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06.06.2013 04:51
let me check your body antworten

"Eldest brother, you're too good, I'm scared!" Crying into tears Yuan Xiaoxi see Ren cloud tracking shot, success will be cloudy plume out, excitedly headlong into Yun Tianyu's arms, hugging the body of Yun Tianyu, for fear of losing him. "The stream, don't cry! I'm fine!" See Yuan Xiaoxi because of fear,Air Jordan 6 Sale, crying into tears, sky feather heart very touched, patted the shoulder, creek, comfort. "Tianyu, you how it's gonna be okay, don't preach cliff just attack is not you! Can you tell me to preach ya what happened?" S è pale face, the injury is not light the great elders see sky feather intact, without a mark, hearts full of doubts and puzzled, asked. And the elders of the inquiry, immediately attracted everyone's attention, then Dean and Zong Dao Institute, has a small part of the immortal means, let cloud tracking can mobilize the natural force to Yun Tianyu threw inquiring eyes. "I don't know why missionary cliff agitation, but just preaching ya did not attack me, but to my body perfusion of J ī ng pure power, help me raise the level." The sky feather pretend a puzzled explained. "Preaching cliff just not to attack you, but also to you pour massive J ī ng pure strength, to help you enhance the realm." Hear the sky plume explanation, big elder surprised to stare big eyes, long mouth, some dare not believe of looking at the sky plume. "Day, let me check your body!" Feel a bit like the big elder took a deep breath, walked to the sky feather side, Stretch Skinny hands, gently in the sky feather wrist, J ī ng pure force crossing into Yun Tianyu body. The spirit of "three stage! Really realm of breakthrough, this!" When J ī ng pure dint big elder released over the sky feather body, in addition to feel the sky plume boundary breakthrough, not aware of other abnormalities, this let the elders feel incredible. "Day, if I could also check your body?" Frowning as cloud tracking brooded, in the eyes flicker debut J ī ng light, asked softly. "Day, the dean of Zong Dao school, my day you rest assured, Dean wouldn't harm you." The big elder see cloud plume some hesitant expression, softly said. "Tianyu, you rest assured, the strength is strong, but also perceived without your secrets, you let him check is." Big devil self-confident heart sound channel. "Well, Mr. Abbot you check." The sky plume hear devil heart sound, to lay down their hearts, gently nodded, agreed. "Hum!" In order to depth inspection sky plume body, let cloud tracking to mobilize the natural force, everfount into Yun Tianyu body, check his body. Because the sky feather uniting the original space-time Jue,Nike Jordan New School Sale, origin of Reiki particle aggregation of all melt into the three spirit yuan,Nike Air Jordan, let cloud tracking in addition to Ling Yuan abnormal strong outside feel sky feather condensation, still sky feather body perceived mission cliff forces breath, in addition to not feel the sky feathers other abnormalities. "It seems I suspect is overweight, this is no problem." Carefully checked again.

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