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> Wind outside, wilderness on the ground, Qin barracks, general account, divinity princes sat knee, forcing the arm, and slowly fall from his mouth slowly exhales, the only sighed: "Little said count really right, which Qingyuan old monk fruit is a terrible adversary, Well, fortunately dead, otherwise ...... real as people sleepless nights. wwW. qUanBEN. coM "thought he Bu Qing master can be considered when the world Lawrence, chicken right enemy or wherever they went, the aspect loudly what pleasure, rarely encounter rival, recalling the antecedents, rival among the gods of the wind Colonial National Division King Phillip doing my part was the strongest one of the ...... other trophies he labeled a tie is already the world when the master level, but do not expect the kamikaze this unremarkable Ning Temple, a seemingly harmless kindly old monk actually has such a stunning skill, actually easy almost to his home of the death and, if not is that the Qingyuan master a concept of benevolence, lest the moment he Bu Qing Lord only in their lives under the dangling, ready to find a good home reborn, think really scary. Up to now, a whole has been the interest rate adjustment for a day, the chest uphold aches, occasionally luck blows, and can only move a dozen strokes would have been the limit, Zhuge small count Pro to previously attentive told said: "Jun on you today is Within Do not tell people to use force against Buddhist person although stress compassion, but that Qingyuan can be considered a master-class people, he suddenly close hand, of course, could be because of a momentary compassion, however, he could have the monarch on your body leaving very powerful after the move might Oh. "is a saying that Bu Qing main one day feel uneasy, really like Zhuge small count exhortations really only obediently pump power pranayama, and then wait for Zhuge small calculates the good news only. Zhuge small operators do not know very belly black, long accustomed to being a king does not look on him so to act with impunity, deliberately Qingyuan just to scare him. In fact, I do not know how can Zhuge small operators that suppress Bu Qing Qingyuan old monk hands when the Lord is approaching when the destiny, how to consider other more? Want Bidiao Bu Qing main trouble just beat it hands between touching and not separated by only line, there is absolutely no consideration of possible third way. His reason for saying this is like Bu Qing master from which lessons and truly is a little dull his fearless temper. Exchanged for others, Bu Qing Lord has also long to discern which closed orifices, but others in the Council, is naturally not know the truth, just because in this mountain, but also had to listen to Zhuge small operator said Bale. Bu Qing main exercise our powers to heal the time, often because of too much concern to reach the two things I forgot realm, therefore this moment no trivial matter, that is, to prevent the assassin stepped in, but also to prevent him accidentally possessed by the devil, is in He Yungong this period, the guardian of his side, is ten admiral in the first one "off desperately days" off Vietnam, with Ershibasu Qinglong Spica hornbeam Kau. At the same time, this general account, but also another man guarding, to prevent the water does not penetrate. See Bu Qing main issue sigh in his right hand the head of the dragon is Ershibasu Spica, "Jiao" nodded his head and said: "I did not expect this kamikaze gall Crouching Tiger, this old monk is naturally top children's character, but we uphill when encountered the man, it can be considered first-class terrible master. "Bu Qing Lord heard him and mention this, eyes a turn, hearts slightly know Spica overtones, I thought:" Phillip King hurried down the mountain, the wind must be small building away with God, other people are naturally unwilling to witness this state has hurt her in the name of the section, on the one hand but also revenge the monarch, would provoke the anger of the king from me chaos ground, so it thunder shot, hurt me so many people ...... Spica as Ershibasu the first, natural putting other people out of this feeling, do not know the name, but it will always feel dissatisfied. "Although angle places to act is considered a calm, last Bu Qing Lord Ning Siwai has been temporarily bring the matter depressed, can, after Ershibasu since it was also dissatisfied with Spica will not dare to force Bu Qing Lord say that man, can talk, but could not help revealing a trace of the man's enmity murderous come. Bu Qing Lord was about to speak, next to the away desperately days off more submissively said: "monarch, is now found himself how to?" This man face as pale gold, eyes calm, voice, playful, elegant, and casual a yellow clothes, covered with no weapons, looks like a pampered son of Columbia. Bu Qing but the same Lord nodded, turned around to see off Vietnam, said softly: "Fortunately, how, something?" Spica see Sekigoe openings. But it also quickly Gansu God ears. Sekigoe seeing. Hand slowly said: "Yes. Monarch. Rom has something to say." Bu Qing main pondered and asked: "Is anything? Okay, let him come." The man nodded. Hand patted palms. Curtain was lifted off the entrance door. Look pale. A Pathetic. In broad daylight, but with one chilly temperament. Ghosts seem similar. But it is previously hindered through the tube flat four with a small building left to Kunlun breaking prison Rowan. Machines south tower being. Xiaolou angrily cry. Raindrops from the eaves on the fall. Flutter Lala also like night tears. Su Huainan up until the small building side. Hand hold her back. Whispered coaxed her: "Do not cry Do not cry where I'll hate you? I just hate you say that was sad to words. You know you so much as people say it uneasy? For me, whether it is before or now. heart is never changed over nothing and I do not want to see you are afraid you feel uncomfortable and you know why now. "xiaolou grief among the slowly drooping heads, nor speak. Su Huainan sighed for her body covered with rain blowing cold air. Xiaolou twisting see him, thought, asked: "ah, I know why, you tell me the truth, my identity, you have to know one or two?" Su Huainan silent for a moment, sighed, and was frankly said: " Yes, I see you from the first moment, we already know who you are. "" how will ...... "xiaolou heart surprised, body shook, had she thought that Su Huainan eyes, they are but a man only, but later realized that he knew she was a girl, and has been secretly liked her. But her secret far more than this one, the biggest one, but it is her death is not willing for him admit ...... so when perceived Su Huainan their favor, it is not to divulge nothing, preferring anonymity, the past all buried tightly, if they can with him ease his life, then why not a good way of life ...... persevering, good luck, which came eventually escape, belonging to her, country, host, Another attendant is back with the heavy burden of responsibility, such as the snail's shell, the weight she has chosen to no longer wait for them to escape the struggle nothing. However, the small building did not expect is that Su Huainan actually knew her identity Mody ...... she wanted him hide everything, the original is little secret, or she Su Huainan him, and have always hide any secrets ? Now imagine how many actually know him? Also, is not exposed Su Huainan smart, pleasant feel unfathomable, do not know her identity implicit, what is he naturally determined, or otherwise Yinzhong? Xiaolou secretly bite lip, the more I autumn ooze, bone marrow emits cool, the Su Huainan detect, clung to her body, weight hold her back to the bed, reaching Yifu, will be arraigned in Manzhang silver hook swing open, vertical ground swaying curtain falls, blocking the railing with the cool autumn air blowing rain. Indoor slightly warm a bit, not to mention the Su Huainan arms, his body is still so familiar, surrounded her. Small building closed his closed eyes, a little calm, then said: "That ...... why do you ...... do not you wonder, do not worry about it? Me, and I turned out to be ......" She slowly considering how to exit with a word not yet finished, his thoughts right again Piaoyuan, it was not asked, "do not say I've been hiding, you can get angry?" "How." Su Huainan lips micro-hook, is a touch of a smile appeared, "Everyone has to choose their own Lifestyle powers remember, when I brought you out on the street he returned, I asked you what you just told me shaking his head, his face is a loss, three days after you finally believe me, hesitation tell me what you call the small building, I see you from spit name when look, we know you do not want to mention the past, so I will tell you that in the future you will immediately my name, surnamed Su, you are SO small building From the moment I picked you, you will have already made my people - I remember, you heard me say it, but Enron the pale. "filed past the small building to listen to him, in the eyes of Lei Yingying, and nodded his head , tears rolled down: "But ...... you know, leaving me in the building, if my identity exposed for you, but also a lot of trouble." Su Huainan sighed: "In the future things will does not happen what will happen, who would know so clearly? then I just want to leave you just want to abandon you just, like ...... "Su Huainan without saying anything, nose smell xiaolou the hair The sweet aroma, I thought, "just as it is today is exactly the same." He did not say it, the small building was already known. Xiaolou body moved, finally raising his hand covering his eyes and said: "Do you now know will be what is happening?" Su Huainan hand holding her hand, her hand from his face away, revealing the tears soaked a pair of eyes. Su Huainan looked down at the small building hazy tears, Chen Sheng replied: "I know." Xiaolou blankly at him, Su Huainan, said: "I know your heart sad, however, everything Needless to say, the past, after all, will come, And the sad the sad that remorse, but never you. "" Why, obviously everything I have also lead me into the sky. "small building sobbed, afraid to look at him. Su Huainan plodding voice, said: "You do not want to be identified earlier, is to save me, just went to the National Division from the government, right?" Xiaolou startled by startled, only whispered replied: "ah ...... I ...... I'm afraid it will hurt to you. "" This is it. "Su Huainan smile replied," small building, and if I really strong enough, why should you do so? then why should you fear for my safety while? "he The voice was as calm, be endless belt touch of desolation self-deprecating. Xiaolou listening scared, could not sit up from Su Huainan arms come forward, looking back at him. Surprised to find this man complexion was actually unusual silence, eyes glittering like dark stars, smiling at himself. Xiaolou hand casually holding his hands: "What're you talking about? You're the closest person to me, of course I want to order your sake? Any connection is strong or not this have anything to do?" Su Huainan slowly shook his head and said: "No, you are not in these days, I have thought about how to do, but also thought about a lot of things, do some ......" face passing trace of strange, the last still smiled and said, "There are some things that you know I am afraid will hate me or perhaps, ...... and I figured, and that is just talking. "xiaolou stare at him:" You said you never blame me how I was, and never will hate What do you, so in my mind, what you do will be right. "Su Huainan looking at her completely trust the eye, heart, smile, thinking:" If I huff, let Lu Fei scared to put divinity princes into Hezui Off, attracted this a calamity, eventually forcing you marrying ...... Will you ever forgive me? Moreover, even if you forgive me, I also will not forgive myself, I like you, but always force You good for me to leave my side, and now, more force you to marry into the Datong-Qinhuangdao, Su Huainan ah Su Huainan, By now, you are the heavens do not give you a trace of resentment opportunities, or to hate your own foolish? " "Silly boy." Su Huainan smiled, no longer want the other, will be small building clinging "colder it?" small building shook his head and whispered: "not cold." grabbed his body, could not resist complain, "your previous stupid, why the rain to go I live in a house where just standing, if the rain sick, but how good?" Su Huainan heart soft, gentle replied: "My body where there is so bad? Oh, rest assured. "xiaolou hand down his chest down, groped his waist, period across clothes, like perceived his ribs close to his fingertips, how startling, small building sad, angry said: "You have lost so many, dare to say their good health? I think now I have a lot fatter than you! so how do you not care about your own?" Su Huainan whispered smile, a little hide hide, said: "Silly boy , not where the fumble, I will itch. "small building just did not listen again fumble back, touched for a while, and finally frown said:" will itch what, I feel feel feel not very good, better than I left before much worse. "Shadow Lane, luxuriant look after all. Su Huainan Dimei gazed at her, after a while to say: "That's How about you, you leave this, may have take care of yourself?" Small building he asked a guilty conscience, has chosen to admit, said: "I naturally yes it will take care of themselves, you have not found me a lot of fat? "She reached out, secretly went to pinching himself clothes, fortunately before coming to wear a few pieces. Thinking that he could not see. Su Huainan eyes repeat itself badly, looking at her little tricks, reluctantly smiled and shook his head: "Do not wear more than two will be able to say that they fat, then you and so will I go to wear a cotton Zoroastrianism come." Small building shouting , anger grabbed his hands: "You lie!" Su Huainan stop the action, despite her throwing himself on his body, his body slightly oblique, almost lying on the diagonal couch, while the small building has changed made condescending posture looking at myself, the two standing face to face, respiratory phase, the room atmosphere and sometimes actually from sadness in prolapse, become somewhat ambiguous up. "What? State Normal people you say ......" Zhuge small operator heard shrieking, eyes widened, round yo opposite of the person's face looked. Phillip King, do not panic does not move, Youran said: "Advisor hear very clearly, why their teacher repeat it?" Zhuge small fan in the chest shaking count two,Oakley Sunglasses Active, seems to be a goal, smile, said: "Kamikaze want To our princes Shooting Bow doing dowry? This ...... "King Phillip smiling look, asked:" How? "Zhuge small count frowning heart, explained:" This is really surprising ingenuity, Keke, dowry, but ...... State Normal people, not me, Shooting Bow although