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> WWw, QUANbEn, cOm rain light cage, Strip solitude, it is already after midnight, on the road in addition to fewer people Dageng T3 line, but prescribe silhouette, from secluded rear lane slowly out of the "Advisor," one of them opening and said, "Why should recruit the armies Su?" It is the night to visit the well rope Cuixiu places with wooden jail wells Qin's military advisor Zhuge Zhuge small operators count shook his small fan, seems thinking mind, listen well wooden jail a question, before nodded his head and said: "slim do you think?" Well wooden jail puzzled, asked: "Advisor, think what?" Little Zhuge count pondered a moment, asked: "Do you think ...... just We've seen this Mr. Su is how kind of person? "Well wooden jail turned his head and looked at the sky revealed a faint faint starlight, recall just seen the man style, involuntarily slowly replied:" Feng God, jade, dragon people, but ...... what rope Cuixiu not brothel? "" Ha ha, "Little Zhuge count whispered laugh or two, some malicious, then the words of the well wooden jail road," said the right ,Nike Jordan After Game, pearl dust, America pendant world, beauty humiliated, even we are human pity ...... Slim also played a pity only the heart of it? "Well wooden jail smiled and said:" Advisor tease, how I'm just, to subordinate's view, although the appearance of the Su Wen Wen jade, elegant Chu Chen, as if the person is not angry, but ...... actually is proud clank, seems a great ambition Pathwalker ...... "Zhuge bright eyes of a small operator, asked: "What do you think his ambition SLIM what?" "uh?" Well I do not know that he should ask wooden jail out of this question, thought, replied and said: "How can this under guessed ...... ah, but he even turned down a military advisor of the postponement of all, presumably ...... harbor greater ambitions? "Little Zhuge count nodded:" This is the legendary knows nothing ah, slim you follow me But more and more wise up "well before heavy wooden jail bow smile asked:" Advisor seemed to already know what? "Zhuge small operators fan cover on the chest also looked up a lot fell into a deep black sky did not answer well wooden jail Well to answer your own wooden jail to speak to the sound suspicious low Zhuge small operators do not hear then re-opening to ask: "Advisor was thinking?" kamikaze rain has stopped, the sky seems to be clouded not see the sky the stars, however lightly people naturally do not see eye to Zhuge small operator is flashing strange land he seemed to see that Cecil had not cover the sky with stars to thin haze at the end of the day there is a huge looming about revealing the stars shine awesome! "Underestimated" Little Zhuge count blurted out an murderous eyebrows wrinkled brow revealing wells wood from jail startled by startled cried: "Advisor?" Little Zhuge count eye blink, this restores the original look, turned his head, Laughing slightly see Mukai wood, asked: "slim, you know what the origin Su?" Well Wood jail gently shook his head and said: "see him superior style, it is the nobility, the decline giants? "Little Zhuge count mouth a hook, is a touch of meaningful smile, said:" slim is good you say, except that ...... his origin, if a decade ago, but it is with our Royal Highness is a general identity The "well wooden jail was surprised, feeling involuntarily shook, asked:" He was actually born a prince? "Little Zhuge count eyebrows wrinkled, pale wooden jail blurted wells nodded and said:" That's not his fault refused to accept your invitation military adviser to his Prince of respect, how can other countries placing him under? may be why he was kamikaze it? "Well wooden jail Here, the brow of a move, suddenly said," Yes, and I heard many years ago, there was a prince from Southampton please incrimination into the kamikaze, the proton, can we say that the Su ...... "He stopped Huafeng, turned around to see Zhuge small operator, as if asking him if so count on the well Zhuge small wooden jail eyes, smiled and said: "Ruzikejiao, Ruzikejiao" Well wooden jail to see him admit, my heart jump, eyes change several times, and finally said: "Advisor, smooth over the previous monarch the picks off, I am have been puzzled that picks off the defender heard was Nanan, strategist and catch the overnight deliberately come to visit, does this one ...... "Zhuge count squint Mukai small wooden jail, praise said: "slim smart you are more of the" wooden jail just said wells along the mouth of the Little Zhuge count malicious eyes, only coughed, restrain accelerated heartbeat,Air Jordan 6 Sale, said: "Advisor, you do things always called speculate impervious, this story came to visit this ...... this person, in addition to thanking outside, is it specifically to postponement of his? But there is no reason ah, he somehow also the prince of the statue, strategist unreasonable imagine that he will not let the Qin man went down, why