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> Wu and ambitious bell buzzed in the silence of the night, and that stretching + = incoming come from outside, people can not help but gripped scalp tingling. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm "Purple Yao brother," xiaolou spent spent, clinging to Phillip King, asked, "What is that?" King Phillip saw a small building, reached out to pull a strand of hair from her face, then, said: "Do not worry, wait a minute." He frowned here to listen, do not dare tamper with the small building, previously with him, could not help but to love unrest, sometimes forget where you are, I just feel there is the place where King Phillip , it is called "gentle village", enough to call her forget. But at this moment stretches hear this loud bell, with the majesty of an atmosphere, it suddenly dawned on me, this is within the temple, do not act rashly, when the heartbeat, but also with a trace of shame, but it not regret it, if things do it again, I am afraid the same situation can also happen again. After a while, the bells finally faded down, leaving only faint aftertaste stretches, King Phillip slowly sigh, weeping eye look to the small building, said: "This bell came from four directions at you today Main Hall incense left front, right front and rear, however, is bell tower, a total of one hundred and eight bells rang, the bell of the temple to get up, but at this moment it is midnight, clearly not the time to get up, must happen What major event. "xiaolou heart panic, just with him, only to feel a little warm and charming, when Hou is what happened? Total will not be someone ...... someone trace their right to be here? Thought of this, could not help but think that maybe there is such a possibility, could not help but ask: "Purple Yao brother, you say, you say is not kamikaze ......" Phillip King saw her. Stare big eyes, as if frightened small animals, very grudgingly, warm voice said: "not afraid, until I go out and see that." small building, but it was his fear of it. one, heard him say so, and immediately shouted: "Do not!" said with a stand, half lying on him, and put him firmly hold him down, "I ...... I do not want you to go." This sentence is very self-aware wayward very rude or anything, I'm afraid ...... later, in front of him She even rag wayward no chance with a rude. Thought here, his eyes could not help but Sese it. Phillip King is. Then clever but people, how to listen to her voice does not come out right. Heart undercurrent milling around, slowly stroking his hand over the back of the small building, thin consolation: "Well, well, do not control them, I do not go out, ah ...... we ...... hold small building into a unified, though he winter Spring and Autumn. Kazakhstan. "smaller. floor to hear him say the first half, the hearts have felt comforted, listening to his last poem tampering, could not resist a happy heart," Puchi "laugh out loud, I thought:" My Purple Yao brother will actually joking. really No big discovery. "cheek on his chest intimacy rub two, posted on his chest against his warmth, listening to it live a heart, is pressed in the following, bang, bang beat, really, even doing nothing, just so quiet stay together, I felt my heart very quiet and sweet of it. Gold Purple. Yao reach out and touch her long hair, fingers diverge, gently insert the small building hair, comb from the top down slowly, delicate and smooth hair grazed his long fingers, say a kind no secret intimate feeling. Action with his side gently, while turned away, look through the night, looked up the windows firmly related. Zhi Keseng please. Bu Qing main crashed forward. Moving up the steps. Footsteps will go forward toward the inner sill. Suddenly stopped. There was a coldly atmosphere. If edge in the back. And like most finely ice needles. Little by little stab flesh. Green master feel uneasy compromise. He jerked back to. If falcon-like chill to look sharp. Look to the night fell into a deep courtyard. In his place behind the corridor. Yes Zhi Keseng with two novices. Stood silently. Bu Qing master can confirm. Now this yard in addition to their four. No one will no longer. Just ...... just feeling how it was? Not ...... Bu Qing Lord suddenly thought: "is not just just. Seems to start from the first entered this Ning Temple. Felt a bit unusual." For ordinary people who put this feeling. It must be unambiguously indiscriminate suspicion. But Bu Qing Lord knows their way represents what this feeling. Like a sharp and accurate intuition. Some time in the conquest of land near a small country afterwards. Enemy