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Norikaze looked at her antworten

> M; m; Today, four more of. wWw, quaNBen, COm this chapter would have been better tomorrow, I'm starting Kazakhstan. Call it recommended votes m; m; small building to the backyard, the yard is still quiet, close to the woodshed next to a tree, swaying,Coach Outlet Sale, issued a slight sound, shade shaking, ground mottled light and shadow little messy down with a few slices of falling leaves, blazing loose powder, a man at the heart calm atmosphere. Small building look interesting, chuckled, my heart at first that one thousand one hundred crack cut wound tightly pressed, if you have been told they do not have their own pain, they really feel pain less. She went to the door edge move, putting something in his arms, just pulled out the keys that will open that door, broke the doors with shoulder into his mouth shouted: "Hungry it ......" that "it" Word shrink in the mouth, lingering curl still continue, but she stared at the empty woodshed, actually seen Yufeng shadow. The slightest breath from head to toe so small building heartbeat, anger apart, her hands trembling slightly, suddenly suddenly in the hands of a teapot whipped toward the ground hard, only to hear, "Peng" to cry, teapot landing, and then crash scattered tiles, water everywhere, Wei meandering winding, climbed out of the ground quirky traces. - He was gone. - Deceived. - Man, it really is not credible. This is an instant brain one hundred twenty-three has appeared in three lines. Small building stood there blankly, as if the moment actually forgot what to do, can do, instant streamer swing, saw such a scene: a night two years ago, cave girl desperately stomping fend off the cold, when value at midnight, cold and windy, roaring sound like countless ghosts outside deterred, she ventured out to see every sign of trouble, the man thought it was coming, but ...... winds Blizzard, etc. do not come convention lover,Madison Coach Outlet, Anti put a heart to ice cold stiff dead. "What are you doing?" Came a familiar voice behind him. She scared of the jump. Hugs do not live that snack box. Slightly slippery. Will go toward the foot of the falls. A cold wind swept from the side. Black shadow in front slightly to flash. Not even bend over. Only one side of the body. Long arm stretched. - Small building down. Hope was a great man, save the hand. Almost landed firmly place the heart box end live. Actually is a single hand. Is actually so fast. Actually can be so steady. Actually ...... he did not go? ! She turned away. See Yufeng. He is relying on his close. Almost rub her chest to shoulder. That chest to clothes is still slightly open ground. It is hard off her previous ground traces. Exposing the inside of the white ground coat. Black and white against the background. This face more and more water. Chosen to nice places as people moved. Yufeng looked to see her own. Hands still holding the snack box. At the foot of a move. But to retreat a step. Before handing me the box far. Said: "You land." Xiaolou looked at him a look of calm is not scared to look like. Gas is not one to play. Angrily: "You're a damn bastard! Go where you're dead!" They added something. "...... You how out of place!" "Sorry." Yufeng at her. Said: "There are three people anxious and I waiting you do not come. Had their own Pachuang out." Xiaolou surprised, hurried toward the side windows there ran a look, and sure enough there original windows nailed strips of wood was blown turn the floor, the windows had been opened, and she bitterly stomping, he actually did not expect to be severely windows sealed, so take advantage of this kid. She hated angry, turned around and stared at the Yufeng scolded: "Pachuang, you are a big man really amount to anything! I will let you make good stay here, you should also not allowed to stay here where to go, what three urgent , there is still fire your ass Zende less excuse to coax I get some, you do not want to take the opportunity to escape, you say! "cursing, pointing to his nose, thin fingers on almost poke Yufeng face. Yufeng stare at her, but a calm, Taishan collapse in the former way, a long while and said: "If I run away, still standing here what to do - you Hugh was incoherent." Small building "ha ha" sky smile: "You are I hit, so it does not take a moment to escape hypocritically back." Norikaze looked at her eyes, frowned, not talking,Coach OP Art USA, slightly lower down. Xiaolou see him as guilty as slanting eyes look at the past, proud Lengheng and said: "how was I to say in it? ...... I see people like you more, how can I do not know, to tell you, at least in me get some ghost tricks, I see right through you! "Norikaze Organisation of eyebrows and said:" I am not impress you Hugh was mistaken, it is time to talk to you, are sprayed spittle in my face, I do not want argue with you because of fear of those who swallow spittle, after all, you are a woman, talking can not be so rude? "small building to hear him say so, could not help take a step back. After all, cheeky, those words will be filtered automatically, a moment to react, even more rude and said: "I rough you a sitting duck!" Norikaze sigh, ignoring her, looking down at the hands of the matter, asked: "This What? "xiaolou anger is not flat, see he asked, coldly said:" It is empty, you give it to me. "Norikaze looked at her smile:" is it? you specifically what do you get a empty box ? "xiaolou stepped forward, grab the past, shouted:" give it to me! "Norikaze a sideways, trying to shift her to avoid the open, empty small building step by step, she responded pretty quickly, close Yufeng half of the body such as the top general in the turn of the past, reaching toward his hands to pick up. Unexpectedly long Yufeng hands, her arms tightly against his, fingers straight, but still only up to his wrist only, powerless to help air dog eat dog: "You idiot, you tease I play with!" Are furious , Yufeng suddenly stopped the action, holding that box, on the side of the side of the body is no longer open. Xiaolou see him suddenly calmed down, my heart is wonderful, thought he was in his own brusque surrender under just about to boast a few words, I heard footsteps sounded after itself. She was shocked, see Yufeng is the human side, as if is to avoid a man, was relieved quickly turned around to see. "Xiaolou ......" behind comes actually tube uncle, holding the hands of a thing and said, "how do you still here, but I heard the landlord over there waiting for you too." Heart of a small building scared, Samsam said: "I'll go, uncle what are you doing here?" tube four said: "Shun come see ...... Hey, this son yes?" eyes look toward the past behind her. Xiaolou eyes glance, saw Yufeng coldly stood there, still not facing the people, do not speak, she was squinting his eyes, said: "This is my distant ...... relatives, cousin, huh, huh." Tube four frowned, "ah" sound, said: "You could have a relative, ah, this son of a talented touches it." xiaolou fear, had Samsam Peixiao, side tube four pondered for a while and said: "Oh, right , I have something important ...... "He will hand things unfold on the small building said," You see this is what things? "more new chapters go (all the novel network www.quanben . com) <

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