knowing that, but also snubbed it? "Little Zhuge did not count the opening tease him, and slowly said:" In fact, I never thought he'd promised to Qin days. " Well wooden jail heart jump, asked: "how military adviser also opening invitation?" heart thought: Could this man is disgusting it is so? The thought of his military advisor, has always been not by common sense out the card, or really bored doing nothing maybe because it could not help but to smile, looked up to the small Zhuge Zhuge small operators looking counted but there is no fun of meaning, Shadow Lane seems somewhat gloomy against the color, look well wooden jail hearts secretly consternation, ear hear this man said: "I just asked slim, this person is how you view" "Yes ......" Well wooden jail hesitate to answer indeed he had just asked, and he replied: Fengshen jade, dragon people, elegant Chu Chen, just like the dark bosom ambition, then ...... Zhuge small operator asked him what that person is with ambition ...... topic but unconsciously pull away a bit, and now, to expose the man's identity, then, that human heart conceived vision, we say yes ...... whole body flick, well words can not Zhuge small wooden jail count to see him look changes, clear understanding of mind, knowing that he has figured out some waving fans, said: "Although he is now weak, can not compare with my Daqin bingqiangmazhuang Moreover temporarily sojourn kamikaze, unable to escape, but ... ... "Well wooden jail know this" but "must be no trivial matter, could not help but hold your breath, listening, for fear of missing a word Zhuge small operator is slightly narrowed eyes and said:" But just from his conversation, I find already hear, who will soon leave the kamikaze bound, and he went to this undoubtedly was broken cage to fly phoenix, dragon snapped the locks go, is like the ocean Longgui while since we had a Hezui Off , Hezui gatekeeper Lu would have been scared to fly troops to retreat, I heard that has returned to Southampton, if let this man back to Southampton, with his identity in order to Lu Wang Fei scared people, coupled with Southampton before the old unit, should be choosing the river carp, continuously, I think, if it is really the case, does not take ) can be the same kamikaze, Qin, under a high "well covered wooden jail creepy, one reason is that Zhuge small operator said these prospects He was even imagined that such a, it is indeed shocked, and secondly, it is counted as Zhuge small talk that terrible time when the tone wells wooden jail thought, before asking: "That army, division, intend to do? "Little Zhuge count glanced at him, said:" The beast grew up, it is difficult to deal with, Fanghuguishan how stupid ...... The only way is to take advantage of him not grown wings, extermination! "Well wooden jail stopped stunned pace, blurted shouted: "Advisor you want ......" Zhuge small steps count to see him stopped, smiled and asked: "how, slim reluctant?" Well wooden jail breathed, looked a little Zhuge count smiling face, that face is still the old, can at the moment it seems, but no chances, chilly heart, I feel this could be so handsome looks terrible, even over ghosts, and after a moment, well wooden jail was asked: "That ...... I dare strategist, the monarch may know ...... to do this?" Zhuge small operator to see him asked, fan a shake, cover the mouth cover only whispered laugh or two, look for a chill surface point a little retreat, said: "Oops, were you to see through the" well wooden jail heart jump, ask, but can not be exported, had closely watched Zhuge Zhuge small operator extends small feather fan count, in the well wooden jail's head as if to beat a moment and said: "Do not use this looked at me as if I was a scourge like, Oh, I am so approachable, ah, let me feel pretty slim terrible, but my heart will be sad, "Well wooden jail to see him laughing loudly and regain the kind of look, heart Yi Tan, do not know that this man is true, somewhat true to somewhat false, had to smile, said:" Advisor, you His statement is ...... What do you mean? "Little Zhuge count fans braved the chin, looked up days, big eyes blinked, said:" The monarch did not know about it, just ordered me to communicate with him about it ...... However, this man was, indeed ...... "sound slowly pause, eyes, and that a brilliant big star, light whipped flash a bit, actually faint with brilliant purple Yao small Zhuge count frowned moment to step back, frightened said: "How can this man ...... How ......" bow wood look Huangji uncertain wells jail to see him look uneasy, quickly stepped forward, arm around his, asked: "Advisor, what happens?" Little Zhuge count clenched hand fan, hand hanging at the waist, secretly clenched, as if to himself, said: "Strange ...... this star seems to have unlimited power assisted, endless vitality Jingsi like this is a solitary , and how much more so will suddenly surge help? "side to himself, hands hanging at the waist