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06.06.2013 04:55
said the desire to kill. " antworten

"This force, is the day, you have the device." Awesome power of experience to Kyoho mountain contains, knocked back a middle-aged man stare big eyes looking at the sky, greedy slowly in the plume head floating Kyoho mountain, exclaimed. "Realm of breakthrough!" Although the sky feather continuous injured, but in the face of intense pressure, systemic potential has been excited by the number of particles in cloudy plume origin of rapid upgrade aura, finally in the face of adversity to achieve nine thousand six hundred, condensed out of sixth spirit yuan, broke through to the six stage spirit realm, then increased fifty life element. "Well, the realm of breakthrough, by such heavy injury, but also can break his realm, isn't he the big forces out of the direct disciples." Feel sky feather their own breath a startling change in an instant, a middle-aged man in the eyes of kill an idea thicker. "Boy,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK, your body already really surprised me too, but even if you have a day in the life, also can't beat me, today you are going to leave here alive." Looking at the stable middle-aged man a face of a brooding injury cloud day, said the desire to kill. "Want to kill me, you do not deserve!" The sky realm, feather quickly took out a spirit pole Dan, thrown into the mouth, a face without fear. "Skull broken knife shadow!" Middle-aged man to see the sky the plume to mouth into a R ǔ s è Dan medicine, thought the sky feather took healing elixir, hand-held broadsword in the skeleton cast technology, to continue to attack Yun Tianyu. "Kyoho mountain,Nike Air Jordan 7 UK, hit me!" Just have learned skull broken knife shadow badly, the sky is no longer to feather skull knife shadow close to,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, control changes into a mini Hill shape of Kyoho mountain hit up. "Ray of light knife long grass!" Kyoho mountain to withstand the skull broken knife shadow attacks, cloud plume control thunder ring thunder perfusion to release ray moon machetes to chop a thunder light knife long grass attack middle-aged man, forcing the middle-aged man had to dodge. "He is the forces of the disciples, with the baby why so metamorphosis. But even if you have more baby, I can't believe you're not exhaustive moment, I'd like to have a look at your level six Tao spirit realm of strength, endurance." In the face of Kyoho mountain and thunder ring attack, a middle-aged man came up with a plan, a slowdown in their offensive, ready to rely on six Jindan power, slow death cloud plume. The middle-aged man want to drag the sky feather, feather wants median sky, sky feather by middle-aged men counter offensive slowdown, control the body rapidly active nearly million Reiki source particles, crazy swallow spirit pole Dan medicine, the impact of seven stage spirit realm. "Mom, this kid practicing is day Jue, how the attack so long, still no signs of exhaustion." And Yun Tianyu were about more than seven hour, the middle-aged man felt a little tired, but in the day of Kyoho mountain continuous control for attacking the cloud day not only without any signs of fatigue, but Yuezhanyueyong, this let middle-aged man gradually some anxious. And Yun Tianyu after more than seven hour continuous battle with a middle-aged man, its potential is excited to the limit, in vivo million Reiki source particles through phagocytosis spirit pole Dan medicine, the number reached ten thousand more than two stars, >

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