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but also enjoy the endless antworten

> Jane looked at the front of this peerless Fengshen handsome figure, I do not know why, always familiar, but can not remember where ever seen, could not open asked: "Do you ...... where I seen you in anything?" the two of them fight before the cause is, the week when Jane was still kamikaze punks when Yufeng but because Yetan kamikaze Palace, the effect was injured by King Phillip, sparse street, being hit in the head of the Week Jane fire , was one of his men to help kid playing tough battle, but also lost a small building at that time to come forward, Hetui Zhou Yufeng Jane saved. Www! QUaNBEN! COM and want to come back, Yufeng men Ershibasu white tiger Fire Monkey is therefore death. If not fire monkey learned their monarch by this humiliation, how will weeks to maltreat simple means to give all men kill? So far still kamikaze Detective Yamen no solution in a headless koan. And if not so, why would the White Tiger Fire Monkey Lord ordered to be returned Bu Qing Qin days? If it were that night he left, he would not encounter that moonlit shot Fiends, ended up Kesiyixiang end. However, when the street was Yufeng, naturally intended to hide the face, to prevent arouse his suspicions have no shot against. Zhou did not pay attention to the time that Jane mold head touch his hapless what exactly is the appearance, just thought it was unusual shame. Later, although some suspected of being taken away Norikaze identity of the small building quirky, but has also been unable to explore. But on the other hand, they clearly know Zhou Yufeng Jane is what appearance, even the identity is known no less. At the moment, listening to Zhou Kan said, Yufeng heart of a dynamic, looking at the man in front of two eyebrows, sparkling eyes, an evil spirit with a faint, slightly fierce appearance ...... so he thought dexterity, which were old cases to instantly recall , my heart silently thought: "It's a coincidence,Oakley Sunglasses UK, they almost forget that it was this kid ...... Well!" heart sneer again and again, Antan God actually sent this guy to their mouth, not let him mercy or Rounong Eat it slowly eating? Previously trained to think of humiliation, as well as to the horrors of fire monkey after death, but because this guy into the sky, these enemies, but it is reported to be a little bit. Yufeng murderous eyes flashed right again hid in the surface but smile freely, said: "No, I think this is the first time I saw." Because he was small building friends, small building and a mouthful of praise him. Week Jane Fong even not want to think that the former kamikaze Suzaku in the streets by their own blasted beaten man, heard hand scratched his head and said: "I believe it is, you grow so unique, if you saw them you I will never forget ...... "Yufeng smile, asked:" I do not know the bodyguard brothers, how to call? "Zhou Jane careless smile, said:" surnamed Zhou, Zhou Jane. "Well ...... Yufeng nod. And asked: "That I do not know Zhou brothers came to see me with anything?" Zhou Jane looked at him carefully. This man now retreated covered murderous. The idea is regarded as amiable. Plus looks really handsome outstanding. To look more comfortable than the previous. Satisfaction, said: "I have come to convey a message to ......" They were here when the conversation. Side of the road has been stopped. Pitched sounded distant places to cry. Someone shouted: "Qin Hao Wang Highness Royal Highness then Joseph driving!" Sound downwind from. Interrupted the two talk. Soon after. Underway soon. Sound phase. Continuous. To declare the world as people know. Yufeng eyebrows a cold. Eyebrows to see. Zhou Kan also shocked surprise. Angtou glanced to the side. Yufeng to seize arms. Leaned himself up. Whispered said: "Royal Highness sent a message to me, she has to find critical things you must remember that you see her." Norikaze if not ask to ask it. Week Jane has left here. Turning launched. Away toward the front. Yufeng little thought for a moment. Eventually sleeves Yifu. Stature flash. Has quietly retreated into their cars behind. Kamikaze Imperial street, a handsome boy looking beautiful walk in front, followed behind one is munching on snacks to hand servant, tells us vague and asked: "Master, you are visiting a few days, but also did not visit enough? ...... my feet are long bubble. "That servant boy turned and looked one to see him complaining though uttered the words, but still eat the whole-heartedly, hands clutching two fleshy biscuits, pregnant. Boy could not help but smile, said: "peace, you'd see the young master whole-heartedly ah, there are so hard?" Servant reluctantly to look sizzling from the golden yellow duck who pull back to himself said: "This last eaten ...... ah, sir What did you say?" The boy shook his head, then shouted: "stupid." servant curl one's lip, said: "Master, we left this afternoon, what are you looking for , you had better hurry, do not just wander. "boy sighed and said:" You guys know what, you just eat you is. "servant stepped forward, constantly looked at him for a moment, frowning teenager: "What are you doing?" servant take a look at his eyes and asked: "Master, you are not looking for someone?" boy a strange look crossed his face, smiled