up, and go to the mouth, while thinking while gently biting his thumb, it seems also figure out how wooden jail to see him so well is not a mind, quickly said: "Advisor, and what the power assist? For more assistance, of course, is someone help solve the ......" sentence, also felt ridiculous, it is not well known what the truth ? So stop Zhuge small mouth he did not know what is considered the heart to think, do not expect help on Zhuge small operators, however, said those proffering, considered the heart of a small Zhuge Liang, is a ...... someone help solve the problem? Someone help solve the problem? Brain suddenly appeared a man's shadow, if the flowers look charming smile, white over this quiet little Strip Zhuge count listening to these words, eyebrows lifted, suddenly looked up and cried aloud: "Yes , someone to help, that some people do, but ...... "hateful, hateful, she actually done what? Can even make a star trail is there such a strong change? The thought, Menem protons do, it will not escape the eyes of God, such as co-regent of the people, even the Qin days not move him, that surname Kim, but he also put ...... To promising, one-third of the world, need to first break this God pressure on him cage locks can ...... that possible? Colonial National Division with the capability, how can let such a horrible future rival it? But ...... but he Suanlaisuanqu, that he bad a person ...... no wonder, looking at her from the rope Cuixiu previously there came out the back door, my heart there will be a strange feeling, no wonder from the start tonight, this rain gradually dissipated, but the star has finally dared to expose Tau Kok, swagger world ...... No wonder ...... but she, she really did what? ! Well see Zhuge small wooden jail count just thought, not words, my heart fears, cried: "military adviser, military advisor how do you?" Little Zhuge count awakened from a startled agitated in the upper wells wooden jail concerned eyes, barely smile, said : "No ...... nothing, I am absences" Sure enough, the unexpected outbreak ...... well ...... wooden jail can see him clearly have something to say do not say, but also helpless, only said: "Late at night, we still go back it, may be sent back to the camp military advisor to the princes messenger that? "Little Zhuge count sighed and said:" Shooting bow thing, originally excuses excuses not specifically messenger, now, but insisted it was take this trip must be made "well wooden jail listening to quite understand, but it is not good to ask Zhuge small openings counted silently to move forward and go, go for a while, then said:" Little sad, you still there? " Well wooden jail hesitated, suddenly feeling a touch of gas appeared in front of the corner, and hurried to Zhuge sideways in front of a small operator, alert them Zhuge small fan count on his arm lightly a fight, and said: "Hey, do not worry, insiders "Well Zhuge wooden jail turned around to see a small operator, was surprised to find his complexion, and restored to its former cynical smile like that, could not help relieved, slightly sideways to his side in front, there is a quite zone wronged voice said: "I thought I would freeze to death here, next time, I will never do it again, who in this matter, strategist adults!" Well wooden jail to see that there are individual-type thin silhouette, slowly came out, tall is not high, the body scarred an ordinary gray clothes, head wearing a somewhat shabby hats, hats on **, and his whole person may also wish huddled,Air Jordan Store, apparently as he said, , in the rain waiting for a long count Zhuge small laugh or two, took a step forward and said: "I know you're fooling with soft-hearted little sad, and the most is the faithful and stamina, well, will not let you wait now give you one thing, "that" little sad "somewhat dissatisfied, hum:" I'm not your dog, what fooling soft-hearted, faithful working, bah! "hard mouth that gas, and finally said," fast said that in the end is what, I have waited a stiff "Little Zhuge count smiled before Stern said:" You, ah, go inwards from here, take a four hundred meters or so, you will see a door, enter, turn left, turn right, and then a Mei Mei's garden, and then you will see a very nice and beautiful T a very nice and beautiful people, and killed him on the line, "Well listen Zhuge small wooden jail count wind Light clouds are slowly about, the heart has been with his words and gradually raised up, so he said the last one, "Kill him," Pang heart beating moment, stunned and very, quickly turned around to see Zhuge small operator, want to see these words from his face is joking or ...... Zhuge small operator can look so indifferent, mouth smile still, let Yanqing Xiu still, who would have thought such a seemingly is physically very weak scholar, but planning a bloody amazing thing? Well see Zhuge small wooden jail count heart really want, but understand little sad in front of the thin, open asked: "I