nervously, then said: "Royal Highness ...... determination, the palace ...... understand princes make good maintenance Body Bar, come, quick delivery Royal Highness. "without any explanation, call the person, the effect is equivalent to that of the expulsion order, Bu Qing master behind the mask, frowning eyebrows slightly, his face worried about passing touch unknown face, eyes like electricity, look over there, she has been reluctant to meet with him, saying one such as sweet as honey, in fact, than when he was a viper, just as the Tigers similar to the one near the'll bite her what? Health sigh his mind,oakley sunglasses cheap, but no longer hang around, turned, strode to go out. People down the stairs and went out, building heard the voice shouted: "Quickly quickly, just who is the goalie and carry me over!" An agitated tone, I do not know who should be out of luck. Bu Qing main slightly surprised, then shook his head, but to move away, behind the footsteps chaos ring, it was hurried through the door, came the faint sound of supplicate, saying that: "Your Highness mercy!" The man fury The sound is still in the ring, this man, as Hedongshihou similar ...... Bu Qing looked up at the stars in the sky Lord, once, twice,Satchels Coach Outlet, he creates opportunities, but she did not give yourself any chance, is it really true that the heavens ? If only exposed the truth, her reaction, he was not the slightest grasp, Bu Qing main slowed down, suddenly hesitant to think: "Or, God wanted to give me some almost ready, as she said, Japan, longer, why anxious at the moment, you can simply ...... on pushing. "He is so logical to give yourself to find a very good fit of the reason, it felt like my heart remove the burden somewhat relaxed. Bu Qing advocates open arms, stretch the body, but do not know it from the ground when he found his heart, unconsciously, is already afraid that he who can not figure unknowable future of ...... After she wanted to exposed the response, but also precisely because of this he himself refused to admit the first time I did not understand the "fear", which has always been brave wild child who only know how to move forward for the first time only a step . Turned their love, even tough job faced. The second offer more advanced, there are two pink plus more Oh, if to 380, plus a third more on tonight, stroking ^ _ ^ starter starter (all the novel network ) <

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