and asked: "how you knew what ? "servant said:" Master what you do not eat, visiting a couple of days, are wandering in the streets to keep coming, but also like staring at the people watching is definitely looking for someone, but Master you what? "juvenile laugh, raised an eyebrow and said: "Who is looking for people, the young master just casually stroll, look at this kamikaze what fun stuff nothing." servant hum a few times, in turn began to bow the hands of the meat eating biscuits. Two one after the other, through the bustling streets of ground, suddenly heard a voice sounded lazily: "The son, please stay behind." Sound mixed in among the many rowdy sound, exceptionally humble, the little servant did not even hear, turned and looked at the boy, but suddenly found that, in the corner, huddled one dressed in white ...... strange to people. Wearing a black scarf, dressed in white clothes, who is sitting at a long table, behind a pale face, naturally, do not see how old the lips there Liangpie obvious mustache, giving a strange feeling in his hands shrink sleeves among people looking at this side, and smiled. Although somewhat peculiar shabby dress, sitting there also some Liuliliuqi gesture, but some may be touching the laughter, giving a refined meaning. Junior hesitantly looked at each other for a long while before a finger, nodded his chest, tentatively asked: "Do you ...... call me?" That servant stopped mouth, surprised looking teenager. That mustache assured nodded and said: "It is you." Enunciate, but it is an authentic kamikaze words. Boy shrugged his eyebrows, somewhat surprised that some did not mind eventually turned slowly walked toward the other side, quickly came to it, only to find that mustache bristling beside a white flag that read: fortune-teller , BU life, measuring future. Below is a handsome little inscription, written but three words: laugh fleeting. Well boy smile, come to that fortune-teller's booth, surrounded servant hurried hand goods lift sleeves, stand in front of the stool goes to whisk whisk years it went over, lifted the skirt backward toss, sitting set, his hands on his knees, Damajindao full posture ground and asked: "Are you telling?" mustache courtly smile: "It is." juvenile end of the eyebrow to provoke: "You called fleeting smile?" mustache arch of the hand, smiling nod: "It is a mere." juvenile slightly upward, dismissive, said: "I've never heard of this number two." mustache did not get mad, said: "Now is not heard son ? "juvenile curl one's lip, looking down and look to the fleeting smile, said:" You want to do what is called to the young master? Could that be want to walk with you in this arena glib tongue to make the young master paying you? " fleeting smile shook his head and said: "mere counting only people destined whether the Right, son own to decide, if the son is a lie that a mere generation, that despite her garments and can go." juvenile eyebrows wrinkled, this hint of great interest to, asked: "Well, anyway idle is idle, you'll what?" fleeting smile that reached a little flag next to the words on juvenile hum smile, said: "Well, you to calculate the life of the young master first. "fleeting smile nodded and said:" Yes. "teenager indifferent look at him, no longer speak. Fleeting smile watched him for a moment, before re-turn from his hands cuff, said: "From the point of view Zodiac son, your young son expansive, born big ho family, holding a one authority, but also enjoy the endless wealth, there really is someone's Dragon, the ineffable, but ...... "hanging eyebrows, seemed deep in thought. Hearing this, the young man behind the servant had stopped eating, eyes wide, looking at Gulu Lu fleeting smile. Junior eyebrows furrowed, said wistfully: "These words, is that you casually guess it?" Fleeting smile, said: "fortune-telling, this is half-truths, and you believe it is true, do not believe it is true, son Hear me out how? "boy nodded. Fleeting smile said: "Your son is an only child, parents are still alive, and because they loved each other, but, everything is not perfect,Oakley Holbrook Sale, a mere count to, and within five years ......" Suddenly eyebrows furrowed, once again hesitated no longer go on . Junior frown, asked: "But you said it anyway." Fleeting smile,Nike Jordan Take Flight, said: "Within five years, his parents died." Outburst, juvenile Duanhe bang, beat beat on the table, "Crash" sound, long tables crashed and broken, juvenile sneer angrily: "Hello great courage, since I was born into the family of count, you should know what I figure, you acted so offended, I'm not afraid to mess words sin kill you it?" Laugh fleeting sigh, did not play the state, light, said: "Storytelling is just telling it, in fact, the future that catastrophe, dead even greater than the one two." boy asked: "more nonsense, what you say Holocaust? "fleeting smile, said:" Scourge **. "juvenile anger against laugh, HUO Di got up, shouted:" nonsense, the young master has lost patience. "first more, pink and nine plus more, oh, fast Climb a few votes, plus two more in the afternoon ^ _ In addition, certain students appeared, ah, no license stall, fees Kazakhstan. Come and see it as if it claimed. First reading novels go (full novel network <

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