said strategist, you said that very very very beautiful building, is not called Machines south tower? "Why, he even know? Well Zhuge small wooden jail hesitated count impassive, said: "It is" little plaintively asked: "So ...... that very very very beautiful people, they should be called Su Huainan slightly?" Zhuge small smile nines count , said: "You're absolutely right, the clever little sad" little sad but "Pooh" cursed: "I went to you! you let me to die, I quit!" Then, in the hands of a dynamic, Well wooden jail only to see, actually has been dragging her hands with a knife, seemingly broken dilapidated old, at the moment arms lift, the knife in his arms wells wooden jail heart of a dynamic: this man, seemingly blankly, actually pretty clever ...... Zhuge small operator would ask me: "Little sad, I am so concerned about you, how it will send you to die?" little sad to say: "That rope Cuixiu is kamikaze third place provoke disaster inside Longshehunza beast lot, I like weak slender, not by their eating dry wipe, you do not call me to die Why? "Well listen wooden jail he actually said he" weak slender ", almost Zhuge small laugh spray operator does not even surprised, said: "What is the third disaster provoked place ah?" little sad to say: "First, is the palace, which day the wind guard too much, can not be close to the second, Colonial National Division is the government, the National Division is eating people do not spit out the bones ruthless role, but can not close, and the third is that this rope Cuixiu, many rivers and lakes to fight off an idea here are a go Nevermore Who does not know the famous Longtanhuxue? thing I quit, "he said every one Zhuge small operators have followed nodded, next to the wooden jail also will nod well understood, and my heart was thinking: this man so difficult, How do military advisor? Looking back Zhuge small count, his face but did not have the disappointment with anger, but finally smiled and shook his head and said: "Little sad you really smart and clever, slim, you see, I said right, I will follow knows nothing "little sad to hear him boast, said:" I was born beautiful, you do not exaggerate their achievements, "Well wooden jail, could not laugh Zhuge small jet operator, said:" Well, well, in fact, , I have to explain something you do, you are so rare sober, you come ...... "little sad to hear him say so, but now apart from anything else, a stride sideways over wooden jail wells previously heard him verbally rude, originally rather point underestimated him, saw his agility fast, this heart of a cold, think: did not think he was actually a master switched consideration before they heart and said: "I was stupid, army, division is non-trivial, and his men, was there any punches either a? underestimated! "There Zhuge small operator with a small meal plaintive whisper, well actually wooden jail did not listen to what they say after a while children, little sad to say:" Well, I'm gone, you take care Oh, "Zhuge small operator with a smile:" Do not worry, you have to take care of the small sad news ...... remember to go oh "little plaintive looked up and said:" Do not worry, wrapped in my body "He is head down earlier, also wearing hats, plus it was getting dark, his long not high, wood can not see well what he is like, so he looked up this glimpse, just to see clearly, this people rude tone, actually a pretty good long baby face, smiling at the moment, actually, like ... like a cat feels lovely ... psychological contrast is so big, well not help hesitated small wooden jail sad to see him look hot, turn on the eyes Mukai wooden jail, proudly: "You protect military advisor, I went to work, and go first" well wooden jail convergence eyes, promised soon, little sad holding knives, count toward Zhuge cast a small ceremony, which he turned and whipped sideways, and soon disappeared in the Strip have been calculated over a small Zhuge stood, waving hands to do farewell feather-like, well squinted his wooden jail sidelines, Zhuge small count back over and asked: " slim, how? "Well wooden jail coughed and said:" Advisor men, really strange man giving birth to ah "Little Zhuge count suddenly realized, said:" Oh, forgot to introduce you to slim "Well wooden jail frowned, incredibly small operators look to Zhuge Zhuge small operator, said: "who had just left, the lakes have a nickname called 'plaintive knife', name child is a little weird, but later you will understand what this means ...... "Well wooden jail sigh, said:" No future, in fact, I almost know what it means, "Little Zhuge count stare at him, well wooden jail stamped her foot and said:" Advisor, it is time to go back to rest, right? "xiaolou brain disorder, abnormal heart oppressed, desperation, feeling seemed lighted a fierce fire, Xiangyebuxiang, jump toward the front of the lake would jump out body volley, the cold front is a pool of youthful , chill blowing, small building close your eyes and imagine