powerful, but this bow, the world is only our princes one uses to play Vaillant only, not to mention, this bow but killing field weapon ah, how used to make marriage a dowry it? "Phillip King smiled and shook his head:" In fact, I think the use of Shooting Bow doing dowry indeed some some wrong, but unfortunately ...... military advisor Zhuge, divinity princes in circles South Gate, when large Show divinity, with the shooting date bow to shoot collapsed profession South Gate of the city walls, this account, how to count? Although I do not want to care about, but the profession South Gate of the defender may be difficult to not care about, princes marry Royal Princess normalized Qin, the road may have to pass three hurdles, ah, I do not know will not have came so easily it? "Zhuge small count shuddered, hesitated to look to King Phillip:" That ...... State Normal people, that but nobody knows for sure, the so-called fight before Well ...... Royal Highness also because of hurdles defender is not released, so he have to ...... "Phillip King said:" The divinity princes difficulties, I naturally know, but it ...... Shooting Bow, such as military advisor said, indeed, nothing rare treasure, I meant it to be, please princes go to the West Tianshan snow and ice lotus, go inside to find the East China Sea Dragon Palace tomorrow night Sarah, or by ...... " watching Zhuge small count Fazheng complexion, heart cold smile and said, "all because Royal Highness is now waiting for the city, not so much time is not? compared to those princes Shooting Bow in the hands, if sent over When dowry, one to express Her Royal Highness Princess sincerity, and secondly to make up for what profession South Gate defender who damaged feelings, bury the hatchet, princes Outrageous back way, when everybody's face will have a smile ah . "Zhuge small operators and frowned, the last sigh, said:" The State Normal people do not know how could the next painstaking, but ...... after all, it is our Shooting Bow princes love object, a moment whether will be treated as dowry, to be honest the next is also difficult to determine, let the next and then consider some how? "Phillip King said dismissively:" Anyway, I do not worry, strategist you consider the good, but then, a two-edged cold heartless weapons , in exchange for our royal princess, this is actually what it could be considered? we say is not it? "around all the officials, but it is more than half of the ministers kamikaze, see King Phillip opening echoed immediately shouted:" Nature the! State Normal people said is that shooting day of the bow, shoot bad our profession South Gate of the city walls, it is very bad, let princes offered up as dowry, go to Cheng pulls past all smooth ah . "" divinity bursts date princes refused to hand over the bow, does not want this marriage it? our royal princess back to the palace, we are more reluctant to marry the princess out of it! "Zhuge small operator to see the ministers you made me a language that frown smile: "In the coming did not say do not want to, just, just, or have a better dowry or perhaps, that ......" "We must Shooting Bow, also should be, and you do not give, they will want him! "General Tao opened early frown Zhuge small operators a flirty look, could not help a pound the table, yell said," What is this and that, you also how about it, do not give it back to say! open play! "" This, say that not not give it ...... "Zhuge small operator said. Phillip King noisy racket listening ear, ears, but still a "I can not hear what look like", despite the crowd trouble, it's still a leisurely drink. Zhuge small operator is like a pack of wolves surrounded by sheep, a delicate and charming trampled look, from time to time emerge twelve excuse to see the King Phillip suddenly felt before pleasing, being at the moment, there are personal video hurried into , until the King Phillip side, King Phillip slightly turned to look, looking slightly heavy, man hands covering mouth, in King Phillip side whispered spoken word. Phillip King, listening, suddenly pale. Zhuge small operators while at the ministers central Jiliwala to speak, while the end is Big World, ears, suddenly saw Phillip King heard the man speak immediately after waving the next prime minister adults call in the past, whispered with him talk a while,oakley sunglasses store, they do not call soon, got it seems to leave quietly. "State Normal people, the country Normal people?" Zhuge small counted ministers surrounded by toward the side beckons. Phillip King stop, Huitouchong he smiled: "military advisor Zhuge exceedingly restless welcome home feast to enjoy this meal it." Smiling soughing turned to leave. Great General Tao open holding a glass of wine washed up: "Little Zhuge count, come and drink this cup repeat, you Daqin people are not so unpleasant Mody? Ah?" Zhuge small count directed at the side of the well wooden jail winking wink, slim nodded glance turned also followed