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06.06.2013 05:12
only three damage to light printing antworten

"The sky feather, since you have a death wish, that I love you." Chu Hong saw the sky soaring strength feather unexpectedly in his play, greatly enhance the power of the octupole broken rushed over, comely face showing a ferocious. "Three elders, sky feather not okay!" See Yun Tianyu's potential, Tibetan master fire played a strong love of heart, softly asked three elder eyes locked completely cloudy plume. "Rest assured Tibetan master fire, exposed to the sky feather development potential, I won't let anything happen to him." The three elders say that. Hear the three elders of very fine voice, breeze elder, Department of elders face s è instantly changed, because there are three elders commitment, Chu Hong today is not likely to touch any cheaper. "Rumble!" Accompanied by a unit by Y ù deaf thunder, sky feather quickly display thunderous Shanhe sword went up,Oakley Sunglasses UK, the heavy cut in eight damage to light printing. But as to further enhance the strength of Chu hung, display the octupole broken more powerful by mountains and rivers, thunderous sword attack, only three damage to light printing was thunderous and sword cut through, the remaining five damage to light printing in order to speed the attack to continuous backward cloud day. "The pupil eye, attack!" Five damage to light print with splitting speed close to the sky in the day, feather immediately control is the pupil eye attacks,Oakley Scalpel Sale, forced to break a destructive optical printing. Although with the help of the pupil eye strength, sky feather shattered in a very short time three damage optical printing, or by the remaining two damage to light print break the violet s è defense light, hit the body, spray a mouthful of blood fog, heavy fall to the ground. "All over the sky feather." See yourself cast octupole broken successfully hit the sky feather, Chu hung exultation in heart,Nike Jordan Spizike Sale, did not think this will not be the trap, rapid and great saber together, carrying destructive force strong, cleave to hit into the cloud day. "Thunder, attack!" Chu Hongren is a split, seven levels of Taoism realm of the cloud day release all thunder thunder in the storage ring, bombarding the people for a drop from the clouds, Chu hung. "Boom!" A loud thunder, came under heavy attack, one for one into giant blade Chu Hong immediately increased physical injury. But in order to seize the sky feather hit time in one fell swoop to kill him, Chu hung clenching, carrying cut through the remnants of thunder force, continued to cleave to the sky plume. Chu Hong carries the remnants of the power split, entirely in the cloud plume accurate calculations, when Chu Hongren device a split, the sky again control the plume pupil eye release black s è light, further aggravating the Chu Hong body injury. Man is a Chu Hong drop from the clouds speed was the pupil eye attack, a little slow on the occasion, the sky feather suddenly away, facing the Chu Hongchong up. "The sky feather all over! I see how you resist my final attack." Chu Hong saw the sky feather daredevil rushed up, exultation in heart, transport enough to play the final. "Hundred blade cut!" Man is a Chu hung shouted, great light blade into sudden overlap a hundred blade, overlapping the attack, the maximum degree of the attack, cleave to the sky plume. "This race is over, but the loser is you, not >

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