yourself feeling immersed in water, or, in this drowning, can be considered a good thing, right waist What silently wrapped up, the small building firm body to haunt, a pull back, small building spilled down skirts, Angela almost touched the surface of the water, her waist but was pulled that thing a whole life habitat rewind up from the water away small House opened his eyes, looking down, but to see a touch of white wrapped around his waist Ling Ribbon and Ribbon on the other side, they shook hands involuntarily Xu Momo back to shore, and even no trace of crony wet stained by the lake, the small building stared stood, Xu Momo hand flick, it is like a spiritual Ling Ribbon serpent, retracted her sleeve, the Xu Momo approached step and bend the bow, just said: "Your Highness, please do not act on impulse," small building coldly at her, shook his head and said: "This house ...... the palace just want to clear about it," Xu Momo looked up, looked at her and said: "Your Highness If so, death is not die, only a serious illness he was chosen by only" a small building will be startled, said: "As it is known by some of my own sufferings why Elam me? they had nothing to do with other people, "Xu Momo silent, and have a will, before answering:" Your Highness, do not consider too much, now is the elegance of the back of the house, when a "small building despondency, coldly said:" With you, your martial arts so much, where to go can be "Xu Momo barbed words to listen to her, not angry, and said:" That slaves offended "walked around the small building, hand ring around her waist, small building a frown, Xu Momo at the foot of a move, the body into the sky, then like a small building to hold her back when King Phillip general, except for the small building, this is the taste, even greater than the vastly different? Just a blink of an eye, Xu Momo has brought a small building over the lake surface, the two landed softly on the lake side, the small building behind the illuminated Golden Temple look back, my heart thinking: "If the next years, but I do not know what the time is, "thought the man's appearance, but also could not help but shed a tear Xu Momo saw her quietly standing still, know her heart will certainly think of that person, saying softly:" Your Highness, back to the bar, be seen on the bad "story house to listen to her voice calm if Xu, the convergence of the sadness, snorted and said:" Mother your martial arts so superb, even being seen, you can also quietly the right to kill each other, "Xu Momo great to see her resentment, but still do not get angry, bowed his head and said:" His Royal Highness was wrong, "small building squinted at her and asked:" Where is the palace wrong? "Xu Mother calmly answered, and said: "Your Highness is flawless since you know slaves who should know the rules of those flawless, spotless, only the guardian of the person responsible for this life, but also the guardian of the people shot only" small building holds fist step back, snapped: "What do you mean?" Xu Momo said: "Your Highness, if the guardian of the person who lives flawless live royal custom, that spotless life would just as ordinary slaves only, As His Royal Highness said, not martial arts, will not reveal the identity of flawless, but if that was the guardian of the person who commits the imperial rules, spotless from class bondage, will shot, clean transgressing person "small building covered in hair cold voice was trembling with anger: "So, you are in this life is to look at a set of the palace?" "Your Highness does not have to get angry, since His Highness has been said here, then, let Highness know more ......" Xu Momo still head down, quietly told, small building angrily: "What did you say?" Xu Momo asked: "Your Highness, you know how Hung Tung Royal Highness is deceased?" xiaolou listen to her ask him instantly creepy, life and breath and swallowed and said: "What did you say? Hong Ping Huang sister, she ...... she ...... she was sick of his death, how? you mention what she meant?" Xu Mother gently shook his head and said: "Your Highness, Hung Tung Royal Highness not, as everyone knew it was seriously ill in his death," small building brain faint, and asked: "That's how she died?" mouth Although asked, my heart was vague thought why Xu Momo at this time early on who referred to her deceased sister of Emperor, I remember that he was still very young, it is almost non notepad, rainbow Tung has Cardamom is a beautiful girl, small building now can not remember what it was like her long, just vaguely remember, it was a crooked smile and lively eyes girl, but I do not know what day, rainbow Tung no longer appears , the palace said Hung Tung degree who was very ill, and then a long time, Hong Ping little bit of news will be flooded, the small building strongly recall, think of his childhood was also uttered a back end, but the father was ...... Huang seems to look sadly, did not say anything, then