out of the hall. Zhuge small operator to look back and seriously on Tao opened, said: "The next is called Zhuge small count, pottery generals." "Pipe you to drink!" Tao opened an arm around Zhuge small operator's shoulders and shouted, "You people are really more care Daqin!" xiaolou looking to do pads lying beneath the Su Huainan, little by little, involuntarily close to the past, his eyes staring into his eyes look, look for a long while, it seems like through over his eyes fiercely see his heart to go, looked for a moment, but involuntarily looked away, down, over his nose and his lips. Breathing warm and humid, breathing also gradually big up, while the small building on the lips you want to paste Su Huainan, he suddenly stretched out his hands, her shoulders firmly hold. Xiaolou startled by startled, and tried to struggle a bit, but just hold Su Huainan, asked: "What are you doing?" Rise of the small building on the calm eye on him, said: "I do not know ...... I ...... . "Su Huainan looked at the small building, and slowly said:" The story house, before you do not want to reveal their identity, I would be happy to pretend to ...... now ...... "xiaolou upset, could not resist furrowed eyebrow, turn on the eyes not to see Su Huainan. Su Huainan see her look sadly, hand clinging to her: "I do not want to hurt you, ah, you know?" Xiaolou blinked, pursed mouth, sickly heads bowed refused to say anything, a little ashamed, but also a little sad. Su Huainan stretched out his hand, touched her cheek, carried to her chin, forcing her slowly rise up with him on the TV, the small building barely glanced at him, Touyi Wai, turn over and looked down, Su Huainan faint smile , heavy going, a little hard, small building frowning, looked up to him. Su Huainan stared at her for a moment: "You know how your mind I can ...... now is not the time, I have also put up with it for a long time, just do not want to harm you ...... you know, the royal family for kamikaze woman Yan Huang harsh rules, no one is better than you, right? "" He really is the scruples of those things ...... I should have known. "xiaolou mind thought, hanging eye, lashes shaded tears Ying Ran, forehead Light glass glittering, glamorous eyes. "Beautiful, really beautiful beautiful ...... but, I prefer the previous look it." 苏怀南默默 watched, my heart burst of sorrow and grief, and finally could not resist, bow, gently in her forehead the heart of the Department kissed , and along the downward kissed her delicate cheeks. Small building closed his eyes did not look at him, only his eyes tear a little dripping, Su Huainan staring at her lips a moment, only to cover up, deeply kissed for a while. "In the past also had thought selfish ever ......" Su Huainan sigh, hold her sitting on his arms, "but ...... come to this step, there is no other choice." Xiaolou head down I leaned back in Su Huainan arms, listening to his ear, said: "You must wonder why I will be the first time I saw you, when will know that you are not?" xiaolou nodded, choking back tears, replied: " ah. "Su Huainan, said:" You have been my help, do not want to mention before, and I was it not, in fact, that one is not the first time you meet with me, if you remember, bad enough. "Zhengzhu small building, a moment to ask:" I, I have no Zende little impression. "Su Huainan smiled and said:" That is nothing, forgotten or better. "xiaolou looked up his profile, so handsome and outstanding temperament of man, whom met will not forget it, may be why she was not at all forgotten it? She shook her head to shake off the cluttered thoughts, said: "In the future, how would you?" Su Huainan holding her hands, said: "I often think, after what is not going to be truly in the palm of calculation, But ...... "xiaolou asked:" But how? "Su Huainan, said:" But I'm not the same but have another idea. "xiaolou palm grazed his hand, slowly asked:" What is? " Su Huainan said slowly: "Or, I'll start planning my future." xiaolou slightly hesitated and asked: "For example?" Su Huainan thought, a laugh, and said: "Now say, or you'll make fun of I, however ...... but I think, after, or I would not stay in this kamikaze Imperial City of. "xiaolou surprised, bow into the sky, and asked:" What are you going? "Su Huainan said:" I This is to depend on others, for a long stay in the Imperial City, regardless of how beautiful the eyes of outsiders, but also to see how people live face it, how, you do not like? "xiaolou blinked, took his hand:" I do not like and what matter, not to mention I will not ...... "thought I would leave here, go there do not know how the Qin Empire, after all, sad, and do not want Su Huainan know, cheer, and said," So you want to go? " Su Huainan looked at her eyes, smiled and said: "Or, will go to a have a lot of clubs to open the place." "Plum?" xiaolou togethers, the brain seems to be what the flash, but I do not know that what is , had said, "That must be beautiful ......" eyes