unwilling to fail. World famous assassin hired to come to assassinate. In celebration party. The hall. Ablaze with lights inside. He suddenly felt cold body in waves. In the nick of time. He will be decisive step brother Shi Xu came to an end with a glass of wine forces bounce. Glass floor. Splashes a wandering child to fire. This poison will Lesch entrance. End to extremely potent. While the previous step Sai Yuk obviously also tasted the wine jug, pouring from his toast in the process, and no one has been near the step does not give Bu Qing Shi Xu main natural poison, even if he wanted to, but also to escape But the kind of sharp eyes close. Who would guess that the wine turned out to be toxic in the glass before landing, Bu Qing Lord did not think he even surprised why they suddenly will toast to overturn brother's kindness, which erupted probably have been good he hated miss for a while ...... the cold night wind, but not too big, but the rain has become a rain rain, falling rustled, which sounds very comfortable. Bu Qing master frowned for a moment, do not see anything unusual. The Zhi Keseng waiting to see him not moving, unknown so, palms together and said: "The donor, please enter inside." Bu Qing main sweep at him, it was a very ordinary life of ordinary people's face, pale brow, calm eyes, is the type seen one will forget, do not seems to look like a master. Moreover, his trip to Ning Temple, but it is just a whim, without prior Does anyone know ...... really own paranoid? Bu Qing master nodded, door, standing Chanshi doorway, his hands would have been semi-wet with rain cloak solution down, placed next to the hanger. Bright indoor lighting, a solemn, with a touch of incense smell drifting, Rao is the dominant party, can not help but serene atmosphere for such Buddhism infection, heart Kongmang and quiet, kind of like the previous edge is gradually feeling in the back disappeared. Interior very simple, white walls on three sides, the futon a white monk, sitting cross-legged, eyes drooping eyebrows beard is white, it is a small building with King Phillip day seen Qingyuan master. Bu Qing main move into, look to Qingyuan. Qingyuan Masters slowly opened his eyes just went Bu Qing Lord's eyes. Bu Qing sight of the Lord his relative, heart startled, thought: "This old monk is good in God's eyes ...... it was actually inside the house master?" So thought, my heart could not help a little more vigilant. "The donor afar, sit down." Master Qingyuan see Bu Qing main helmet grim, eyes hidden in the shadows looked at himself, but not surprised, but a smile on the face, hand made, please look. Who is the slightest breath are no sharp. Bu Qing assertive he is so indifferent, but the illusion that they saw previously, the heart a bit more respect, but his identity extraordinary, since it does not how to show it, just gently nodded and said: "Japan Shangyou Li." An play gown, sitting in a chair on top of Qingyuan see him quiet and refined speech, gestures and the extraordinary, heart understood, and could not help secretly sigh. Surface but still a calm, said: "The donor midnight mountain, I do not know what is going to?" Glistening eyes looking at him, if curious meaning. Bu Qing main faint smile, replied: "Just by chance whim, wanted to see it." Strictly speaking, the answer is simply that he does not answer seems decent, if most people listened to, most thought it was an excuse. However, among the listening ear in Qingyuan, but clearly it is another layer of explanation. Qingyuan listened to his answer, nodded his head, slowly sighed and said: "whim, whim, evidently, is somewhere, destined to meet this old monk with the donor." Bu Qing assertive him so said previously he sent to hark Temple door to greet his things, this and the ability to foretell that there, is clearly not pushovers, they also open asked: "Speaking of this, I have a heart puzzled." Qingyuan said: "Shi Main necessarily ask why Laona sent in advance to meet the donor, right?" Bu Qing assertive since he had guessed. had to ask, and so the initiative. Heart vigilant heavier nodded and said: "Yes, please enlighten monk." Qingyuan Haha one. Laugh: "Laona just nudged luck, really did not expect to actually Welcome to the donor, that's all." Him the answer, touches with Bu Qing Lord said earlier "whim" almost, Bu Qing hesitated slightly after the primary, also followed laughed, then said: "is it? monk that I do not know I was invited to come to this Chanshi is what advise? "Qingyuan. paused, eyes slightly lowered, said:" Laona, are some things, like face to face with Shi Speaker, I did not expect the