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Aki was the son of this antworten

> Five hundred and twenty first chapter suspicion and relieved "when missing?" Facing the empty tents, Lu Heng gas covered are shaking, turned his head, livid face, staring at the sentry Chen Sheng asked . wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM Templar latest chapter "Yesterday evening, when still, it should be missing last night!" sentinel was Lu Heng look, scared silent, bow said. Not only is the sentinel, who is the king of the West so, then stood aside and did not dare say a word. They are first time to see such a big fire made strategist. "Son, Mo Shitai repair to advanced, in order to attain sublimity. Out of the barracks, most people hardly noticed. No wonder he!" This time, dare to speak came, only Aki it. Lu Heng turned his head and saw Aki looked helpless smile. A slight frown. Subsequently, watched a silent soldiers in front, waved his hand and said: "You first go!" "Thank strategist!" Soldiers one knee,oakley sunglasses sale, salute after. Amnesty, such as Mongolia, quickly slipped away. Other sentry gone, Lu Heng after thought, turned his head, so three will be on the king of the West, said: "It's two days, you should be closely monitored around the Tokyo Barry, if abnormal, immediately report it." Although military adviser did not say so, But three out of the army, division, will still listen to the meaning of this sentence contained. Heard, the three will face sè stern, on the visual one after kicked Chen Sheng said: "Yes!" He finished, is preparing to enter the tent Lu Heng think of what seems to be, once again stopped, turned his head , to make way for the king of the West: "You immediately took thirty thousand jīng sharp, His Royal Highness Prince Edward went to collusion. HRH Prince must make sure that the security forces as well as baggage!" king of the West so suddenly felt his shoulders sank, nodded, Lu Heng arch hand, he turned to leave. Behind Kuei son saw that solemn face, to his mouth, then swallowed again. "Do not you think I have some cold-blooded?" Lu Heng watching Aki, mouth set off a hint of bitter smile, somewhat helplessly. Aki shook his head, looking son, sincere eyes, said: "Aki understand!" "I do not hope so!" Lu Heng heard this, smiled, hand patted the shoulder after Kuei. Templar latest chapter turned into the tent. Tent, with a hint of sandalwood flavor. People calm. Walked slowly marching bed, sitting cot, casual look a bit Ouyang Mo thing left. Ouyang Mo to come all the way to follow the army, accompanied by carry things minimal. In addition to that carry the sword of the outside, and the rest, that is just this simple wrapped. Not carrying parcels, appears to be spur of the moment, and is not ready to walk far. Lu Heng thought after the sinking, hanging in the heart, and finally put down. I knew that things would not be like that. Lvheng Xin Wei smile, finally relieved. Slowly sitting on the bed, and then opened a hand wrapped. Found that there are only a few simple change of clothes and a few two pieces of silver. In addition, Lu Heng also found a small greaseproof paper bag, wrapped in a sweet-scented osmanthus cake. As paper is opened, saw the stiff osmanthus cake, the LU Heng suddenly surprised a moment. Remember the other day when evening, Ouyang Mo secretly find himself mysteriously upon their own one oil wrap. At that time, under LU Heng surprised, looked at her, then opened it, it was that osmanthus cake. Today, greaseproof paper bag of sweets, it should be moved in a very long time, have some hard. It looked stiff hands pastries,Cheap Oakley Monster Dog, remember a few days ago when that same fairy woman told myself that she had eaten, and eat good bread look. For a time, Lu Heng some sour nose. Eat well enough? Oh, cheat ghost too! However, their really is stupid than ghosts. Do not think about it, this big winter, but also in this bitter cold Saibei, where did osmanthus cake. True *** stupid ah! Lu Heng sighed, remembering that Ouyang Mo pretty cheeks, heart smote him extremely. Sitting quietly cot, thinking this way come with Ouyang Mo bit by bit. There are happy, there are also lost. More, turned out to be a warm feeling. Now empty, sitting in this tent, Lu Heng felt a deep sense of loss. Templar raised his head, looked at this empty tent. Lu Heng Until this point, only to find that the road accompanied by a woman, in their heart turned out to be so heavy. Remembered in the foot when Yunshan, Ouyang Mo Su Qianqian argue with their time, that excited look. Lu Heng shook his tongue, bitter smile. She is so, it still says someone else. Ordinary net worth of innocent women stay with their own armed desert, accompanied by thousands of miles, left on their guard, life and death. This situation, Lu Heng until then, suddenly felt a multiple. Hey! Looked up to see the empty tents, Lu Heng sighed hears is silence. Until the evening, falling clouds sky. Lu Heng was out of the tent. "Reality has not come back?" Lu Heng found a sentry asked for a moment. The results