revealed a trace message of hope to. Su Huainan anti clenched her hands: "You can love?" Xiaolou paused, then nodded fiercely: "Of course." Su Huainan shiny eyes, and said: "That ...... If you later, I want you to live There, you will not be willing? "xiaolou Perfectionist smile:" You are so longing for the place, will be a good place, how could I not want? "Su Huainan long sigh of relief:" This is good ...... "eyes gentle, looking small building," Do you want to remember today promised my words. "xiaolou Oh laughed:" Why do I feel like you're in the oath the same? "Su Huainan touch her face, intimacy, said:" Then you how about when is the oath? "xiaolou eyes Gulu a turn, and said:" Well ...... I ...... when is the "voice meal, looked Su Huainan one, and no longer speak, lie down in his arms again in lay quietly for a moment, before hand, Moxiang own cuffs, touch for a while, find a thing, grip in the palm of your hand, out of a moment of God, then said: "You say so, it touches me more peace of mind , I thought to tell you apart, it seems to be pushed into hell, like heart sad it is, you say, I think in the future there may be talk to you to see, but feel a little hope in their hearts buried . "Su Huainan heard her say," seemed to be pushed to hell ", the heart suddenly said something, think:" But you do not know, those straight - arms you a man among them, one is me ah. "This words in my heart one hundred thousand turn around, always summon no courage to come to the small building said. Xiaolou faint sigh, said: "This marriage is my Fu Huang set, I was still small ......" condensate from the eyes, to see the dark, think of a child doing a ridiculous thing, could not help stop for a while, before he said, "I am this life, I do not know what has been done evil, however, or this is my life from me." seems to want to convince yourself, then smiled, reached out to Su Huainan hand pulled, saying, "You have to leave the kamikaze, then leave it, but wherever you go, remember to tell me that." Su Huainan looked at her earnest eyes, nodded and said: "I certainly will." small building bowed his head, his fingers a little bit broke, said: "Or ...... people are fickle, do not know when you'll forget me, but ...... nothing, if your heart feel happy then, even forget that I have good. "mouth to say, my heart began badly sad, desperate suppressed tears, take a deep breath, changing the subject," That ...... that of course, I also like this, or one day, I will forget you might get it. "Su Huainan just quietly watching her, do not argue, do not argue, but do not recognize. The small building broke his fingers,Coach Online Bags, the hands of a move, put something in the palm of his grip on the palm of his hand, saying: "But, no matter what ...... you take this thing, forget about me, Take out to see, do not want to see if one day, and put him broke, throw away, okay? but not allowed to others, and do not let others touch. "Su Huainan bow toward the palm of the hand looked surprised to find a rounded thick crystal raw jade tablets are light on his palm, cards engraved many positive pattern, flamboyant around the words: Chapter kamikaze days. "This ...... This is not the royal family's unique day Zhang dragon make?" Su Huainan blurted. House to see him recognize, smiling, said: "You know this is dragon order" I do not, I can not have. "Su Huainan frown, push back the token. Xiaolou hold his hand, straining his fingers pressed back, said:" I say to you, that is your thing, if you do not, you just will He broke it wants! "Su Huainan look complicated, said:" I want this token, for me there is nothing but good for you, but you kamikaze ...... you want to clear? That day Zhang dragon so not an ordinary thing, you are not afraid of me to get him to do bad things? "" Yes ah, "small building smiling eyes curved," This dragon order is Fu Huang handed to me, kamikaze only this one, is the tip of the odd jade, is said to have magical effect ...... Fuhuang got this jade, command skilled craftsmen carving, and has given me, historian are recorded in the book you, this day Zhang dragons make such perplexity generally be summoned, the token in hand can be a fait accompli, are worth mentioning, the most important is that we all know is my thing, so see so as to see me who is also why so I just give you ah ...... "She hehe smile, and said," Do you want to leave kamikaze, although I do not know where to go, if with these tokens may easily justice. I have and are going to escape together with you, and now I can not escape, let it be me instead of tokens first. Calculation, you still lose some of it, this token is good, not as I do so could talk, you is not. "Su Huainan listen to her at the moment also deliberately say that these to coax yourself happy, hanging eyes, I do not know what to say, this dragon to make the role of naturally he also knew, the small building said, so as perplexity, summoned or fait accompli , are not