Buddha actually true, as the old monk vows. "said the last one, with a hint of comforting words into , but seems to have a slightly bitter taste, as people difficult to distinguish. Bu Qing main thought. A thought, asked: "I'm all ears." Qingyuan smile with. Relieved some of the color, eyes back up, and look Bu Qing Lord, it said: "Laona persuade donor a word." Bu Qing Lord asked: "What is?" Qingyuan said: "let go." Bu Qing assertive he answered altogether, but some did not elaborate, could not help his brow slightly furrowed, and asked: "What monk wanted me to put down?" Qingyuan sitting standing, talking, said: "The donor ambitions, ambitious, Ziwei constellation into this was a hit with expensive, valuable as the dominant party, except that ambition too quickly, but will go overboard." Bu Qing assertive he has a few Speaking of the point, but ...... lips a hook, said: "The monk said, please continue." eyes in revealing a bit faint but mocked. Qingyuan eyes did not seem to see Bu Qing main trace of scorn among the exposed, self-serving continued: "Shizhu Xin also, do not believe it can be, but, for their own good donor, donor you have to put the nightmare of the past, if Total dwell on the heavy burden and hold to ourselves to people, not a good thing. "Bu Qing Lord hear" nightmare "word, mind if thorn out. Paused, just smiled and said: "The thought that you are Buddhist monk monk, can say what words to transcend, how to listen to these words, but as it was a fortune-teller in general, unhelpful, so general, who understand, on whose body can also be applied. "disdain of color face more concentrated. Qingyuan hear him criticize yourself, do not be angry, but still calm eyes, looking at the Bu Qing Lord, slow voice continued: "The donor was right, this is a Buddhist monk monk, not suitable for participation in these earthly things, not to mention, God has been set, the nobility, success or a failure, are also in somewhere its own master, but, still this little greedy old monk, like his own efforts alone, as millions of common people of this world seeking a little blessing. "Bu Qing Lord heard him say, aghast smiles:" Big monk, your words mean, like I was a peerless pour devil, deliberately to disrupt the common people? "Qingyuan do not recognize, but do not denied, is still slowly said: "old monk said, numeration has been set, regardless of the donor is willing or unwilling, ...... but, to become a Buddha into the magic, but it is your own choice of the donor." Bu Qing main vertical eye , thought for a moment and asked: "You said earlier monk let I let go, what exactly is put down? '" Amitabha, "Qingyuan hanging hanging eye, read a voice chanted, then said:" Yes donor heart anxious to get things . "" Oh? "Bu Qing master mind a turn, thought:" The king anxious to get, what is ...... Is ...... "is just fast at the moment, almost no time to think, my heart a twinkling of an eye, there is a familiar silhouette lightly drifting away. Qingyuan eyes brighter look to the Bu Qing Lord: "The donor heart conceivable what?" Bu Qing eyes a primary interest, suddenly snapped: "What exactly are you people?" Murderous Qingyuan see him suddenly overrun, but still calm abnormalities, replied: "Ami Tuo Buddha monk but this little temple abbot Ning nothing." Bu Qing Lord snorted: "Well a Zen abbot madding crowd, you know what is in my heart think? I think that person, is I had a marriage with the person you call me monk put down her? Well, look at your white beard and white eyebrows, is also enlightenment monk looks like, but to make such things without virtue! you know ' Ning destroyed a temple, without removal of a pro 'the truth? "Qingyuan hear he sent thunder of Granville, brusque's revolt, still stays, said:" The old has made it to the body Guards at Laona, but For the welfare of thousands of people in this world, if the donor is a great marriage break up the cost of Laona is at such a try! "Bu Qing Lord heard him so unrepentant, Leng Heng, abruptly got up and shouted:" nonsense, seducing, do I like the man's marriage will hurt the common people? say this Ning Temple efficacious, presided over the abbot was advising people Huihun, it really is better to meet famous! "He Ceremonial Dress up, cold stormed , to go and went out. "The donor Please stay." Behind Qingyuan loud, quiet voice, with retention of meaning. Bu Qing Lord He stopped, looked back at Qingyuan, proudly said: "not a monk there any advice?" Qingyuan surface actually a trace of shallow smile, kindly said: "You need not be so irritable donor, the donor heart truly For what, you do not have to say, at the moment, the