obtained as a result is still shaking his head. Slowly along the road, Xu breeze blowing Weileng. Subconsciously, Lu Heng looked toward the West. Other end of heaven to see that bright red sunset, when Lu Heng's heart suddenly inexplicable panic a bit. To analyze all aspects of intelligence, North County that was in the VIP, is certainly the year of Xi Bin chaise no doubt. And also because I'm afraid Ouyang Mo heard the news, before deciding to leave. Most probably xìng, there might be to the north, to meet their big niece. Ouyang Mo perhaps to convince the other side to hold the idea of ​​going to surrender. However, things really is that right? In Tokyo, when Lu Heng occasionally hear some people talk about the year of Xi Bin chaise. Said the woman, intelligent mind, but also no shortage of the wrist. When he first entered the palace from the passive to the final to become masters successfully obtained the emperor's favor. A series of actions, have shown that this woman is not something Dengxianzhibei. Such a woman would be Ouyang Mo said to move it? Again, if under Ouyang Mo excited, to say something to. If so, that in accordance with Xi Bin chaise mind ...... thought here, Lu Heng own thoughts can not help but be scared into a cold sweat. No, certainly will not. Ouyang Mo is her aunt, she does not like! However, I do not know why. Lu Heng's heart, more panic. In the end, turned out to be his heart that never-ending thoughts, frightened restless. "Kuei!" Lu Heng look dignified thought a moment, the end is hid anxiety and fear. Turned toward one side, Aki live in tents shouted. "Son!" Tent curtain opened, Aki quickly walked over. "You leave immediately, a trip to ShuoFang!" Lu Heng thought for a moment, turned his head, eyes full of dignified sè, right Aki said: "a day did not come back, I estimate, Ouyang very real may be deducted under her niece! "" When the hostages? "Aki sè ugly face, asking Lu Heng Road. "There is a possibility, but more afraid to live Ouyang ShuoFang city news leaked! Deliberately buckle down!" Lvheng Si Threads Sharp coherent analysis: "I think, Xi Ouyang Bin chaise estimate is to live as we send past jiān fine! "" But, Xi Bin empress's niece do not live? "Aki frowned, puzzled and asked:" Did she would live wretched? "niece? Oh ...... Lu Heng mouth hitches a hint of disdain smile,Coach Poppy Collection, watching Aki, light, said: "In politics, the family is the cheapest thing!" Aki son though do not know what these words mean, but he still from the son that God sè dignified, the feeling this thing tricky. "Son assured Aki certainly brought back safe and sound to live!" Aki after a ceremony to hand over the line, he was ready to leave. After only just taken a step further, Aki suddenly realized one thing. Quickly stopped, turned, and worried for Lu Heng said: "Aki gone, that your son's safety ......" Lu Heng do not mind smiled, pointing to the side of the army readily said: "Rest assured , 200,000 people protect me. Jade Emperor can not hurt me! "Aki was the son of this sentence amused smile, nodded after a ceremony to hand over:" That son You be careful, Aki which go! "Lu Heng nodded:" Be careful, Kuaiqukuaihui! right or need to wear a blue eagle brigade? "" No! I am a man enough! "Aki smiled and shook his head, shook waist to the hilt, and walked away. West Ramp sunset, sunset red the prairie. Aki's shadow, pulled on the prairie long. ...... Night, Shuofang city, Santo House. Brazier, charcoal fire burned brightly. The whole room, the light flickering. To this oppressive atmosphere of dignified, adding to a strange. Ouyang Rushuang a Chinese clothes, sitting quietly on the theme, without saying anything. Beside the city size Shuofang defender sitting next bit, his face full of anxious waiting. From time to time to see one, outside the dark night sè. Worried eyes, his excitement. A sudden gust of wind swept into the room, the room is zhōngyāng open space on burning charcoal, cold wind was blowing which shares while swaying. Defender who seems to be aware of heart, quickly stood up and looked toward the door. Sure enough, in the heavily guarded on the outside, a warrior is rapidly toward rushed over here. Ran up the stairs all the way to the samurai, and then pulled from the arms of a small piece of paper and handed it to the guards at the door. Guards took the piece of paper, looked at. Warrior nodded to that post. Turned and walked into the room. "But London, Doro generals army newspaper!" Samurai one knee, then the army newspaper over his head with both hands, respectful of the beautiful woman on the positive zhōngyāng salute: "The more the Scout Law generals have been found, big week baggage troops. estimate tomorrow morning when the two will face! "remark, generals sat down, suddenly overjoyed. After the visual one, both from each other's eyes to see a frenzy of excitement. For a time, the room was oppressive atmosphere, suddenly eased a lot. "Goes to!" To Dun surface sè a joy, shabu stand up, eager for the warrior said. <

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