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06.06.2013 04:38
identity let disciple is not convenient antworten

"Day, you really met what person? How even in this day and Jin Dynasty's top technology can send out?" Constellation palace two elders who left, the heart have mixed feelings Nan Hongpeng softly asked. "Master, disciple did meet a noble, but the noble identity let disciple is not convenient to say." "Master, it is a fine day Jue, a goods days technology, is my two master to you, master your memory, immediately destroyed them, master grade day in day formula and technology, will be self-discipline speed your master R ì." Then, the sky feather prepared to days, days and gave terrified Nan Hongpeng. "Top grade day tactic, in days." Took the two scroll cloud plume to pass, Nan Hongpeng felt his heart trembled, two reel in their own hands so heavy. "Master, you are a Zhuyan pills, you quickly will it take, take the Zhuyan pills, you face not hundreds of years changes!" Have money in Nan Hongpeng shocked the cloud day, cloudy plume will devil refining in YAN Dan took out a, gave Nan Hongpeng. "San Yan Dan, looks for hundreds of years will not change!" That in YAN Dan effect, a Nan Hongpeng throat, eye blinking at the hands of some green s è IN YAN Dan, the entire people are shocked by Yun Tianyu. "Master, you quickly suit in YAN Dan, memory the two scroll bar, I am afraid for a long time, they will be suspicious of two elders." The sky looks dumb as a wooden chicken feather Nan Hongpeng, quietly urged. "Tianyu, the Zhuyan pills do you have?" Nan Hongpeng took a deep breath, trying to suppress heart shocked,Nike Jordan Spizike UK, asked softly. "Master, you is it right? Want to give her a star?!" The sky feather look look some unnatural Nan Hongpeng, a faint smile,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, asked. "Mrs.! Hey!" Nan Hongpeng gently sigh, gave a wry smile. "Master, you don't sigh, ten years later, the disciples to accompany you to his family, his wife will personally pick out, then if the Taishi family who blocked shots, disciple will make them pay." The sky feather saw Nan Hongpeng face hang full of self-mockery,Oakley Monster Dog clearance, gloomy, aggressive comfort. Decade. Well, I will go to the moon, this ten years." Nan Hongpeng took a deep breath, to disperse the emerge in the mind deep place beautiful shadows, a look up the Green s è, contains the life force in YAN Dan swallowed into belly. Take in YAN Dan, Nan Hongpeng clearly feel a powerful life force broke out in his own body, together with its fusion of body cells, increase cell activity, improve the long yuan, systemic skin becomes delicate. "It's really magical Yan dan." Feel the body changes, its Shou yuan increase, Nan Hongpeng gave a surprise s è, cloudy plume of the people behind the means, shocked. "Master," memory of the two reels, I'll help you keep the prison entrance." In order to prevent the two elders and others comes suddenly discovered the secret, the sky feather went to prison entrance, hold the prison. "Call!" Holding to the Jin Dynasty mad for top grade day in day formula, technology, Nan Hongpeng inhaled >

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