day know to know you know I know. "" Really? "Bu Qing main eyes wrinkled, sharp staring at Qingyuan, too A hand to catch the hilt. Qingyuan like turning a blind eye to this, a sigh, was re-added: "The donor afar, at the moment with the old monk meet, it can be considered a donor with this Ning Temple destined France. Zende easily they go?" Bu Qing main heart startled He just felt that since there are old and quirky, at the moment to listen to his words, the meaning of words, with a hint of faint actually do not want to leave their own meaning, heart shock, anger against the surface is not laughing, asked: " That monk trying to do, I want to leave it? "Qingyuan nodded his head:" Amitabha, the donor does not come tonight, old monk did not want that, since the donor has come, that old monk ...... "speaks, that would have vertical play together even in the chest like doing right palm gently over the pages of a sudden, the Lord's side toward Bu Qing Yifu. Bu Qing Lord is talking to him, suddenly see him so action, panic and, suddenly felt the invasion came billowing Yili Road, oncoming though soft, but vigorous force, which will be surrounded by his whole person, Bu Qing Lord just felt like jumping into the boundless ocean, surrounded by water immersion, breathing difficulties, instantly as they have to be drowned. He shocked under furious and put breath, Duanhe cry, and finally landed at ease feet, palms toward Qingyuan at shooting away. He has always been fierce overbearing Zhang Li, the world hard to find an opponent, at the moment they are in distress, so a shot to spend Jiucheng skill, if unusual person, fear not immediately be made into a mess, but unexpectedly photographed beside the old monk at the time, actually just set off his white robes pendulum to gently shook Piansi breeze. The old monk eyebrows beard did not move a muscle. Bu Qing main taken aback and lay pale, but his life to know each other first number encountered rival, the powerful forces that see each other, much higher than we have him, but also his life than any of the 1st enemy must meet strength. "So the monk who is a diamond in the rough." His heart jing, the surface but still calm, take a step back, feeling alert, then said coldly, "Is monk is gloves came off, persuasion fails, so next killer? ...... is not someone you secretly ordered to do so? "He hung the heart, under distress instantly want more, the moment the brain thought of his many enemies. Unexpectedly Qingyuan said.: "This has nothing to do with anyone, it can be considered old monk's 'whim' it." Bu Qing Lord heard him so answer. If previously, long laugh: He is a moment of "whim "So come to this Ning Temple, did not think the monks are finding it tricky. Suddenly some regret in their hearts, if a process, which is to bring along some manpower. Effect, underestimate the enemy, he did not expect brilliant divinity Royal Highness is just able to make such a low-level errors, but ...... so-called "underestimate the enemy," but is not the first time ...... hateful, hateful person kamikaze! Bu Qing main slightly. Calm before Chen Sheng asked: "That old monk you kill me?" Clear. Foresight he asked and said: "If the donor voluntarily stay in this Ning Temple, to ensure a lifetime is not down, then Laona it need not be so. "" 1. lifetimes to come down? "Bu Qing master stared, like to hear his life among the most ridiculous joke, looked up and laughed," It's ridiculous, and that if I refuse, large You will have to lower the monk killer? "Qingyuan greet his indignant eyes, lightly replied:" To the common people, the old monk had so. "Bu Qing assertive him a Vice sanctimonious look, but do these Shura means, teeth and said: "nonsense, but you moved Murder, only for selfish, less common people do get an excuse!" After he finished his anger under the hands of too A sword scabbard, blade to draw a clear light, like setting off a huge hurricane, with the voice of thunder, violent attacks around toward Qingyuan away. Qingyuan master raising his hand, slaps a shot toward that Jianguang greet the past, Bu Qing assertive his flesh Take this palm Jian Qi, but no chances, Roushen with the sword, ranging from Qingyuan Jian Qi ran around, sword Qingyuan tip went towards striking the chest, two in mind Shazhao, be sure to give this nasty old monk sword stabbed before pleasure. Qingyuan palms flapping, slightly audible, lightly will Bu Qing Jian Qi Lord's strong resolve in the invisible. Bu Qing assertive a trick fails, gritted his teeth, do not withdraw more into reverse, pushed the whole body forces, while protecting the body, while the enemy. Dragons