exaggerated, she was so easily to him ...... to trust him to the extreme yet? can ...... Su Huainan think: "You are so trust me, but I ...... I have some do not believe myself yet. "He these days has secretly made a certain determination, no right small building directly speak out can be, in the future he has taken the road that country, conspiracy, weight ...... repeat itself complicated, and this day Zhang dragon in order for the Machiavellian's meaning is so profound ...... moment, the cold sweat from his forehead seeped out, my hand holding an iron seemed like terrible pain. "small building," a deep breath, Su Huainan said, "You To clear if ...... if one day, I really have intentions of the heart, want to kamikaze ... how ... you know how? "Small building blinked, and asked:" Do you really will it? "Su Huainan thought, was heavily replied:" I do not know. "His identity, she also did not think of it ...... Previously he was doing those things, she did not know, so easily hastily gave him this dragon so ...... he did not know, really do not know what the future will This is the truth. "do not mean to start planning it, then quickly let yourself know. "Xiaolou not complacent smile, loosen shook his hand," Now, I want to leave. "Su Huainan did not think she would suddenly say these words, the body flick, dragons make the impact has not yet receded, they suddenly came a huge blow, suddenly some reaction, however:" You ...... You ...... "small building for the potential and took two steps before they turned and looked at him, said:" I can not like before of it, although I'd love to stay. "Smiled, looking down," that I'm off, you do not send me, I know the road. "After much talking, not looking at him, Mai Buxiang of the door and fled the same. Su Huainan hurriedly chase steps, suddenly another foothold, see xiaolou hand opened the curtain, strode out, but , walk like some strange, he stood curtain side: how to do it, and rushed to her to pull? grab what then? forcing her to stay? He is now powerless, but also in the eaves Next, what can they do? opponents are extraordinary, only his most vulnerable, he can do anything, can we call her happy Smiling? endure many days, or, at the moment most need to do is to continue Renxia Qu bar. then ... ... wait ...... one day he can truly have the ability, and want they want to do anything. stared stood curtain side, Su Huainan motionless, tightly holding hands heart piece day Zhang dragon order, it seems small building holding hands tightly hold. footsteps Querfufan, Su Huainan heart burst jerks, a curtain was suddenly opened, the small building body flash rushed over, his hands clinging to his body, crying a loud voice: "No, no matter where you go, you can not forget me, I will not let you forget me, I will not forget you, absolutely not! "Su Huainan done, only stretched out her arms to be hugged and forced back throat choking, word by word, said:" I swear, I will never forget you. Absolutely. "Tears Para la hit him in the shoulder, the small building crying and twitching body because, after a long time finally released him, looked up to him for a moment, then said:" I'm gone, really gone. "Step by step backwards to go back." I ...... send you. "Su Huainan opening, they heard his voice hoarse unbearable." No, no. "Small building shook his head," I do not want you to send, not allowed to send. "Su Huainan foothold, helplessly watching her opened the curtain and went out, I heard the sound footsteps away, he waited a long time, finally know, that person is never return here and a. Xiaolou take a step by step Machines south tower, at the moment the rain pattering, exact this building's name meant, I suddenly thought Su Huainan to yourself to explain this "listen to the rain south tower" meaning when looking gentle, as promised affectionate, sometimes pains. Linzhao Yu gone for a while, tears moment not stop, to the time she is self back door, now also well placed to exploit toward the back around, just turn into the alley, walked a few steps, head suddenly more than an umbrella, small building Yang first look, the eyes gradually widened, suddenly twisting looking back, scared and said: "You ......" ---------- pink ticket 238 plus more million words offer ...... you guess come Who is it? divinity small step: Good contempt, actually while I exercise our powers to heal, to let someone Climbing Colonial Oscar gold: Who is not it, serious contempt for innocent little Feifei: is two random Noisy what! not see people like parting do small step Oscar gold: dare talk back! pumping her! landlord small Susu: boats do not be afraid, so I ... hum ... took them both to kill ^ _ ^ | | | We remember Point Cover the purple flag cast pink ticket Oh, next time add more we will be in the pink ticket 269 what? seems worse 28 Pink votes votes, ah, an up filling it ...... group touched ^ _ ^ acquisition (all the novel network <

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