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06.06.2013 05:17
General wind around the clouds antworten

"Bang!" General wind around the clouds, almost feel the air resistance of Zhou Qiantong near the formation of huge crane shadow crane Tianya, whole body suddenly split out eight ghost, surrounded by the crane into Tianya surrounded inside, eight red blood s è knife long grass surprised empty out, many general cleave to the crane skyline. "Lei ji!" Eight red blood s è knife long grass from the sky down, into a huge crane shadow crane the whole body high-speed convolution, friction with the space around the body came a loud y ù deaf thunder sound, a blue s è electro-optic continue to dance around his body. "Boom!" A loud, when the rotating speed, the top general crane the body more and more strong lightning surge, eight red blood s è knife long grass chop down, suddenly burst into a series of energy ripples. "The blood of thirteen cut! Ten chopped red r!" Chop in eight ghost crane Tianya hard that week Qiantong split out the blood red S è knife long grass attack, some body out of the occasion, week Qiantong seize the opportunity, quickly approaching, and cut out of the blood red S è knife a shock the common customs awn, like a wheel rolling red R ì, cut to the Cape tianya. "Week Qiantong, can conquer me that ten years ago, not now." Seeing the body imbalance crane skyline will be Zhou Qiantong split the blood of thirteen cut, cut to split in tenth, crane the whole body turn out to be a ghost, stabilizing the body, regardless of injuries,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, wiping the blood red S è knife red R ì like mango, quick to reach Zhou Qiantong. "The three metacarpal!" Relying on the velocity near the slightly surprised Zhou Qiantong, he did not use his famous Tianya technology as the sword, but cast Yun Tianyu teach, must burn life can play the biggest power, comparable Xianji life palm awn. "Rumble!" Crane Tianya combustion long yuan,Oakley Sunglasses Flak Jacket, their destiny by three palm print,Jordan Spizike Sale, Zhou Qiantong immediately feel tremendous pressure, the entire space with close to three red blood s è life palm awn, the water ripples, and can greatly prolong the week Qiantong dodge rate, so he had to use their mastery of the strongest technology, hard and three palm mans life. "The blood of thirteen chop, chop the universe thirteen." Thirteen overlapping together, the blood red S è knife long grass, the vanity set aside a virtual shadow cleave in three life on palm awn, immediately twisted 100 meters range of vanity, twist of terrible will quiet mountain wall crack Valley, the earth trembled like an earthquake. "Is not good, flash!" Feel the ground shaking is healing, Song Qingfeng and the magic pass quickly Dodge, away from the ruins of the valley mouth, two people do not dare to close to have the GOLDION power. "Puff!" Crane Tianya combustion Long Yuan and Zhou Qiantong hard and strongest attack, two people at the same time. The one mouthful blood, dodge to distort space. "Cape Tianya, didn't expect that you should have such a terrible technology, I said, how dare you against me." Hand wipe clean mouth spill blood, body curled cloud said thin many weeks Qiantong surface s è dignified. "How Qiantong week, are you afraid of! If you're afraid, he took the two waste quickly out of here." God s è lonely crane >

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