small building very young, they will be gradually forgotten Xu Momo hear she asked, saying softly: "Rainbow Ping princess, because at that time with adults with Tutor affair, they were responsible for guarding the princess was spotless ...... "small building and trembling, before she could finish, shouting:" You give me to shut up, shut up, do not believe the palace! "Xu Momo quietly looked up at her, eyes very cold, small building on the knife on her eyes, shook his head and said: "What you want to intimidate the palace?" Xu Momo looked her and said: "Princess should know, flawless who from birth, it is destined to be guardian of the royal family of the people, if the person's life does not make mistakes royal, that spotless life guard on his life as a slave, but if the person who commits the imperial royal rules, you can sell it spotless, After the shot, flawless who are out of their slaves as well as flawless identity, be free to leave the royal family, since I have no reason not sent Royal Highness Princess lying on the other, the princess may have heard of the death and huanggu ninth princess go die? spotless generation to generation royal guard myself, this naturally clever princess precedents, naturally I do not say any more. "" What? huanggu ...... Also, ninth princess? " xiaolou teeth are chattering, involuntarily begin to turn, his eyes look unto the golden palace floating in the water, huanggu is Fu Huang's sister, small building not seen the woman, but I heard that in the thunderstorm huanggu days when, unfortunately, was struck by lightning and died, reportedly died is terrible ...... looks very small building also grew up, and off to listen to what people say, palace, palace people are naturally afraid to speak in front of her face, small House also listen to a little bit of, the body is said to have become Huanggu coke ... very scary ... In addition, the ninth ruler is the last generation of the princess, because things farther than across, so taboo less, everyone's talking about it some more, but he said the very mysterious, some say the ninth ruler in the Imperial Ancestral Temple worship, when met a countryside boy, so their elopement, but pretty soon, but they die, even the birth of the child are dead, the man who was her husband who has subsequently died madness Some people say, the ninth ruler is the worship of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, the impact of what the monster mountain, so being possessed monster, behavioral disorders, and finally died ...... Some people say crazy, ninth princess is hunting in the paddock when bitten by one, so delirium, and finally the tragic death ...... but whether it is the kind of legend, is dead last ninth ruler of the small building was only when the story is horrible to listen to that heart had never met before the ninth ruler fear and pity, I do not know why a woman caught in so many terrible guess, her too much to think about, but now Xu Momo suddenly mentioned it, we say, the ninth ruler of the dead, and the dead Huanggu are spotless with about nine percent nineteen really did not think it was such ...... always thought, his shoulders are responsible, and I want to take up this responsibility, but do not expect, even want to own their own sake are so rare so-called "Roman Holiday" everybody's eyes no | of the people, actually living, as in the cage similar, but once the error, even Victors xiaolou mind, sometimes I do not know to cry or laugh Xu Momo see story house without a word and said: "Your Highness should understand is how it happened? spotless if the shot when, but if it is not bound spotless royal favoritism or the effect can not be shot, let go of that transgressing be the guardian of the person, then the future will be given day bite, so spotless relationship with the royal family of the person that lives are born, you live, I can safe, however, if an incident, you die, then I die. "dazed brain xiaolou endless, startled a long while Xu Momo hanging his head and said: "Your Highness, go back," Leng Leng small building, took a step forward, then suddenly stopped Xu Momo Chuishou small building standing behind her turned and asked: " Mother ...... "Xu Momo promised loudly:" Slaves in the "small building paused and said:" I look after your childhood was growing up, so I just want to ask, if I have ...... if I also like the rainbow Ping Huang sister, huanggu or ninth ruler General, Mother you are not interested in my hand? "Xu Momo silent for a moment, before answering, said:" Your Highness, forgive if I had Highness, I will ... ... by day bite, the princess could want to know is how to die? "So calm person, the sound actually trembling with fear for his head and the small building, silently watching the sky, after a while, before agreeing to cry, and said : "ah, well ...... I know," Xu Momo face, the emergence of a rare touch of grief, then becomes common, said: "Thank you, Your Highness," xiaolou