too A sword made the sound of stabbing Qingyuan chest. That too A sword really worthy of the top ten famous sword handed down one side to the power of unmatched, Bu Qing main meal that hand, seems vaguely heard the "pop" sound, his heart a happy and know too A sword has punctured the old monk's body care air mass, just need pushed further, can these old monk beheaded sword. Bu Qing master here delighted, there was heard softly sigh Qingyuan guru, said: "really is unique in the world handed sword and if to stay, I'm afraid it will hurt more innocent!" Bu Qing Lord heard him say clear sky, I do not know why my heart was with a chill, too A sword pierced the air mass in Qingyuan,Oakley Juliet Outlet, body care, but also made it difficult to step forward, there Qingyuan recover the palms, do it very slowly together even like, toward the chest together in the past, but just too A sword will fit in the palm of your hand. With the master so Qingyuan action Bu Qing Lord suddenly heard a burst of vomit ah ugly ears the sound of singing as a dragon dying, his heart a pain in the ear, "Zeng" to ring loudly, in his eyes, the step Green main stand and saw that as rainy youthful generally flawless too A sword, actually break from life and life into two parts! "This ......" Bu Qing main alarmed, wash its hands back. There Qingyuan said: "Donors want to leave it?" But also with a touch of kindness, would like to persuade him once. Bu Qing Lord looked half fall below the knee in Qingyuan too A sword body, shouted: "I want the king to stay, but it is delusional! Everything you also know the future never happened, and you know that everything is doomed fate number, but you insisting to hinder in me, you committed a hatred killing ring tonight, hey you want to stay in this temple monks among the proper way to do it you? "With his many years of looking too A sword off the body, Bu Qing master mind It colic. But those who attend to their own life and death still uncertain of. "Amitabha," Qingyuan nodded and said: "To the common people, the fear of Qingyuan why should it, not to mention ......" the old monk smiled, paused, emit white robes over actually faint trace of light. Bu Qing main hesitated suspect they are wrong, a closer look but more consternation, the original was not his mistake, nor is it Qingyuan white robes, therefore, but his body, the whole body in Qingyuan, shrouded in a layer of light brilliance, actually giving a meaning can not be violated. White brilliance spread, Bu Qing Jing Ru Lord gradually felt his legs were stuck fast, like, not move a foot, while the increasingly heavy pressure on their shoulders, heavy breathing every time he felt a heavy tough forehead of on the ground dripping sweat rolling down, Bu Qing fiercely staring in front of the main Qingyuan, hate and anger, had secretly used his whole body to crush internal forces and like that kind of strong to contend with, but unfortunately, it was a white Point by little the invasion came, as if eating his forces generally, How terrible. Bu Qing main bitter mouth the first time, I thought: "This is really old monk skill inscrutable, for me it is so determined to win, do today really want to escape this Ning Temple, really want to drown This kamikaze land? do not ...... Do not ...... "eyes gradually blurred, theosophy also some not light up, you can ...... he still has a broader territory waiting for him to open up his heart still so much dominance minors, man I, the generosity of the Fiat, a brighter future, aspect uninhibited, do today, it is destined to die in these remote places unremarkable old monk hands? Looking at the Buddha's holy like Qingyuan, Bu Qing make every effort to compete with him the Lord, my heart hatred, unwilling, anger, pain, but had to admit: in Qingyuan him, he really is no chance of winning. What numeration, what common people ...... it really is a day to his death! The fear of death close at hand, he was almost forced to give up all resistance, but this death line, the heart is still in a voice faint stubborn cried: Whether it is life or death matter whether Bu Qing Lord, I will not let go die! Qingyuan eyes half open, looking at the past in front of Bu Qing master of despair on his unwilling eyes, mind a slight movement. Bu Qing main angrily: "Let me let go, never expect! Did I just destined to be what you punish the demons, you guessed it turns out your destiny is right or wrong, you will not be wrong to kill me!" Knowingly beat , but still give full revolt, the break was actually a Kunshouyoudou gesture. Qingyuan stern posture looked at him, listening to his unyielding