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06.06.2013 04:44
expect his momentary head-on antworten

> M; m; third more sent, Thank you for the vote in, like to see the book baa? Pink to let some of it more dense Dm; m; Yufeng smiled, Zhang Mei small eyes, lips streamer, Empress Dowager of color, small building looking stunned, they are fundamentally bursts of cold. WWw! QUAnBen! Com she had just spur of the moment, forget the man to be "resilient" the truth, but did not expect his momentary head-on, actually really hit so hard the guy ...... escape come up with such a method to deal with her. Seriously, he discovered that she was female, he found her weakness, not shot places,Sunglasses Coach, one can always shot Watch her point. Yufeng her gently on the bed, his half-volt bedside observing her face, his body slender, small building single small bed actually unable to completely only put his body, long legs stays on the ground, with a smile looked at him, his eyes very gentle. Small building was clear to see, Yufeng this vision, with her former Pussycat Dolls to retrieve the fish to see the kind of sentimental time, exactly the same. "Do you want to do, do not mess come!" She frowned, said. "I have nothing to do, it turns out I foolishly?" He said casually. "Yufeng" small building closed his eyes closed, he can not stand the kind of eyes staring at her, my heart is exceedingly meal will hate yourself, why, why, always give this guy take advantage of, she put up a tone, said, "You and I negotiated within the woodshed conditions, you forget it?" Yufeng hand, his long fingers, press on her face, little by little, feeling her face kind of soft touch, finger belly trails, hang out one and a red, like cherry pieces, look in his eyes, very cute. "I did not forget." He said. Small building a rotor, avoid his thin: "I did not forget to give death to open!" Fong said: "If you require around This tone can be bad." "We had to promise you can not touch me. can not escape. "himself a small building. Want to sit up in bed. Such controlled by others to pose too bad. "It depends on what you said to 'touch' mean." Yufeng laugh. "I did not escape ah." Xiaolou frown: "Yufeng!" Norikaze seemed not to hear. Looking at her in the face. Eyes suddenly stopped at one. He held out his fingers. Toward her in the forehead on the probe to go. "Do not move!" Xiaolou suddenly cried loudly. Sound strange. Yufeng fingers stopped in mid-air, it looks as if the magic effect, let him stop action. He slowly put your hand down, and asked: "how?" Xiaolou turn on the face to look away: "Nothing, just ......" she thought, "If you do not want me to sell, then you can go in the future We two do not meet, meet would also be conducted not seen. "Norikaze hear her say, slightly frowned, silent, before slowly resting on her arm withdrawal open. Xiaolou Leng Liaoleng, then immediately come forward to sit up, to see him far away from their own, also the retreat of the withdrawal. Yufeng asked: "The man had just paid too, what is it?" Xiaolou looked bedside: "Haibu instrument." "I know," Fong said, "I want to ask, why are you so afraid of that little will a small piece of paper. "xiaolou body flick, legs curled up, hand clinging to his knees and said:" You're talking nonsense, where I have? "voice shaking slightly. Yufeng turned to look at her: "You look like the moment it touches some women, why always so sturdy, you have people I do not know to be weaker pity it?" Xiaolou hear his voice, his eyes a profit, lips one seems to want to move argued, but did not say anything, and hung his head sneered, only when nothing can be heard. Yufeng said: "I just want to know what you are afraid that the above is ...... that kamikaze who want to catch? Or ......" "No!" She suddenly screamed, cut off his words. Quivering shoulders, suddenly raised his hand to cover your ears. Yufeng stunned for a moment,Jordan Big Ups Sale, turning his head slowly: "I know." He murmured, "So you are afraid of ...... is - he." His voice was faint. As if to himself, if the small building at the moment does not cover your ears, will be able to hear, but also to hear and finally that "he" to say when Yufeng eyes flashed as people that a trace daunting cold chill. m; m; m; "xiaolou ......" the door was lazy and impatient to call. Yufeng rise. Small building still intact. Yufeng hand to pull her, she screamed and opened his hand waving, Yufeng, said: "Someone called you." Xiaolou eyes flash alert. Yufeng found her eyes red, indescribable pathos, the reigning withdrew his hand go. Fortunately, when Hou man called: "The landlord has been so impatient." Xiaolou heard this voice, slightly surprised, this says: "I ...... I know you, go immediately." The man promised soon, since the go. Yufeng looked at her, the small building, said: "What do you want? I could see, your martial arts good, this floor in fear only person able to cope with your landlord, and if so to escape it, which is easy, why bother To here, you're not deliberately make fun of me, I may not have the spare time, and now I will go to the landlord, I go one step if more nights, he would by yourself, your martial arts are good, but do not forget us the landlord is also good, I'd look at you two blows very thought how wonderful scenes, but ...... you're hurting not? would suffer. "She does not see him, just head down self-serving, said: "If you want to escape from the back door to escape it, I will not tell people say." Yufeng frowned, listening to her point, just ask: "What are you ...... know my people?" xiaolou jail again firmly clinging to his legs, this position seems to pour himself fiercely protected, she took a deep breath, then said: "...... that painting is a very good at drawing people draw, he ...... one need only afar off, but only one, whether it is human, is the thing that he can remember, and can no differential fiber drawn out, he also painted the good, and the eyes, very nice. "nice ? Yufeng body gently flick. Xiaolou sniffed, suddenly deeply exhaled breath and looked up, said: "Mom, tell you so much, it is really a waste of time I wasted precious saliva, had brought a pot of tea to go with you sharing, migraine is depriving you Bushi Xiang ...... I thirst. rub the south tower to listen to the rain clouds to the landlord of the top. "She suddenly told to restore the whole thing, tossed his arms briskly toward the bedside crawled on,Oakley Scalpel Online, people just get out of bed, feet just touch the ground, waist suddenly more hands. Look at the small building stiff hands, frowning, said: "You ...... do not believe me? If not ......" "I believe you, too letter, so I moved, what you want to repay." Fong said. "Crazy." Xiaolou smiled, waving hand want to open his hand. Yufeng suddenly hands hard, small building body of a crooked, actually Zuodao his lap, her "ah" mouth scream, and he bowed abruptly actually pressed down, the small building just felt a black eyes, what something soft, damp, and pressure in his lips. Hardly let her reaction, her lips slightly open and taking advantage of the moment, within easy straight into. - I said two wanderers in the warm-up thing. Oh. P to remember Favorite + recommended oh. Pink Pink ticket ticket! Please read novels (full novel network <

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