thought, then said: "Mother, I ...... being sleepy, you can fly with me there to see you Aya? "Xu Momo Chuishou, respectfully said:" Yes Your Highness "Little Zhuge considered legitimate in the dark roadway, with wooden jail toward wells Caravanserai return, God Qin camp on the outskirts of the wind, honey from Bu Qing Yun Ji slowly in the wake of the Lord's arms, uphold the brain reeling, the body is very sensitive, a move also do not want to move, quite a long while before insisted to come forward, to detect Honey is still extremely hard to somewhere Yun Ji hesitated, puzzled at first, quickly figured out later, opened his eyes, consternation, said: "Royal Highness how can you not ......" Bu Qing Lord, arms a move has been easy will allow Ji honey from his legs hold down, placed her in the side of the ramp couch, own up, the two sides are not just clothes off, since it is simple, Bu Qing main readily shook some messy hem before turned on honey Yun Ji said: "Claudel your trek, certainly tired, first carefully to break," "princes," honey Yun Ji heart surprised to see him is to go gentile ...... she sat In oblique couch, hand touched his forehead, quickly calm moments before looked up at Bu Qing Lord, said: "Royal Highness, you are going it?" she gaze downward, quickly swept his waist one, to see him as good as old clothes, but also their own, they had just come in, take off your clothes actually attend, they hurried ...... she also thought it was just foreplay only, but ...... "late, go out to visit some "Bu Qing main stretch, brow a pack of macho, clearly not a tired look, why not continue to be of it? At this moment, honey Yoon Ji actually attend shy, frowning, puzzled and asked: "Royal Highness, but you do not have ...... princes' eyes blush at his waist glanced Bu Qing Lord knew she meant, smiled step closer, reaching fiddle a bit of her hair hanging in cheek, said: "Nothing, as long as Claudel pleased to be able to" "princes," honey Yun Ji heart of a dynamic, forward and down ramps couch, homeopathic clinging Bu Qing Lord's arm, self-blame, said: "Royal Highness, is where do bad Claudel ...... what? why ...... Royal Highness here also ...... ah, ah, princes, as, let princes Claudel help you ...... "Then, looked up Bu Qing main one, his face flush glow slowly, slowly bend your knees down, they have to kneel in front of the main Bu Qing, hands somewhere toward Bu Qing main waist probe to go Bu Qing Lord rushed, hurried hand hold on her arms, she slowly pulled up, then said: "Claudel do not worry too much, not what you do well, is now the king of inadvertent military emergency, adjutant pressure body, we are not anxious at the moment it ...... Claudel you first have a good rest, keep a good body, ranging from half a day to more than two days, we went back to the Qin-day journey back to the time ...... talk Mills ...... " fingered thick honey Yoon Ji leak * points did not retire crimson cheeks, ambiguous smile, without saying anything, but it is at this time silence speaks honey Yun Ji posted on him, aware that he is still somewhere in the body stiff erect, restless melancholy heart in the end, but his words have been speaking about this sake, she can what? Then tightly wrapped, that she ignore the general interest, not to mention, she first came to camp, princes are not a blame, but to make her fill of bliss, though in the end is to figure out why the princes actually no ...... can, perhaps true The heart of the military pressure, it can not go all out ...... can only use this excuse to consoled myself "So, Claudel had to listen to princes, such as certain events, Claudel longer properly serve princes" Then, weeping his eyes, is something delicate and charming modesty of the state Bu Qing Yun Ji assertive honey eyes downcast, exposing meek of the state, a slight smile: "Claudel always the most know my heart, well, late at night, I let That little girl came serve you right, "honey Yun Ji see him so considerate, sweet smile and said:" Thank you, princes, princes Claudel first wish wish fulfillment "" Well, "Bu Qing Lord nodded and pinched blowing shells were broken her face, to see her look like angry like hi, smile face, but flatly turned, strode out of the big pink ticket went off thirty million words more, offer, please kindly ah, although this chapter, bittersweet ah small step: Hey, somebody, you are going to deliberately kill me ah? Oscar Gold: is what you get, Zende, you are not satisfied? Small step: ...... crowd: Haha, move stool slightly ...... small Feifei theater: a serious point, serious point - next pink ticket plus more, is pink 60, please take care ~, who guested on friendship Please take the initiative out of the line Ha (in my forum made a cameo role stickers, students interested in participating, go register it ^ _ ^ Also remember to vote, oh, effort called Pink Pink ~ ~) posted from www . (whole novel network <

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