despair and shouted, heart light is flashed and disappeared. Life and death, success or failure, is an idea. If lights windward. Bu Qing Lord dying. Room, suddenly feel kind of pressurizing Juli disappeared without a trace, he shocked surprise, but the whole body weakness, fatigue on the ground, ears to hear the voice of calm Qingyuan sounded: "Perhaps you're right donor , but maybe in the future you will regret it ...... donor, why not die in Laona hands today ...... Ami ...... asked the Buddha. "trailed does not smell first. seat disciple with a bunch of monks hurried into the inside, saw the Zen static seat quiet eyes closed, is already a motionless Qingyuan, himself startled, sad Shenghuan said: "abbot Master!" Qingyuan. silent, have no breath, closed his eyes closed,'s first disciple, a bent knees, kneel on the ground : "abbot passed away!" followed behind. many disciples knelt down on the ground, some sobbing aloud. Zen interior, relying on the walls, Bu Qing main clutching his chest, breathing panting. Legs still trembled, soft almost no strength to stand up, he looked at the old monk Qingyuan quiet look, looking at his browed white beard, but still feel fear, God have mercy on ...... God Bless me ... actually at the critical at the time, so that the old monk soon died ... he cold smile, teeth, supporting the walls stood up, still a heavy drag your feet, and slowly walked out. "Stop!" Li He sounded behind him, someone to come forward to stand up, angrily, "'s first, the abbot how could his death for no reason, some people can not get away with this suspicion!" Bu Qing main foothold, looking back, heart sounds well, I thought: "Qingyuan old monk passed away just in time to deal with several young monk is naturally goes without saying, but at the moment I have not yet fully recovered skill, but it is somewhat difficult." was thinking of ways to door some people outside rush came and said: "Stop!" That's first disciples experienced and prudent, although doubts on the abbot passed away, and the main way to see Bu Qing, apparently as manipulated in general, are wavering saw this man the door immediately cried: "Deacon, you just come, abbot him ......" "Ami Tuo Buddha ......" the door of the same age, the deacon's first almost looked Founder sitting there, looking at Bu Qing standing beside supporting the main, eyes showing a trace of compassion among the color, then said, "People do not need to impatience, I have all know, this has nothing to do with the donor, let him leave."'s first with other Monks are shocked,'s first asked: "Why are you even asking deacon not ask, let him leave?" deacon sighed, slowly said: "As early as three days before the abbot, had been explained to me that he would passed away early this morning when the dawn. "This look was more is greatly exceeded everyone's expectations, Bu Qing Lord heard also surprised, could not help but go back, and looked at the terrible passing quietly The old monk, palms went so far as to sweat. Deacon finished, only turned, facing Bu Qing Lord, said: "The donor, please come quickly leave it." This is a very short period of time, Bu Qing Lord has quickly restored a little effort, looking at the Deacon monks dull face, my heart there is gas, asked: "I understand there is one thing that Zen abbot, but in the 3rd count to I'll come?" deacon hearing him ask, quietly look at him, then said: " This actually does not say, but the abbot explained to me in advance, if he passed away, then just destiny, but this has nothing to with the others. "Bu Qing main heart is shaking, looked a deacon still looking behind the monks who angrily , heart, thinking: "This Ning Temple with my enemies, be forged from today, sooner or later the 1st to horses overcome this place!" deacon to see him against the wall without a word, with a sigh, only asked : "The donor, the abbot before Jackson died, what would be told you what?" Bu Qing main heart Murder thick, heard but hesitated. Deacon see him not to answer, but still not angry, saluted and said: "The donor going to go faster." He finished turned and started to negotiate with the disciples funeral. Bu Qing Lord heard him say, slightly wonder why "is going to go fast," Is to go one step too late, and went not into it, you better have a second kamikaze Qingyuan old monk! At the moment he has regained 56 percent skill, though not the full ten, to deal with these monks, but also easy, although only met this moment, he has seen these monks, Qingyuan is so no one has the skill, alas, fame, almost planted in the hands of the old monk. I did not expect this old monk actually premeditated to