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06.06.2013 04:32
Big devil aware of his chairman antworten

"Thunder in the sky!" See Meng is a sword on people to penetrate cloud plume in the chest, the scars of the cloud day again with space-time dream strength, amplitude three times speed, using the dodge to Meng, Meng side, control the release of a power terrible thunder thunder in the ring, the attack to the meng. "Boom!" A loud noise, Meng human one blow was thunder attack, surrounding the object device sword seven spirit yuan instantly broken, contains powerful forces of destruction of thunder in the sky, accompanied by the deafening y ù deaf thunder, heavy bombardment in the Meng old woman body, directly to the Meng Bang went flying. The whole body,Madison Coach Online, badly mutilated. "Tianyu, quick decision, the chairman was thunder alarmed Acheron, fast approaching to us." Big devil aware of his chairman was thunder surprised, immediately speaking to sky plume. But Yun Tianyu didn't use thunder ring attack, is afraid to strength the nether world of terror was. "Shadow kill dun!" Hear the devil will sound, the sky cast shadows feather immediately kill Dun, whole body again into the shadow, amplitude three times faster attack to seriously, showing fear s è Mengpo eyes. "On eight steps!" See thunder ring release thunder power,Coach Online Bags, Meng old woman did not dare and sky feather fight, endure physical injuries, forced their superior technology on the eight step to escape. "Shua shua!" In the eight step foot on Meng, dragging the wounded body suddenly accelerated, cast shadow kill Dun cloud day whole body turned into a number of shadow, amplitude three times faster, the block in front of t.. The sky feather block at before the body, seriously Mengpo again cast grave shadowless sword attack sky feather, want to rely on large Jianying interweaves, push back the cloud day, break out. "Thunder in the sky!" Be close by. The cloud day see Meng cast grave shadowless sword over to himself, not dodge,Totes Coach, mind control thunder ring in the emission of the more surprised thunder, lit up the dark night sky, heavy bomb to expose despair, fear of s è mengpo. "Rumble!" After a loud bang, Meng old woman cast grave shadowless sword is broken, the power of terrible thunder flurry a bombardment in unable to dodge Mengpo body. "Bang!" A loud, Meng thin body was thunder ring attack burst open, the body immediately by the roar of the thunderous burst into pieces. Danger. Yun Tianyu has just released by thunder ring thunder strike Meng, my mind immediately sounded big devil alert sound. "Sou!" A loud, that danger, the sky feather again cast shadow kill Dun, amplitude three times faster, turned into a dark shadow, in order to speed the dark yard and dodge. And dodge in the sky of plume at the same time, Yun Tianyu just location, is a sharp sword light hit the ground, there are several deep hole. "Devil, burning my long yuan." The president appeared on the sky, feather immediately sound to king. "Tianyu, you are not prepared to use the four level animal character, with four level against the beast with a better chance of." Big devil heart asked. "Four more animal character is my last one, unless in deep despair I will use. But I feel life springs, >

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