start their own, thanks to this old monk nearly died, although almost killed himself, in the end is not survive the hour, an oil burnout ...... Bu Qing Lord in a very short period of time figured these , thought here, looked Qingyuan one, want to bring this unprepossessing appearance remembering the old monk, then that is the rise between the chest an airflow circled to stir up pain, Bu Qing main Menheng soon This impressively scared: he suffered internal injuries not light! His mind bewildered, think of the "gentleman revenge, not later than ten years," nor in a little while, not to mention the old monk had died, the moment is no longer hang around, clutching his chest, turned toward the door Chanshi away. Rolling a night at the moment the rain had stopped, the wind somewhat cool, oriental mountain, already faint hint of red, the morning dawn is a rich blue, grass insects chirping, some unreal feeling. Bu Qing Lord out of the meditation, Buddhist temple from memory drop back down, over the hall door, onto the gallery room when the bell sounded loud and clear, "Dang ......" echo rain, Bu Qing main shock the jump, soon will understand that this set is to remind everyone, die from old monk passed away, he stood up straight, look at the distant mountains, early morning mist rain, his big mouth and breathe the fresh air, just think of life and death line of feeling, and now as a freshman, like chest pain, although carefully nursed back to health can recover ...... but think, like this one is not the world Qingyuan extremely expert, actually just gone ...... and he is still alive, a moment , to cry, want to laugh. Suddenly thought Qingyuan strange words before dying phrase: Perhaps you're right donor, but maybe in the future you will regret it ...... donor, why not today ...... Bu Qing died in the hands of the master monk quietly lost in thought, deliberation, only thought: "If I had not died today in future regret in his hands, so then I must be dead than alive, do not I will descend that point, huh ......" shook his head,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, like this is absolutely impossible. His reverie over there, but at the moment the bell continuously, over layers of mountains, Ning Temple monks were alarmed, as had been the abbot Chanshi hurried toward the direction of clothes from. When the Lord saw Bu Qing, T] strange, but still halted from his passing. Bu Qing assertive, more and more people, but also reluctant to breed another minor, cheer continues toward the temple door. This Ning Temple was built in the mountains, the terrain is uneven nature, into the temple time is up, go out but it is down, Bu Qing main Guaiguo the cloister, would like to go down the stairs, walked a few steps, but has not been fully go down to the bottom of the steps, I heard a gentle voice whispered Teana also like: "Early told you some more rest, I see exactly what is going just fine." Bu Qing main surprise, the moment stopped pace. And there, another voice hehe smile, said cheerfully: "I do not, I want to follow you!" At the end, also sweet called out: "Purple Yao brother ......" Sound Jiaohan, as if the human coquetry like. Too cold morning air Mody? Bu Qing main moment felt more pain in the chest by the injuries up and over the body is a chilling feeling, very scary. But the eyes, obviously can not see anything. "You ......" That's a nice voice seems to be helpless, "always." It is said that people have. Obviously this is most useful for children's voice, and said: "Then we go and see exactly how it happened, why it's such a rush bell sounds, do not be something we go. "" ah ...... "he promised. two people together. came forward. Step. Qing Zhu foot down, but the next stop, but take a step back, go, or not go, see, or not see? Is hesitation, the other side of the footsteps, but suddenly stopped. "Purple. Yao brother, how not to go?" That guy sounds curiously asked. The man stopped. A stop, then said: "Wait a minute, I ...... I seem to have forgotten something." That sweet voice. Asked: "What? You lost something?" "Yes ah," that nice voice paused and added, "is a very important one seals." "We go back and find it?" That sounds too anxious villain children together. "This," the man said, "Are you hurt, mobility, easy as I first went over there what is happening, we should wait a while before we know." She refused to accept the excuse, said: "I'm fine matter, I have gone so far, otherwise, I went back to see. "He seems to have some doubts, asked:" Really? "she proudly replied:" Of course, told you hurt almost ready. " "That," he thought, with a cautious tone, said, "Then you go to see, I see exactly what happened, maybe you have not found, I would have come back." It is almost In the trick, and even with such a serious tone, while Bu Qing master happens to know very clearly, was "lured" to that person, will not hesitate bait. Sure enough - "Well, you remember Come back!" She answered slowly footsteps sounded, she turn up along antecedents. Bu Qing main eyebrows frowning, Lengran Listening to people acting, I thought: "A Good King Phillip, really Wrong Couples head Yeah, did not think that they met you in this Ning Temple, and is now specifically to support people open, is it ...... really in heaven, you and I a war is unavoidable it? "That villain children happily go back and find something to go, easy to cheat the girl, while nearly nearly that sounded heavy footsteps came up again, slowly approaching over, Bu Qing Lord stood motionless, until looking at that man descended like Exile fairy child carrying his hands, Youran turn out in front of their own. King Phillip the surface with a slight smile, attitude elegance, look indifferent, visual Bu Qing Lord, said: "ah, actually princes, really good clever ah." Really good clever, so absolutely early morning, two bitter rivals meet in remote temple. Could not really providence? "Clever do?" Bu Qing main body upright, the same smile, saying softly, "National Normal people are not preparing for the monarch with the royal palace princess marriage, went to the temple this Ning what?" "Come Mountain- splashing, change of taste is also good. "That voice in particular sounds, so innocent with his dazzling smile. Bu Qing looked at the pair of main gold blurred eyes, goes reversed beings face, I thought: If this is thrown on the faces of dozens of ears, that this is what a pleasant thing, ah, think about all that is a pleasure. "That does not disturb the National Division Masaoki." Bu Qing Lord faint, said Mai Buxiang next door. The man quietly watching his movements that he did not move, until the Bu Qing Lord approached him, only to suddenly spoke, slowly said: "Royal Highness, suffered internal injuries you do? '" Really is not hiding live in his eyes. "Bu Qing main heart of a cold, thought. He stood steps, to come forward as swords, simply torn camouflage, Lengran said: "The State Normal people, mean that the swoop?" "Not." King Phillip gently smile, replied, "I Mody, just curious , the night you are not princes barracks, but this Ning Temple for what came? "Bu Qing Main eyes blink, glanced at him, replied:" just like National Division general, sightseeing tour. "King Phillip" Oh, "promised soon , sweeping his glances, just asked: "Is Royal Highness is taking advantage of the black sightseeing tour, where stone on accidentally falling down, so the fall suffered internal injuries that?" humanity is a "femme fatale" Piansi tailored for these people. Bu Qing Lord turned his head, looking to the side in close proximity of men, heart hate very, thinking: "If it is not the monarch injury in the body, then, apart from anything else already open play." King Phillip's eyes relative synchronization Qing Zhu, two people are not language, just like dancing around the cold ground,Air Jordan Outlet, weaving maneuver, it is murderous agitation. The Bu Qing main sharp eyes on his face sweep of the sweep, suddenly spent spent, and that King Phillip eyes move down collar, then Zhengzhu. That is ...... Bu Qing main blinked hard, my heart, "Peng" ground enjoyed it, there is the brain that familiar sound sweet just like crying like a baby "Purple Yao brother" sound. Bu Qing master when she can not imagine what will be a happy smiling flower, but, but in front, the front of this ...... Do they, do they have ...... moment, sad sinking body has reached the point of terror, may Bu Qing Lord knows, it's not because of internal injuries, absolutely not. Pink tickets finally climbed 133 plus million words this chapter, beating, indeed Qingyuan master passed away friends, red guessed pinch, touch everyone guess small step to see Oscar gold ...... what? It is actually very simple ~ | | | again, saw some students do not know ye cast the votes necessary to explain the frequency required in the women's page, which is under the pink pages to vote, if the master of the students come in, point That kind of pink flowers cover the mark-to-female band page book, then you can see the pink ticket tender mind lah. Plus million words next chapter on the set pink 166 bar, there is still 30, refueling, group touch ^ _ ^ more new chapters go (full novel network <

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